Now tell me Muslim and Maori fanatics have nothing in common

This is why I think I’ll stick to taxis when in Auckland :-):

Anakereiti and others were offended when I compared Maori radicals with Muslim fundamentalists.

What do you say now, Anakereiti?

Through constant brainwashing with fake history, a generation of young Maori has been dangerously radicalised.

Some are clearly beside themselves with rage at the ‘f***ing Pakeha’.

I’m hearing about state-funded Maori immersion colleges in the Waikato where the kids emerge unable to read or write English.

(As if illiteracy isn’t bad enough in the normal state schools.)

Surely this is child abuse?

English, not Maori, is the world language.

English, not Maori, is the language that more Chinese people are learning than there are people in the US.

And yet here’s New Zealand, an English-speaking country, with a government that’s depriving children of their right to communicate in the modern world.


And what other doctrines are those Maori kids being immersed in in those schools? Is the foaming fool on this bus a graduate?

Might a Maori immersion college have more than a little in common with a Muslim madrassa?

This video is why we’re going to need security at our meetings.

This letter is why I may need some of my own:

Sooner or later, I suppose one of these angry young warriors will want to take me out — and I don’t mean to the movies.

But shooting the messenger would be sure to backfire, big-time.

For a start, they’d make me a martyr. (Not a bad look on the CV.)

Then my wife would get a nice insurance payout. (Financially, at least, I’m worth more dead than alive.)

But more importantly, voters would not tolerate such a violent response to a call for racial equality. The roar for a colourblind state would become too loud for even John Key to ignore.

Meanwhile, I’d really like to know why that bus driver failed to stop for the Maori lady. Was he being racist, as the ranter claims?

Or was there a more innocent explanation — like the woman being late to the bus stop?

If you know the guy, please ask him to leave a comment.

66 thoughts on “Now tell me Muslim and Maori fanatics have nothing in common


    I’m a 60 year old very able European male but can’t get a job. I’m a victim of ageism. There are ism’s all over the place but I abhor racism. I have a brother in law who is a racist in the extreme. He hates people because of their skin colour. No questions asked and I hate that!

    But conversely the racist card often gets played when it is not deserved or justified. It is often WHAT a person (or people) has DONE or how they are behaving, rather than who or what they are, which draws disapproving comment and that is often branded as racism. That’s the easy ‘get out of jail’ card to play to use the Monopoly analogy.

    So what I’m getting at is that any aspect of criticism of people of other races cannot necessarily be classed as racism.

    In my view, racism is hatred and unequal treatment of a person (or people) because of their race (and often physical characteristics).

    As an illustration, I hate Arabs who are Muslims who are fundamentalists. That doesn’t make me a racist. I don’t hate Arabs because they are Arabs or Arab Muslims because they are Arab Muslims. It’s the actions of fundamentalism that makes me hate Arab Muslim fundamentalists.

    Xenophobia (aversion to foreigners) could be viewed as similar to racism but it is a totally natural built-in inherited mechanism. Xenophobia, in an evolutionary sense was a vital tool for survival in dangerous and threatening environments in the past. However, this is often confused with and branded as racism even though it’s an inherited natural trait. It’s of little difference from the standoff position always present between animal species.

    So the overall point that I make, is to consider whether accusations of racism are in fact racism? Often, if you break it down to its constituents, it doesn’t turn out to be.

    [JA: Interesting observation. Paul. There’s a big difference between criticism and racism.]

  2. Clearly, that guys pot was boiling over well before the bus driver failed to stop for the Maori lady (whatever the real circumstances were?).

    Looks and sounds like he might have been coming off a high and the trembling demons were starting to niggle him.

  3. I agree Snowy. I did notice during his rant that he was concerned that he was being labelled a racist and a seperatist. I cant help but feel that Treatygate has started its penetration into parts of the community that wear the guilt. As far as im concerned, this young bloke is tormented by the idea of equality.

  4. I cannot understand why this term “tangata whenua” is not challenged
    when there is now too much evidence
    of the races that were here before Maori. Sure Maori were the conquerors over the Waitaha, Patu-paiarehe, Moriori, and the pygmy people of the Hokianga and this gave them rights to enter a treaty. But their claim of “Tangata whenua ” is an apparent distortion of the truth unless individuals can prove by DNA that they have the DNA of those previous races of people.
    Your readers should read “Before Maori” by Ross Bodle as stepping stone for an independent search of the truth in this matter.


