Now tell me Muslim and Maori fanatics have nothing in common

This is why I think I’ll stick to taxis when in Auckland :-):

Anakereiti and others were offended when I compared Maori radicals with Muslim fundamentalists.

What do you say now, Anakereiti?

Through constant brainwashing with fake history, a generation of young Maori has been dangerously radicalised.

Some are clearly beside themselves with rage at the ‘f***ing Pakeha’.

I’m hearing about state-funded Maori immersion colleges in the Waikato where the kids emerge unable to read or write English.

(As if illiteracy isn’t bad enough in the normal state schools.)

Surely this is child abuse?

English, not Maori, is the world language.

English, not Maori, is the language that more Chinese people are learning than there are people in the US.

And yet here’s New Zealand, an English-speaking country, with a government that’s depriving children of their right to communicate in the modern world.


And what other doctrines are those Maori kids being immersed in in those schools? Is the foaming fool on this bus a graduate?

Might a Maori immersion college have more than a little in common with a Muslim madrassa?

This video is why we’re going to need security at our meetings.

This letter is why I may need some of my own:

Sooner or later, I suppose one of these angry young warriors will want to take me out — and I don’t mean to the movies.

But shooting the messenger would be sure to backfire, big-time.

For a start, they’d make me a martyr. (Not a bad look on the CV.)

Then my wife would get a nice insurance payout. (Financially, at least, I’m worth more dead than alive.)

But more importantly, voters would not tolerate such a violent response to a call for racial equality. The roar for a colourblind state would become too loud for even John Key to ignore.

Meanwhile, I’d really like to know why that bus driver failed to stop for the Maori lady. Was he being racist, as the ranter claims?

Or was there a more innocent explanation — like the woman being late to the bus stop?

If you know the guy, please ask him to leave a comment.

66 thoughts on “Now tell me Muslim and Maori fanatics have nothing in common

  1. Yes, well when God speaks to you and show’s you things, with over 17 years of ‘Research’ and around 33 years of ‘Bible Study’ on top of that Lifes experiences both supernatural and natural, plus attending many
    different meetings and talking to many people, I guess that’s why it feels so nice to be certain of some things.

    May God reveal Himself to you like He did me, maybe He might let you have a trip to ‘His Throne in Heaven?’ one day or one night when you are asleep.?

    Remember He is God! The Great! The Almighty! if he wants to make 84 billion galaxies that’s His business.

    You can ask Him yourself why He didn’t build them closer, to be more sociable?

    No way we can exist without God.

    All you need to know for now is that God is the Creator of heaven and earth and your maker.

    He spoke the ‘WORD’ and the world was made.

    You are lucky while you still have breath in your nostrils that you have time to get to know Him.

    Lastly, remember He is God and you are man.

    1. Unbelievable are you seriously are trying to align this video as Maori being as radical and extremist muslims? LOL All I saw and heard was a Maori customer on a bus complaining about the drivers lack of customer service… So anyone that disagrees with you and your position is an extremists…you employ the standard old redneck tactics of trying to demonize people who have a legitimate claim against the Crown. I actually know a lot about Islam and Maori culture and I would state that Extremist Muslims have more in common with White christian colonialist more so than Maori:)

  2. REP (8) You would have to ask them that, if you ever meet up with them in the next world?
    My guess is maybe; it was quicker and much easier to use the trees than the rocks, you have to consider the winter weather in NZ at the time?

  3. (6) That wouldn’t be a bad idea! but money talks these days, and time is money. but, first there’s ‘Ruamoko’ (Earthquake) to consider–weren’t the British told by the Maori not to build there in the first place?

  4. (7) They are descendants of the ‘Great Megalithic Temple and Pyramid Builders. So much has happened to the people through oppression in changing and adapting to the British way of life, and the land wars that went on, really left them no quality time to re-learn the skills of the fathers for the bigger building projects.

    You would have to ask them yourself.

    The British Governors stop the Maori ancestors from Trading with overseas Businesses, when they were doing so well. They owned their own ships that they used, and had New Zealand’s first Flag, and it was this ‘Flag’ chosen by some of the Maori Chiefs, that got the ships through foreign ports.

    They did have wheels, writing and shoes once upon a time, some of their ancient ancestors were living in ‘Palaces.’ By the way, alot of their kinsmen or people living across the other sides of the world, had their ancient ‘Libraries’ and ‘Books’ destroyed and burnt by the wicked.

    Tell me, what do you think you would look like if you came from a ‘Palace’ for example and ended up in an uninhabited (New) Land? For a start you wouldn’t have your ‘Palace and Clothing’ once worn out.
    So you would naturally resort to the natural raw materials of the land for housing and clothing.

    Whats easier? when there are plenty of trees for building, timber or rock? Of course in the Middle-East they have a lot of sand and rocks to build with, but not much trees, at that time. Yes, it is possible they would have done some stone building around New Zealand too like their ancestors, but not as much.

  5. So where did God come from? ………. and I don’t want any flimsy answers like ……… he was just always there.

    Remember the words sung by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in the Sound of Music . … “Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could ………….”

  6. The old Racist catchcry is used by those without substantial rebuttal often at someone who is, in fact, a Realist.

  7. Laurence Krauss is just a man, you are just a woman and Gog is God.
    If you want some answers I suggest you have a ‘Prayer’ and ask God for yourself.

  8. Hey Erina, I took your advice and rang a prayer through to Gog ……. but you wouldn’t believe it …….. there was no answer.

    There never is ……… but someone once told me if that if that happens, if you talk to yourself hard enough then it seems like there is someone there …….. so I tried that ……. but there was still no answer.

    Can you give me any tips on how I can make contact with Gog?

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