It's not just the young men who are angry

This just in from a supporter:

Thanks John, your new piece with the video of the tirade on the bus is interesting.

 I live beside a reserve that’s enjoyed by runners, walkers,  cyclists and families,  people walking dogs — all enjoying the natural peaceful atmosphere. 

One day two people decided to ride up and down the park on their screaming motorbikes.  

I was out walking at the time, so in passing  I pointed out to them that the motorcycles were really noisy and disturbed the peace, and they should know motorcycles were not permitted in the park as per the council bylaw. 

I know, it sounds grouchy-old-man and petty.

But I refuse to let the ignorant few spoil it for everyone.

The woman motorbike rider snapped,  “So what, we’re Tangata Whenua!”

And the man eyeballed me, thrust his face to within a few inches of mine and screamed abuse at the top of his voice. 

What he said was much less imaginative than the tosser in your video.

But  the abuse was like a tsunami of hatred. 

Since I was walking past them, I really had no reason to stay at that exact spot.

But I had to for a bit — I wasn’t going to be pushed away by his ridiculous Once Were Warriors attempt at intimidation. 

I was half expecting to get  decked.

But I refused to back off,  and calmly stood there and let his torrent of abuse wash over me. 

Actually he didn’t have much interesting to say. He kept repeating the same couple of sentences over and over. 

After a bit, his repetitive screaming began to sound quite comical.

As I said,  I had no reason to stay.

So eventually, after what seemed an eternity but was probably only a minute — and when I hoped he’d realised I wasn’t going to be intimidated — I moved on in the direction I had been walking.

And as I turned to leave he called me a “f***ing honky”. 

I turned back to him and calmly pointed out that if I were to refer to him using the same kind of language then that would make him a  f**king nigger.

I would  never use this word.

I was trying to point out his own racist language, but a wasted attempt on my part I’d say. 

Interestingly, as I write this, it seemed acceptable to me that I spell ‘honky’ in full.

But I hesitated over the word ‘nigger’,  even though both words are used as a form of  abuse.

I worked in a building that adjoined a crumby little flat and the walls between the two buildings are paper-thin. 

The flat was rented by a Maori couple who used to fly the Tino Rangitiratanga flag out of their window. 

They used to scream at each other in exactly the same way as I was screamed at, and much like the guy on the bus. 

One thing he’d scream to her, and which amused me no end,  was “I f**king love you, you c**t!”

And her abuse to him was no better.

Thankfully, they’re long gone now, raided,  arrested and probably in jail I think.

78 thoughts on “It's not just the young men who are angry

  1. Lol, yes, and now Tuku Morgan runs after him in his boxers picking up his tissues. Wasnt that long ago Maori got angry when you said they had a Maori queen as she was a Waikato Maori… not a Queen of all Maori. Yet, this wierd fellow who is King of ALL Maori, the Maori cant get enough of him. He reminds me of the late King of Tonga.

  2. Any of the unemployed want to strike a deal with Mr Ansell re; royalties and printing some T shirts going a cause I believe in. Win win and I get to contribute what I can with my modest income. Just a thought. Peace out.

  3. The late King of Tonga ……. I always thought he was talking through a mouth full of whipped cream!

    As for the ex truck driver ……. well I suppose the Iwi have just another ideal role model.

    Inheritance, how sad ……

  4. lol your freaking me out ironsides!Morena – further to your query crunchabunts (bunch of ….) and I will go no further

  5. Lol, yes, and now Tuku Morgan runs after him in his boxers picking up his tissues. Wasnt that long ago Maori got angry when you said they had a Maori queen as she was a Waikato Maori… not a Queen of all Maori. Yet, this wierd fellow who is King of ALL Maori, the Maori cant get enough of him. He reminds me of the late King of Tonga.

    hear that Paul? thats me shrieking – the “Maori” king is not my king nor my iwi. We have a paramount Chief.

    The Maori King designates nor rules anything for us. But we will attend hui with him as a courtesy

  6. Kings? Queens? In this day and age? They should all be ditched. Haven’t we progressed to a stage where we can choose our own leaders based on merit? Well some peoples have but others are happy to dwell in the past and accept old traditions that really have no place in our modern world.

  7. No disrespect Anakerieti. My illness sometimes make me have two left thumbs and I apologise for again miss-spelling your name. Bless You for your tolerance :-).

  8. Yes anakereiti. I heard the shriek. Nontheless, if john minto was declared kiwi king from a movement in manurewa, i dont think i would swallow every word,honour him nor even would i respect him and he claimed he spoke on behalf of all non maori, you would surly hear my shriek before i choked.

  9. No problem Ironsides at all a mis spell isnt an issue, of course if you call me Ana or iti – i will hunt you down! 🙂

  10. Yes Tuwharetoa are much luckier than Waikato in respect that we have our paramount chief – but I must admit I thought the Maori Queen was lovely even if she didnt represent all Maori – which is a misrepresentation in itself (as she grasps her throat, gasping for air and slowly slumps to the ground) hehe

    Does anybody else see how ironic it is that John Hadfield changed his name to Hone Pani Tamati Waka Nene Harawira?
    His actions are not at all in keeping with the man whose name he adopted.

  12. Tamati Waka Nene did a lot of good stuff from what I read
    ironic that John Hadfield would use his name cant see any similarities at all

  13. Listening to John Tamehare today on the radio.

    He claims the reason that Maori are under achieving “is a direct result of the seabed and foreshore and the water rights issues”

    Now, we all know that Tamehare has a direct financial interest in the grievance industry. This man is using the failures of Maori (and yes Anakereiti, he compacted you into the bunch as well) on the reason Maori elite was not able to secure payouts.

    Im not sure…. is he wrong maybe?

    With over a billion dollars forked out annually on Maori only initiatives, im not sure how some extra bucks will help them.

    Are Maori beyond help and need non maori to finance every aspect of their lives or are they capable to cope like the rest of us?

    Hmmmmmm, Im really starting to wonder. Tamehare really made Maori sound like a waste of space. Before you snap, it was Tamehare that indicated Maori is useless and was not a statement made by me but rather a respected Maori leader.

    Am i wrong in thinking that all Maoris (remember Tamehare stated it was all Maori) are dysfunctional?

    If not, why do Maori allow the main beneficiaries of the grievance industry to make them ALL sound… how do I say it without sounding nasty but still using Tamehares intention……… thick?

  14. Today, the Waitangi Tribunal said that the Government has been found to have breached the Treaty of Waitangi by failing to support Maori-language early childhood centres.

    This whole Te Reo gravy train is just another scam!

    To anyone who knows anything at all about the evolution of languages, it is self evident that only the fittest languages ultimately survive. Language is purely a sub-set of wider evolutionary trends which govern life on this planet.

    By virtue of the fact that Te Reo is having to be artificially propped up, it is clear that in time it will die out. It is not in existence because it is needed. It exists because a few Maori elite want to preserve the past for a whole range of political, social and financial reasons.

    The basic Maori language is not fit for todays sophisticated and technical world and the end result, in 50 to 100 years, will be that we will have poured a lot of money and resources down a bottomless pit and there will be absolutely nothing to show for it.

  15. Yawn constable ansell rang himself.papers have no interest unless a scrap is on the cards and voila lol. We all saw that coming

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