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We spend $1 billion on Kohanga Reo and Waitangi Tribunal demands an apology!

Earth to Waitangi Tribunal: you’re a Kangaroo Court, not a Supreme Court.

(And God knows our Supreme Court is biased enough.)

But this jumped-up joke court has the cheek to complain that the Crown — that’s you and me, folks — has failed Kohanga Reo.

And how did we fail them?

By only paying them a billion dollars over the last twenty years to do the job that Maori parents should have been doing.

The Waitangi Tribunal report released this morning found the Government breached the Treaty by not supporting the Maori-language immersion early childhood centres. 

Now I don’t know about you.

But I wouldn’t describe the shovelling of one thousand million dollars of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash into Kohanga Reo’s coffers as entirely unsupportive.

And I see nothing in even the fraudulent ‘Official’ English version of the Treaty to suggest that non-Maori are obliged to pay Maori to learn Maori.

(Especially when most Maori don’t seem overly fussed about learning it.)

The Tribunal … recommended the Government apologise to the trust, promote attendance, and create a policy and funding regime specifically for kohanga reo.

I recommend that the Government tells the Waitangi Tribunal to get stuffed — as its final message just before abolishing it.

Then I recommend that the Government reports itself to the Serious Fraud Office for taking notice of this kangaroo court for the last 37 years, at a cost to the country of many billions.

It also wants an interim independent adviser appointed to oversee its recommendations. 

Like hell it does.

This bastion of bias wants one of its tame Treatygater academics to fill that ‘independent’ role.

Someone, no doubt, like Ranginui Walker or Margaret Mutu.

Or, if they’re too brown, one of the many Pakeha make-believe-Maori who infest our halls of academe. (Not to mention the judiciary, the bureacracy, and all our other thoroughly Maorified elites.)

Dame Claudia Orange, Dame Anne Salmond or Dame Sian Elias, for example.

Rest assured, the Treatygaters live in fear of anyone truly independent — not that they’ve probably ever encountered one.

Trustee Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi said after decades of mainstreaming by the Crown, the report proved what the movement knew all along. 

A ruling by the Waitangi Tribunal is hardly proof of anything.

The Tribunal is nothing but an echo chamber and rubber-stamper for Griever Maori greed.

Kohanga Reo is inexplicably linked to the revitalisation of Te Reo Maori. 

Can’t argue with that — but I think she may have meant ‘inextricably’ linked. 🙂

Education Minister Hekia Parata said the Government would consider the report and assess it alongside other work being done on her ministry’s Maori language plan. 

More than $1 billion was directed toward the movement over the past 20 years, she said.

A further $19.1m over the next four years had been set aside for Maori early childhood education. 

Allow me to offer another perspective…

I have a 19 year old Taiwanese step-son. He’s been in New Zealand since he was one.

In that time, he’s never had so much as a minute’s schooling in Mandarin.

Yet despite this, he can speak his native tongue well enough to get by when he visits his grandmother and uncles in Taipei.


Because his mother made damn sure she kept the language alive in him by speaking Chinese at home.

Why can’t Maori parents do the same?

But if they can’t be bothered — if they insist that their fellow countrymen must pay to keep their language alive — why can’t they summon up the decency to say “thanks” instead of “more”?

17 thoughts on “We spend $1 billion on Kohanga Reo and Waitangi Tribunal demands an apology!

  1. I agree also Alanna but how long will it take for the silent majority to take this on board and become vocal enough in the right manner to ensure the whispering winds of change are stirred ever stronger with the pendulum swinging more in the opposite direction.

    Now these good people bringing this information bit by bit to light could really do with a bit of support I think.

    Just a thought.

    Peace out.

  2. The disgusting greed of these elitist, parasitic maori is ruining this country.

    And not one politician, celebrity or talk show host has the balls to start making a stand and say “enough is enough”, from now on you’re getting nothing because it’s all one big rort.

    For God’s sake I wish this country’s non maori would stand up for themselves instead of being the most mealy mouthed on the planet.

    John Key will capitulate forever to maori and so will all the rest of the politicians. The Green party are simply a maori activist party and Labour can’t say no either.

    I wish John Ansell and all who contribute to these boards the very best, but we are branded as racists by all the media for knowing the truth and trying to spread the word.

  3. Excellent post, Natalie. I totally agree with you.

    However, John Key will never have the spine to do it. He kow tows to them at every turn. Even if he turns them down for a specific request, he will always give them something.

    He’s an appeaser and only interested in keeping himself in power no matter how much it costs the country. He should go himself – along with the Tribunal. We don’t need either of them.

