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Last post spawns TV interview

Red carpet being laid at Parliament

Preparing the welcome mat for yours truly.

Seems the preceding post has piqued the interest of a mainstream TV channel.

They want to interview me for their Waitangi Day leadup coverage, and I have reluctantly and modestly agreed.

I shouldn’t reveal who, when or where, except to say that the place is somewhere you walk up en route to a certain chamber of Chamberlains in Thorndon.

The institution concerned is keenly awaiting my arrival, as evidenced by the two gentlemen above laying out the welcome mat.

You can never be quite sure how these interviews will go, but the reporter seemed very interested in my assessment of a certain advisory panel.

To assist the reporter, I thought I’d suggest a backdrop of one or two of my newly-designed Treatygate banners.

If anyone fancies witnessing the interview of the century, while providing visual support for my message, please email me at

18 thoughts on “Last post spawns TV interview

  1. I hope it goes well for you John. It will be interesting to see how it is presented and whether or not it is balanced journalism (he said inhaling deeply and tilting his head to one side). Good luck.

  2. All the best with this interview John.

    Chances are they could possibly be “the newsbreakers” that will lead the rest of mainstream media in what true journalism is actually all about whilst becoming known amongst thier peers as the benchmark to follow.

    Good on them for showing thier intestinal fortitude and I will follow this closely 🙂

  3. My fingers and toes are crossed that this interview goes well 🙂 !!!

    Looking forward to hearing more about it – high fives!

  4. Just when I thougt all the nut cases were gone, this ” NZ apartheid state” comes along….. reminds me a bit of this ” equal rights for whites ” person.

  5. You are a very brave man, John. I wish more Kiwis had your strength of character and were prepared to publicly question the propaganda.

    NZ must be the only place in the world where you are called a racist for wanting equal rights!!!

    JA: Thanks. We live in a situation comedy, a parallel universe, a topsy-turvy la-la-land.

    All we can do is point that out and hope that enough people recognise the truth of it. I think about 80% do now. They just need to say so more loudly.

    And the voices we need to hear most loudly are those of the majority of good, honest Maori.

  6. I thought it was fantastic that you were the headline act on Prime News. Congratulations on your performance, which was right to the point. I hope that any subsequent national exposure is followed in the same way by at least one racist comment from the usual group of racists that are always there to point the finger. The vast majority of fair thinking Kiwis (of all hues) are sure to concur with the point you make.

  7. Kota Hitanga, re your quote “NZ must be the only place in the world where you are called racist for wanting equal rights”.

    Unfortunately that is incorrect. Add Australia to your list.
    Pauline Hanson was elected in Queensland with a huge majority in the primary vote with a policy of equal rights for all Australians.
    With Australia’s terrible preferential voting system all of the other parties in their “How to vote” cards (handed out at polling booths) instructed their supporters to place Pauline’s One Nation Party last in their order of preferences. As a result, the wishes of the majority were overturned and she narrowly missed out because of the crooked manipulation of the system.
    She is a very brave lady and was continually crucified by the press and other news media, being repeatedly labelled as a racist because “She wanted to take away the aborigines rights!”
    But she didn’t give up, and sadly the same thing happened when she later stood for a seat on the Senate.
    So evil forces are at work over there too, and democracy no longer exists as being the choice of the people.
    Whoever controls the media controls the thoughts of the majority who are unable to think for themselves.
    Does this sound familiar?

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