Interrogate the Appeaser-General this Saturday morning — at Orewa

Seems I’m not the only person talking about the Treaty in Auckland this Saturday 10 November.

‘Appeaser-General’ Chris Finlayson — the man progressively surrendering your country to extortionists — will be speaking on the Treaty settlement process from 9.00 – 10.30am.

In, of all places, Orewa.

His public meeting will be in the Orewa Primary School Hall, 86 Maire Road.

I plan to be in the front row.

There will be questions at the end.

I plan to ask one or two.

(I’m guessing one — since the Scaredy Nats won’t want my inconvenient truths upsetting their members.)

That’s why I’m hoping you guys will turn up in droves to keep up the inquisition.

In fact, why don’t we use the comments thread to work out the best questions to ask?

Oh and yes, I realise this early meeting might reduce the attendance at my own speech later in the day (3.15pm, Greenlane Christian Centre, 17 Marewa Road).

I hope not. But if so, so be it.

The way I see it, the chance to question the guard of the Treaty Gravy Train in the town where his former leader spoke so bravely against everything he stands for, is just too symbolic to resist.

I hope you’ll still come to my meeting at 3.15pm, as there are 650 seats we’d like to fill.

But don’t do it just because I’m going to make a rip roaring speech that you’d be sorry to miss. 🙂

Do it to send a message to your politicians that 80%+ of New Zealanders want a country where all citizens have equal rights, live under the one law, vote on the one roll, and have their taxes spent according to need, not race.

A full auditorium would send them that message.

Hey, what about making a day of it and coming to both meetings?


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