Colourblind State

How does the name Colourblind State grab you?

I’ve heard various points of view on this, and I’d like to hear yours.

If you support this concept, would you tell me:

  • Is Colourblind State a good name to describe a New Zealand with equal rights and representation for all citizens, and all government policies based on needs, not race?
  • Is Colourblind State the name we should use to inspire people about the concept, and when asking them to sign the referendum petition?
  • Or isn’t it?
  • If not, why not?
  • Can you think of a better name?

Give me your views, either in the comments section, or in an email to

I need to finalise my referendum petition question, so I’d appreciate your feedback ASAP.

105 thoughts on “How does the name Colourblind State grab you?

  1. Another person advocating civil war? So where is this “colour blindness” – its quickly degenerated to a slag off Maori, and advocate civil war site.

    1. It is time these anakereiti people learned from history — what has happened and is happening around the world where Apartheid is practised–The labour Govenment in there wisdom set up apartheid in this country and still being fostered by the National govt.
      Time will only tell if this continues here.
      These people are spoiling it for the genuine part maori people who do not like what is happening .
      My family has mixed race and like a lot of others I meet condem what is happening –new zealand is a great country being spoiled by a greedy minority- if only you could all learn to be proud New Zealanders one people

  2. I know what it’s like, Noel. I was polite for years but now I just come out and say it how I feel – and I doubt you could call it ‘polite’. More like ‘restrained’, but hardly that even.

    Yes, we desperately need some people in Wellington who will put the interests of the country first and not their own re-election chances. Actually their re-election chances would surely improve markedly if they could just stop this divisive racist nonsense.

  3. Well said, Noel. Actually I find it incredible that the Grievers cannot see the harm they doing our country. If they finally got their way and owned it lock stock and barrel, would they be happy? I think not.

    They seem to have a black opinion on everything and feel their lack of achievement is somehow someone else’s fault when it is all down to their own bad attitudes.

    I too have mixed blood in my extended family but thankfully they are all very happy achievers.

  4. It seems to me, this whole ’cause’ is over lapped by quite a few jolly good NZers with similar views. You John, thinking of a pushing for a refendum, then a political party, Muriel Newman with her attempts to gain enough signitures to force a referendum – at the Centre fo Political Research. With her historical political connections, I would have thought you all could ‘feed’ of each other. To my mind, I would like to see many of these ‘interested parties’ get together and coordinate their efforts instead of ‘going it alone’. At present, the name is irrelevant. Coordination is paramont.

  5. Colourblind State is perfect. Everyone knows what colourblind means i.e. a state that does not see colour and therefore no longer discriminates based on it – everyone has equal opportunities and therefore equal chance of equal outcomes in a colourblind state. No ambiguity, nothing racist. Also you have already exposed the name to publicity and to change it now that you are attached that publicity would result in public confusion. The media would shoot it down as you can imagine, with something like: “racist John Ansell has relabled his “failed” colourblind” campaign” or something like that. Whatever you do, don’t change it or show any doubt in your cause, the media will eat it up!

  6. That certainly sounds like the voice of reason, EarlyfknSettler, when you put it like that. I agree with you as you make a good point.

  7. So far, having read all the arguments for and against, I’m inclined to trust my instincts and stick with Colourblind State.

    I would be prepared to eat humble pie and change if I could see a better alternative, but I haven’t yet.

    In other words, I agree with EarlyfknSettler.

  8. I reckon your instincts are the best bet, John. The more I look at it we definitely have to go with ‘Colourblind’, and ‘State’ is the best fit with it. We trust your instincts.

  9. I like Colourblind State. It says it like it is, and you are right, John. You are better off not changing it now after people have begun to think about and form an opinion on it. More power to you.

  10. Chris G: good idea!

    Of course, the word ‘equality’ invites arguments about ‘equality of opportunity’ v ‘equality of outcome’.

    Strictly speaking, ‘equal rights’ may be the better term.

    But the cheekiness of ‘100% pure equality’ probably overrides the strictly correct.

    Should be able to slot it in somewhere, thanks.

  11. In my humble opinion the only way to succeed with this very just and necessary cause, given the massive opposition on the left and in many cases Government itself, is through elected seats in parliament.

    We have all seen how much the quisling prime ministers of our past have listened to the people. To have any influence at all in NZ under MMP you need 8-10 seats to control the centre right. To get that power you need to support a party with a strong inspirational leader and a substantial fighting fund.

