John Tamihere, Radio Live, Willie Jackson

Caller interest doubles Radio Live session

My guest spot on Willie Jackson and John Tamihere’s show had to be extended by another hour to cope with the volume of calls.

Not bad for the failed, tractionless nonentity that Willie trumpeted me as at the start!

Thanks to Vinny Eastwood for the You Tubes.

45 thoughts on “Caller interest doubles Radio Live session

  1. I thought you went well with those two alien scumbags, John. Thank you. (jackson talked over the top of you as he always does with people he doesn’t like and he put in his usual ugly little digs from time to time.) Thanks again.

  2. Willie likes to dismiss facts by laughing them off as if they are so far removed from the truth that he finds it funny. He has said several times that JA has no following and a bit of a loony. The funny thing is he keeps saying it over and over as if trying to convince himself and his racist dedicated listeners. Willie prosteteth too much !! Willie is worried. Nothing good ( good for racist greedy grieving maori ) lasts forever. We just saw in Italy how a comedian came from nowhere and tapped into the countrys feelings, formed a party and got about 25% of the vote!!!! Willie will fight tooth and nail, dirty and unfair to keep his and his racist mates race based privileges. In wars, the first casualty is the truth, but in this case the truth is the maoris feared enemy. One day in a few centuries, the people of NZ will build a statue of JA for standing up to these thugs….just as soon as the PC rewritten history books are confined to the bin…where all fiction masquerading as fact, should be.

  3. You did well, these two are highly trained in the art of bending the truth and denial, imagine how you would go on a talk back show with a host or hosts that shared the same views, hope you get good turn outs for your next meetings i think your finally getting some traction on treatygate,i hope so i really think we are near the point of no return, i live in Australia but read everything i can and its always we want more, WATER, MORE FOR MAORI TV, MORE FOR 4G, WE WANT MORE! the national government i think will go down as the most damaging of them all and we have had some doosies .
    Finlayson must be top of the heap signing treaty settlements like Mick Jagger would sign autographs except Mick would take the time to see what he was actually signing, good luck.

  4. Everytime you tried to make a good point they’d expertly drown you out and cut to a break or another call. You did well John to stand your ground. Remember most people who listen them pair of clowns are maori or pro maori or half wit white people who are as thick as two planks.
    Even if they did do a poll on their propaganda show for radical maori the results wouldn’t be the same as what they’d be on say the 6 O’clock news. You held your ground and made some good points. You’re getting interest for sure.

    1. Marvin, most of the callers in agree with the two Stone Agers – but I listen to know these two enemies. ( “Know thine enemies” )

  5. I too thought you did well,John. The arrogance of Willi and JT was astounding. Keep it up. They are getting rattled.
    Did you see the article today about the Constitutional review panel hitting back at allegations that they are working toward a foregone conclusion?
    It looks to me like they are noticing your efforts and are concerned just a tad.

  6. People who have had enough of the Treaty rort will be so relieved to hear you challenging this.

    I think Marvin is right about the character of the listners to Willy and JT.

    Imagine the calls that would come in if you got a chance to speak on Leighton Smiths show.

    Mate, that would be the ultimate audience to capture.

    People like my parents hang off every word that man says.

    Leighton Smith needs to make the Constitutional Review a major focus of his show.

    He really needs to be getting Muriel Newman and co, and yourself on as often as he can to fully inform people of what is going on.

    HEy Pix – yes I did read it and as I went through it I was laughing.

    Here they are saying ‘there is no rort going on here’ while I also read that one of them was a Treaty Negotiator, another one is a member of some Iwi blah blah, . . . . No rort? YEAH RIGHT!!!!

  7. John Key knows all what is happening above. He does nothing in the way of fair play. His Prime ministerial role is a fake to the whole country. He is anti democratic and believes that maori radicals have the right to print their own money by whatever means. He is to weak to run this country.
    Rodney Hide is in for Michael Laws as I type. What refreshing listening to hear him rather than the odious little man Laws, who has turned the tables and won’t even talk about maori privilege issues.

  8. Trina…..SPOT ON!!! re Leighton Smith. John, use you recent exposure on Radio Live as leverage to get onto News Squawk ZB.

    I too have asked historically why “Treatygate’ does not have a strong(er) (any) association with NZCPR and Muriel Newman. After all, I, along with 40K others have signed the petition – a wonderful source of email recipients and a fertile breeding ground for our ’cause’. I would have thought that this “breeding ground” would have been a wonderful resource for your meetings…..from a few 100 to maybe 1000s. I ask …..
    1) “John, what, if any efforts, have you made to have a strong association with NZCPR?”
    2) ” What are the advantages or disadvantages of such an association”
    3) “Why has this not been done previously?”
    4) “Will you consider this in the near future?”
    5) “Has NZCPR approached you?”

