Brian Priestley, Treatygate, Waitangi Tribunal

Ngai Tahu advisor resigned over one-eyed Waitangi Tribunal

Those of you who remember The Fourth Estate TV show from the 1980s will remember legendary media critic Brian Priestley MBE as a relentless seeker of truth and balance.

Mr Priestley had to say about the Waitangi Tribunal:

“Years ago I attended several sessions while advising the Ngai Tahu on public relations for their claims.

It would be hard to imagine any public body less well organised to get at the truth.

There was no cross examination.

Witnesses were treating with sympathetic deference.

The people putting the Crown’s side of things seemed equally anxious not to offend.

In three months I don’t think I was asked a single intelligent, awkward question.

I should have been.

I resigned because I am basically a puzzler after the truth and not a one-eyed supporter of causes.”

Thanks to Colin Rawle for this quote from a story headed Ngai Tahu claim: too little critical analysis in Wellington’s Evening Post of April 3, 1998.

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13 thoughts on “Ngai Tahu advisor resigned over one-eyed Waitangi Tribunal

  1. Truth is the truth irrespective of when it might be said. Why is it John, that the most inane ad hominem criticisms come from ‘anonymous’ people? I guess its called ‘going with the flow’ so long as the appropriate maori elite vested interests are served; alongside that of the self-berating non-maori colonial apologists.

  2. Ah, good. I hope Anakereiti is reading this as this is the man I didn’t want to name for my quote when she asked for it. So this is another who exposes the Waitangi Tribunal for what it is. Biased and with an agenda.

  3. “years ago” – can Mr Rawle supply where his quote was obtained from = no rush, i wont be back until tomorrow – and it still makes no difference to the issues you have – which still hasnt been explained to me – the crown is not required to act on the tribunals recommendations – so why are successive govts pandering to 14.9% of the population. And Helen the present Govt doesnt need the Maori party – thats been established, so why the pandering?

  4. The current Minister for Treaty Settlements who is also the Attorney General (and a List MP to boot, with no mandate from the people) was formerly the legal man for Ngai Tahu. He is driving the settlements like there is no tomorrow and the country has a bottomless purse, from his office now (not even going to Court) and then rubber stamping them. It’s corruption of the highest order, not to mention a conflict of interest. One wonders if he is still in the pay of his former clients or if he is looking to continue with them once he’s booted out of office – at the next election I hope.

    I still say the Maori Party is driving John Key’s appeasingly false decisions. They do need them for Confidence and Supply according to my advice which I have no reason to doubt. Let’s hope he stands up to them on the ridiculous proprietary water issue but I won’t hold my breath.

  5. Helen the current govtcertainly dont need the Maori party cor support. I think you will find the labour party has once. And im talking about successive govts. Not just this one. Govts prior to the establishment even of the Maori party. Why the pandering? We arent needed for political support so why. Again it comes down to being found guilty of a breach and having to right it :)until tomorrow

  6. The Government is definitely being fed fraudulent information especially from the Waitangi Tribunal. Many of us actually know this but it is convincing the Government that is the hard bit. Also, I wonder how much the United Nations is involved with some of Key’s wacky decisions. I’m sure he has his eye on them for a future role when he is finally kicked out of power. Why did he let Sharples go to the US in secret to sign the Indigenous Declaration? He knew it was wrong and that we would all kick up a fuss but he still allowed it.

    There is a lot going on in Government that we don’t know about but it has nothing to do with being guilty of any breaches. All Treaty claims were signed and completed (fully and finally) well before the UK handed the reins over to us in 1947. What we are seeing now is fraud on a grand scale. The truth will out in the end. You’ll see. You have been indoctrinated into believing a certain way but those of us who have done research actually know how wrong it is. You just have to look at the simple little Treaty – it brought us all equally under the law – one law – not a Maori law and a Pakeha law as Eddie Durie would have us believe yesterday. So why are certain people still trying to drain money out of the taxpayer and have separatism down racial lines?

  7. Anakereiti: Key started pandering to the Maori Party in 2008 because he knew that while he didn’t need them then, he eventually might as his popularity and majority diminished.

    Very clever politics, very good for Key and his party, but very bad for his country.

  8. The Brian Priestley quote comes from: Ngai Tahu claim: too little critical analysis, Evening Post, Wellington, April 3, 1998.

  9. The whole festering treaty fiasco distracts from the real underlying issue. Our present tax and banking system allows the top 5% (the banking class, if you will) to fleece the other 95% of society of around $41 Billion in interest payments each year. The entire economy only profits to the tune of $9 B (3% of our $300 B GDP), leaving that ‘bottom’ 95% $32 B deeper in debt and/or poverty. This is not a racial divide, it is a contrived class divide monopolized by inflationary income taxes; and governments insane refusal to create our own interest-free money supply. The bankers control government and society through debt and high interest; and are the first to divide society along racial lines in order to hide their own complicity regarding the growing wealth divide. Interest on debt transfers $41 B of middle class wealth to the banking class each year.

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