  5. Archaeological digs and finds have uncovered many truths in NZ. Including Europeans and Celtics being here 2000 years ago. These documents are filed as classified and have officially been hidden from view until 2076. Big question as to why. Hopefully, Treatygate when they have MP’s can release the documents.

  6. I’d like to know how close to or far away from the bus stop that Maori lady was. It is frustrating when you’re close and the driver just cruises past but I do wonder if she had been Asian would that guy have gone off like he did? The rant certainly highlights the mindset that many radicals have though, especially the “our land” part, it’s in a nutshell right there.

  7. pfft John – disturbing yes, anymore disturbing than the young white people down here in Otautahi setting their dogs on people of Asian descent? I dont know – but am i going to suggest we change pakeha or non maori to nazi due to this. Of course not – You know my feelings on the initial blog posted and I this doesnt change how I feel about it.

    [JA: If there are young white people setting dogs on Asians, I condemn them just as strongly. The only difference might be that the Christchurch thugs are not extorting and expecting money from their fellow New Zealanders.]

  8. I have caught many buses and missed a few. As a general rule, you have to be in the bus stop and flag down the driver. They have a strict timetable. Funny though, the buses i missed, I never contemplated that I missed it because of my race. Maybe I should have as an easy excuse rather than blaming myself because I should have walked a bit faster or maybe shouldnt have stopped on the way to roll a ciggie.

  9. @Anakereiti. Morning. Hey, they prob are Nazi’s or white supremist. Thats their beef. However, I dont think they have a spokesperson claiming they do what they do representing all white people.

  10. This is a truly scary video clip. This young man must be very strong to be able to carry a chip that large around on his shoulder! I hope Jackson, Harawira and all the other so called Maori leaders are happy with what they are doing yto their young people.

  11. Morena Paul H, no thats not my point – the point is the whole post of Johns where he states that if you see the word Muslim or Nazi – replace it with Maori – Im not going to argue the point about it though – i have the bloody Swap Meet to go to and its still raining haha.

    [JA: You’re fond of that quote, aren’t you, Anakereiti? Maybe one day you’ll be good enough to put it in context. :-)]

  12. I think Willy, JT, Hone, Turia and Sharples and Co are doing a marvellous job of promoting this mindset. If Willy and JT were to talk about this video tomorrow, I can gurantee they’d blame the bus driver and everyone else before blaming the behaviour on this most disgusting low life. And there ls the problem with maoridom, they won’t take ownership for anything and blame the white for for all their ills.

  13. As a teenager on my right of passage I suppose, I had the priviledge of standing trackside at Western Springs with two of the many truely inspirational people I am so happy to have spent Quality time within my life so far. We were there at the start of the Racing calender checking the opposition out as it were when we all witnessed deliberate ‘ argey bargey and deliberate transgressions deemed quiet flagrant of all that is fair and just ‘ occur right before our eyes’, we just looked at each other in disbelief and without judgement nor emotion I uttered one word . . . Crunchabunts. The looks and facial expressions said it all really as we prepared for the next race. Take from this what you may but hey don’t forget to have a great day, Peace. out.

  14. It’s become all to easy to label people racists when they don’t employ a person from a certain ethnic group. There could be many reasons, other than racism, that that person is not deemed suitable.

    As Paul Young said ‘isms’ are everywhere if we are looking for them but they aren’t necessarily the reason for certain actions or non-actions.

    I enjoyed Country Calendar last night where they showed a logging gang which seemed to consist largely of one family and they were all Maori including the very attractive daughter of the owner. The mother also helped out on occasion. I thought they were all very hard workers and good at what they did.

    Often certain cultures excel at some types of jobs but not others and this isn’t racism, but fact.

    Actually I’m very weary of the racism card constantly being pulled at all too many occurrences, when I’m sure there is a very good other reason for a certain action.

  15. Any Maori who sees this video clip should be deeply embarrassed by it – ashamed, even – that there are such louts at large claiming to represent them. The driver should have driven to the nearest police station and that oaf should have been removed in handcuffs and charged with breaching the peace. Instead, everyone looks the other way, says nothing and lets his foul tirade carry on, seemingly endlessly. You never have a taser in your bag when you need one.

  16. Anakereiti could have said she was appalled and ashamed of the actions of this thug.

    Had she done that, she would have earned much respect here.

    Instead she minimised (“pfft!”) and played the equivalence card.

    I had thought Anakereiti might be part of the solution, but she seems committed to being part of the problem.

    I’ve just been watching another Maori thug ranting in similar fashion about rowers on Lake Horowhenua. He appears to be the one who sabotaged their boats.