    I only ask these questions so as to try and understand why – not having to ‘reinvent the wheel’. Just seems logical to me.


      1. Pray, may I ask my dear Trina, why your ‘possible’ scepticism is oozing from this forum – I may be reading you wrong. No really, I am interested in John’s reply. I have no affiliations but can’t understand – “T’is a natural fit, me thinks”. I am an extreme advocate for this all going forward re posts on the old forum as you kindly say. I must have made an impression, long ago.
        The Big “H”

  9. Well done John not the derogrety Johnny as Wilz called you over and over. You were always going to have your backup against the wall with those two. They have made their money out of the so called misery of the people that they are suppose to represent. Personally i would have lost the plot with Wilz talking over you, laughing, belittling, name calling. They have nothing so they turn to name calling. The Treaty in my life time will never go away its an INDUSTRY that employs many and has so may branchs to it. If it closes where do those people go??? In 25yrs this has got worse not better. I learnt alot even tho they tried to snuff you out or talk over you. Well done again I look foward to hearing more from you and a public meeting.

  10. Hone or John: I have approached Muriel Newman (NZCPR), but she regards me as too political to collaborate with.

    I believe success will come when we learn to combine wholesale heft (detailed information for the minority who are prepared to learn the facts) and retail punch (ads that flag down the majority who are curious but busy).

    By all means recommend me to Leighton Smith. I’d be happy to appear on his show. He would be a lot more civilised than my recent hosts.

    1. John, I am a bit surprised that Muriel Newman is a bit sniffy. This business is too important for that attitude. Fancy being ‘too political’!! Her NZCPR site does not reach middle NZers and is not likely to without help. You are not asking for blood on the streets, however history shows that freedoms are never won or maintained lightly.

      1. Yes this is too important to simply brush it aside. Like you said the NZCPR doesn’t reach a wide audience. This needs maximum exposure by whatever means. If Muriel Newman wants to change things in this country then she’s going to have to come down from her own soap box and meet the people who are in the same camp as her.

    2. History huh?, politics huh?
      Same cause, different approach.
      Two trains on parallel tracks trying to get to the same station.
      I hope at least one of you do.
      A real shame you both can’t combine. NZCPR via electronic media and Treategate via the more direct public seminar/meeting route Greater traction, greater exposure, greater success.
      That’s what we all want, ce n’est pas?

  11. I’ve just taken the liberty of emailing Leighton Smith and asked him if he would entertain the idea of interviewing JA on his show. See what happens.

  12. You can tell when someone is debating on shaky ground when all they can offer is unsubstantiated interjections, ridicule and personal attacks. Well done John and particularly as it was in a very biased environment.

  13. This “100 Days” blog & movement seems to have almost identical views and goals to those of most of us here, as do NZCPR and others. Time for some “cross-party talks” ?? There really is a steadily rising tide of resistance to our present status quo, but I don’t think we have time to just allow them to reach crtitical mass of their own accord. Too much damage is being done in the meantime.

    I have posted this twice, because these threads are getting hard to follow chronologically.

  14. What’s needed is for Muriel Newman, David Round, Bob Jones, JA and Co to somehow get it together and maybe do a roadshow around New Zealand. Together we stand devided we fall is what I’m getting at. All these people are singing from the same hyme book, but at different churches (That has a nice ring to it). They, we all need to unite for the common cause of ending this treaty MEGA scam and ending maori privilege for posterity’s sake.
    This country is being ripped off tribalist, seperatists who’s only aim is to take power from the people

    1. And make billions upon billions, rendering us, the vast majority powerless. The said people I’ve mentioned have pedigree and are well known throughout NZ. It’d be hard to ignore them as a united front if only they could join forces as a centralised power base.

  15. Marvin says:
    February 28, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    What’s needed is for Muriel Newman, David Round, Bob Jones, JA and Co to somehow get it together and maybe do a roadshow around New Zealand.

    That was a vision I had when I first started with Treatygate.

    I could see Muriel Newman, Elizabeth Rata, David Round, J.A and others, all going around towns as a group giving a major presentation.

    With each one giving their arguments and evidence, it would make for a very powerful presentation that would really shake people up.

    They could have a stack of books for sale at these presentations, plus have a door charge to help towards cost of travel.

  16. I am working to get a bunch of ‘missionaries’ to conquer the Probus Clubs , Rotary Clubs, Grey Powers etc., as a lot of our core prospects attend those clubs, and they can draw biggish audiences.

