Bruce Moon, Nelson Provincial Museum, Puke Ariki Museum, Taranaki Wars Exhibition

Nelson meeting tomorrow, 7.30pm

If you’re in the top of the South, I hope to see you tomorrow night in the Sports Hall of the Nelson Suburban Club at 7.30pm.

Part of my talk will be in support of the indefatigable Bruce Moon’s dogged harrying of the Nelson and New Plymouth Museums over the pack of lies masquerading as the Taranaki Wars Exhibition.

I hope to visit the Nelson Provincial Museum to see the nonsense for myself.

Meanwhile, I suggest you revisit my post on Bruce’s work, which I’ve just updated to include the latest salvoes.

No one reading the exchange of letters between Bruce and the museums could fail to be struck by the contrast between Bruce’s detailed historical analysis and the bogus historians’ disdain for same.

Faced with any fact which threatens to expose their politically correct fable, all the curators and their council apologists can do is get huffy.

In an exchange packed with evidence from Bruce, the so-called professional historians could not refute a single one of his facts.

My admiration for Bruce is enhanced by the knowledge that he is over 80 and was seriously injured in the Christchurch earthquake.

Thank you Bruce for your relentless pursuit of truth. I look forward to meeting you for the first time tomorrow after many months of emailing.

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