John Key, Treaty of Waitangi

Waitangi speech on You Tube

I went to Waitangi to challenge John Key to run New Zealand as a democracy.

I did so in person as the PM entered Te Tii Marae, and again on the Treaty House lawn by way of this video, now up on our Treatygate You Tube channel.

My professional cameraman had to pull out for work reasons, so Mike Butler stepped into the breach at the last minute.

Unfortunately neither of us realised how much of a factor the wind was going to be — hence the two options for you here.

Above is a re-recorded audio track over a still shot from the video.

Below is the windblown original.

Thanks to Mike and Mr News, Vinny Eastwood of Guerilla Media.

Over the weekend, Vinny and I will flesh out the video with cutaways to supporting evidence.

Then I hope you’ll send the link to as many people as possible. Tell them the pushback has started!


4 thoughts on “Waitangi speech on You Tube

  1. Absolutely brilliant. I will wait for the re-jigged version and then send it to many. You seem to be finding a new vocation, John.

  2. I’m amased at how they have polls all the time on Yahoo, yet not the one people want in regard to treaty Gravy train treachery and maori privilege.
    The latest poll on yahoo is “should New Zealand take refugees from Australia”? At present it’s 83% say an definate “NO”. Call me cynical, but I think John Key will say that most people are for it and carry on with bringing these boat people into NZ.
    Nigel Farage is brilliant! For anyone who doesn’t know who he is, he’s the leader of the new, up and coming ultra conservative United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP for short. He stands for Britain out of Europe and stop the on mass, unregulated open door policy of eastern European and middle eastern. Sounds like a demagogue, but he’s gathering lots of support and will soon be force to be reckoned with. And he or someone like him is exactly what NZ needs.

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