Constitutional Advisory Panel, Treatygate

Red eye patches = one-eyed Treatygaters

The eye patch in this logo represents the pro-Maori-separatist bias of the New Zealand political, bureaucratic, academic, judicial, legal, media and iwi elites.

I intend to put red eye patches on all the con artists from these various elites who have sullied the good names of your forebears, and robbed you and your children of your right to understand your true history.

(Not to mention billions of your hard-won dollars.)

If we don’t do something soon, your one-eyed appeaser government will soon be saddling us all with a written Constitution, based around the bogus English version of the Treaty of Waitangi.

When this happens, New Zealand as you know it will be over. If you lack the required millilitre of Maori blood that entitles you to state favours, you will officially be a second-class citizen.

You may be horrified to learn that this process is already well underway.

The racially-rigged Constitutional Advisory Panel is right now conducting clandestine meetings with groups likely to support their agenda.

And it’s pointedly refusing to have anything to do with that great Griever occupational hazard, the New Zealand public.

Evidently, they will not be holding public meetings because “some people might cause trouble”.

This one certainly intends to.


11 thoughts on “Red eye patches = one-eyed Treatygaters

  1. Let’s hope this shames them into pulling back and realising the extreme folly of their ways. They should be bringing us all together as one, not dividing us along racial lines as they are currently doing. I firmly believe what they are doing is treason.

  2. Its time to ask serious questions of the MSM on this issue John. And get a serious poll undertaken. The MSM have been hopelessly complicit in fuelling much of the historical distortion.

  3. We’ll expose the media who remain silent Kevin – put red eye patches on their editors/owners complete with a dossier on their treachery and plaster them where their customers can see them.

    One supportive medium appears to be NBR. Rod Vaughan tells me that the response to his story on me is the hottest in the three year history of NBR Online.

    What are the elites going to do to shut me down?

    And will the hundreds, if not thousands of people who have flooded my Inbox and blogsites with support stand for it if they do??

  4. Be very careful John. These latter day waitangi intoxicated apartheid-ists will probably turn physically violent if they think their grievance scam is in any danger of being stopped. Sadly they seemingly have the current government’s backing for this tribalism nonsense and I can’t see them backing off anytime soon.

  5. I know, Marc.

    But if they make a martyr of me, they’ll just prove my point.

    Griever Maori are the petulant teenagers of New Zealand society.

    You can’t reason with petulant teenagers, but you can take away their privileges.

  6. Any law can be challened anakereiti, especially bad laws which this particular one definitely is. I really can’t get over how smug you are. You must surely know what is going is very wrong but you are totally wrapped up in self-interest, no matter the cost. We should all be pulling together to make this country great, not dividing it especially along racial lines. That’s racism of the highest order.

  7. They have been thoroughly discredited over and over again. I bet there are many more out there who could also tell us how biased they are. The momentum of Treatygate may encourage them to come out of the woodwork.

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