Maorification, Michael Bassett, Waitangi Tribunal

Historian Bassett also called Waitangi Tribunal biased

Another historical rebuff for the impartiality of the Waitangi Tribunal from the academically rigorous Michael Bassett:

Historian Michael Bassett has told the Waitangi Tribunal he does not want to be reappointed.

Dr Bassett has been a tribunal member for 10 years and his existing three-year appointment expires at the end of this month.

Now this again was from 2004. But has the Tribunal changed?

I’ll soon be posting on the balance of the current membership, which is supposed to be a fair mix of Maori and Pakeha. It’s anything but.

In fact, it’s a miracle Michael was ever allowed on in the first place.

The former Labour Cabinet Minister has regularly criticised the tribunal, accusing his fellow members of bias.

His most recent criticisms were of the tribunal’s Tauranga report, in which he recorded a minority view.

In a subsequent newspaper column he accused his fellow members of “inventive arguments” and said it was time to “review the tribunal’s usefulness”.

Thanks to Lindsay Mitchell for alerting me to this. Stay tuned for my analysis of the present Waitangi Tribunal. 


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