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Hawkes Bay meeting: 7pm, Tuesday April 9, Havelock North Community Centre

Havelock North Community Centre

My first Hawkes Bay meeting is now confirmed for 7pm on Tuesday April 9 in the Havelock North Community Centre, 30 Te Mata Road.

(I’ve also just accepted an invitation from Grey Power Hastings and Districts for June 7. More on that later.)

Organising the April 9 meeting is none other than Hawkes Bay Ranfurly Shield era player, captain, coach and administrator Dr Tom Johnson.

Tom Johnson can add his PhD to a long list of achievements in our national game.

Tom is a serial winner and a great guy. As well as having leadership roles with Lion Breweries, Europa Oil, Hawkes Bay Racing and the NZRFU, he founded Golden Oldies rugby, the biggest sporting festival in the world.

(So getting 250 people into the Havelock North Community Centre on April 9 will be a doddle, right Tom? Yes, I know I’m overdue with the ad and poster!)

Tom will hate me for this, but below is Tom being awarded his MNZM by Sir Anand Satyanand.

And here’s a recent  story about him completing his PhD at the age of 74.

And the man who led Chris Tremain’s campaign team in 2005 when he defied the odds to win Napier for National was…?

You guessed it. Tom’s done a lot of winning. He’s studied a lot of winners. And he’s going to help us win.

Believe it or not, he’s committed to spending the rest of his life working for a racially equal New Zealand.

Isn’t that amazing? He says he’s doing it for his grandkids.

He’s doing it by conquering Hawkes Bay one Rotary Club and Probus Club at a time. He’s already given his talk ‘The Elephant in the Room’ to three clubs, and is getting an overwhelmingly positive response.

I hope I can get the same on April 9.

Oh, and to say that Tom is now disillusioned with the Nats is putting it mildly.

He’s one of six former National Party chairs that I’m in touch with, and they all say the members have had a gutsful of Key and Finlayson’s surrender of New Zealand by stealth.

I hope to see you at the Havelock North Community Centre on Tuesday April 9, and/or when I return to the Bay on Friday June 7.

Tell all your friends that the pushback has started, and let’s have a great night.

18 thoughts on “Hawkes Bay meeting: 7pm, Tuesday April 9, Havelock North Community Centre

  1. It sounds as though this meeting has the potential to be your best ever, John. The very best of luck. What a great person in Tom you have. I totally agree with him devoting the rest of his life to getting racial equality under the law in this country. Certainly a man after my own heart. We need more people like him. I’m sure they are there but they have to acquire the courage to front up more and that’s not an easy ask as I well know.

  2. “He’s one of six former National Party chairs that I’m in touch with, and they all say the members have had a gutsful of Key and Finlayson’s surrender of New Zealand by stealth.”
    I have just finished reading “Twisting The Treaty” and can certainly see why any National supporter would feel totally let down by these these two. Also went out and bought this weeks ”Truth” to see what Mr Jackson’s arguments were in response to Mr Ansell’s. I was also sadly let down.

    1. I agree with you Tamati. I also feel ‘Twisting the Treaty’ should be compulsory reading for everyone in this country. It is meticulously researched.

      I too will buy this week’s copy of The Truth and next weeks when John’s response will be there. The only good thing is that John is getting some publicity so hopefully the word will be passed along as to the enormous wrong being done in this country.

      1. I think JAs response in the Truth should consentrate more on maori privilege and say some facts rather than the merry go round of History. Present day facts are just that and hard to disprove as they can be proved without reading a history book.
        Things like Tauranga council paying monies to local iwi. Maori wings in hospitals. Exclusive maori trips to universities like Otago from Lincoln school, Canterbury. Maori only fishing rights on the west coast of the south Island. A whole multitude of things that are exclusive to only maori

  3. So if 6 former senior Nats are utterly disillusioned, when will the current crop become that way? It can’t happen soon enough. I say as this issue snowballs we should make it known that TNZ intends to investigate each and every Treaty claim since 1980 and prosecute any claimant and any official who gave, allowed or accepted false or hearsay evidence either knowingly or through negligence and who gave or accepted money or resources based on such fraud. It should be made known that harsh penalties will be imposed for such a crime both in terms of imprisonment for offenders and surrender of resources and moneys given to tribes, along with compensation for the fraudulent acceptance/payment of these and the loss of them and their worth to the general citizenry for the relevant period. That should get the bastards thinking.

    1. Agree Mike. Proceeds of Crime Act….assets confiscated by the crown of both the lying iwi and the sneaky and very un-independent ministers. Failing that….I will volunteer to be in the firing squad for all ministers found to be traitors to the people of NZ. Ohhhhh…can’t wait!!!

  4. JA – Dr Tom Johnson says: I’M DOING IT FOR MY GRANDKIDS !!
    That struck a real responsive chord with me as my generation (pensioners senior citizens etc. ) are on the way out, our grandkids are on the way in, -they have their lives ahead of them. As mentioned in my comments on your previous post, (24th March) I go to a lot of motorhome rallies, us golden oldies talk a lot about the grandkids, how we grew up with full employment, racial problems seemed to be non existent. Nowadays we dread what the future holds for today’s generation. I feel the above ‘I’M DOING IT FOR MY GRANDKIDS’ should be your mantra at the conclusion of every meeting !

