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My challenge to all New Zealand media: POLL YOUR PUBLIC ON RACIAL EQUALITY

I challenge all of you — every TV channel, every radio station, every newspaper and magazine in New Zealand — to ask your viewers, listeners and readers this simple question:

Do you want a New Zealand where all citizens have equal rights, live under the one law, vote on the one roll, and have our taxes spent according to need, not race?

This is a question that your viewers, listeners or readers would dearly love to have answered.

You can do it simply and quickly. You don’t have to hire a polling company. It won’t cost you a bean.

So you have no excuse.

Thank you for your cooperation.

John Ansell


I predict 80% of New Zealanders will answer Yes.

(Probably now. Certainly after they’ve seen my tsunami of Treatygate evidence.)

Your friendly TV channel, radio station or newspaper have probably already asked this question more than once.

But do they want you to know what they found out?

Are they in on the con?

Here’s how you find out.

If a TV channel, radio station or newspaper is not in on the con, it will have no trouble accepting my challenge to poll the public.

As I say, it won’t cost them a bean, so they’ve got no excuse.

If they are in on the con, they’ll first try to ignore me.

Then they’ll try to minimise me. They’ll say “Why should we listen to that [insert insult of choice]?”.

Then, when that fails, they’ll make up any number of excuses as to why they’re just too busy to conduct this simple poll.

But it won’t work, will it viewers/listeners/readers?

Because we’re going to keep on asking, aren’t we?

We’re going to keep on demanding that they POLL THE PUBLIC until they actually do.

Or until they prove beyond doubt that they’re in on the con.

So your job, next time you write a letter to the paper, or phone TVNZ or TV3, or ring talkback, is to ask them when they’re going to conduct their racial equality poll with the above question.

And yes, of course they could rig the results.

But if a range of media ask the same question, any cheating by the odd one will be swiftly exposed.

OK, go to it!

Before long, with your help, I should be able to publish a list of media are Treatygaters and which ones think truth matters.

37 thoughts on “My challenge to all New Zealand media: POLL YOUR PUBLIC ON RACIAL EQUALITY

  1. My work/book is way ahead of you John, some how you and I must have been on the same wave length. Yes, we need all the above mentione and if one really thinks about that 36 BILLION DOLLAR total handout to Maori since the beginning of claims certainly would be enough to rebuild Christchurch, support all our welfare even schools throughout Aotearoa / New Zealand and perhaps free us from National

  2. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

  3. If there is anything in the world that can really be called a man’s property, it is surely that which is the result of his mental activity.
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

  4. Paul: Too many New Zealanders seem to be terrified of Stage Two (see 11.52am above).

    And of course the Griever thugs know that.

    The six out of seven New Zealanders who are not part-Maori (and many of those who are) need to be braver, like their fathers and grandfathers were.

    If they meet the Grievers’ challenge, the Grievers will back down.

    (Think Kennedy and Kruschev. Think picking up the taki on the marae.)

    Even if they keep coming, they’re only one in seven at the very most. We’ve got the numbers.

    If we non-Maori and Achiever Maori can’t defend our country when we’ve got such an overwhelming numerical advantage, then frankly we deserve to lose it.

  5. john with your permission i am happy to set up a online poll based on the above post
    this can be done via i advise you to visit the site

    the polls ask three questions
    1 Who do you want to petition?
    2. What do you want them to do?
    3. Why is this important?

    the beauty is the poll has a feature that when each participant votes it can be on forwarded to up to forty recipients

  6. Hi John

    Here’s how I perceive your and our cause right at this time after the events of this week and your two recent TV appearances.

    1. Maori TV, a couple of weeks ago, gave you a bit of time and opportunity to get across some of the real substance of your cause. Materia Turei showed her natural bias towards the Maori cause and also her lack of historical treaty knowledge. I was left with the expectation that you have much ‘Treaty Truth’ which you have uncovered and which will soon be revealed.
    2. Marae Investigates today was a disappointment after the expectation that you had set, and I’m guessing that that was a result of how much of your starting stuff was not included compared to how much of Peter Meihana’s was. His views were given plenty of exposure, yours were not and in saying that, nothing of the real substance of your case was given any air at all today.
    3. The two points above are purely clinical viewpoints. Please don’t take them as being critical as you are at the mercy of the TV hosts.
    4. I believe that this is the right time to really focus our act as Maori issues have been red hot this week in the form of;
    (a) the ongoing Asset Sales events,
    (b) the Waitangi Tribunal Kohanga Reo vomit,
    (c) a call from the Independent Constitutional Review Panel to abholish the Waitangi Tribunal, and
    (d) Ngai Tahu’s non-support for the wider Maori Council court action. (As an aside, I was really impressed by Mark Solomon on Q&A this morning. A breath of fresh air!)
    (5) John, this blog has become a bit of a sideshow over the last few days. I wonder if there are a few people out there who, like me, are wondering where we are going? WOW, Remuera Rotary, Whale Oil rebuttals, Writing Letters like the Aussies, etc. I feel a need for a good tight summary of where we are?, what we stand for?, some substance and evidence, what the new name for the cause is?, where we are going?, next steps?, etc. No more worrying about rear guard action with Remuera Rotary, fat blubbering Whale Cam, etc.
    (6) The discussions on this blog seem to bloom and then peter out when new posts are put up. On the basis that the core cause and issues don’t really change, (ie. we seem to be a one issue group and that is bring about the scuttling the Treaty in one way or another), could we have one core thread where ongoing discussion and ideas could continue without being disrupted into comments under new posts?
    (7) So in summary John, I suppose what I am saying is that I feel that things on the blog are in a bit of disarray at the moment. I have a few friends who I would like to point in the direction of the blog but at the moment I hesitate because it does not send a clear message about our core business.

