Human Rights Commission

Happy Race Relations Day, ‘Aotearoa New Zealand’

Race Relations Day 21-3-13 - HRC

According to the Human Rights Commission, today is Race Relations Day in ‘Aotearoa New Zealand’.

Ironically, it’s also my birthday.

(Thank you. I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but thought you’d like to share the delicious coincidence.)

And do I — a man Willie Jackson would have you believe was New Zealand’s arch-racist — want good race relations?

Yes I do. Of course I do. Don’t we all?

But we won’t get them while self-important bureaucracies like the HRC think they can ride roughshod over the democratic process and change the name of our country without the people’s permission.

And so I do not have any dream for Aotearoa New Zealand. Aotearoa New Zealand, to me, is a nightmare — a make-believe, politically correct la-la land controlled by a minority of a minority, based on emotional blackmail and the rewriting of history to suit themselves.

But here, dear Human Rights Commission, is my dream for New Zealand…

Race Relations Day - HRC - my dream for Aotearoa NZ

Why don’t you tell them yours?

Thanks to Racheal for the links.


37 thoughts on “Happy Race Relations Day, ‘Aotearoa New Zealand’

  1. I loathe the word “aotearoa” so much that I have put a strip of tape over it on my passport cover ( not sure how the hell anyone ever agreed that it should be there in the first place) and written my name on the tape. It just looks as though I have come from a tour group or whatever.

    I totally agree with your dream. At the moment, it is turning into a nightmare for anyone other than (part) maori.

    PS happy birthday John!

  2. I believe it is important as many as possible complete this.
    Alas as a Transsexual, I dont have alot of time for the HRC. They are so Maorified. They hold conferances at Maraes, have Maori greetings and prayers, speak in Maori even when there are only white NZers present. They are racist.
    I wrote considerably more than John.

    Interesting Johns pick up on the use of ‘Aotearoa’ as I hadnt considered it. Look in the Maori Dictionary and it means…” North Island – now used as the Māori name for New Zealand.” Now try ‘Whanganui” it means ‘Wellington.’ Ahuriri (suburb or Napier) means ‘Napier’, Whangarei means ‘Whangarei.’ Waikato means ‘collective name of the tribes living in the Waikato Basin. Also the name of the river from which they take their name.’
    Opotiki means ‘tribal group in the Ōpōtiki area.’
    Many words I thought were Maori, actually have no Maori meaning it seems.The ones above dont actually have any Maori meaning.
    These are all english place names.
    They all come from Sponsored by AUT, and the National Maori Language Institute.

    30 years ago, I had no problem with the use of Maori words but now when someone uses them, I say, ‘Sorry but I dont speak Maori.’ If they continue to use Maori words to me, I will tell them they are being rude as I have told them I dont understand. I refuse to step on a Marae as I dont feel welcome and I respect Maori. I know they have strong customs on a Marae and as I dont know them, I dont wish to offend.

    When our national anthem is played, I refuse to stand these days until the English version is played.

    What is happening in this country has caused me to become racist.
    I never was racist but I see racism has become so big. But am I racist?
    No, I respect Maori and believe Maori culture, heritage and language is important to NZ. It should be taught on the Marae and in Maori schools and funded largely by Maori from settlement funds Iwi have. Not the Government. As I am ignorant of Maori, I will respect them and not go on Marae or partake of their prayers etc.

    A white NZer friend of mine has just come back from a course WINZ send her to. At a Maori school. She was told she would have to be there at 10am and 3 pm each day for 26 weeks for prayers in Maori. She would have to observe Maori custom and would learn the language as Alot in the courses were taught in Maori. Why are WINZ forcing beneficiaries to go to these courses? She was clearly not suited to it. Is it because WINZ is forcing this Maori on us all? What sort of payment is this Maori school getting?

    We really need to fight this.

  3. I note that the HRC are still calling the people of Aotearoa/New Zealand, New Zealanders. No attempt (yet) to call us Aotearoaians.

  4. I see Susan Devoy has been made Race Relations Commissioner. The appointment is already raising the ire of some of our ‘friends’ based on some of her previous statements.

    I am a little puzzled by the appointment. I don’t imagine she has a truly non-racial view of NZ that parallels our own. Hwever her views do appear to be at least in some way further towards the TNZ position than any in the previous couple of decades.

    Is her appointment some kind of recognition that us anti-racists and anti separatists are building momentum and they have slapped her in there as a bit of a sop to this and to see where the land lies?

    1. Interesting appointment I agree, in light of someof her comments. Will be good to see if she can live up to what she has shown or will be ‘directed’ and be just a figure head. I hope the first and bring some toning down of it all.
      Guess its a case of ‘Watch this space’.