    I’ll do as many as I can, but the more people like Mike Butler and David Round we can get on the road the better.

    1. John, you had this problem before when some Akld RSA (?) said you could not do your maiden speech there. They were afraid of racist bully maori repercussions. And remember in Tauranga the racist maori bullies took intimidating photos of those of us that turned up for your speech. I believe too many people are on your side but ‘dont want to get involved’. But…..there is support and once we have a united team, it will snowball. Nobody said it would be easy!!

    2. John, I will help in this regard. I need to learn to use powerpoint first but no doubt wont take long.

  17. OMG, another “maori academic” ( how many of these make-it-up-as-you-go lying greedy racist grieving BS artists do we have in NZ?) has won the ‘NZer of the Year award’. A doctor who has done great stuff for cancer research missed out…how could he compete with a maori academic??!! Every day I wake up, turn on the radio and get more news that makes me unhappy. This nightmare is just as ‘Planet Of The Apes’ unfolded.

  18. JA …. what happened to the “Recent Comments” link ? This new site is becoming increasingly more difficult and frustrating to use.

      1. Thanks JA …. working fine now.

        Have to agree with others who have commented about the format of this site …. I found it much easier using the format of your previous site.

      2. Could you please be specific, Steve (and others)? Are you saying you don’t like the Reply function?

        I wanted a clean look, but didn’t realise that certain things weren’t possible with this one, like side bars (which are now ‘bottom bars’).

        Not sure why Recent Comments disappeared, but my (more expert) wife has just restored it.

        My next project is building a website around the blog, and this may involve another template.

        But do explain your frustrations fully and I’ll see what I can do about them.

  19. One problem John is when people reply to much earlier comments. Unless it shows under the recent comments section ( if there is a lot of activity these will disappear quickly) it is easy to miss. I seem to recall that there were more comments listed under recent comments on the old blog. Maybe showing the last 20 or so may help.

    1. Yes Graeme …. the comments I alluded to were regarding the order in which replies and responses appear …. very frustrating scrolling up and down pages searching for those posts …. gets to the point where I just give up and log-off

  20. Sorry, but I do agree with the complaints above. I too have trouble finding what people are replying to. It was much easier having all posts in date and time order as we could then read all the posts as they came in. Now, I too often don’t have time to scroll up and find where they are and what they are replying to, so I miss them.

    Also it was much better having the sidebar too, rather than the ever increasing references below because I always scroll down to the bottom of the page and then scroll up slowly to get to where I last finished reading. Now I have increasing masses of notes to scroll up through before I get to the last posts, which also means the latest comments are sometimes in the middle.

  21. I actually managed to get a post on the Herald today. Their site when you hit “reply” posts in chronological order but brings forward the comment that is being replied to in a compressed form. (It can be opened out to read the previous comment in full)
    This system seems to work well.

  22. I am hoping that under the ‘Proceeds Of Crime Act’, where criminals assets are seized and given to the crown, all our money will be refunded to us taxpayers when their stories and lies are proved to be untrue…..yeah right!
    That also goes for Finlayson and Cullen and all the other traitors in this free-for-all extravaganza. Oh wait, I have a better more permanent solution for dealing with traitors!

  23. Come on someone. Put something up for us to talk about. We need something new to chew on. My daughter said there was an advert on the TV and she saw a maori lady talking to a journalist saying that Kumara should be maori copyright. Can anyone enlighten me on this story?

  24. I saw that too. I think its on ‘Fair Go’ tonight but she didn’t actually say ‘maori copyright’…that was just implied. She just said the word ‘copyright’. I haven’t watched it yet so maybe someone else knows. I reckon we should demand payment for use and abuse of our alphabet and our counting system which maori have been using for 200 years without any payment. Not much news on the NZer of the year who just so happened to be another make-it-up-as-you-go maori academic. I’d never heard of her till a few days ago. I wonder what maori used to “count” in the pre european days? They never had a numerical syatem although the academics will swear they did….and by a huge coincidence, it just happened to be a base ten system as the english had. What are the odds for that?!

  25. Yes just watched it. The story was a bit misleading as It looked like maori were laying claim to Kumara as well as everything else.
    Where’s everyone gone? I need to vent my spleen on a new story of maori fundamentalists, liars like Willie and JT, Turia, Sharples, maori council, weak as piss politicians, shyster lawyers and Co raping this country.
    Come on JA put a new board up.

  26. Psssst! Hey Marvin . . . (whispering) Do you wanna see the 2012 – 2013 Vote Papers and add up what we are spending on Maori affairs?

    Hmmmm, maybe I shouldn’t show you . . . you wont just vent your spleen you may totally rupture it!

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