Chris Finlayson, Michael Dreaver, Miriama Kamo, Sir Douglas Graham

Now we know why Miri got sniffy

Marae Investigates - Miriama Kamo v John Ansell with scroll - 21-10-12

You may remember my Marae Investigates appearance with Peter Meihana on the subject of Maori privilege.

I remember it mainly for the tart parting shot of TVNZ anchorperson Miriama Kamo.

I’d just pointed out — with the help of a wide scroll festooned with privileges  — that for at least 20 years we’ve been  paying the equivalent of a South Canterbury Finance bailout every year to Maori — $1.5 billion — simply for being Maori.

And yet the supposedly neutral Kamo had the cheek to snort, “Maori privilege is a ridiculous proposition!”

Now, thanks to Winston Peters and the Sunday Star-Times, we find that Kamo’s partner is far and away the biggest earner in the business of negotiating the surrender of New Zealand assets to Maori.

Since National came to power in late 2008, Michael Dreaver’s company The Policy Shop has earned $1.5 million from negotiating away your money to more than 20 iwi in the Auckland and Hauraki area.

Except that The Policy Shop is not just Michael Dreaver’s company.

mike dreaver and miriama kamo  at qantas media awards

Michael Dreaver and Miriama Kamo: riding First Class on the Treaty Gravy Train.

Finlayson's Top Treaty Negotiators' Fees 2008-13

According to the Companies Office, The Policy Shop Limited has one other director. You guessed her…

Policy Shop directors - Companies Office

So Miriama Kamo is making a tidy sum helping Chris Finlayson dispense Maori privilege.

(This includes the Treaty claimants’ privilege of not having to pay back one cent of their generous legal aid grants when they win the millions negotiated with her firm.)

She herself probably owes her job to Maori privilege, given her uneven facial feature, which I suspect would disqualify any non-Maori broadcaster from the role of television newsreader.

So for Kamo to deny the existence of Maori privilege after all that is breathtaking.

(Given her partner’s profession, I won’t write what I’m really thinking.)

Dreaver and Kamo, it seems, are go-betweens, not just for Appeaser-General Chris Finlayson, but also for Sir Douglas Graham.

Sir Douglas Graham in dockGraham was the National justice minister who surrendered $170 million worth of your assets to Ngai Tahu.

(Even though that tribe in 1840 had no more than 2,000 members scattered in pockets around the edge of the South Island, they still pocketed all the greenstone in the middle.)

Not content with ripping off the shareholders of New Zealand Inc., Graham, seen here in the dock, was also convicted of misleading shareholders in Lombard Finance, at a cost to the country of another $111 million.

Graham has himself earned $186, 901 doing Treaty deals for his successor — a minister who measures his success by how much of his country he can surrender in how little time.

Finlayson told the Star-Times the negotiators’ results spoke for themselves.

In Tamaki Makaurau, for example, there had been no settlements at all when Dreaver was appointed in 2008 and there were now seven agreements in principle and a signed deed of settlement with 12 groups around Auckland’s volcanic cones.

He described the 14 negotiators as “one of the top teams assembled in Government”.

In that chamber of Chamberlains that passes for our Parliament, he may well be right.

9 thoughts on “Now we know why Miri got sniffy

  1. I agree with your comments about Miriama Kamo, John. She should be nowhere near any discussions on the Treaty Gravy Train given her position/interests. She has a big conflict of interest.

    I have long wondered about how she got into the television game in the first place and surmised that her ‘Maori’ descent probably contributed. She is not a good newsreader, putting too much of her own emotion into it and it is not pleasant watching someone talking out of the side of their mouth. I can’t imagine a non-Maori person like her getting the job. I don’t like her as a presenter either.

    Now that I know her true position in that fraudulent industry, I like her even less!!?? What a bundle her and her partner have earned from the rest of us.

    1. I don’t like her style either – and my partner finds her too loathsome to watch. This incredible situation is rather like paying a poacher to assist in the stealing of your stock, and then claiming it is money well spent when they succeed in increasing their plunder.

  2. The whole country’s media is in on it in some way or another. That’s why there’s NO investigative journalism doing anything to upset maori. They really have sewn the whole country up and most, if not all, are are in the pockets of maori.
    I read some time ago that maori iwi are collectively worth $35 Billion. With that kind of money they are like a super mafia. They can, and do on occasion ruin anyone who they feel threatened by via the paid up media via the treaty process fortune that funds it.
    And near all of non maori NZers walk round like nothing is going on and think what I’m saying now is bollocks. You see it’s easier to attack one single person or small group of insignificant mostly white people than a multi billion dollar oligarchy that is ruling this country.
    Maoridom and everything maori is surreptitiously taking over every corner of our lives, and we as a whole pretend not to notice and worse still, we don’t want to talk about it.
    The apathy and shear lack of confrontationalism (If that’s a word) of non maori NZers is the greatest gift we ever gave to the greed of maoridom.

    1. That $35 billion is probably dated by now. I would have thought at least $40 billion by now. But good on Maori for accumulating this wealth. We gave it to them, and some iwi have put it to good use. Time for the handover to stop though.

  3. And you could almost guarantee Kamo hadn’t bothered to read the numerous privileges you’d listed on the scroll before snorting (oink) “Maori privilege is a ridiculous proposition”

  4. TVNZ; what can I say? Jobs for the boys (and girls) with appeasers galore. I agree with Helen; Kamo has a conflict of interest and I’d wager she has friends in high places.

  5. Michael Dreaver and Miriama Kamo: riding First Class on the Treaty Gravy Train.

    To Hades with Miri I would much rather be enjoying a fair and just life such as riding. . .

    Just quietly 🙂

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