    I hope these comments are of some use. Time will tell.

  7. If Paul Young had really been keeping up to date on the blog, he would have noticed that the ‘next step’ was pipped at the post by Remuera Rotary Club. It is clear that considerable internal organisation is under way to make up for that lost opportunity. John Ansell has made incredible progress to get thus far. No-one else has.

    Marae Investigates was disappointing: Willie (should be Wily) Jackson et al spent half an hour bleating about the way Kohanga Reo was supposedly short changed, then John was given a couple of minutes – barely enough to catch his breath.

  8. @ Paul Young. I agree. Couldnt help but think the Blog had been hijacked with the obscure new topics. Yes, disarray, no clue in where to post comments and it sure is hard to keep up with offset topics.

    No announcement on a party (if there is ever going to be one), a name, a structure or even an organisation.

    It would appear to be a solo ego blog. Sorry to say it but patience doesnt mean procrastination and all my offers to help out are turned down because im rushing.

    Rushing yes, to form a structure so that prospective paid members and donors have a definate organisation to contribute to. I dont know anyone how wants to be a financial supporter of a blog and I would be too embarrassed to ask them to.

    However, did make contact with a livewire in Auck who is apparently going to set up shop, but that fizzled too and have never heard back.

    So, what do we have, gossip on fashion shows, bitching about past reneging on meetings and slanging matches between blog writers… no organisation to be proud of, no party to support… just one blogger who wants to take it very very slowly, And to boot, a website/blog that is repetitive, same whining, same stories and perhaps set up to give John Ansell a pat on the back.

    Sorry if this is not a pat on the back, but I wish the John Ansell Party all the best.

  9. I just want to make the point that I am being constructively critical. I am not wanting to be negative but want to assist in getting things to look better for the cause.

  10. It was frustrating to watch Marae Investigates today so I can’t wait to hear the full audio of the interview that John has recorded.
    Knowing that interview wasn’t going to be broadcast live I wasn’t expecting the best but all we got was Mr Meihana’s argument being given the PRIVILEGE of being promoted and John Ansell’s opposing argument suppressed. The issue was propagandized.

    Perhaps they should rename the programe Marae Doesn’t Investigate

    Marae Investigates?

    Well to borrow an expression we’ve all heard …….Pfffttt !

  11. @Peter Pearson 2:54pm. Nothing was pipped Peter but was just another entry into the blog. All I read was that Tuaranaga had been hijacked, venues are sought and a new immigrant that is supposed to be organising Auck needs help to find a venue for John because he doesnt know the area. Still waiting for the immigrant to pull finger.

    If this was rugby we would have Dan Carter running out on the field solo and the rest of the team wondering if they are allowed to tackle while they sat in the changing room.

    @Paul Young 4:01pm. Dont back paddle on your comment and make out you are being constructively critical as you know very well its an organisation of one man, contributors to a moaning blog and a handful of researchers. Tell me Mr Young, when you tell people of your support to John Ansell, how do they take it? Do they look at you wierd when you ask them to contribute to a forum or blog site? Do you feel embarrassed and stop short of financial support? I do, well do now.

    From previous blog topics, its clear its a one man band, perhaps on an ego trip, proud to be a martyr and isnt really fussed on an organisation that works for a “cause” that may dilute the sole act.

  12. Paul Harris, at the moment this is purely of my own interest so I am not talking with others about it. When it is lined up and presentable I will take that step.

    By nature I am prepared to give things a chance and am not running around in a panic. John and others are no doubt working behind the scenes and don’t need trouble or desent within.

    I’m sure that better exposure this morning on TV would have had us thinking a bit more positively but let’s just give it some time and wait for developments.

  13. @Paul Young. Dont you see that as an issue?

    If it was something real, something definate wouldnt you be running around trying to get people on board? I would. 174 people following this blog aint gona cut the mustard by keeping it quite.

    Like I was told, its been going for four years so there is no need to rush things…excuse me?

    If you went to the track, would you bet on a horse because you saw it on tele last week for a couple of minutes grazing in a field or would you back the horse that had a full support team, a vet, trainers, a jockey, a stable and a horse trailer? Surely you would back a winner?

  14. Although I don’t have any inside knowledge of it, I too think there’s a lot of organisation and activity going on behind the scenes so I’m prepared to wait and hold fire for a bit rather than risk forcing this all to go off half-cocked.
    Dissent at this stage would be such a shame.