    But there’s hope.

    One of the rowers was his nephew. That young Maori man gave his uncle a real telling off on camera.

    I’d like to know who he is and see if he wants to be part of our campaign.

  17. Actually John the pfft was directed again at your comment regarding Muslim/Maori and somehow turning the actions of an angry idiot into some terrorist event. I did say it was a shame we couldnt use guns simply shooting the fool would have removed the terrorist threat. I have already said its scaremongering and it is

  18. Your pal anakereiti, unfortunately, won’t ever play a part in fixing N.Z. I can understand her having free reign to post, as the convoluted logic espoused is a great drawcard for your movement.
    I’ll say again, if/when you get it the party going I’ll look at voting again.

    Good luck, & btw, is there a way to message you that isn’t so public?

  19. Getting back to basic’s, it all comes down to ‘Good & Evil’, right across the world. Evil’s got to go and it will one day when God is ready.
    I am so grateful we have a ‘Good God’ and he is ‘Mighty & Strong’. and there is a ‘Good Future Coming’ for the ‘Good.’

  20. I just couldn’t imagine what God is waiting for …… doesn’t sound like a ‘Good God’ to me ……. or ‘Mighty & Strong’ ……. is he really there at all?

  21. Not for me, sorry. I prefer to believe in reality and do what is necessary to get rid of the evil and falsehoods, to create a much better country for us all.

    Equality for everyone regardless of race is the only way we will achieve this.

  22. 1) The New Zealand Maori People were here before the British.

    JA: No question about it. But who was here before them? Some questions about that.

    2) The New Zealand Maori People allowed the British to stay in the Country on Good Terms only of course.

    Course they allowed the British to stay. They invited them, didn’t they? – so they wouldn’t have to be ruled by the vengeful Frogs.

    3) The New Zealand Maori Chiefs became concerned about the Lawlessness of British Subjects hence the reason the Treaty Signed, and by the way, the Treaty was never Signed by the Paramount Chief ‘Te Kani-A-Takirau’ whom the ‘Kingship for the Maori People’ was first offered to by the British. And also, the Chief Te Kani A-Takirau did not need the British to make him a King, when he already knew his status. Direct Descendant of ‘Maui Tikitiki-A-Taranga’ whose ‘Discovery of New Zealand’ has not been acknowledged properly by the British to NZ.

    First I’ve heard of this bloke, but if you say so.

    You appear to forgotten to mention that the Chiefs were even more terrified about the French, and even more more terrified of other tribes coming to exact revenge for Hongi Hika’s wholesale slaughter of said other tribes.

    In agreeing to British rule, the Ngapuhi chiefs were, in fact, hiding behind the skirts of Queen Victoria. IT was a protection arrangement where they got the tremendous benefits of British citizenship and property rights, and Britain got sovereignty and the right to make the laws.

    4) The New Zealand Maori shared their food with the British in New Zealand, given their great hospitality and kindness.

    So they did – and I’m sure we can all forgive those occasions when the British were invited to dinner and found they WERE dinner.

    And what I’m sure you were going to mention, but forgot, was that the British brought Maori all sorts of new foods and countless other products, services and laws that enriched Maori beyond their wildest dreams.

    And of course saved them from extinction, since intertribal genocides had reduced the population from about 120,000 in 1800 to 70,000 in 1840.

    (Don’t worry, we can all be a bit forgetful.)

    5) The New Zealand Maori Ancestors knew very well whom they came from.

    So you’re saying all Maori are descended from Europeans? Right. So tell me again why you want Europeans to give you money?

    6) The New Zealand Maori People have been very hurt, and they still hurt today.

    Yes, they still hurt their children, for example. Maori people have been hurt a lot more by each other than by the Pakeha – see 4.

    And they have done a lot of hurting too, as I’m sure you meant to mention – see today’s crime rate, and the graveyards of settler settlements in the 1860s.

    When they have been hurt by the Pakeha, as I’m sure you meant to acknowledge, you invariably find they provoked the situation – like threatening to slaughter every man, woman and child in Auckland, for which they were damn lucky to lose only their land.

    7) The New Zealand Maori People are from a Race of Greats, who built some of the Worlds Megalithic Ancient Magnificent Temples Pyramids and Cities from the Middle-East right to New Zealand.

    Good, then Ngai Tahu stonemasons should be able to knock up a magnificent new cathedral for Christchurch.

