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OIA EXCLUSIVE: Minutes confirm bias of Constitutional Advisory Panel

Here, courtesy of the Official Information Act, are the minutes of the first six meetings of the Constitutional Advisory Panel.

(My comments in red.)

The Griever Maori agenda could hardly be more obvious…

The staggering bias of this panel is now confirmed. 

To paraphrase the tenets of democracy, its goal is clearly to give New Zealand a government of the people, by Maori, for Maori.

That is ludicrously unfair on the rest of us.

So what can you do?

You can donate money to my campaign to end state racism and entrench a Colourblind State.

This campaign will have both positive and negative phases.

(Yes, it would be nice if we could do it by being relentlessly positive, but without pressure from an angry public John Key won’t listen.)

The positive phase is a referendum on a Colourblind State. 

The results of local body Maori ward referenda tell us that a referendum on doing away with race-based seats, agencies and funding would win the support of around 80 percent of voters.

But that, of course, won’t be enough.

Key showed us with his contemptuous dismissal of the anti-smacking referendum that a mere 80 percent-plus mandate is not enough to make your PM obey the will of his people.

He’ll only do that if he knows those people are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more!

If we’re going to stop this parliamentary dictator surrendering more and more of New Zealand to his Maori allies, we’re going to have to make race relations one of his voters’ top 3 concerns.

And what can we do to make race relations one of voters’ top 3 concerns?

Simple: we expose the full extent of the appeasement and brainwashing that’s been going on for the last forty years.

We shock the public with hard-hitting ads about how the New Zealand elites — political, bureaucratic, academic, judicial, legal, media and iwi — have been defrauding them of the truth about the Treaty.

And if media, like the cowardly Dominion Post who banned my fact-packed ACT ad, won’t run our ads, then we’ll go straight into the letterboxes and expose those media as part of the problem.

Hell, we’ll drop leaflets from planes if we need to.

Of course, the elites will fight like mad to stop us, so we’ll need to be well-funded. 

Only with a major advertising blitz will we be able to scare the Nats into halting the surrender of New Zealand to Griever Maori.

If you can donate money, please click this button. (Note: if it’s for more than $100, please email me at the address below — no point losing the 3 percent Paypal commission.)


If you can offer any other kind of support (including moral), please email me at


65 thoughts on “OIA EXCLUSIVE: Minutes confirm bias of Constitutional Advisory Panel

  1. Mike Mckee: I take your point, but banning people because we don’t like them is a left-wing habit that I practise sparingly.

    Better, I think, to challenge them to produce a rational thought or two, or (more usual) prove to all that they have nothing in their heads except venom.

    You will note that I did eventually ban Alvina, and before that the odious Judge Holden.

    Griever Maori tend to begin our encounters with a stream of emotional abuse, but have been known to calm down and respond fairly on contact with evidence.

    A commenter called Wahine Tuturu did that on this blog, and another on Morgan Godfery’s blog was even moved to concede that “John Ansell actually does seem to care about Maori” (which I do).

    Two small victories, but worth trying for, I think.

  2. I agree J.A.

    A Colourblind State is not about stopping people from enjoying and learning their cultural heritage.

    I put myself in Maori shoes on that point.

    I think how I would feel if someone told me I was not allowed to explore and learn of my Celtic ancestory or practise their spiritual ways or language.

    That is my ancestory thank you very much – it is every bit a part of me and I want to learn about it!

    It is not Te Reo or Haka or spiritual beliefs that agitates me.

    It is how the seperatists/neo – tribalists use it to control progressive projects/public and extort from the rest of us.

  3. Kia Ora

    This greeting in it’s true representation means long life and good health to you, long life and good health to all.

    I will never refrain from using my greeting in whatever language I want to convey it in. Geoff Parker, my greetings and my comments were not for you alone,- don’t be so vain.

    Please do not make me think of you as I do Alvina Edwards, because your comments are so far off the reality of what is being said; and how, its almost bordering on humorous.But I wouldn’t give you that much credit.Dumb maybe, I’m not here to educate you.

    As being of full blood Maori only a DNA test will prove this.I may take one, one day. But it will not be to prove you wrong or anyone else, it will be a personal finding for myself.

    You see Geoff what we are proposing will never happen, should you remain in your mindset. This will only happen once we accept that all New Zealanders irrespective of language, race, Colour or creed are happy enough to celebrate our unique differences, accept with open arms and move into the future with no thoughts of control, bias or prejudiced agendas.

    Like I have told John again and again, these petty little minds are so far removed from the big picture / movement, they take up our precious time and human energy. I will pay you no mind and get on with what I believe.