  5. Good news JA. I read the Truth the other day. Willie Jackson says beware people who call others racist as they’re the real racists. That from a man who says the word ‘Racist’ in near every sentence. That man surely is the biggest empty head to ever have his own radio show. I feel sure he’d be long term unemployed if he were in ay other western country in the world.
    Our cause is growing in numbers and Willie is doing us great justice by showing what an ignoramus he really is.
    The quintessential National supporters are mostly land owners and the rich, or them who want to work and get rich and need support from a friendly government. These incumbent National cowards are far removed from traditionalists.
    John Key has showed himself a coward and an appeaser, a compromiser, a man who can’t say a definitive “NO” and mean it.

    1. Yes, my reply will reveal that the racist allegation count from Willie’s two columns and my two replies is 12-0 in his favour (14 if you include rednecks) – thus proving my point using his theory!

      It’s taking ages to write, because there’s so much bollocks to respond to!

  6. My daughter is 16 years old and is coming home from school saying that here friends are now openly talking of this maori rubbish that they see on the news near every day. I told her it must be their parents talking of the issues they see in front of their kids and it’s rubbing off.
    In a way I find it amusing to see Mana Paul or Hone or some other radical talking on our TV screens like the whole country is in agreement with them and feel their pain. And the very bias media portraying it as so. How wrong they are as I feel/know that most of the country, even them who say nothing roll their collective eyes to the back of their heads when they see these money grabbing parasites telling us how hard done by they are.

  7. If only we had a political party much like the new UKIP (UK Independence party) party in the UK. They are making great gains as the conservatives (National) have moved to far to the left and have been ignoring the vast majority of citizens who are screaming out for change. Much like national of New Zealand.

  8. Great to hear grey power getting on board, just a shame not many local papers are prepared to share there pages with every one, been some good articles and letters to the editor on tauranga sunlive site, if every city had a media site as this things would be a lot different, any article dealing with treaty issues is drawing fire now so hopefully theres a roll on and people will stand up for them selves, im really impressed with some of Mike Kuipers Von Lande comments, sure does his home work, just wish he would get a nick name had to write it down before commenting, keep up the good work im just going to email big Willie and little John and thank them for all the there help in getting us out there.

  9. Willie is doing John Ansell a great service by parading his name of over the radio waves. Listeners will think “Who is this John Ansell fella?” and look him up. After some reading they will hopefully come over to our side and see the Willie and JT radical maori (Give us your money) show for what it is, a propaganda machine for fundementalist grievers.
    If only some of the “supposedly” opposing radio shows would invite JA along to tell NZ what the deal is.

  10. Some comments :-

    Its pretty clear that there is much disillusionment within National Party supporters with regards their support and views on this issue but this is not translating to loss of support in the poles. Exactly how this can change is uncertain but I’m hoping that the formation of a single issue party will change this…..keep that ball rolling John !!

    I agree with what someone said regarding content of these meetings. It would be nice to articulate exactly how much separate Maori health, education and broadcasting systems are costing the tax paying members of this country. It would be nice to list the Maori policies and initiatives that the present National Party has bought in since being voted in. It would be nice to list what the National Party has received as a response. etc etc….I could go on and on !! I know some of this is touched on but (having gone to one of the meetings) most of the talk is about the historical treaty inaccuracies. Don’t get me wrong as that meeting galvanised my views but the monetary cost of the “Maori” system we have now is irrefutable.

    Did anyone see a television add encouraging Maori voters to consider voting on the Maori roll? I’m willing to bet my life savings that there won’t be an add encouraging Maori voters to think about voting on the general roll !!….When will this end ?

    Keep up the good work John !!

  11. Talking about how one sided or just plain racist some newspapers are, BOP times and Herald were sent a letter from a Jan Hill Tauranga explaining how Maori set up charitable trusts so they dont pay tax on there millions while only passing 4% on to those who really need it,they refused to print it, mean while mae chen has her own column to tell how next she thinks maori can best rort the system or what to claim next, i wonder if she has sleep overs at Sian Elias place, its of major concern that a news paper would want to hide facts instead of getting them out there, shows you what the average kiwi is up against.

    1. Thankfully ‘The Weekend Sun’ publishes lots of letters ( and comments on their website). in our area. Check out and have your say on the corruption of our so-called democracy by maori and their appeasers.

      1. Thats where i read about this letter to the editor, charity begins at home was the headline, thanks anyway, i have been commenting on a lot of the letters and most get on line, what a fair an great form of media,another good article on there was the local iwi Ngati Rauhine and the gutless port of tauranga crowd setting up a board with 5 iwi and 2 port officials to oversee harbour after 1 of there tribe, a guy called waaka managed to drag dredging consent thru courts for years and costing millions of dollars, Maori lost the case and now they have a board to funnel Tauranga tax payers money straight in to Ngati Rauhine bank account sweet as bro.

  12. We’re only getting started , but waking up our neighbours and friends/families is in my opinion the most important thing to do.It seems to me that some folks are busy scrubbing and sanitising the truth from the people who care to look for it, for example wikipedia is totally bereft on any maori greivence facts that i can see , eg:Ngai Tamanuhiri. Waitangi Tribunal siding on their dubious claim ,hence a massive payout last year and Findlayson appologizing with crocodile tears.Spit!

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