  12. I did like the name colourblind. However, I can how it can be taken in a negative way. What we want is equality for all New Zealanders, so what about …. just a suggetion to get ideas rolling… EQUAL NZ.

  13. Always thought Alcoholics were lucky in having the word ‘sober’. Cf. with ex-smoker, non-smoker, smokefree. See the difference?

    As well, having lived in a much earlier decade in USA, I do not like anything containing the word ‘colour’. In that part of the world the word is not far from the ‘n…..’ word.

    Hence my play on the word ‘okay’. Be I so humble, I think I might have been inspired by one of your earlier works, JA.

    Also, the xenophobes (most of New Zealand) will have a distaste for the word ‘state’. – ala Australian, and US of A.

    One Kiwi! Okay!

    Or even with double-barrelled pun.

    Just One Kiwi! Okay!

  14. “You don’t think that sounds a bit singular? Sort like a one man band, just one Kiwi taking on a mission?”

    You could have preceded or followed that comment with at least some hint at a compliment. I thought is was clever. Hrmmphh! I’m a sensitive little cherub. I might have to take my ball and go home now.

    No, to answer your specific question, no I don’t. Not unless you were doing what you did just now, and that is searching for a way to not like it. It would be a catch-phrase, that’s all, not a thesis.

  15. Sorry Mr Colman. I dint want to answer because this is not my site and John Ansell has done an awesome job and I dont want to come across as an upstart. Im sure he will be checking on this over the next few days when he finishes his chapter. No offence intended. Oh, and as far as a compliment, high five for giving a damn and having input!

  16. Sorry Paul, you took me far too seriously. I was trying to play with you. And may I say what a jolly decent contribution yours was too, old boy!

  17. Oi, not that old! Yes, I suppose it is a topic in its entirity that I do take seriouslyand im sorry if I came across abrupt. On a serious note as I frown once again, all those who indeed feel the urgency, the genuine belief that a committed statigy is required and above all, all those that are willing to pop their heads above the parapet, let John Ansell know

  18. well done John – all credit to you for having the courage to speak up about an issue that I think concerns an awful lot of people. I have no qualms about doing whatever we can to rectify any wrongs the Maori feel have been done to them but how long does it go on?? Will they ever be happy? Will they ever be ready to move on? I know it isn’t all Maori – sadly it is the negative and endlessly vindictive ones that get all the air time. I actually don’t care what we call this – the main thing we have to say ‘enough’. Ann

  19. I personally don’t like the connotation of the word ‘blind’. How about “RainbowReferendum” or just “ColourOut” or a pun “ColourFall” or “ColourWash”.
    I can assure you though that many young people today go well beyond the falsity of this issue taking up time and money and see the necessity to resolve these differences in the light of a united New Zealand’s place in a rapidly globalizing world – as Sir Paul Reeves voiced time and again.
    Yes ‘enough’ is the right word.

  20. Ok. I remembered it. Thought of it in a dream 3 weeks ago but damned if i could remember it. Doing the dishes made it spring to mind again. Before I say the name I had in mind, i will do what John said and explain why I think its suitable.

    1. I am sick of being blamed for all the failures of Maori.

    2. I am tired of being blamed for the high unemployment of Maori, the full jail cells, the fact dey kant speek propa.

    3. Im incensed that they have re-written the treaty behind closed doors and are working on OUR constitution.

    4. Im gutted that NZ is turning into a seperatist nation, sick of hand feeding a race that promotes the word Mana.

    5. I cant help but feel that the grievance industry relies on Maori failure, editing the truth, belittling their own people to promote a money scramble for the fat pigs with their noses in the trough.

    6. Why cant they join the human race and overcome crap like we all have to do?

    Get over it man!!!!

    OVER IT party.

    Fundraising for colourblind at this link

  21. It’s a hard branding exercise to come up with a name that doesn’t seem really racist. I say embrace your racist desires! Maybe ‘The We Hate Maoris Party’ would be a good idea? You can’t have The Ku Klux Klan as that has already been taken.

    1. You seem to have missed the point. This is not about Maoris. It is about the same rights for all New Zealanders, that was my impression. Maybe you need to look at yourself if you have taken offence over the name. None of the issues that face New Zealand should be about what colour skin someone has, there are important issues to be faced. We should all be working together to make New Zealand a better place and not a divided nation.

  22. Of course its about Maori,Janice. Take a look at this site – do you see any other race mentioned AT ALL. Anywhere? No – its all about Maori, Janice, dont be obtuse.