    Paul Harris – I hope you’re able to hang in here for a while.

  15. My apologies to those that assume that I may be a cosmic muffin from the sixties but I believe a bit of faith and hope at this time wouldn’t go too far astray. I dont believe for a moment that I have backed a hack and the starting gate is only just opening.
    Keep up the good work crew.

  16. I remember the last time a Poll was put out like that, and it was on Closeup a year or so ago. Willy Jackson and another radical maori academic were on the show and I think it was Don Brash being highjacked.
    The question was “do maori hold a special place in NZ”?
    81% said “no”. That’s why they won’t have any Polls.
    I remember John Ansell on Closeup earlier this year and he asked Mark Sainsbury to do a Poll. Sainsbury’s answer was “that would be like asking people if they should pay tax woudn’t it”? The most stupid answer in the world; but it worked for Sainsbury as no one in the country seemed to notice he sidestepped a very legitimate question. He’s a lunatic lefty and I for one can’t wait for him to go. No doubt he’ll be replaced by another pro gravy train, tunnel visioned, can’t touch this, greeny, give maori everything that the white man built, self hating knob-end.

  17. I totally agree with Ironsides. I too am sure much is going on behind the scenes. Please let’s all hold fire for the moment and give John a bit of leeway. He probably hardly knows which way to turn but I’m sure it will all pan out in the end.

    I have a good feeling about it, so let’s just wait and see. I’m sure something will happen sooner rather than later.

  18. Ok, enough with the nice touchy feely stuff.

    Lets imagine an advert on tv. This thing you plug into any socket. Within 15 seconds, all cat shit around your property is uplifted and sent back to the owner of the cat.

    Sales pitch… only $19.95.

    We dont have a store yet, oh, or a name for the shop… but please wait for future advertisements and we may even have set up a business, so please relax and enjoy all future advertisements until such time we decide to start a business and have a shop and get products in for you to buy.

    Now, whats the diff between that advert and what we have here?

    Not much. Plenty of TV exposure, no name of the shop, no product to use and certainly no referals for repeat business.

  19. Depends Ironsides. You selling me a rum? Got a brand name for it? Got it in stock? Where is the shop? Is there a shop? You advertising without a product or a shop? You want me to pay cash without proof of a product or shop simply because you advertised you had rum?

  20. Sounds good. Input is easy, anyone can tap away on a key pad Ironsides. Proof is in the pudding. Hopefully, John and the secret crew with the secret name and the secret plan can figure out a way of selling a secret without disclosing a secret so that its no longer a secret to those who dont want to be part of a secret. Enough of the secret stuff, I dont do secrets. There again, im sure many secret people will secretly give secret money to the secret club. Then, secretly, with no members except fro secret ones, can secretly sneak into parliament in secret and do the deed in secret. Cool plan! Shssssh, keep it secret.

  21. This blog started as John’s personal blog and surely John is entitled to write whatever he feels fit. A bit of light-hearted discussion and some frustration vented surely should be allowed, after all John is human too.

    John has made a lot of personal sacrifice to speak out on the treaty issue and has worked tirelessly to take the campaign this far, couldn’t we just give him some credit and a bit of encouragement? At least he is still doing something. Being abused and labelled as a racist is hardly worth it if he’s just doing it for his ego. He is better than that.

    If we believe in John’s cause then we should help him spread the work he has put out and give him support when he falls in difficult time. Obviously it would be nice if he did everything perfectly and was always given a fair treatment by the media but we all know it’s unlikely. Could we have done better under the same circumstance?

    I think we need to remember that John doesn’t owe us anything. Personally I am grateful that John is prepared to put in the effort and time and risk his own reputation to speak on such an unpleasant issue. I urge everyone to give John some space and support that he deserves.

  22. I have said what I wanted to say and you are just being silly, Paul. Everyone knows that John always posts using his real name and I doubt that he needs my help. I just think you have done enough here and if you can’t support him then you should just walk away.

  23. Yep. Last thing anyone wants to hear is that its one man show, one man band, a blog of 170 supporters, fund raising of 100k and still… no aprty, no name, no structure, no organisation. Just an ego on a blog. Easy to walk away from hun.

  24. It seems to me that there is a lot of good people on here that are passionate about fairness and equality and I believe that can lead to frustration because these beliefs have been held for a long time and the situation doesnt seem to be getting better
    It took a long time to get where we are today What started as a desire
    to do the right thing which is the average New Zealanders natural tendency got highjacked by the selfserving elements in our society to the point where there is a proportion who know no different and think
    that privilege is their entitlement
    Many of these people are institutionalised and institutions are where the power is and where if you want to stay fed you toe the line
    It should be easy to promote fairness and equality but its not against
    forces such as these that we have allowed to accumulate over decades
    The Marae investigates program yesterday was a hatchet job done on John and illustrates the point here Its going to take a long time and we have to keep the faith for the long haul

  25. Hi John, This I feel is just right for our cause. ” All thats needs to happenfor evil to prevail is that good men do nothing. The day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we die. That any injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. End Quote. Dr Martin Luther

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