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Providing pushback to Willy and JT

I’ve just finished listening to Radio Live’s Waitangi broadcast with Willy Jackson and John Tamihere.

JT gave a typically one-sided account of the execution of over 100 surrendered Maori soldiers after the Siege of Ngatapa in Poverty Bay.

I couldn’t let that stand, so phoned in to advise listeners that the officer who ordered those executions was the Maori loyalist Ropata Wahawaha.

He did so in defiance of his British commanders, to avenge his earlier ill-treatment by the rebel tribe.

Execution of surrendered prisoners was not the British way. But it was the Maori way.

I asked Tamihere why he did not say the executioner was Maori, or talk about the shooting in the back of 11 surrendered settlers by Te Rauparaha and Te Rangihaeata in the Wairau Massacre (now minimised to the Wairau Affray) in 1843.

I asked him why we were paying the descendants of Te Rauparaha $10 million (as part of a much larger settlement) for the loss of their ‘marine empire’ — meaning the right to paddle their canoes across Cook Strait and butcher and eat Ngai Tahu.

I unloaded the literally gut-wrenching report from the Battle of Kaiapoi that Te Rauparaha slit open the belly of a live pregnant woman, ripped out the embryo, and roasted it on a stick.

As far as I know, there’s no Pol Pot Ping Pong Palace in Phnom Penh or Adolf Hitler Memorial Synagogue in Poland.

And yet despite this, and many other acts of cruelty by New Zealand’s most vile cannibalism, we do have a Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua.

Talking of atrocities in Poverty Bay, I asked Willy and JT why we were paying off the descendants of Te Kooti for the loss of his reputation, when his soldiers’ deeds included tossing the three little Lavin children in the air and impaling them on bayonets.

I don’t think Willy and JT are used to hard facts being marshalled against their one-eyed indoctrination programme. Nonetheless, Willy told me that they’re going to invite me on as a guest.

If they do, they can expect a lot more facts where those came from.

Callers Kevin and David clearly supported my stance, one guy said they gave me too much time, and Jean gave a plug to this blog, for which crime she was immediately cut off.

David got into an argument with Dover Samuels for outlining my call for a New Zealand where all citizens have the same rights, live under the same law, vote on the one roll, and have their taxes spent to help people according to need, not race.

Samuels said: “Anyone saying we should all be equal must be living on another planet.”

Planet Democracy, perhaps?

7 thoughts on “Providing pushback to Willy and JT

  1. Great news John. I call Willy and JT all the time but have to disguise my voice to a Scotsman due to my job. I’ve had them on the ropes many a time and was surprised they let me go on so long. My long suffering wife told me to stear clear as I get to passionate about it, and it upsets and frustrates me to think NZers can’t, won’t or refuse see it. I haven’t listened to Michael Laws or Willy and JT this side of Christmas due to the above mentioned.
    It really is one forum or medium for a vent and thousands listen to Radiolive.
    I’m originally from the UK and have been here for 11 years and can see the writing on the wall from an outsiders point of view. I get frustrated at native Kiwis apathy and sometimes stupidity, even cowardice when it comes to even talking about it.
    I’m over the moon you’ve got your slot on Radiolive. I did mention it this morning for you to talk to Miles Davis, but I was unfortunately under the Natalie pseudonym. I hope this triggered you listening.
    I’m a great fan of yours and admire your guts and determination regardless of threats and name calling.
    Prepare for a highjacking on the show John.

  2. Heard you with Willy and JT and thought you did very well under the circumstances. Willy was true to form and showed he is incapable debating issues and relies on disguising his limited knowledge and understanding of most things (other than sport) by talking nonsense over the top of any caller.

    My advise would be to only go on their show if you were promised equal speaking time to the hosts! Not likely to happen.

    You have had a good few days!

  3. Just listened to you on Willy and JT. They are seasoned sophists who use lies and semantics for their arguments, and when cornered they laugh and make a joke of anything in your past to bypass hard questions.
    Willy said he ‘may’ have you on the show, John, but I doubt he will give you the oxygen of publicity. Like the maori caller said ‘ I think you gave that fulla to much time and should have been cut off’. Like I’ve said they stifle all opposing opinion.
    Lets hope Willy is a man of his word ( which I doubt) and give you a slot.

  4. Well done John. As I’ve said elsewhere, you really are a star and becoming a bigger one by the day.

    Also encouraging to hear from Marvin. It seems that people who were not born in our country are the ones who can see what’s actually going on. Whereas too many of those born here are rolling over with their hands over their ears and I tar them with the coward brush. They will be sorry if this country turns to custard which it is likely to do, if more don’t stand up and be counted. Evil happens when good men do nothing. So true!!

  5. @Graeme.
    Go to Radiolivenz. Click on SHOWS. Click on Willy and JT. Scroll down the page and it’ll give you the times of day. I think it was between 1230 and 1300hrs. You’ll have to simply find the conversation by going back and forth a little bit. You’ll find it.

  6. I said to someone recently at work ” When will you actually stand up and say something about what you actually think, will it be when maori lay claim to 10% your house, your land, or even 50% of it? It is their land after all”.
    The two men I was talking to were 20 years older than me, but I’m sorry to say, were the thickest and most craven men I’ve ever met.
    This is just a microcosm of NZ society and people defend these radicals because they’re too afraid not to. NZ seems to be conditioned not to make a fuss about anything. I’ve been told many a time ” If I don’t like it go back home”. And that was by white kiwis.
    The power of the media and PC to shut us (the majority= democracy) all down in favour of minorities. It’s the same or even worse in the UK with muslims and eastern Europeans having more rights and privilege than English, Welsh or Scots.

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