A challenge to Achiever Maori, honest media chiefs, and all New Zealanders with a spine

Our fathers and their fathers (including the fine men of the Maori battalion) fought and died for this country.

Their fathers before them built this modern nation from scratch — with little help from the ancestors of the ungrateful separatists who now demand the fruits of that pioneering labour.

Our mothers and their mothers and grandmothers suffered unspeakable agonies in the cause of building New Zealand and keeping it free.

Have we, their descendants, become so spineless that we’re prepared to surrender that country, step by sneaky step, to a small clique of inter-related, separatist moneygrubbers — for fear of being called a name?

(By actual racists?)

Will the protestors who marched against apartheid in a foreign land stand idly by as the separatist creed takes root in their own?

I challenge all media to poll their readers on whether they want New Zealand to be a colourblind state, free of all forms of racial favouritism.

Just ask them.

If they don’t, then fine.

But if they do, then woe betide those media chiefs (I’m talking to you, Bernadette Courtney of the Dominion Post)  who ignore the voices of those who keep them in business.

You will soon find yourselves paraded in other media wearing a red eye patch to signify your bias and your membership of the Treatygate brigade.

And woe betide our parliamentary dictator Key and his chamber of Chamberlains if he does not reactivate the democracy that he and his predecessors have so shamelessly suspended.

It is time our representatives got the message that the game’s up and they must start obeying the will of the people.

I challenge Achiever Maori (those who just want to be treated as equal New Zealanders) to tell their Griever Maori cousins: “You do not speak for me!”

Stand up and prove to us all that Achiever Maori (honest, law-abiding Maori who are quietly and proudly getting ahead under their own steam) outnumber Griever Maori (the motley descendants of the minority rebel chiefs of the 1860s who knowingly breached the Treaty and were punished accordingly) — professional Grievers who have twisted the Treaty out of shape for their own personal gain.

Prove that and the mana of the Mana and Maori Parties will evaporate.

Prove that and the reputation of Maori among your fellow New Zealanders will soar from the basement in which it now resides — just as it soared in the days of the Maori Battalion.

And that, I hope, will be a major by-product of the Treatygate/Colourblind State campaign.

This is not about race. It’s about attitude. It’s about shaking off the selfish tribalism that has afflicted all races, mine very much included.

Generations of politicians have managed New Zealand poorly. We’re not a rich country any more.

If we’re going to stop the slide, the only way is to pull together, not apart.

21 thoughts on “A challenge to Achiever Maori, honest media chiefs, and all New Zealanders with a spine

  1. Totally awesome John. I hope you get lots of positive responses. It’s so good to see all this becoming public and out there for everyone to see. So good to know that there are some that will stand up and fight for us and our beautiful country!

  2. Hi John, All great stuff John and heartily agree with what you are doing.However no matter how one puts it people seem turn a deaf ear or don’t want to be involved to anything that rings truthfullness espacially about Maori. You’l also see as mentioned in my book ‘BEFORE MAORI NZ’s FIRST INHABITANTS’ the same thoughts and perhaps a way to raise capital and if applicable will donate $1.00 NZD towards ‘TREATY GATE’ for all the above books sold from this date foreward. Kind regards Ross M Bodle (Author)

  3. ‘BEFORE MAORI NZ’s FIRST INHABITANTS’ by author Ross M Bodle available on & $9.99 USD
    Paperback $14.00 USD

    Available only at Poppies & Paperplus Bookstores in Kerikeri.

    Free Post in New Zealand if purchased from the author Ross M Bodle PO Box 265 Kerikeri, Northland 0245. $30 NZD

    Note: for every book sold of ‘B4 Maori’ $1.00 will go to TREATY GATE.

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  4. Absolutely admirable, John Ansell. FINALLY someone willing to put their neck out and tell it how it really is. Many of us already know this but have had no platform or any decent leaders to put a stop to this fraudulent con. If this country is ever going to be great again we have to all pull together and insist on being treated equally with no special treatment or funding given based on race. I would say the grievers are more than likely descended from the ones who continued on with their utu and wars long after the Treaty was signed. The achievers will be descended from the many Maori who supported the Crown and changed their ways from the old Stone Age culture that used to be to a more civilised way of living.

    You have my total support, John. You are very courageous.

  5. Chamber of Chamberlains ! How true For those interested in an account of what happened around the time of the treaty and based on
    accounts by persons who were actually on the ground then. John Robinson has recently produced a book “When two cultures meet , The New Zealand experience” available from Tross publishing
    The rort that is the grievance industry led by those that will reinvent history for their own ends are exposed by the evidence in this excellent book What damage is being done to this country of ours and how dishonestly

  6. I’m about two thirds the way through John Robinson’s book, Graeme. I can thoroughly recommend it. In fact it should be compulsory reading for everyone, especially those still at school and being brainwashed by sanitised history. For anyone who is interested in the true facts it’s a ‘must-read’. It’s been meticulously researched with references to where he got his information several times on every page. It explains in great detail why certain things happened, the causes of the decrease in the population of “Maori” etc. If the colonists hadn’t come and Maori hadn’t finally, after much fighting by some for quite a number of years, eventually fully embraced life under the Crown, I’m convinced there wouldn’t be any people of Maori descent here today.

