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Wanganui meeting: 2pm, Thursday 28 March, War Memorial Hall

Wanganui War Memorial Hall

I’m grateful to Grey Power Wanganui for hosting my meeting at the big War Memorial Hall on Thursday 28 March.

(I just need a volunteer to man that gun. :-))

The Wanganui Chronicle are planning a story, and the following radio ad will be running a total of 90 times on four Wanganui stations in the week prior…


30 second radio ad

GREY POWER PRESIDENT: Hi, Graham Adams, President, Grey Power Wanganui.

Do you agree with John Ansell that all New Zealanders should:

  • have the same rights
  • obey the same laws
  • vote on the same roll
  • and help those in need because of their need, not because of their race?

At 2pm on Thursday 28 March in the War Memorial Hall, hear John expose what he calls the ‘Treatygate’ fraud, and his solution to the appeasement policies of our government.

John Ansell, 2pm, Thursday 28 March, in the War Memorial Hall.


With those 90 spots, plus the newspaper story, plus a full page exhortation sent to 1300 Grey Power members — plus all you good people sending this link to all your friends 🙂 — Grey Power and I think we stand a good chance of filling the 350-seat Concert Chamber.

(It’s just a shame that the meeting is not at a time when the workers can make it. So if anyone wants to arrange a second meeting in the evening, I’m happy to stay over.)

For balance, Graham Adams tells me that Grey Power will also be hosting Peter Tennent of the Constitutional Advisory Panel at a meeting in July. I hope to attend that meeting too, and urge all Wanganui readers to join me.

But first, please start beating the drums about the 28th — two weeks from today. The next day is Good Friday, but let’s make it an Even Better Thursday.

A big thank you to Grey Power Wanganui for accepting the challenge of showcasing this important issue.

I now challenge all other Grey Power branches to do the same!


23 thoughts on “Wanganui meeting: 2pm, Thursday 28 March, War Memorial Hall

    1. Focusing on provincial venues at the moment, Ron, but happy if someone wants to organise a properly-promoted Auckland event.

      My experience last year was that people are more likely to turn out to meetings in the provinces, where there are presumably fewer competing attractions.

      Will be back in Auckland in due course, obviously.

  1. I’ve been watching TV all day for last two days after a minor op. Seen loads of TV ads and a story on ‘7sharp’ about domestic violence, and I am offended because every one has had a white male guilty of beating up his family/wife.
    They can’t be short of maori actors because a maori male always wins on the Bonus Bonds advert. Just wondering if the TV people are too scared to be labeled racist by including maori in their domestic violence ads but not too scared to include that easy target ….the white male….just as the Placemakers ad attacks a pasty faced white male who can’t do anything with a hammer. Anyone else noticed this? Maybe its just me having too much time to spend in front of the TV but I think these adverts portray something thats not all right. Maybe it’s in the treaty??!!!!!

    1. Yes Derejk you are quite correct. I remember years ago Billy Connolly said that soon comedians would only be able to make fun of white males because everyone else takes offence while the white male just shrugs and gets on with work and life.
      Heaven forbid if a Maori is portrayed in a bad light on TV – even if the stats support this. Much easier to drag in the white male and prop him up before the cameras. We just shrug and get on with work and life.

    2. Hi Derejk
      Hope you are recovering ok after your op. If you have some time whilst in recovery mode, perhaps you could find out the stats and if the ads are misdirected in terms of target audience, make a case to broadcasting standards. All the best anyway

      1. Thanks Irene. I was going to get stuck into and finish “The Great Divide” (about half way) but just didn’t feel like reading. My friend told me the adverts were the same regarding alcohol abuse last year where as far as they remembered, it was all white people with the problem. There was one where a maori man told his white rugby playing friend he had a problem, but none that we could remember where the maori had the problem. Stats suggest otherwise.

      2. I remember that ad, Derejk, and had the same response – racist, of course 😦

        To be fair, there is a fairly prominent ad where a Maori boy says he is “internalising a very difficult problem” and advises his mate — also Maori, I think — not to drink and drive.

        But a Pakeha advising a Maori would not get past the PC police.

    3. I see it and point it out all the time that most journalists, TV presenters, and a big propartion of TV stars on NZ TV are maori. Much more than the 14% they represent.
      My daughter was in University year before last doing political science and journalism. I told her she’d never get a job in NZ because 1, She not maori and 2, She not left wing.
      I too have seen many adds that show bad things about NZ being acted out by whites while good things acted out by maori or PIs.
      Most people don’t want to see it or refuse to see it.
      Welcome to NZ I suppose.