      And yes John, have a great day. XX

  5. Happy birthday, John. Hope it’s a great one.

    I too dislike intensely the word ‘Aotearoa’ in amongst the name of our country and will oppose it at every turn. I know what they are trying to do and that is eventually they will drop New Zealand and we will be called ‘that word’ – that’s why they put it first.

    Like you Racheal, I dislike even hearing the Maori language nowadays and that’s because it is thrust upon us at every turn. I can’t even stand the Haka but only just tolerate it before an All Blacks rugby match. That seems to be the only appropriate place to me as could be beneficial to stir the guys up before they play. I would say that was always it’s role – before some violent act!!

    I wondering if Susan Devoy’s qualification is perhaps what no-one else seems to have had in that role and that is common sense. She has made some interesting comments in the last month that I actually agree with.

    1. Come now Helen, you surely know Maori always come first.
      Maori greeting is spoken first in a speach;
      Maori national anthem is sung first;
      Maori haka before a game;
      Maori news before the news.
      Maori blessing before ours;
      Maori greeting of dignitaries before ours;
      Maori first in the WINZ que;
      Maori courses pushed before ours;

      Yes, past Race Relations Concilliators have clearly in the past shown a blind eye to Maori racism but will Dame Susan be strong enough?
      I hope so.

      1. Yes, you are so right, Rachael. I had noticed and I’m sick and tired of it. I’ve now trained my brain and ears not to register Maori words, so basically I’m only hearing the language that everybody in this country knows and speaks.

        If they said anything in Maori first, I hadn’t realised??!! Selective deafness might be my ailment or secret weapon.

  6. I think that politicians have made those part-maoris who call themselves maoris the enemies of the rest of us. I think that the only chance for NZ to survive is to immediately deport these enemies if they won’t accept one law for all – ditto Pacific islanders who won’t accept equal treatment for all. If no other country is silly enough to take them, just dump them on the Auckland Islands.

  7. So on this great day the Govt handed Tuhoe the biggest deal yet.
    $750,000,000, the control of a National Park and handling of their own benefits.
    I can see already the double dipping of being on their own benefit scheme and WINZ.
    And the Minister signing it makes a wise crack that he looks forward to all the emails he will recieve as he enjoys and laughs at them.

  8. Racheal, I did not see the wise crack about laughing at the e.mails from this rat. Where did you see it? Its hard to believe he is supposed to working for the crown, when in fact he is doing the exact opposite. Of all the vermin in NZ…rats, possums, hedgehogs etc, Finlayson and Hone Key are truly NZ public enemy numbers 1 & 2.

    1. I totally agree Derejk. I didn’t see that crack either but I get totally turned off every time I see Finlayson’s sneering face, so probably wasn’t listening properly.

      If treason was still a crime, Finlayson and Key would be right up there at the head of the queue for charging them with it.

  9. And the Tuhoe block is ‘really getting warmed up to appologys.’

    Many Tuhoe will have marched against asset sales yet they have no problem with the Government giving away a National Park. Same applies to many others who oppsed assett sales but they dont care a National park is given away.
    This whole thing is really angering me now.

    I saw a comment somewhere ‘Did Tuhoe sign the treaty?’ Anyone know as I don’t but I seem to recall hearing they didn’t.

    1. No, they didn’t sign the Treaty, Racheal, and they continually caused upheaval and harboured other warmongering criminals. That’s one reason why their land was confiscated.

      What a kick in the teeth to now give it back to them with a big cash supplement and on top of that to apologise for the terrorist raids when everyone knows they were ‘up to something bad’.

      Finlayson is acting for Maori and doing it with glee. I still remember him acting for Ngai Tahu before he got into Parliament and saying how pleased he was to get that settlement from the Crown. He hasn’t changed one little bit and is revelling in fleecing all of us. Who knows what’s in it for him!!??

  10. That is a very good point Racheal. Many people including perhaps the majority of those identifying as tribal Maori have opposed the removal of assets from public ownership and placing them in private ownership but have no problem in gobbling as many public assets as they can as long as they end up in THEIR private ownership.

  11. And rejected by his electorate no less than 3 times I believe, Barry. People didn’t want him but Key has seen to it that we are not only lumbered with him, but he’s destroying our country as we knew it, with his crazy fraudulent settlements. They are costing the rest of us dearly. On top of that, he’s laughing at us apparently!!

    Key has a lot to answer for. Why on earth is he so popular with the Sheeple?? It doesn’t say much for our intellect but then we have been dumbed down for 20-30 years, so what can we expect.

  12. Something has gone terribly wrong with our so-called “democracy” when the likes of Finlayson can carry on doing so much damage without any opposition or question. He truly is a traitor to the country, and should be treated accordingly. His actions and his smirking dismissal of any opposition to them makes me more angry than I have ever been.

