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A genuine Waitangi grievance

Moriori by Michael King - Waitangi, Chatham Islands

Read this and weep.

Not for nothing, you may conclude, does the ‘tangi’ in ‘Waitangi’ means ‘weeping’ or ‘mourning’.

But the Waitangi in this story is not in the Bay of Islands. It’s in the Chatham Islands.

It, too, is a place of grievance.

And the perpetrators of that grievance were not white colonists from England, but Maori invaders from Taranaki.

Reporting on that troubled province, the Tribunal named after the northern Waitangi described as a ‘holocaust’ the Crown’s response to Taranaki tribal rebellion and Treaty-breaching.

Chronic tribal exaggerators like Tariana Turia and Kerry Opae even apply the term to the Crown’s repossession of its own land at Parihaka — after 14 years of asking nicely — where the death toll was precisely zero.

But they’re right that there certainly were Taranaki-related ‘holocausts’ (as in mass murders of innocents) in the 19th century.

And all of them were perpetrated by Maori.

These are the ‘holocausts’ that our one-eyed pseudo-historians forget to mention:

  • the rebels’ burning of the homes of 187 farming families.
  • the cruel, unprovoked murders of settler men, women and children like the Gascoigne family, the Gilfillan family, and Rev. John Whitely.
  • the burning of whole herds of farm animals (‘holocaust’ means ‘destruction by fire, or a burnt offering of animals’)
  • the Waikato invasion of 1831, in which the tribe of Potatau Te Wherowhero slaughtered and ate one-third of the Taranaki people, enslaved another third, and caused another third to flee to the Wellington area. (The future King Potatau I personally bashed in the brains of 150 unarmed captives at Pukerangiora pa at Waitara.)
  • the hijacking in 1835 by 900 of that other Taranaki third, of a ship to the Chathams, and the ethnic cleansing of the peace-loving Moriori.

The bloodiest killing field of those Taranaki butchers (from the Ngati Tama and Ngati Mutunga tribes, that recently received millions in Treaty settlements) was a beach called Waitangi.

Moriori by Michael King - Tariana's Taranaki holocaust

The following account is from Michael King’s Moriori — A People Rediscovered. We pick up the story as the Moriori chiefs debate whether to set aside their pacifism and attack the Taranaki invaders:

Moriori by Michael King - p.62Moriori by Michael King - p.63Moriori by Michael King - p.64

Moriori by Michael King - p.64 women staked on beach

Isn’t this the Waitangi-related grievance we should be most concerned about?

22 thoughts on “A genuine Waitangi grievance

  1. Disgusting primitive Stone-Age thugs! And john key and the other politicians are trying to give our country to their remnants!

  2. Part of our forever being rewritten history has stated that Morioris never existed. How’s that for an example of the corruption, lies and PC touchy-feely-don’t-hurt-the-maoris-feelings drivel that is somehow passing as ‘fact’?! Remember, if the maoris tell a lie often enough, the Waitangi Tribunal will soon turn it into a fact!

  3. Here’s what the Waitangi Tribunal concluded:

    “Our conclusions in regard to Moriori are as follows:
    . The main relief by far is due to the Moriori people.
    . Compensation for failing to intervene on their enslavement was recommended at chapters 5 and 10. Our reasons were also set out in
    those chapters. Important findings were that the Crown was aware
    of the situation and was in a position to have effectively intervened
    to provide a remedy and should have so intervened. The long-term
    consequence is that Moriori as a people, and their culture and integrity,
    are now seriously at risk, to the detriment of both the country
    and the descendants of the few survivors.”

    I wonder if this is the same crown that wasn’t supposed to have authority over the Maoris?

    1. You’d think Ngati Mutunga and Ngati Tama would have had the decency to compensate surviving Moriori out of their generous settlements.

      (Fat chance.)

      Of course, one of those tribes (forget which) recently lost the lot through shonky investment.

      Only one word for that…


      1. That was $17MILL And your mateJohn lol Willy Jakeson said they should get another 17mill. Is he just a $%&@ stirrer or thick?? or both?

      2. Willie is part-Ngati Mutunga, so will not like either this post or my latest reply to him in Truth (out tomorrow). But if he’s going to tell lies about my forebears, I’m going to tell the truth about his.

        The only reason I’m going back into the history is because a whole generation of Maori wide boys like him – aided and abetted by thoroughly Maorified bleeding heart historians, politicians, judges and journalists – are making a fortune out of rewriting that history to make the Maoris the helpless victims of British brutality, and emotionally blackmailing fair-minded non-Maori mugs into feeling so guilty that they happily pay the now thoroughly interbred descendants of those ‘victims’ a sizeable portion of their incomes in perpetuity.