  2. JA, Pensioners/Retirees outnumber any other type of voter by race, religion or age, – they have the power to shape legislation. I feel you are on the right track engaging with grey power because you are preaching to the already converted. They are a generation back before all this current racial separatism nonsense took off in the 1980’s. I have been motor-homing for 10 years, there are about 25000 members, 90% pensioners/retirees.
    I go to a lot of rallies and talk to heaps of people and they all agree with your message, – virtually without exception!!
    However, continue the sideshows with the likes of Willy Jackson and his cohorts because any publicity is good publicity. I have a slightly elated feeling that you are finally getting traction, good on you.

    1. I agree with all that, Harry.

      It’s building — got another Grey Power invitation today from Hastings immediately after I issued the challenge to match Wanganui.

      They’re a crucial organisation for us, and we shouldn’t underestimate the wonderful assistance being rendered by Willie Jackson.

      His latest rant in this week’s Truth is a masterpiece of evasion, fabrication, denigration and denial.

      Every time he parries my historical facts with one of these smokescreen techniques, he loses a little more credibility, and I get a little more of the traction he says he’s determined to deny me!

      The editor has again given me the right of reply, and I’m really looking forward to answering Willie’s latest outrageous claims.

      1. Good luck for Wanganui John. Grey Power should sit their collective families down and have a good talk to them about the future of NZ and how it’s going to go if they sit on their backsides and think it’s all going to go away, or let someone else do their bidding.
        Again when are you coming to Christchurch or thereabouts?
        I’ll go out and have a look at the Truth in a bit to see what that little, multi million dollar extortionist Willie has again been saying.
        Isn’t it a pitty NZ hasn’t any real investigatative journalists to delve deep into this treaty travisty? I expect that’s a result of years upon years of left wing indoctrination and lies by thrust opon the naive and insular looking population.
        I believe the costs of living in NZ is very high in comparison with wages paid is due to high taxes needed to pay extortionists treaty payments, mostly surreptitiously and never heard of. Why else is this country so expensive to live?
        Good on Hastings ( Mongrel mob central) GP for inviting you to talk. I hope you get as much attention as possible and the media have to report. It’s just a pitty they report you in a negative light rather than the real truth of what message you’re trying to putting out.
        If only they could play a whole uninterupted and unsensored half hour of what you say, I feel you’d gain a lot of credit amongst watchers and listeners. Instead they show only what they want to show and brand you as some kind of racist.
        If only you had the same airtime as that most stupid halfwit Willie gets every week, you’d make great gains. But no, not in good old NZ.
        Maori elitists and their attack digs like Willie and JT hold all the cards and media.
        Good luck and God Bless

      2. I’m not religious Marvin, but Willie feels like a gift from God – one that keeps on giving.

        He makes one fair point about my outrageously overoptimistic prediction of the success Don Brash could achieve with ACT.

        (Though it wasn’t my fault Don back-footed everything instead of front-footing, as advised).

        And even on that, Willie was showcasing his lack of logic: using my unsuccessful prediction of the future to say that I couldn’t be trusted about the past.

        Every other point he made you could drive a truck through – and I intend to.

      3. Little Willie’s opinion piece in ‘’ refers to JA stating ‘the more Kiwis ignore him the better this country will be.’ Then he starts attacking JA in Truth. You have to wonder!

  3. Hi John.
    If I am reading the signals correctly a common denominator of what many people want in NZ, is a much more participative democracy and to know that they have a voice which will be reflected in government decisions. This applies whether left, right or centrist and perhaps comes with greater levels of education or freedom for self directed critical thinking. This collective knowledge could be the greatest asset for New Zealand in the future but will only be achieved by a will for the common good of all New Zealanders regardless of ethnicity.