    1. I am now so angry it is affecting my sleep, and the latest plan to split the country into two separate nations, tuhoe and the rest of uS? I am now completely disillusioned, I feel utterly betrayed by the government, I just cant believe what is happening to this country.

      1. Make sure you are eating correctly and go for regular walks Duane.

        Seriously, this topic screwed me up to the max some time ago and it was getting out of hand. I simply could not shake off the anger.

        I found taking a breather from the subject, and getting my eating habits into regulation, going for walks and getting my sleep was fantastic therapy.

        I still get those waves of intense anger and frustration but it doesn’t hangon any more like it use to, and like it is doing to you by the sounds of it.

        Folks, we need to keep our physical selves healthy to take on a subject like this.

        When we are physically healthy, our coping mechanisms are healthy.

  13. Duane you are not alone many feel angry. Losing sleep won’t help. Try to keep calm, focused and above all patient. The tide will turn.

    1. I hear you Graeme, need to watch the blood pressure. We need the tide to turn into a Tsunami if we are to change it now though I fear.

  14. And quickly Duane. I’ve been frustrated since 1995 and it’s gradually got worse over the years with it almost turning into a tsunami with the speed in which Finlayson is giving away our country and dividing us all.

    I totally agree with you, John P about the fact that we no longer have a democracy. Finlayson, with his past record of supporting and acting for ‘Maori’, should be nowhere near a Treaty Settlements portfolio. He is a traitor of the highest order.

    Now, that he has acknowledged he laughs when he gets letters opposing what he is doing, I’m starting to see red and cannot stand looking at his sneering face on TV or even listening to him. Why don’t his Party see through him and do something about him? Are they so insulated from reality that they agree with what he is doing?

  15. Finlayson’s behaviour is truly loathsome, and you do wonder whether or not any of his colleagues have any misgivings about him at all. If they do, they are doing a good job of concealing it. Which leaves Finlayson free to carry on with his accelerated programme of shovelling our cash towards greedy, dishonest Maori interests. At the same time entrenching the myth of “partnership” and the progression towards separatism. And he does all that damage to New Zealand while sneering at any opposition and labelling them as “clowns”.

    He has never been properly challenged on any of it by anyone with an equal or greater public profile. Winston Peters has come closest, but he keeps shifting focus between issues and fails to see anything through. What is needed is for a strongly worded rebuttal to be made against every one of Finlayson’s pronouncements and actions – by someone the media will be forced to take some notice of. We are very short of such people; I can’t think of one. Colin Craig may step into that role given time, but at present he is too new to have a well established profile.

    1. I have written to Key re Findlayson’s comments of laughing at constituents emails he gets opposing his Treaty settlements.
      Is this really how a Minister of the Crown should act?
      Seriously, write to Key and CC to TV and media.
      That is what I am doing these days.

      1. Good move Racheal – more people should write to their MPs, especially those who can spare the time to do so. Don’t bother with Finlayson though, except perhaps a CC to him – as we know, he just laughs off any idea not in tune with his own, and calls organised opposition from the likes of NZCPR “clowns”, which goes unchallenged by the media, and therefore sticks in many people’s minds as having at least a grain of truth. And thus another voice of opposition is muffled.

        That is enough to make anyone with a brain angry, and speaking for myself I also feel angry at the utter apathy of most NZers, and their apparent willingness to allow dishonest versions of our history to become entrenched.

  16. John P, you know by now that I agree with you entirely. Finlayson’s colleagues must think he is okay or surely Finlayson wouldn’t constantly sneer and appear so jubilant with every new settlement he makes. It is quite sickening really. Perhaps he has Key’s ear and no-one dares to protest. Key is therefore just as bad.

  17. Helen, I completely agree. Key is complicit in these dealings – he has to be. He just keeps a little distance, and lets Finlayson do the dirty work, which he does with relish, and will probably soon receive some sort of honour as a reward. A sickening thought.

    Here is another issue currently underway that is mainly slipping under the media radar; no doubt it will be one of many:

    1. I have also done a lot of work on this issue. I have an an appointment with my local MP tomorrow to put before him my concerns about this travesty of a bill and its potential ramifications should it be passed. Should be an interesting meeting.

    2. Yeah John, if they can pull this one off, maybe Germany will be able to get an apology from Poland… for invading Germany and starting the war! This evil lying grievance industry has been going on right under our noses for a long time. Our journalists would rather have a free lunch at Kim Dot Com’s mansion than ask a searching question to the bullies in the make-it-up-as-you-go maori grievance industry.

  18. I read about this in the paper last month. Stand by for another chapter of fiction in the great rewrite of NZ History.

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