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When did Te Papaganda ask you if they could ditch 'New Zealand'?

Te Papa - 20th Century Aotearoa

Not to be done by the Constitutional Advisory Panel’s arrogant presumption that our country is now to be known as ‘Aotearoa New Zealand’,  Te Papa has skipped straight to the end game that I spelt out in yesterday’s post.

Seems ‘Our Place’ (the slogan you can just make out under the big Te Papa in the logo) has changed ‘Our’ name without ‘Our’ permission.

Below is the full poster for its Slice of Heaven exhibition.

Apart from the New Zealand in the sponsor’s name, it features no other reference to the name of our country besides Aotearoa.

Te Papa - 20th Century Aotearoa - Slice of Heaven poster

 If any evidence was needed that Dame Claudia Orange’s Te Papa and the Constitutional Advisory Panel are two peas from the same pod, this is surely it.

A national museum is meant to faithfully represent its country the way it is, not the way its resident historian would like it to be.

The Constitutional Advisory Panel, meanwhile, should be representing the public’s idea of what they would like the country to be — not the Panel’s personal preferences.

I trust they’ll be there in numbers for tonight’s Treaty ‘Debate’ on the Constitution, as I plan to ask them some questions.

After last week’s attempt to restrict questions to the Treatygaters, I suggest you put your questions directly to the Panellists as they enter and exit Te Papa.

Will they use a side door, I wonder?


4 thoughts on “When did Te Papaganda ask you if they could ditch 'New Zealand'?

  1. Seems like it’s all part of a grand plan, while oblivious and asleep are the sheople of nzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzz.

  2. John the Te Papa website homepage still calls it the Museum of New Zealand, so it would seem that Dame Orange has no influence over that.

  3. I happen to know a little about the workings of TVNZ and I’m sure they proof read the poster and most assuredly approved it.

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