    1. HELEN how silly is your statement that, “there wouldn’t have been any people of Maori descent here today”. There was an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 Maori here before white contact, this was decimated to 40,000-50,000 by 1840 by introduced diseases, and warfare. Pakeha gave Maori guns knowing they would use them on their old enemies, and many Maori were killed by the soldiers, in there push for more land. The important thing is there was a healthy population here before white contact, and the population was stable, or growing. Battles pre white contact were hand to hand combat using only hand held weapons, as this was considered, to enhance their mana. Even though Maori had throwing spears(for spearing birds etc, they were never used in battle, because of this not so many people were killed in warfare.

      1. Hello Roy Walker. your comments are not factual, you assume them to be true when they certainly not so. The diseases derived from Maori forcing their daughters and wives onto sailors in exchange for muskets to avenge (an Utu) against warring tribes who already had musket as weapons, thus it was Maori who brought on the diseases not the Pakeha. You are so full of hate for the white man your thinking has given warped ideals… shalom Rav (Hebrew).

  7. Dr John Robinson is a research scientist
    His credentials are excellent and so is his book
    He is really only saying what we have always known
    but he puts it together like I never could As you say it should be compulsory reading for those who really care about our country

  8. John, I don’t know anyone personally who would much disagree with your position. We are grateful for your courage and tenacity in the face of those who would revile you for it. They are loud and nasty, but they are NOT the majority – and they are motivated by naked self-interest, nothing more. More strength to you.

  9. How’s this for a review:
    Dear Ross, I’m an old Swiss Lady of 83 years living in Piahia with permanent residence since 1995.Back in Switzerland, Mum and Dad with four siblings use to read Thor Heyerdahl’s books enthusiasticly. We all immigrated to New Zealans and never regretted coming here. Mum and Dad’s ashes are under the rose tree in Kerikeri. We, the siblings have since read Barry Brainsford’s ‘Songs of the Waitaha’. We have picked up historical facts about James Cook and others and rumours about cannibalism etc. etc.
    Your Book ‘Before Maori NZ’s First Inhabitants’ is so well researched, so clearly writtten is just what we need! A broad human outlook on those urges, on the migration, on the means and reasons. The cultural worldwide aspects of your book inspires awe, respect and wonder. Thank you so much, best wishes ever and kind regards.

    Marion, Paihia, Bay of Islands, July 2012.

  10. He wants a society for only the wealthy elite. He does not understand that not everyone can be wealthy (otherwise who would the the work like growing crops etc). This is on top of his racist drivile. He has no ability to read about history basic facts like Maori were here, then came Dutch an British who decided to take by force what was not theirs and use a policy of killing 10 Maori for any 1 British person killed when Maori were defending their lands and families. He supports the right of english to do harm to Maori while spitting out false and made up (by him) history.

    He has no education in New Zealand history, Maori language or culture. I think he has a media or journalism degree, which is often the “i am not bright enough to study anything else degree”. His writings are the extreme end of the rubbish put out by mainstream media now days with a huge layer of one eyed racism spread on top.

    1. To FOX so true, there has never been or ever will be a “cover up” but kudos to the author to find a way to make some extra money from all the racist dumbos, just a new way of klu klux klan without the masks. Discredit the fact, (and it is fact) that Maori are Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa -New Zealand, so that you can then discredit their(the Maori) claim to the lands and forests, and oceans, that the white people took from them by stealth, coercion, or by sheer force. Never mind going on about the Maori being cannibals, that doesn’t make them less deserving of a fair hearing under the law, for leaving them destitute, by taking their way of life from them, and forcing your capitalistic, way of life upon them. Ross Bodle and all the white supremacists, who perpetuate this garbage, should be ashamed of themselves.

      1. “fact” that maori were here first???? Been reading those reinvented NZ history books eh? If it was “fact” why is there no research allowed until 2063 to establish the origins of that stone wall up north? There is so much evidence that says maori were not here first, but it is suppressed …otherwise the authors get bullied and denied their research grants. That’s a fact and several researchers have admitted it. Hahahaha you call us non-maori racist because we want the same race based privileges maori get!!! Ermmmmm, that makes the part maori elite the racists because they do not want us to get the same rights. DUH! We are not white supremacists because these race based privileges are denied to Chinese, Africans and all non-maori Kiwis But those elite maori recipients of $40 billion are definitely (part) maori supremacists.

  11. Fox: It is you who are spouting ‘drivile’, as you put it.

    In which state indoctrination unit did you learn that “British … use a policy of killing 10 Maori for any 1 British person killed when Maori were defending their lands and families”?

    All the evidence points to this kind of disproportionate ‘utu’ being a Maori practice, not a British one.

    You find it in the Wairau massacre with the execution of 10 surrendered prisoners by Te Rauparaha and Te Rangihaeata in utu for the accidental shooting of the former’s daughter (the latter’s wife).

    You find it with Te Kooti’s murder of 70 settler and loyal Maori men, women and children following what he considered his wrongful imprisonment in the Chathams.

    One of the earliest instances was the murder of Marion du Fresne and his crew for the accidental breaching of a tapu.

    (Unfortunately for those Ngapuhi, the French shared their love of utu and laid waste to their village and 250 residents. That’s why the Maori invited the ‘soft’ British to run the country – to stop the French, who they feared.)

    Even New Zealand history’s worst action by the Crown – the execution of 100 warriors following the siege of Ngatapa – was ordered by a loyalist Maori major acting out of utu.

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