25 thoughts on “For once, I'm with God

  1. Since our God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Bible were all around for a very long time before Maori gods were dreamed up. And since in our legends and mythology, God created everything. Shouldn’t our claim to water rights and ownership be much more valid than the latter day new comers? After all it’s been part of our spiritual and worldy heritage for a heck of a lot longer than theirs.

    Jesus turned water into wine. He could walk on water. Our connection with water goes back way further than maori.

  2. so Brenda, when was God dreamed up and when were the maori Gods Dreamed up? Just the years will be fine, dont worry about the specific days.

  3. Gawds of all names and all religions and pantheons are but human constructs: nothing more. As one wit put it: In the beginning humanity happened; then humanity created gawds . . .

    “Feck?” Hhhhmmmmmm . . .

    Feckless (definition): Not fit to assume responsibility; generally incompetent and ineffectual.

    Sounds a lot like NZ’s politicians.

  4. Well Anakereiti, if you believe the Bible. Our God wasn’t dreamed up, He dreamed us up, and then created the earth and everything on it.

    As for the maori Gods. Well, that I can’t answer, but since people can’t have been here before our God created the Earth and everything on it, then it had to be later. That’s all I really need to know on that question 🙂

  5. well ahh, we have written proof. The stone tablets, the dead sea scrolls, and of course, the Bible. If you can show me written proof of your God’s words that predate the dead sea scrolls, then I’ll consider your argument. And naturally, they will be written in your language, won’t they 🙂

    1. Which version are referring too??? The before the now or the tomorrow version??? Cause you know it’s going to change again !!!

  6. uh oh oral evidence lol my grandfathers grandfather (x 500) told my other ancestors prior to leaving hawaiiki that a taniwha begat the world. And our oral evidencr beats your written stuff lol (plus I got photos somewhere) 🙂

  7. Actually Anakereiti, I’d like your opinion on something.

    I’ve been trying to get my head around this whole conscienceness thing.

    I’ve been trying to understand what it would have been like for maori, when as a stone age people, they were suddenly confronted with a race of people whose civilisation was thousands of years ahead of theirs.

    Not only were they confronted with it, but they were soon after expected to make the leap and adjust to living in a world they had no previous conception of.

    Europeans had had those thousands of years to evolve slowly into the civilisation that they were by 1840. But maori were dragged, basically, forward through time, and expected to live in the future. If you know what I mean. That’s more than just a culture shock.

    I’m sorry if this is all jumbled. I’m still trying to get all these thoughts straight in my head. And I’m not going soft on my beliefs. I’m just trying to understand why there is so much resistance from maori for our way of living. And I think I’m getting there.

    Naturally, because Europeans had worked and struggled over many hundreds of years to achieve the level at which they were at, they could not think of it in any other way than more advanced than the maori civilisation.

    I think this is what leads a lot of misguided people to think that pakeha’s are better than maori. We’re not better than maori, but our civilisation or culture, whatever you want to call it, is/was more advanced than maori was in 1840.

    I also think that, having reached a certain level of civilisation, with all the advantages that came with it. Technology, medicine, and numerous other benefits, plus a reasonably peaceful life without all the territorial waring that goes with being a tribal people. It would be perfectly normal, if a tad presumptious, to think that they were doing maori a favour by offering them the opportunity to enjoy it all with us.

    So I think I can understand the mistrust and hesitancy a lot of maori, particularly older maori, have for pakeha and pakeha ways and things.

    It’s also hard for us to grasp why maori would want to cling to the old ways, when we have left them so far behind us, and no longer consider them useful in any way. For example, my family on my mothers side comes from the Celtic area of Cornwall. These people spoke Cornish, a Brythonic Celtic language. This language died out in the 1770s. To us, this is the natural progression of things as a people develop and evolve. The problem is we expected maori to do it overnight.

    Am I getting any of this right?

    This is getting long so i’ll stop here for the moment

  8. I suppose Brenda Maori must have thought it was an eradication of lifestyle in some ways. The p.i.s.s gets taken out of them but looking at other cultures that have had the same thing happen being rocketed from essentially stone age in the space of minutes means many of them spent most of their time trying to keep up . I cant even conceive how hard it must have been. their lifestyle was incredibly hard and they were such a strong people to have made it through that out of world transition without being completely swallowed up. I cant get my head rond it either. Picture a group of aliens turning up now and taking over our lives language culture moving you on from where you lived. Its quite incomprehensible the whole dynamic of how your life would change.

  9. Most not only made it through, but have embraced the new world offered to them and are doing incredibly well. People such as yourself. When you think about it, 170 years is a tiny amount of time to make that kind of consciencesness shift.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that there are some though that still struggle. And maybe that is why we see some of the problems we do today.

    For example, take your aliens. No matter what kind of advantages the new life they gave us might have over our past one, there is no way in hell I’d want one of their doctors looking at me or my kids if we were sick. Does that explain some of the poor stats in maori health? Because I could totally understand that.

    1. Maori were healthy enough it’s the germs they brought with them maori could not handle, also why would maori want to work for food when they could pick grow and hunt their own foods ? Why work for a meal of cray fish when all they had to do was dive for it?

      The lands you see today were not owned but managed and they had their own homes and lands to live out their simple lives. Even tho they had nothing they had everything and now many people like you and I wish we had today!

      Go figure

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