What if the Hauhaus had won?

When today’s Griever Maori complain about land confiscations, they conveniently forget a few things:

  1. The rebels breached the Treaty when they waged war against the Queen.
  2. They’d been warned they’d lose their land if they did so.
  3. Much of that land was returned — or compensation paid (unnecessarily in many cases).
  4. If the Maori had won, they would have confiscated a lot more than land!

The above clipping is from page 95 of The First Colonist, Mike Butler’s book about his great-grandfather, Samuel Deighton:

Four hundred anti-pakeha Maoris formally surrendered at the junction of the Waiau and Wairoa rivers in March or April 1866. Samuel Deighton took the oath of allegiance.

“Captain Deighton and his clerk sat at a table … a Union Jack flag was flying overhead, and as each native came forward he bowed to the flag, took the oath of allegiance to the Queen, and sat down … Loyal chief Pitera Kopu said:

‘For your offences your lands are confiscated, but you will not be landless; the government will allot you reserves, which will be Crown-granted to you for your use and occupation’.”

That last quote came from Thomas Lambert’s The Story of Old Wairoa and the East Coast District, North Island, New Zealand, page 591.

9 thoughts on “What if the Hauhaus had won?

  1. First Maori did not start the war ,. english did by invading their lands and killing their people, maori were defending themselves from an invading force. english were the ones that breached the treaty by taking land they had no right to and killing unarmed maori.

  2. Well that was both very enlightening and shocking, Trina. Goodness knows what Fox is talking about. The Hau Haus were a very brutal warlike unpredictable people by all accounts. No wonder they were greatly feared.

  3. Hi Fox, You know bro, I’ve some written material that goes back a long, long way, back to the early 1920s put together by Sir James & Sir Tiri Carol, Sir Peter Buck and a few other noted Maori that perhaps you never heard of. If they were all alive today they would simply tell you ‘KNOW YOUR HISTORY’ bro. These famous people are well known throughout Maoridom and Fox if you happen to know your history you wouldn’t be insulting these fine gentlemen who respected the European way. Helen & Trina are wright in what they say in Fact all Kiwi’s may not realize that the last pure blood Maori was a woman who passed away back in 1910. Also not well known is the pure native Maori skin colour was very, very dark almost black, Question for you bro; what colour is your skin, is it still blackish or is it like all the Pakeha-Maori today being more pale? In fact Bro you have more European blood within your veins than the former, and the next simple question for you is where does that leave you bro are you still little itsy bitsy native or do you have more than 70% Euro – blood?
    But then again it’s not your fault because all history books and artifacts were removed from schools, libraries, and museums also all records of Maori-European blood lines were also destroyed when the Waitangi Tribunal came into it’s own, the latter have a great deal to answer to.
    Take care my friend you need to read about your true early history so try or and and read ‘Before Maori NZ’s First Inhabitants’ and get educated for once.

  4. three of my grandparents were full blood maori..why do the teachings of our life time wish us to believe otherwise?We were rebels whose land was taken and not returned,our history,s were hidden and nearly forgotten because the old people didnt want to talk about it..Hauhau,s were the last Maori to stand up for our people and we should at least respect the efforts..

    1. When people rebel against a state, they get punished. Especially when they’re warned what the consequences will be and still rebel.

      Why are Maori being such big sooks and expecting their confiscated land back? Did they give the land back to the tribes they overran? Did they compensate the Moriori?

      No, they kept the land, and killed and ate the inhabitants to boot.

      1. Yes, that simple fact has me puzzled as well. They inadvertently portray themselves as a miserable race of whining racist lazy sooks who demand a free ride through life on the basis of a bit of maori blood. They like to rub shoulders with genuine indigenous peoples from around the world but playing “Spot The Odd One Out”, they have no right to be there. They make up stories of atrocities against them to try for credibility, but those stories have been proven to be lies as well. They try to give the impression of a peaceful conservationist native race struggling to keep up with technology, but that’s also a lie as well. To most kiwis in the know, they truly are bullies and embarrassment. They even try to say our courts are racist because of the disproportionate amount of maori in jail for violent crimes. Hell, I’ve even been told “its a community problem, not a maori problem”!!!! But with their fellow grievers rewriting our history, we must be vigilant and continue to point out every lie and half truth that they pass off as fact. To everyone…keep up the good work and get your friends aboard.

  5. Respect the efforts of bloodthirsty savages who massacred men, women and children? I don’t think so. But then again it’s still happening today. Once were warriors eh?

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