Parliament, Sky News, Treatygate

On Prime News and Sky News, Sunday

Parliament 1-2-13 - House of Reps steps

I will keep taking the Treatygate banner to the heart
of our democracy until Parliament agrees that all the
people of New Zealand are equal.

This morning I was interviewed on the steps of Parliament by Ryan Boswell of Sky News.

The result will run on Prime News at 5.30pm on Sunday, and on Sky News later that evening.

Parliament 1-2-13 - Beehive

Asking John Key to run New Zealand as a democracy.

I’ve just heard my full audio recording, and I’m happy with it.

Ideally Ryan will include the part where I get stuck into the Constitutional Advisory Panel for haughtily assuming they can change the name of our country, while simultaneously claiming to be seeking the views of the public on such matters.

If not, I’ll play it here.

Parliament 1-2-13 - JA, reporter, security guard

Yours truly pretending to be the director, while the real
director/cameraman/soundman/reporter chats up security.
The guard was much more tolerant than the one at Te Papa.

When he played devil’s advocate about many people being happy with the name Aotearoa New Zealand, I gave my ‘broken record’ response:

“Poll the public!”

Thanks to Chris O’Connor for holding the other end of the banner, and Hugh Barr for taking photos.

Chris was the founder of the Heartland New Zealand Party, and Hugh was the Ohariu candidate for New Zealand First and spokesman for the Coastal Coalition.

To defeat New Zealand’s institutionalised racism — and the weak-kneed ‘niceism’ that allows it to run rampant — we’ll need a broad coalition of such groups.

Top of my wishlist for collaboration is probably Grey Power, who will hopefully turn out in force in Nelson, Hawkes Bay, Wanganui and Waikanae.


One thought on “On Prime News and Sky News, Sunday

  1. You are absolutely right with all you said, Mike, and yes, Kess, sadly you are very much part of the problem in this country. We, on this blog, stand for equality under the law for everyone. Bi-culturism is not possible. We are a country of many cultures, but with equality, we can all stand together, living and working side by side but also partaking of our own cultures in our own time.

    I am always amused and it is very telling when our National Anthem is sung because the first part is sung in Maori and if you look around the Stadiuim during National sports games, the people are very muted but when the English version comes on they all burst proudly into song. In my view it should be limited to English because all the cultures in this country speak it but they don’t other languages. It is not fair to differentiate.

    As for changing the name of our country, a definite no without a referendum to allow the people to decide. They should stop trying to change it by stealth. We are not a Maori country and it has been made into what it is today by others, not Maori.

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