    1. So what issues do you have with everyone being equal in New Zealand? The Treaty of Waitangi was a document that was signed by the British Government. Why do you think that the taxpayer of New Zealand should be lumbered with paying out huge Treaty claims? I know lots of nice Maori people who just get on with their everyday life and make a good life for themselves without all the hatred that others seem to display. I feel that it is time for EVERYONE to accept responsibility for their own lives, ie improve diets to improve their health, stop smoking, treat children with respect and stop killing them, etc. Everyone in NZ gets the chance to an education and it is what they make of themselves from that. It is not everyone else’s responsibility. I think it is extremely rude for NZ Europeans to be called “visitors”. We have a great country and ridiculous comments like this are just divisive and abusive. Racism is a two-way street. We have lots of nationalities living here now and we really need to embrace and accept that and get on with living in harmony. What is so hard about that?

  23. Anakereiti, you have every right to tell Janice not to be obtuse and she has every right to tell you to get knotted.

    You f**king arrogant b*tch. Who do you think you are to tell people what to be and what not to be.

    Live and let live, I say!

  24. Part maori you dumass muppet. Read the post again. Tell me, you clever twat ,where any other culture BUT Maori is discussed on here in relation to colourblindness. I have all day … any other culture but maori. Thats how arrogant i am , you myopic cunt. This site is a designated maori bash site. Fuckhead. Tell me again how its dedicated to colorblindness. Tell me the plans your mighty leader has setup for “colourblindness”. Tell me where i can find a discussion on colourblindness that isnt about maori? Il be waiting, muppet

  25. Oh helen, is that you? Ok janice you tell me. Where on this site is anything regarding colourblindness that isnt a fucking maori bash?

  26. teenyweenymaorichick, ohhhhhh. Your aggressive, high excited state arouses me ….. highly, ohhhhhh, give me more, give me more. Get more excited, I want more, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, please …… ohhhh, I love aggressssssssive young girlies ……. ohhhhhhh

  27. Hey teenyweeniedickchick go poke your tounge pop your eyeballs out and do your down syndrome krumping war dance elsewhere

  28. The mere fact my comment got you excited, means your mum has cut you off again. And that you you have no answer to my query.

  29. And you have no answer either, dun. All in agreement then. This site has nothing to do with colourblindness, but is a site dedicated to maori bashing. And so succinctly confirmed by dun and part maori. Thanks muppets

  30. teenyweenymaorichick, your comment was mindless. What gets me off with you is your profanities and your dirty talk.

    Little slags like you have a bottomless pit of it. Keep it coming you little trollop!

  31. Haha yes. All in agreement. No answer so he turns it round to mindless profanity, dumb twat that you are part maori. Still shining your own pole?

  32. So come on part maoei. Tell me which post on this site and its attending discussions is about colourblindness and is not a maori bash?. Its a simple question. Written simply, so you dummies understand it.

  33. Just borrow some of the public donation funds that johnny is using. Apparently the public who donate are all good with it

  34. No that’s John’s cause and he needs to finance it.

    And anyway we bro’s say we borrow at the time but we never pay it back.

    Now please, teenyweenymaorichick, I gotta get my gear together and meet the bro’s to plan which honkey’s homes are next.

  35. Janice you are so right. We should all be equal under the law.

    Please ignore the vile people who are currently polluting this site mainly because they are desperate about possibly losing the public trough. John will deal with them when he has a chance so please don’t be deterred because of them. They are a total waste of space.

    This site is all about achieving equality for everyone in this country with nothing given out based on race. It’s long overdue for us to grow up and be a decent place for everyone.

    Good to hear someone with some common sense.

  36. Thanks Helen. Some people just need their mouths washed out. Their hatred is rather blatant and the only person they hurt is themselves. Think of the bigger picture and the good of New Zealand as a whole and not just yourselves. Take responsibility for your actions and don’t blame everyone else for them. Life is what YOU make of it. Sad to realise their are so many bitter nasty people in New Zealand.

  37. I think this blog undermines anything you might be working towards, John. You have an idea… I’ve heard people say that you have the strength of your convictions behind you. Meanwhile, everyone on here argue’s for and against you and your ideas while repeatedly losing track of the point and constantly taking peronal swipes at each other whilst you, simultaneously, are noticeably ABSENT.
    Keep it simple – if you want to lead LEAD. If you want to make change – BE THE CHANGE. Unfortunately, if you’re colourblind, can you even see the people you wish to lead? Seems you’ll really only have shadows to follow you…

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