Marae Investigates – but not fairly

Supposedly neutral news anchor Miriama Kamo is the latest part-Maori to disgrace herself by parroting the absurd notion that ‘Maori privilege’ is a figment of fevered Pakeha imaginations.

This is a bit rich, as I’ve always thought Miriama owed her job to a pro-Maori discrimination policy at TVNZ.

“Maori privilege is a ridiculous proposition”, she snorted as the parting shot of a typically biased Marae Investigates segment yesterday.

Most of the segment was devoted to Massey’s Peter Meihana and me presenting our views on the subject.

(More Peter than me, and with most of my evidence — like the above scroll-full of privileges — neatly edited out.)

Edited in was the extraordinarily definite assurance by Jodi Ihaka that “John Ansell plans to come here to Parliament as the leader of an extreme right wing party!”.

I don’t know how these people sleep, I really don’t.

But don’t worry!

You will soon be able to judge for yourself whether I said that, as I recorded the whole 40 minute interview and will soon post it.

You will hear that I made it very plain to Jodi that a single-issue political party was only one option to achieve my goal of a colourblind state.

You will not hear me say anything about leading such a party.

You will not hear me describe my upcoming speech as a ‘state of the nation’ speech!

I would never be so presumptuous as to liken a speech by a largely unknown copywriter to the annual set-piece oration by the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition.

But this, folks, is what journalists do.

As regards “extreme right wing”, you will hear me utter those words, but in the most light-hearted way that not even the most humourless commenter could possibly mistake for a confession.

It is grossly dishonest of Jodi to pretend that I see myself as an extreme right winger. I said that in jest, just as I said I am supposed to be a racist and the Grand Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan for having the effrontery to advocate racial equality in this “topsy-turvy la-la-land” of ours.

The segment begins 20.54 minutes in.

You probably won’t like it much.

But I think you will like the 36 minutes of unexpurgated Ansell that I intend to post next.

(I just need to get the clearance of a person I name, but I don’t think that will be a problem.)

Meanwhile here is the information on that scroll that TVNZ so desperately didn’t want you to read:

As I said in the longer interview, Griever Maori can argue that Maori privilege is justified, but how they can argue that it doesn’t exist is beyond me.

I hope my scroll full of random examples will make it harder for them to argue that point with a straight face.

My killer audio should be posted by early afternoon.

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