Have you had your email from John Bond/Tony Montana/Tropicana yet?

As I’ve long suspected, the now banned commenter Tropicana is John C of Whangarei AKA John Bond AKA Tony Montana.

This serial ejectee, who just yesterday denied using multiple identities on this blog, is now pumping out emails as John Bond (an old alias of John C’s) claiming, among other things, that I use multiple identities.

(Gavin: I’m you, apparently, and Graeme, and Ironsides, to name just a few of my noms-de-plume.)

He also claims that the Fraud Squad is investigating me for running a scam to extort money from bewildered old blog readers when I have apparently no intention of ever running a Treatygate campaign.

What seems to have escaped this escapee from the Australia foreign service is that I’ve actually been running the campaign for some time.

Every time I post some evidence here, I’m working on the campaign to inform New Zealanders about Treatygate.

It must be getting some traction or Willie Jackson and John Tamihere wouldn’t have had me on their show on Wednesday– or asked me to stay for another hour because the phones were running so hot.

(More on that in the morning.)

If I’m not campaigning, John, what was I doing banner-waving with Mike Butler at Waitangi — at some personal cost?

Or banner-waving on Prime News from the steps of Parliament?

Or handing out leaflets and heckling at the Te Papa Treaty ‘Debates’?

Or presenting my 200 carefully-prepared slides of evidence to meetings in Nelson and Auckland and Tauranga and Kapiti and Wellington?

(With plans afoot for Wanganui and Waikanae and Hawkes Bay and Hamilton and Christchurch.)

And why would someone who is so open/naïve/stupid (take your pick) as to give a week’s notice of his intention to visit the hotbed of Griever Maori protest on the day when he would be most outnumbered, feel the need to cower behind a slew of alter egos?

Some say I should ignore this highly plausible but dangerously disturbed man — that talking about him will just give him the attention he so clearly craves.

But I’ve always preferred to answer my critics upfront — especially those who bag me behind my back.

If you get an email from John Bond, I trust the above will give you an idea of what to do with it.

And John, if you threaten me the way you did the last time you got banned, my next call will be to the Whangarei police.

Meantime, I look forward to pointing all this out to the Fraud Squad. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Have you had your email from John Bond/Tony Montana/Tropicana yet?

  1. Ha ha! I wondered about that from some some post-perusal a month or so back. Keep fighting the good fight.
    To quote my old boss “Nobody ever said it was going to be easy”.

  2. We will certainly be on the look-out for an email from this nutter. Thank goodness you ‘outed’ him, John. He was full of arrogance and I didn’t like his tone. Good riddance.

    Sadly, these disruptive ‘types’ are going to crop up with monotenous regularity. We will just ignore them.

    1. Thanks Helen!,…..oops,…accidentally signed in thru my “Gavin” account! (grin)

      Seriously though, good riddance. Who ever it was was a self inflated git.

      I’ve had no email John. Are our email addy’s displayed here somewhere?

      1. No, I can see them but I don’t pass them on.

        I did, however, once cc a few readers in an email, one of which was our offender (in better times), and he may be using those addresses.

        It only went to a few, as I recall.

  3. I’d love to see you do your slide show using a wall of Te Papa as the screen…
    That would horrify Dame Orange

  4. I have had the email from “John Bond”. I don’t believe in hiding behind pseudonyms and I never post anything I don’t stand by. Therefore my details are readily and easily available – just a click. But if your details are not available on this blog site you won’t receive his email – and you wouldn’t want to.

    1. I clicked and I saw.
      John Phillips – you listed Lou Reed (he who hooked up with Laurie Anderson) as a favourite so you must be OK!

  5. Another troll destroyed!!! ,Excellent.
    Trolls and MSM beware! the truth is coming your way.
    JA , can you list your future meetings or presentaions as i will be attending if your in my neighbourhood , i’m in Auckland and Waikato and look forward to supporting our growing cause.Also you did a great job the other day on the radio , the racists just couldn’t find a chink in your armour , well done!!!

      1. I also have an urge to go to Whangarei. 🙂

        Seriously, there is an organiser there who wants to run a meeting.

        Our feral friend has threatened to come and expose me as a charlatan for promising to start a party and not doing it.

        Of course if he could read as well as he swears he would know that I have not promised to start a party, only floated the idea.

  6. Morning folks, i can understand why John banned Tropicana. But i would like to say if you are out there & can read this Tropicana, i hope you are ok. We butted heads a few days ago, but i want you to know that i hope you are well & taking care of yourself. Mauri ora.

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