Missing posts from old blog

Sorry if subscribers are getting emails relating to old posts.

It’s just that I’ve noticed that quite a few relevant old posts did not get transferred from my old blog to this one, as I’d thought.

I want to get them in place before my debate with Willie and JT tomorrow, along with several new posts.

If all else fails and the wily pair drown me out, I intend to at least direct listeners to a blog full of evidence.

Thanks for your patience. You might even enjoy some of those old posts. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Missing posts from old blog

  1. Good luck for tomorrow, i live in australia and will be taking a couple of hours off to listen to you on radio live, i think you have finally got the roll on you need and maybe next, an unbiased interview on tv with a journalist interested in the truth, the majority will be with you but you need to get out there, so many people dont know anything about John Ansell or treatygate.
    GO FOR IT.

  2. John Ansell, can you please consider doing a blog post on “single-issue party politics”. No-one here has ever experienced it before. People literally don’t understand that in single-issue politics, you can’t have members expressing personal views on for example, asset sales in official documents.

    And so far, this blog is our official document.

    This discipline is necessary because we don’t want people coming here, liking what they have come for, but leaving again because one rogue member has strong views on asset sales, when the party itself doesn’t even have a view on asset sales.

    Discipline is needed right from the outset on this. Damage right from the start, has a tendency in politics to hang around for years to come.


  3. I speak from experience in this. Things are still being said in 2013 about ACT that are wrong, that were always wrong, but that resulted from ill-discipline in 1995, before ACT had even nominated its first candidate, let alone its leader. I know, because I was there.

  4. Yes, damaging comments do linger in the mind, Tropicana.

    So do threats.

    There is a person, with whom I think you may be familiar, who was in the habit of making damaging comments on my other blog.

    He went as far as to threaten me by email. He sent another warning to me recently.

    I have twice banned him from the site, and will have no hesitation in doing so again.

    That person is a former Australian diplomat, of all things.

    (Judging by his most undiplomatic, indeed abusive, behaviour on my blog, I can only assume that he was ejected from the service of that country.)

    He washed up in Whangarei, where he became known to the Police.

    If I find that he is back under another assumed name, and if he threatens me again, I will have no hesitation in reacquainting the Whangarei police with him.

    Furthermore, he would be the last person I would accept as a member of any organisation of mine.

  5. Not sure why those comments are directed at me John Ansell, nor why they are a response to my successful experience with ACT, and my successfully getting people into parliament. Are you okay there, John?

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