On Radio Live with Wallace Chapman 8.10am

Early birds reading this will be able to catch yours truly being interviewed by the host of Backbenchers about 40 minutes from now.

I have much to report from Waitangi and will do so in a separate post, with photos, later today. Leaving here at 8.30am to get Mike to a midday bus in Auckland.

In short:

  • Evicted from Te Tii Marae by a thug.
  • Presented Treatygate banner and shouted “When will you run New Zealand as a democracy, John? One law for all!” to the Prime Minister as he entered the Marae. (The only protest outside the marae.)
  • Had banner ripped down in wrestling match with same thug as Key exited marae. Nearby police not interested.
  • Had good interview with Simon Day of Fairfax, resulting in a story on stuff.
  • Am meeting Simon in Auckland today for a longer interview, I think for a feature in the Sunday Star-Times.
  • Despite shouting my message to Key virtually into their ‘ferret’ microphones, TV One and Three unmoved. More interested in the momentous story of who would hold the PM’s hand.
  • Despite best efforts of Mike Butler to drum up support, Newstalk ZB reporter also not interested.
  • Interviewed by phone by Laura McQuillan of NZ Newswire.
  • Introduced myself to Willy Jackson, and had a good-natured argument in which we achieved total agreement: the other person was a racist.
  • Came across Dame Claudia Orange sitting in front of Treaty House with Maori friend.
  • Videoed my speech at the Treaty grounds, with equipment kindly lent by Mr News, Vinnie Eastwood. Needs a bit of editing, then will be up on his site which “reports the news the mainstream media ignore”.
  • Mike attended dawn service at upper marae, conducted mostly in New Zealand’s two official languages, Maori and Sign. Astonishingly, English is not an official language of New Zealand!

More soon.

14 thoughts on “On Radio Live with Wallace Chapman 8.10am

  1. John we need more notice if you intend to do the same at next years Waitangi to give the numbers a chance to mobilize, they cant ignore 100 of us.

    1. John, Duane is right. From Auckland I could have organised a car load. Just takes a little time. I thought you did well on your Radiolive interview.

  2. I’m just trying to find your interview with Wallace Chapman on the Radiolive website. Maybe you should call the very good Miles Davis (Radiolive) now as he speaks the same language as us on this site.
    They just want to drown out any opposing views to their money hungry argument. Just seeing Mana Paul on TV makes me so angry when he talks about water rights, and he wants a compromise from John Key.
    That’s their plan to ask for something ridiculous knowing that John Key will will compromise and give them something. What a weak and limp wristed PM and he’s the best we’ve got.
    The bias in our media needs to change if we are to get results. But how can that be achieved when maori have everything sewn up in their favour?
    I really don’t know the answers, but I wish I did.

  3. Willy Jackson is the most disgusting racist on our airwaves, and he’s a national celebrity. It beggars belief how they can get away with it, but they do because they’re maori and have carte blanche to do whatever they want with impunity.
    I feel like moving to Australia.

    JA: I rang Jackson and Tamihere this afternoon and got stuck into them about their biased presentation of history.

    They weren’t used to this sort of pushback (with hard facts) but they’re going to get more and more of it from me.

  4. I found the interview with Wallace Chapman and it was good. The txts and emails he read out later backed you up, John. One said JA for PM and another said to were bang on the button with what you say.
    Keep saying ‘Poll the public to get the real views of New Zealander’ to the media. They will have to do it eventually.

    1. I listened to the interview. Not at all impressed by the interviewer – he was yet another pro-Treaty guy, determined to get HIS views across and not let John speak.

  5. John, I hope that you and your handful of odd and, in some cases, unsavoury supporters read the PM’s speech below with all the care that your intellectual capacities permit:

    But while the outlook for Maori and Maori-Crown relations are mostly positive, there remains a small but vocal few who are sometimes apparently unable or unwilling to see the world through any lens other than that of Maori disadvantage.

    They seem from their public demeanour to be permanently aggrieved, and rarely constructive.

    Those headline-seekers know they will get much more attention by being flamboyant and negative than they will by being considered and positive.

    The problem is that sometimes their diversions – including here at Waitangi – are not only distracting, but they can contribute to putting at risk the public consensus that exists towards the process of settling legitimate Maori grievances.

    It is that consensus that also allows us, in government, to be innovative about ideas that, for example, might lift Maori educational achievement and economic participation.

    Public goodwill should not be taken for granted.

    It needs to be treated with respect. It is short-sighted and counter-productive of activists to use tactics and language which have the effect of eroding public support for initiatives aimed at turning around the very situation that the activists are complaining about.

    1. Mr Tom Barker, may I suggest that (if you open your eyes and ears and then think) you have a golden opportunity to learn more of our early history from the unsavoury characters that you mention.

    2. Tom sums up the mentality of the liberal elite. People who disagree obviously do not possess his intellectual capacity. Would you consider the idea that you might be wrong Tom?
      It sure is unfortunate for the treaty industry to have outspoken Maori radicals disturbing what is quietly going on behind closed doors. Tax payers need not be concerned. The last thing you need on your path to social nirvana[sic] is the rising of a John Ansell.
      Its time someone stood for democracy, for NZ, the citizen and the taxpayer.

  6. I didn’t like the part when the interviewer said to John “So you’re pro maori then”? It’s not about being pro maori, but against maori getting everything on a plate, plus vast tracts of land, hundreds of millions of tax payers dollars, special privilege for everything in NZ, never ending Full and Final payments (In some cases 5 times over), maori domination of of media, objective boards where they’re supposed to be non partisan like the treaty tribunal.
    Lack of consultation with the public about compulsory maori education in our schools, renaming of our towns and cities, over use of the haka in near everything, the creeping in of the name Aoteroa over New Zealand, our media interviewers being bias for their jobs and not being objective as they should be; and anyone who challenges it is branded a racist.
    I think my point is made.

  7. The interviewer showed his bias for sure, much like Pete Wolfcamp on 2ZB this afternoon, he was going on about maori being here first therefore we owe them breakfast in bed and a chauffer driven limo. I wonder if one has to swear allegence to the treaty to get into the media? it sure seems that way.

  8. I just posted this on 3 news website in respose to some maori radical called Kathy.

    @Kathy. I object to be called a racist when your people’s sole aim is to extort money from the overburdoned tax payers of nz. Your people are not the indigenous people of NZ as you came here by boat, it’s in your history, or maori now going to change that to say they’ve been here for 40 thousand years. Your culture is a problem in NZ with most crime committed by maori. And yet your leaders have the audacity to blame that on the white man too.
    Your leaders are racist and like to brand them who oppose them as racist to quell the debate. It’s racist when maori are first in line now for anything. One can’t even get funding to make a NZ film now unless it’s about maoris. I am one of the 85%ers who totaly disagree with your one eyed views. 80% plus are against what’s going on in NZ but we have no voice due to people like you who call us racist. Let me tell you lady, it is you who is racist, but refuse to admit it because you are part of the gravy train that is destroying this country from within. You have the media at your beck and call and your voice is worth a thousand non maori voices. Tell me is that fair? You are anti democratic and are opposed to it because you know what would happen to your corrupt and greedy treaty.
    Call me racist if you want I don’t care. But I know that the silent majority of NZ agrees totally with me and not with you.

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