Colourblind State, Treatygate

Kapiti meeting encouraging, roll on Wellington tonight

For a meeting that had no advertising and no local media stoking it along, I was very pleased to see 35 people at my Kapiti meeting last night.

(Especially since only 8 had pre-registered.)

After the 200 in Tauranga, I thought this turnout at Lindale was a good sign of what is possible when we really get organised.

People came last night from Wanganui, Palmerston North, Levin and Lower Hutt, just as they came to Tauranga from Hamilton and Rotorua.

And then there was the one and only Robbie, who I call ‘my stalker’.

Robbie was not only a big part of the Tauranga success, but also drove to the Auckland and Kapiti meetings, and will be at the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington tonight.

Thanks Robbie for all your help yesterday, especially after it became apparent that intruding daylight was going to make it impossible for people to see my slides on the screen.

Robbie refused to take no for an answer, and suffice it to say before too long the Lindale handyman was up on the roof covering the big skylights with panels and a big tarpaulin was installed over the double doorway.

It was a great relief to me that, thanks to the initiative of Robbie and Dion (the handyman), my audience was actually able to see my evidence!

I trust such things will not be a problem tonight at the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington. We kick off at 6.30pm.

These are exploratory meetings at the moment, to gauge the public mood, to harvest ideas, and to see who wants to take the concept further.

It’s apparent that many do, and some good people are putting their names forward.

I do hope we see you tonight.

(If you don’t come, you almost certainly won’t read about it in the Dominion Post — whose editor banned my ACT ad headlined ‘Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?’)

Hawkes Bay meeting planned

I heard last night that someone is keen to organise a meeting in Napier or Hastings.

I have many keen supporters in Hawkes Bay, so I look forward to hearing more about that.


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