    Hey one question: if they’d been such worldbeaters, how come they’d reverted back to being primitive tribesmen by 1840? With that kind of pedigree, wouldn’t you think they’d have had wheels, or writing – or shoes?

    8) So, any standing stones, or building blocks you see around NZ, hidden in the nature and greenery of the earth, you just need to look to the ancestors of the Maori People. And by the way, the Ancient Ancestors of the Mori Ori People are the same as the Maori People.

    So why did they stop building in stone? Don’t tell me – there was a leaky stone crisis that made it necessary to revert to thatched whares with dirt floors.

    9) I am sick and tired of reading and hearing bad things said about my people the New Zealand Maori. My people have been misrepresented to the world in such a negative light, in history books TV, paintings and pictures to name a few, always being bad mouthed about since Captian Cook stepped foot in Gisborne, New Zealand.

    Sickness and tiredness is not limited to Maori, Erina. Why would they be written about in a bad light, do you think? Might it be because they kept doing bad things?

    10) The New Zealand Maori and the American Indian People have the most Inmates hidden in the Jails in the USA and NZ. While the prisoners are serving time locked up, there are Prison Officers who curse those prisoners back to Prison, and when released, are sent back to the streets and to their fate, if there is no-one to help them.

    Is self-control not an option?

    11) Yes, I am aware there are angry people all over the world.

    But only some want to kill people – see Urewera 4 trial.

    12) Not believing that God is a Good God? He is not happy at the world today, and the Governments of the world and how they have been hurting alot of people and the earth, this has now made Him a very ‘ANGRY GOD and His WRATH is Coming.’ Every major city is destined to ‘FALL.’ with all the Governments under Gentile Rule’ He will punish those nations and peoples who have hurt His people from Israel to New Zealand (All over the world).

    Sounds like a total prat. Are you saying God is a Red Sea Pedestrian?

    13) And when the ‘Messiah’ (The Son of God) Returns to earth, as the ‘Lion of Judah.’ He will be Roaring at the enemies of his people and his ‘ANGER’ has been saved for that time. He will reward and save those nations and peoples who have helped his brethren and people Israel, and his close Tribe of Judah people.

    Sounds like the whole family is mental.

    14) God says; “All REVENGE is mine, I will repay.” God will repay and do ‘Vengence for the Maori People’ and the other nations, who have suffered under ‘Gentile Rule’ especially in ‘The Great Day Of His Wrath.’

    Nasty bit of work, by the sounds of Him. Makes Satan sound like Mother Theresa.

    15) Some Scientist are known to have made mistakes in the past, therefore, some of their information has been misleading, like for instance, some of their Time-Lines for ancient civilisations, and races that have lived here and there, are in question? I think the DNA findings concerning different people groups to be unreliable and possibly even in question? as to wether the truth is being told or not? Whats to say, Racism or Discrimination of a people may have played an influencing part on where the Scientist suppose they originated from? God Almighty is the most reliable source for geneology tracing, because He tells the ‘Truth’ and confirms it over and over again via other sources, plus through the Scientist that are good and truthful honest godly men and women.

    Truth and vengeance – a winning combo. Now where’s He hidden your point 16)?

    In correction to two European authors who say and assume in their books; Maori came from Taiwan, Indians came from Thrace…

    17) No, the Maori did not come from Taiwan, but may have passed through there on their long ancient travels from the Middle-East.

    I’ve been to Taiwan and seen the effete leap-frog dances and flamboyant costumes of the native people. My theory is that the Maori were the heterosexuals who left. The warrior gene and the decorator gene were probably not that compatible.

    18) No, the American Indian did not come from Thrace, but may have passed through there on their long ancient travels from the Middle-East.

    Funnily enough, I had yet to make the link between the Cree, Sioux and Chippewa and the Greeks, Turks and Bulgarians. Thanks for the heads-up that there isn’t any.

    16) Stop Stereo-typing our Race, the ‘Maori’ using our national name for evil purposes. What you are doing is actually defaming us as a people to the world. So, someone has to put the story right, hence the reason for all the above information sent.

    Ah, there you are 16). Erina, thank you for providing us with all that right information. Sorry about the defaming and everything – just needed you to put me straight.

    And they thought Life of Brian was a comedy. 🙂

  23. Erina, next time you see God (sounds like you’re in regular touch), please tell Him I’d like to have a coffee and see if we can hammer out a joint position on fairness.

    I can also point Him to a good anger management counsellor.