    I believe New Zealand will be a greater country should we all come together as one people. No preference to any one race. To move away from The Treat of Waitangi, while it remains as our founding document and the reason why this country exists today. No problem!!. Halting any further claims to Maori / Iwi and getting a guarantee of last and final settlement -payouts, full stop. It has to stop!!!

    We have an unbelievable opportunity to take this country into the future which will benefit all people and I think that should be our focus.

    Yes I will be challenged by everyone who has another view than what I have, I look forward to the challenge. I will be called all the name under the sun, and what?

    But I refuse to get caught up in trivial matters such as you asking me for an apology, for saying –
    “Kia Ora” , when you do not even Know what it means, “DA”

    So long as I want a better future for my children and grandchildren and others, I will say what I want and when, so long as I propagate change.

    I can see it now. I will be asked to be apologetic for these comments now and probably from Maori. It is never ending and a complete waste of time. It you want real change, then put your money where your mouth is and sponsor John and I to get out on the road with this message. Finding real people who support what we want.That is the only way we will make change. “Talk is cheap, Action is speechless”

    And What?


    One People, One nation, One country – for all.

  4. One People, One nation, One country – for all.

    I’m sure 90% of this country agree. This debate by the noisy minority obscure this fact. Lets have a referendum.

  5. I’ve only just caught up with this topic and what an interesting debate. I find you refreshing, Hari, and do hope that many part-Maori not only agree with you but will stand up and be counted towards achieving One People, one Nation, One country – for all. I absolutely agree with you as it’s the only way to go but it’s very very urgent that we achieve this before our weak Government takes us down an irreversible road, which they are currently doing.

    I can see where Geoff is coming from though. There are many people in this country who are so fed up with all the racist separatism being rammed down their throats at every turn that they have totally gone off everything ‘Maori’. I feel once we achieve equality and colourblindness for all, they will gradually soften their stance and feel more amenable and tolerant in this particular matter and possibly the Maori language will become intermingled with English in this country and used by everyone. As for speaking long spiels in Maori in Parliament and elsewhere when it is known the majority don’t speak it – that is just blatant rudeness and arrogance and should be resisted totally by everyone.

    It was enlightening to initially hear from Alvina and AM but it quickly became apparent that they have been brainwashed through our dubious education system which is rather worrying. However, they quickly became tiresome when it was evident that if all they could do was parrot comments, they had lost the argument and didn’t have answers. Hopefully this would have made them re-consider their stance, but as long as they have the backing of people with such ridiculous views, I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath.

  6. Helen, your post is right on the button. I know a great number of NZers who are suffering from “Maori fatigue” which can sometimes lead to over-reaction; quite understandably in my view. The way things are, that can only get progressively worse. The latest furore over Maori claming ownership of water is just about the final straw, and John Key appears to be once again taking the path of appeasement, which he has no mandate to do. What National DO have a mandate for is the abolition of the racially divisive Maori parliamentary seats, but we should not hold our breath on that one either.

  7. your racism is not blatant it is ill informed bigoted and institutional and really there is little anyone can say to help you see beyond your bigoted racist discourse. And whether you like it or not Maori are New Zealanders as well…

  8. Of course Maori are New Zealanders, Selket, and I would be very interested to hear where we have said they are not. However those in grievance mode should start acting like New Zealanders and join the rest of us in helping make this a great country instead of taking us down the ruinous path they are currently embarking on, with their continual upturned palms.

  9. It is hard to make out exactly what Selket is saying, or to whom her comments are directed. Presumably to everyone whose opinion he or she does not share or approve of. And of course there is the usual misguided attempt to negate criticism of some Maori behaviour by labelling it racist and bigoted. Boy, do we ever get tired of hearing that line. Helen is right; we are all New Zelanders and it is high time the whiners and loafers pulled their weight for the good of the country, not for their own greedy benefit alone.

  10. I said it earlier and it bears repeating, given the recent vituperative tirade: When devoid of any valid responses, shout “racist” and “bigot” and the like, in an effort to shut down (or shout down) the discussion.

    All it does is make it plain that the invective spewing griever sycophant has no real views or opinions to add to an informed debate.

    Don’t go away mad; just go away.

  11. “spewing griever sycophant” . . . . hahahahahahaaaa I like that Simon!

    I agree with all of you – there is no help for people like them.

    The only intelligence they show are the fancy words they use to be derogatory.

    They aren’t worth engaging with because they are just ‘nasty’ angry little people who try to derail debate with their ‘spewing griever sycophant’ mentality!’

    Hahahaaa ohhhh I am going to make that my new line of reference to that lot hahahahaaaaaa . . . cheers Simon

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