        New Zealanders are, in fact, paying a licence fee for the use of New Zealand.

  4. Thank you, John The buggers are all up here (at Waitangi…) this week. In a rentedtent, that we’ll be paying for, (plus security to keep the rest of us out, which we’ll also be payin’ for…) trying tofathom,among themselves of course, how much they’re going tobilk the rest of us for this time round. Cheers, John


  5. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/6753899/Iwi-loses-most-of-Treaty-payout

    ” One of Taranaki’s largest private investment projects has gone horribly wrong, losing close to $20 million in a series of high-risk financial ventures.

    The loss means Taranaki’s most northern iwi, Ngati Tama, has shed all of a $14.5m Treaty of Waitangi payout it received in 2003.

    Shocked iwi members learned of the financial disaster at a hui at Pukearuhe Marae this weekend.”

  6. Hi
    Stories of slaughter are starting to make me feel rather nauseous. Excuse my female sensitivity but I would prefer some balance.

    Perhaps some focus on the positive “taonga” (to use the modern interpretation) that Europeans brought the Maori e.g. Christianity; writing and arithmatic; law and order to settle disputes and to give certainty to land ownership; the end to maori slavery and female infanticide; education, vastly increased agricultural possibilities; shipping and increased commercial opportunities; improved medical treatments for ailments and diseases etc, etc might be in order.

    1. Point taken, Irene, but I am providing balance – against those like Willie Jackson who have been getting away with pretending that Maori were the victims of Pakeha scorched earth policies and holocausts.

      When I saw the parallel of the Waitangi name, I thought it was worth a post.

      But you’re right, an illustrated, side by side comparison of pre- and post-colonial amenities would be compelling.

  7. Something just occurred to me regarding the memory of awful events like this.
    It is that the people of Germany are urged to never forget the events of WWII (and rightly so).

    However, we, the people of New Zealand, are being urged to never **REMEMBER** the events that took place in the Chatham Islands.
    Quite a contrast, I’m sure you’ll agree.
    It goes to show how thoroughly our education system has been hijacked by the PC-spouting socialists. They will never let the truth get in the way of soothing-sounding lies.

    1. Very true Thor42 I am also in the unenviable position of trying to get a serviceman of WW2 the burial and recognition he deserves after he was crushed in a “covert operation” storing William Boeings DC-5 Aircraft at North Head Devonport in the 1940s in a Military Tunnell but this is proved a hard “to do” as the Ministers hide behind our so called “Cheif Justices 1996 ruling that ” these tunnells dont exist”. Yet even more fantastical bollocks we the Public are forced to swallow involuntarily by our seemingly self serving “elite”.
      The Authorities know full well of what I state and continually try to brush me off due to the many “trails of deception laid over time” for various reasons, dare I mention the continually rolled over 75 year moratorium on pre~maori artifacts and Sacred Sites – you betcha as I believe truth matters along with common decency, standing up for your rights and being heard etc. I cannot abide liars nor theives and have effectively been shut down by them over this issue Grrr the crunchabunts make my blood boil while Mr Robert John Scott rots in an unmarked grave in the far north.

      A very shamefull state of affairs indeed

  8. Good point thor42. I am wondering what would the chances be of someone suing the government for negligence for the last 40 years of appeasement and not doing their job to check facts before giving away what belongs to us? They have failed in their duty for which they have been well paid. Even if it fails, which Hone Key would ensure it did, the publicity would be great. If it got to court. It would be perfect opportunity to show the facts, and then the Waitangi Tribunal could try with their make-it-up-as-you-go BS “facts” to prove otherwise. A half decent blind judge would easily see where the truth is coming from. All those facts in Chapter 10 of “The Great Divide” show what a scam the last 40+ years have been. I just shake my head as one betrayed by the govt and wonder how did it ever get this far if all had done their job properly?

  9. I have been trying to get ” The Great Divide” from the library for some time now. But I guess I have to go and buy it..
    When I checked recently , I was # 27 in a line of 150 people wanting to read it.
    People are getting more interested in this subject me thinks.
    Could it be that the worm is starting to turn?
    Stirring at least…

  10. I have just been released from hospital where I had a fair bit of time to do some reading. The day I was admitted a parcel arrived which contained my brand new copy of “Twisting The Treaty”. This book should be on every caring New Zealander’s bookshelf. Don’t think about getting a copy, just do it.

  11. Has anybody else noticed how some of these maori now have their part tribal affiliations added after names? almost as if it is some sort of qualification to be born into a tribal system. One example being Miriama Kamo, the TV news announcer, and a recipient, with her partner of 1.5 million dollars of taxpayer moner for “facilitating” treaty settlements in Auckland. Part Ngai Tahu/ Ngati Mutanga.

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