  24. @SoS, One cannot reason with those that are set in their ways only ‘appropriate action’ will cause them to look within and find the only Truth is the ‘FULL TRUTH’ in which the blinkers will have to be removed fully in order for them to see.
    Open tthe North Head tunnels and caves and once again ‘let the facts speak for themselves’. Any thing else is a fruitless and total utter waste of time as the last four decades have already taught us.

    Peace, out.

  25. Re 12 and 13 Yes He is the same ‘God’ written in the Bible, and the
    same ‘Son of God.’

    The question is? Did some of the Missionaries actually obey the Bible, or did some disobey and follow the false god (Devil)?
    I am not referring to the Good Missionaries, because theres good and bad everywhere in everything.

    God’s name in Hebrew is ‘Yahweh’ and His Name in Maori is ‘Io.’

  26. Reply to John Ansell,

    When you have the stomach to dare try and refer God Almighty to ‘Anger Management’ let me know what He say’s to you.

  27. One thing I can say about the French when they came to NZ before the British, is how their Artist saw our people, they even did a big Painting show casing our Maori People to the world as “Beautiful.” And their writers did say some nice word’s about our ancestors.

    Thanks France.

  28. REP (3) The cause of that revenge of Hongi Hika started with three British subjects who were to my knowledge escaped convicts or men of lawlessness in New Zealand at the time, who had left Northland and gone to the East Coast on a boat, in their possession they had a Maori woman that came from Nga Puhi and they got rid of her there. I hold them also responsible for the evil that followed later on, with the loss of innocent lives, God Help them.

  29. Take the blinkers off please Erina oh thats right Our Ancient History is suppressed by the elite for another 75 years, how can you possibly see it all at present without those FACTS in front of you?.

    My bad :-). . . As you were LOL.

  30. We haven’t forgotten the good thats been done amongst the Maori People. Infact it is God who stops extinction from happening through the good people of all races, its the bad people that destroy things. You sound proud and arrogant of your ancestors coming to NZ and making the Maori population decrease the way they did.

    God Almighty has the ‘Ultimate Arsenal’ and they are earthquakes, thunder and lightenings etc…The earth is travailing around the world,
    because of man destroying the earth here and there.

    Why would you celebrate a God who is so violent? He’s obviously a major league bully, who should be given the message to pick on people His own size. Tell Him to wreak his havoc in one of His other 84 billion galaxies.

  31. 9) Would you like your ancestors to be bad mouthed all the time and shown to the world in a negative light here and there?

    Did the Maori ancestors go writing bad stories about your ancestors to the world and making money from it at the same time?

    My ancestors ARE badmouthed all the time. Nothing is more fashionable among Western liberals (to say nothing of Griever Maori) than to badmouth the West.

    And Maori are making mountains of money by writing bad stories about my ancestors. (Fiction, most of it.)

    Have you not heard of that great creative enterprise the Waitangi Tribunal?

  32. We shall meet in the afterlife I am sure Erina and I shall I am sure embrace you in the first instance.

    As for now I celebrate both you and your song.

    However. The cover up by successive Governments over Our Countries Ancient History will unfortunately continue to keep us apart until all information is in the Public arena and in stating this I must in the first instance bid you adiue and send you my blessings over this Interweb device thingee.

    Wouldn’t it be wondrous for us to be able to sing from the same songsheet?

    Have a great day my friend as I have to leave now and be a productive Parent to my child.

    Peace, out.

  33. No I am not saying the Maori came from Europeans. You seem to have forgotten the ancients of the America’s, and Asia and the Middle-East for a moment there.

    Yes, of course! I want money and plenty of it.

  34. Have run out of time, have to do other things, will get back tommorrow for numbers (3, 6-7, 10-14) Shalom! Ka Kite! Bye!

  35. It must be nice to be so certain of everything.

    I’d really like that cup of coffee with God. (PS, if You’re listening: I live above a coffee shop.)

    I’d like to ask Him why He bothered making 84 billion galaxies – were the others just prototypes?

    And if they’re populated, why didn’t He build them closer together? Wouldn’t that have been more sociable?

    The only thing I’m absolutely sure of is that we can’t possibly exist. There’s no way.

    Because if we did exist, we’d have had to come from somewhere or someone.

    And that somewhere or someone would have to come from somewhere or someone.

    And so on.

    At the bottom of it all, existence would have to suddenly and spontaneously… exist.

    And even I, with only 55% in School Cert science, know that’s impossible.

    (And don’t come at me with your Big Bang Theories, cos the energy in the Big Bang would have to come from somewhere too.)

    Existence cannot suddenly exist. End of story.

    I think.

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