    1. Education and free thinking to make up one’s own mind is all great, but is seldom done in any country. At present the west, including New Zealand are being brain washed en mass to the tune of leftist ideology. Democracy has gone to the wall in favour of new, revised thinking by left wing academics who now dominate once right wing political parties.
      In our major western powers, say the USA for instance, There’s been so many immigrants been allowed to flood into that country via the Mexican border that now the Latino vote is a massive voting block. To ignore this as the Conservative/ Republicans have has been their downfall. So they now have to move back to centre and even left of it to try win back them votes that they’ll never ever get unless they change tack.
      Although we don’t have an en mass immigration issue in NZ we
      ( Our spineless politicians) do want to look as if we are in tune with Obama led America to win new friends. And this means pandering to minorities like maori radicals, no matter how outrageous their claims of past grievance.
      Our collective guilt trip of what we’re being fed by these treatyists grievers is that all things British and collonial is bad and all things native and indigenous ie maori is good.
      Like Britain with their mas immigration of people who hate their very existance, we the masses have become indoctrinated into thinking that anything we say negative about immigration is racist. The British political parties and the left wing media have driven this, especially the BBC over the past few decades in a mass brain washing exercise that has succeeded.
      Much like the UK, NZ is similar with minorities now having more say than the vast majority of British citizens. And anyone who goes against the grain is racist.
      You see no matter how educated one thinks they are they will still be outgunned by leftists who have the (upside down) moral high ground.
      Funy old world.

      1. Hi Marvin
        You and I have the ability to think for ourselves and can articulate our opinions on this site and that is a good thing.
        If you have not already read Twisting the Treaty (Tross Publishing 2013) I suggest that you do so. The authors have range of backgrounds and differing past political leanings but are united in their condemnation of the Treaty debacle.
        I think we do what we can to advance what we consider to be important when we feel the effort in doing so is likely to bring some reward. Directing ones effort prudently is a wise choice.
        I think that democracy is important. I also accept that people will have differing perspectives but I maintain that a well functioning and strongly democratic society offers us the brightest future.
        All the best

  4. Marvin said : ” Grey Power should sit their collective families down and have a good talk to them about the future of NZ and how it’s going to go if they sit on their backsides and think it’s all going to go away, or let someone else do their bidding”.


    John, Marvin speaks absolute sense – may I suggest you plug this point in your speech to our elders at the Grey Power meetings?

    1. Oh I will be.

      One advantage of being old is that your grandkids are compelled to sit and at least pretend to listen to you.

      Our motivated, well-informed grandparents may be the best chance we get to deprogramme the young.

      They say the Scottish Enlightenment got going via the medium of dinner parties. Well, maybe the New Zealand one will happen through family birthday lunches and visits to retirement villages.

  5. Good luck with Wanganui, John, and it’s truly encouraging that their Grey Power is taking such an active stand. Your last post is so true and it really is up to the older people to tell the younger ones exactly how it is and to refute all the misinformation they are being taught in school. It needs to be stressed to your audience that it really is up to them to teach their younger family members the true history of this country because they will learn a much sanitised version at the moment.

    Let’s hope they come in their hundreds to hear you talk.

    Let’s also hope Hastings gets moving and you get a great turnout there.

  6. It always seems white males that feature in anti-drink -driving advertisements as well.

    Well Done! J.A., Grey Power and rural folk generally. Rural folk seem to have more guts than city dwellers

  7. I have just read Willie Jackson’s rant on page 2 of the current issue of Truth. Once again he misses the point entirely: he says that the interpretations of current Maori and English languages have changed since 1840. While that is true, it is what the meanings were then to both the Maori and English who signed the treaty that is significant.

    The maori rulers had asked the sovereign and government of the only empire in the world capable of protecting them at that time, to do so. The English reluctantly agreed, assumed sovereignty and granted all people of New Zealand the rights and privileges of British citizenship.

    It is as short and simple as that. That is why the Treaty is short and simple. Long before a waffling lawyer dreamed up some ‘principles’ of the treaty and a complicated Resource Management Act.

    A Maori Land Court was set up to ensure fairness in land purchases – long before some waffling lawyers dreamed up the Waitangi Tribunal.

    Now some waffling lawyers want to set up a Constitutional Court to supplant democratic government.


    1. You are so right Peter. Who in their right mind would even think of working out what the Treaty said by using the meanings of words of today. It’s the meaning of the words when the Treaty was signed that can only ever count. Nothing else is acceptable.

      With the meanings of words so changed today it just goes to prove even more conclusively that the Treaty is now out-dated and must be consigned to history. It actually achieved its aim in 1840 when it brought us all under British law – together – equally. It should have been long gone.

  8. Rodney Hide has come up with an article in the Herald today,with his take on the ill effects of Government policies. Here is one observation of his that has no doubt a lot of truth in it.

    “3. The rich teach their kids to work hard and be smart to succeed. The Government teaches poor kids their land was stolen and that to prosper they must work on Treaty claims in hope of winning it back.”

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