Colourblind State, Referendum

Would you unwind the tentacles or shoot the squid?

Why a Colourblind State referendum will succeed where others haven’t

Think of the Treaty Grievance industry as a Colossal Squid trying to overturn our ship of state.

How do you stop it?

Do you wrestle with it one tentacle at a time?

Or do you kill the whole squid?

We’ve already had a petition for a single-issue referendum on claiming back the beaches.

It didn’t get the numbers.

I hear there’s going to be another petition to try and prevent a Treatyfied constitution.

I can’t see that working either.

That’s because these single issues are boring old tentacles. Lop one off, and the squid can still throttle you with plenty more.

No. We need to rouse the passionless people with a bigger, bolder, bunker-buster of a referendum.

Its question has to be an explosive-tipped, high-powered harpoon, guaranteed to blow the whole squid out of the water once and for all.

Instant calamari.

One vote, fix all.

And that’s what a referendum on a Colourblind State will do. It’ll derail the whole gravy train. Send Wai-tangi to Tangi-wai.

No more corrupt Waitangi Tribunal telling us Maori own the sun, the moon and the stars.

No more Maori seat MPs telling us Parihaka (death toll: zero) was a holocaust, while ignoring the atrocities committed against innocent settlers and Moriori.

No more Maori seats, full stop.

No more Hone Harawira behaving like a boorish teenage thug.

No more appeaser prime ministers surrender our sovereignty for votes.

No more bloated Te Puni Kokiri bureaucrats rorting the taxpayer.

No more Apartheid Aotearoa.

Just one country. One law. One class of citizenship. Equal right, in other words.

Here’s the question I believe will deliver a Colourblind State:

Should New Zealanders have equal rights, with all state funding based on need, not race?

What do you think?

I’ve been thinking about it for months, but I’m happy if you can improve upon it.

I was going to include the words Colourblind State, but a few people seem to think it means “blind to people of colour”.

(They forget that white is a colour too.)

What do you think about Colourblind State? Does it inspire you or confuse you?

This may not be an easy victory. (But then again it just might!)

There are three hurdles to clear:

  1. Persuade over 300,000 New Zealanders to sign the referendum petition.
  2. Persuade over 50% of those who vote in the referendum to vote Yes.
  3. Persuade the government to obey the will of the people and abolish all race-based policies and programmes.

But there are six reasons why it will work:

  1. A Colourblind State is a Big Idea that 80% of the public probably already support.
  2. It will be very hard for honest Kiwis to argue against funding based on need, not race.
  3. We’ll be running Treatygate ads showing people how their history has been twisted.
  4. Our Colourblind State ads will explain the plan to sneak in a Treatyfied constitution by stealth, and why people must stand up for their country if they don’t want to lose it.
  5. We’ll time the referendum for election year. So the media will be asking Key and Shearer whether they intend to obey the will of the people. With the public wise to the Treatygate con, they’ll be in no mood to indulge any leader who doesn’t respond with a very quick Yes.
  6. Both the Conservatives and NZ First will support the Yes position, putting more pressure on National and Labour.

To collect the 300,000-odd signatures needed to force the referendum, we’ll need to build a network of patriotic collectors. In some areas, they’ll need real courage.

If 100 people will commit to collecting 10 signatures a day for a year, we’ll get there.

Or 200 to 5 a day.


How about you? Will you help?

If not you, then who? 🙂

Please email me at if you’d like to collect signatures.

If you can’t spare any time, maybe you can spare some money…

A big thank you to all those supporters who’ve already given so much.

6 thoughts on “Would you unwind the tentacles or shoot the squid?

  1. The question could be worded a bit more aggressively:

    Should ALL New Zealanders have ACCESS TO equal rights, NOT BASED ON RACIAL PROFILING?

    It is time to deal with this issue because now Northland iwi want to claim the wind via the Wind Farms as “Taonga”

  2. What a brilliant blog, John. It should be a full page advertisement in all the major daily newspapers. It says it all really and I feel totally inspired by your words. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head. You must not fail if we are ever to have a decent united country with equality for all under the law.

    I will be donating further shortly.

    [JA: Thank you Helen. Great to have your support. With my words and your actions we’ll go far!]

  3. Or, “Should all New Zealanders have equal access to the privileges and benefits conferred by citizenship regardless of ethnic/racial background?”

  4. Ooooo . . . Anthony, you clever cookie.

    I want to build on what you have done and say:

    “Should all New Zealanders have equal rights and access to the privileges and benefits conferred by citizenship regardless of ethnicity or race and live under one law for all, ministered by one Government”.

    Pretty loaded question – but just putting it out there!

  5. I think it’s vital that our question is as succinct as possible – as many words as we need, but no more.

    It needs to be a question that doesn’t take a signature collector too long to ask, or a newsreader too long to read.

    It should inspire a busy prospect to answer “Hell yes – where do I sign?”

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