Treatygate You Tube channel coming soon

I am still in Auckland working with the generous Vinny Eastwood to making You Tubes of my recent TV and radio appearances, and two videos Mike Butler and I shot at Waitangi.

This has delayed my main Waitangi post, which I hope to get on to in the morning.

I’m also behind with the Te Papa debate summary. (These always take longer because there is so much Treatygater shenanigans to report.)

Next stop Martinborough for some R&R, then Nelson next week.

11 thoughts on “Treatygate You Tube channel coming soon

  1. John, you have an awesome momentum happening.

    As angry as I was about the trivial amount they broadcast on Prime/Sky news, I realise now that ANY amount is positive.

    It is letting those who are frustrated know that yourself and others are actually trying to do something about it, and they will seek you and other groups out and get onboard.

    If we can keep this momentum going you will have yourself quite a following, as more and more people become aware.

  2. John, If you could get a transcript of Simon Merceps interview with Manu Paul, maori council chairman, recorded I believe at Waitangi, and play it at your meetings your could make your points very easily.

    1. I think I heard this guy interviewed by Mike Hosking as well? He seems to have confused being a “Party to a Treaty” with being a “Treaty Partner”

      …just remember, Ti Tiriti o Waitangi contains the Maori word for Yield/Surrender/Cede FOUR times. It contains NO occurrence of any Maori word for “Partner/Partnership”.

  3. What a disgusting greedy man Manu Paul is. It’s all about money and not mana. If he and his filthy council get their hands on water then this country is finished. How can these parasites keep a straight face when they make these ridiculous claims?
    Oh why can’t a politician stand up and be counter instead of Kowtowing to these radicals? The fear of being labelled a racist is very strong in New Zealand and the people in power would give this country away rather than be called one.
    I believe John Key to be spineless and will find a way to compromise with water. Probably give massive share ownership or something besides.
    I wish he could say an affirmative NO and stick to it. When he wants or needs the maori party votes to get something through parliament he’ll then give them something quid pro quo.
    We need more consultation with the people of this country other than just anyone who’s part maori, as its in all our interests. Most people in this country don’t care about maori and I feel that number is growing by the day, as they see the likes of Manu Paul, Turia and Sharples on their TV screens near everyday demanding more money for something or other.
    JA asks for ‘Poll the Public’ to get a fair feel of what the country feels.
    The last time this was done was on Closeup 2 years or so ago and 80% said maori have no special place in NZ. Yet 8 out of ten people feel nothing for maori them same 8 out of ten have no voice.
    It’s good enough to say vote out John Key in the next election as he’ll be replaced by an even weaker David Shearer, who will give even more to maori in between elections.
    I forget his name ( maybe someone can help me) but there’s an academic at Christchurch’s Canterbury University who says the same thing as us and his words are quite often in the press. This man, JA needs to contact and partner up with to drive the cause home to people apathetic to what’s about to happen with their country. I’ll try find his name and put it on this site.

    1. Hi Marvin, i am not sure you are correct when you state “Most people in this country don’t care about Maori”. I believe that most contributors to & readers of this blog really do care about Maori quite a lot actually. They just seem to want Maori to reach their full potential as quickly as possible. Any readers or contributors who disagree with this please let me know. I would be happy to be corrected. Disappointed, but happy.

      I generally don’t agree with how they propose to do this, but i strongly support their right to hold & promote their views. But my mind is still open & i am not prepared to write any idea off simply because i do not agree with it.

      I get the feeling that you have not been made to feel welcome here in your new home by Maori, this is regrettable. I can only speak for myself, so i would like to offer you a warm welcome. Nau mai, haere mai. Tena koe.

    1. If you google NZCPR you will find many of David Round’s articles, and many other articles of interest from a wide range of people. To have any chance of stopping this gravy train all these organisations will have to speak as one and get some real political power ASAP.

  4. I’m noticing more and more new people writing in. This is so encouraging. Yes, David Round has written lots on this subject as well as books. He really knows his stuff.

  5. Personally I have a lot of time for people of Maori descent. I grew up with them, have a half-caste Maori brother-in-law, have worked and socialised with many and they are really nice warm friendly people in general.

    However the greedy ones with their hands forever held out, put many people off and this colours their judgement about people of Maori descent.

    There are also the ones who continually feed on the State purse, making absolutely no effort to better themselves and pay their own way. These ones also colour people’s judgement. I blame the parents for not instilling in them aspiration, motivation and a good attitude. However these parents probably came up the same way although one would have thought they would look around and see that to succeed they have to do it themselves. One would think they would vow ‘my children are going to have it better than I did and I will encourage them to get a good education which is the key to a better life’.

    Because there are so many who are indistinguishable from the rest of us and are decent worthwhile citizens I just won’t buy the idea that because they are ‘Maori’ they won’t succeed. Balderdash!! They just have to work hard and do it themselves. Relying on the State will never get them anywhere.

    Yes, there are really good people out there of Maori descent and I do wish they would join us in pushing for a racially equal country. This just might make their State-reliant counterparts also make an effort.

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