  4. The loathsome Waitangi Tribunal must be dismantled without delay. They were never useful anyway, and have served only to create division where it need not exist. And the greatest insult is that WE are paying for these buffoons to wreck our society by feeding the too easily provoked Maori sense of grievance and entitlement.

  5. Is there anyone else here sick and tired of being referred to as “non-maori”?
    By race I’m caucasian – by ethnicity I’m a New Zealander (or Kiwi if you prefer)
    I’m not a non anything.
    There would be howls of outrage if the majority of New Zealanders started calling all other races “non European”.

  6. When it came to speaking English and not Maori in the New Zealand schools during the colonial days, a pupil was punished for speaking his native tongue. This was done by recieving the strap or cane, even a rap across the knuckles with the teacher’s ruler. What is not been told is that this course of action applied to all non English speaking pupils, e.g. ‘ I witnessed a young Greek girl who imigrated to New Zealand with her parents enrolled in school not knowing a word of english, was rapt across her knuckles with a heavy ruler for asking to teacher in her native tongue. When the teacher was asked again by the girls the teacher ripped her gold earing off her ears, (Greek custom to have such pierced earing when the child was at a very young age.) needless to say the girl was taken to hospital to stop the blood flow. Again, with another child the boy arrived at our school from Italy not knowing a word of english was punished in the usual manner of school the then school policy.’
    Maori were not alone when they faced english lessons in schools.

  7. If we are to be as one people as my book suggests and if wanting to progress, we must have the same set of rules for all, not one for Pakeha and another for Maori. This time we need equal opportunities for all, a much improved educational system, one law, one flag, one coalition governmant, having joint interests with the hope of fostering mutual trust and understanding, this time involving all our cultures, and lastly let’s do away with the one-sided corrupt ‘Waitangi Tribunal’ to bring back the original ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ in it’s original form as it was so designed to protect all New Zealanders and not just Maori…

  8. Can anyone explain why on tele this morning they described Johns new party as been extreme far right?

    I thought far right meant capitalism and favouring employers and left was for workers and communism, Is that incorrect?

    If John mentioned nothing about policies as such, how is he branded extreme far right or is this another Maori adaption and adjustment of the English language?

    If equality is now branded as extreme far right, what is extreme far left?

    Would appear john Ansell through the interview has committed himself to forming a party. Fingers crossed it will not remain a blog site unofficial party until 6 weeks before an election. Time to spill the beans John….name of the party and the structure so that a recruitment of members can begin. You wont need a poll if your membership exceeds all expectations.

  9. Looks like you were set up and ambushed on Te Karere this morningJohn-distortions ,clipped statements and so on & on. They made sure your visuals were indeceiferable and gave you no chance to explain them. What are they afraid of-the truth? As far as I can see all Maori tv staions are spreading propaganda to people who don’t think for themselves and who believe everything they hear on tv.

  10. I am hourly awaiting to first real Maori leader – the person who will step up and say ‘we have to take responsibility for our own lives and stop blaming colonisation and the pakeha’. The tragedy is that not only are the ‘gimme’ Maori bleeding the country dry (what then) they are reinforcing that Maori are ‘victims’ – THEY ARE NOT!! We have free education – so why do they not send their kids to school? We have some free early childhood opportunities – where are the Maori children? Their so-called leaders are reinforcing victimhood – what a tragedy – what a waste. Ann

  11. If Maori leaders ever do take responsibility for anything, other than finding ways to stir up memories of their imagined pain and feathering their own cloaks in the process, I hope they take responsibility for the gangs.

    Black Power and Mongrel Mob. Maori gangs

    You never hear a peep from Maori about those criminal degenerates.

  12. Kohanga Reo are one of many types of centres funded by the Govt, alongside Kindergarten, Rudolf Steiner, Montessori and Daycare Centres. Playcentres also received funding from Government but like Kohanga Reo they received the lowest levels of funding. I agree $1 billion sounds like a lot of money but I guess the other types of centres must have received many more billions.

  13. John – you must be proud of your Taiwanese stepson. Its fantastic he can speak his mother tongue. I think the native languages of Taiwan are under threat like Maori is here because the Mandarin speaking Chinese took over Taiwan a few centuries ago. I’m not sure but there was a programme on TV that shows how migrants find it easier to keep their languages when indigenous people don’t. It will be interesting to see if he speaks Mandarin to his son. It will be awesome if he does but most migrants stop speaking the language to their children and grandchildren because the message they get from English language speakers is negative…they feel the pressure to stop speaking their native language.

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