Pakeha merciful says loyalist chief

This cutting comes from Mike Butler’s book The First Colonist about the life of his great-grandfather, Samuel Deighton.

Deighton was the first colonist to step ashore at the first settlement, Petone.

For the next half-century he was involved in many defining events of our early history, including fighting the Hauhaus on the East Coast.

In a letter he relates this warning by loyal Maori chief Pitera Kopu to 400 defeated rebels at Te Kopane, near Wairoa, in 1866.

(Did you know that only a minority of tribes rebelled against the Crown, and that most tribes remained loyal?)

Kopu makes the remarkable point that “the tikanga of the Pakeha was one of aroha (mercy)”.

He was therefore restrained from imposing the more traditional Maori punishments of enslavement, death and devourment.

I’ll soon be submitting my question for a ‘one vote/fix all’ referendum.

This will demand a Colourblind State, where all government funding and representation must be based on need, not race.

Meanwhile, my own search for funding for the Treatygate public education campaign goes on.

Thanks for anything you can spare — and a big thank you to those who’ve already contributed.


7 thoughts on “Pakeha merciful says loyalist chief

  1. Hi John, It would pay for all to read a book that was first publshed in the early 1920s called OLD WAIROA, NORTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND by the author Lambert. It tells the ancient history of Maoridom, their own wars between tribes, old customs and lore’s / laws and most importantly about a very ancient race of people that first inhabited Aotearoa / New Zealand. Maori cannot dispute the latter as the same is mentioned by Sir Turi Carol, Sir Peter Buck and other famous Maori Chieftains. This work can only be found in the archieves of Libraries and cannot be removed, available for references for educational purposes only. My own book as taken from the above as with other works, plus our sixty years research whist sailing around the Pacific all makes excellent reading if one wants to know the truth about ancient people of New Zealand. Check out the google page on your computer or ipad, print my name in the oblong box provided and all will be revealed. Kind regards Ross M Bodle.

  2. (Did you know that only a minority of tribes rebelled against the Crown, and that most tribes remained loyal?)

    Then one would have to ask why so much land was confiscated on the basis of rebellion.

  3. The bulk of the two large land confiscations were handed back to Maori who soon after sold the land to the Crown. Wonderful stuff history, pity we don’t learn from it.

  4. Ross M Bodle! I must appologise, you asked me if I had read your book in another post.

    Sorry Ross I have not read your book, but your frequent plugs on J.A’s blog has certainly got me intrigued.

    I cannot buy online ; is the book in bookstores?

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