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NBR online: record response to Treatygate story

Rod Vaughan tells me his article on Treatygate has produced the most feedback of any story in the three year history of NBR online.

He will soon be doing a follow-up story that will reveal details of a Maori friend’s similar campaign against the Grievers, and my approach to a leading lawyer about mounting a court challenge to the legitimacy and shonky dealings of the Waitangi Tribunal.

8 thoughts on “NBR online: record response to Treatygate story

  1. Let’s just hope that no, ahhhh, suggestion is made (aka pressure is put on) the publication or author to quietly drop the story. If so, John may need to order another gross or red eye patches.

  2. That’s awesome John. The more people get to see things like this the better. I’ve been noticing in comments on media sites for a while that the majority of New Zealanders have had a guts full of the greedy and grasping few who are making millions out of the whole grievance industry. I hope they will all speak up and support you.

  3. Funny you should say that, Simple Simon.

    A supporter tells me that he saw a Treatygate article on Stuff this morning, but by the time he went to make a comment, it had been taken down.

    It’s still on the Southland Times site however: http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/7478941/Crimp-backs-racial-equality-drive?comment_msg=posted#post_comment

    The article makes great play of my receiving support from Invercargill businessman Louis Crimp.

    Louis does not mince words, as you may have seen on TV, and I knew the media would have a field day linking the two of us.

    But his off-the-cuff decision to hand my strategy document to the Otago University student paper provided the spark for all the positive coverage that has appeared over the last few days.

    In case you’re wondering, in my one meeting with Louis, and in talking with some of his family and friends, I found him to be a very smart and well-intentioned New Zealander.

    And from what I’ve seen – and this was verified by a mutual Maori friend – he’s no racist.

  4. And NBR are playing “follow the money” it seems. And Stuff has been, well, shafted and ‘stuffed’ by some media taxidermist with deep pockets or great influence. Or both.

    You know you’re getting close when . . . .

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