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On Radio Live with Duncan Garner at 3.10pm

Duncan wants to talk to me about Race Relations Day and Dame Susan Devoy’s appointment as Race Relations Commissioner.

I don’t really know Dame Susan’s track record in this area, only that she comes from Rotorua and played superb squash against people from many different cultures.

And I’d rather the job went to Dame Susan Devoy than Dame Claudia Orange or Dame Anne Salmond. 🙂

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  1. I have been wondering what Susan Devoy would bring to the role and the only one I can think of apart from her having experienced many different nationalities when she was at the top of her game in Squash, is common sense which has been sadly lacking from others in this role.

    She has also made some interesting comments of late which I agree with. One that comes to mind is that we should find another day to celebrate our National Day as “Waitangi has been hijacked and if it can never be really seen as a day of national celebration then perhaps the time has come to choose another true New Zealand day’.

    Very sensible.

  2. “And I’d rather the job went to Dame Susan Devoy than Dame Claudia Orange or Dame Anne Salmond.”

    I guess the proof will be in the pudding. . . we all know the track record of the last one.

    An interesting read was found when clicking on the link just below these words.

    Keep up the great work good people (both past and present) its becoming appreciated by more people of all walks as time goes by now, Thankfully!

    Peace, out.

      1. Garner is a raving idiot, prepared to sell his soul for ratings! He wants to be the next John Campbell for the PC apologist lefties.

  3. I think Dame Susan is a real coup for our cause, it’s awesome she has been chosen for this role. Maybe they are trying to inject some common sense back into race relations in this country rather than the one sided politically correct joke which has been happening under the marxist de brois regime. Thank god he’s gone, good riddance!

    1. “Awesome” Jonathan? I think she won’t do anything to remove the everyday discrimination in favour of part-maoris and Pacific islanders.

      1. I reserve judgement on that. I think she may surprise you, she has been very guarded with the words she has used so far which makes me think she may be one of us (fingers crossed) that has slipped past the system. I live in Rotorua and have an idea how her opinions may have been shaped as there is nothing here untouched by the treatyists’ taint.

  4. I forgot to add earlier that we can definitely add Garner to our list of Treatyists and Espiner of TV3’s sick joke of a current affairs programme fame. The article last night about tuhoe was one of the most one-sided articles regarding treaty issues i have seen to date (on non-maori tv of course – that tv channel is disturbing). Are these guy’s selling their souls or do they truly believe we should give and give and give and give to all thing part-maori demand? If they don’t believe what they are saying they are surely heading for hell as they are total sellouts against equality in NZ and are pushing the PC doctrine hard. I believe NZ (and possibly the world) is in the grips of a political battle, a battle that consists of PC, feminists, revisionists, treatyists, apologists, homosexual political factions vs the conservatives, silent majority etc. We are scared into silence by claims of homophobia, racism, benebashing, glass ceiling etc etc, all of which to anyone with the intelligence to do some simple research clearly do not exist.
    The question is, is our best defence to use their own tactic against them and claim that we are the victims of discrimination, go on marches, etc, recent history tells us that this is the only successful path to change.

    1. Yes Jonathan, did you see the way the TV3 “journalist” (Espiner??) was talking to this blob from Tuhoe? His body language. His hand movement and tone and submissive stance were as if he had just been confronted by god himself ( I am an athiest BTW!!). He seemed in total awe of this Tuhoe thug who has a 40 year plan to get Tuhoe people off the dole…but they will initially be using crown money for this project!!!!! I smell a massive scam coming our way!!!!!

      1. I agree, atheist also, but i would rather have the decent morals and mores that Christianity impresses on our society than revisionist PC anti-colonialist garbage. I respect the 2000+ years of influence Christianity has had on shaping civilization as we know it, but have no respect for a post-modernist culture that thinks itself above these influences. Massive amounts of our money are going the way of Tuhoe in the near future for sure…silently of course!

      2. Good on you, Derejk, but I read a little more into that interview with Kruger. (The Boer Nationalist Kruger would be tossing in his grave at the thought of this super-griever sporting his monicker.) Kruger said that Tuhoe would pay the tribes benefits, medical allowances, educational costs etc., but I suspect what is behind this facade, is that the State (read taxpayers) would pay these in bulk to the tribe, and the tribe would distribute them as they thought fit. I was disappointed that Espiner did not follow that through.

        Under this system, the tribal elite would have all the funds and would distribute them to tribal members who toed their line. Tribal members who did not conform would get zilch. Tribal elite would have even more power than they did in pre-European times.

        It was this thinking that Timoti O’Reagan and ilk prevented Tamihere from having urban Maori formed into a separate new iwi.

    2. Jonathan
      It is possible to have feminist viewpoints yet still value men and their qualities. I have three grown sons and I want them to be able to live happy and productive lives in a New Zealand society characterized by fairness and generosity of spirit.

  5. I have put my religious debate aside because this is far more important. I was just laughing at how Espiner was kowtowing to this thug from Tuhoe in the most submissive PC way I have ever seen.

  6. Quite like the appointment of SG but await the results.
    Did you note the disgraceful Christpher Finlayson? Arrogant as always! I cannot understand why the rest of the National members cannot see how dangerous to our democratic process he is. Should have been the one gone by lunch time. They may pay dearly at the polling stations for cowardice in the face of the enemy methinks

  7. Deborah Coddington was on RadioLive along with Judith Collins and was interviewed by WJ (20.03.2013) re Susan Devoys appointment as Race Relations Commissioner.
    After a question from WJ on race relations in NZ, Deborah commented “Yes but as a panel member of the Constitutional Review my eyes have been opened as to some of the disturbing things that people want to do in terms of removing the reference to the Treaty of Waitangi from our laws because I wonder to what end they want to do that why? Why? What’s the long term plan?”
    She seemed in a bit of a lather over the prospect and being disturbed by hearing the viewpoint hardly sounded like she was taking a neutral position and therefore able to impartially assess submissions. I thought Elizabeth Rata had explained it fairly clearly to the panel, but perhaps Deborah is not up to speed.

  8. Just watched The current affairs show on Tuhoe. What a one sided and twisted show it was. Considering it was supposed to be investigative journalism is was so one sided. And to see the shyster Finlayson makes me sick to my stomach, especially when he tells us NZers to ‘get over it’.
    Expect more hundreds of millions, even billions to be pumped into that part of the world, just to to stop them parading in their underware shooting the flag of our nation. No wonder there’s no cellphone coverage nor running water or anything else, it’s because workers would be in fear to go there and companies wouldn’t go near such a radical and twisted place.
    Why are they getting treaty money if they didn’t sign up to the treaty?
    The cowards running this country should be on trial for their treacherous and pusillanimous kowtowing to these radicals.
    This country is on its knees and the governments and journalist are warming us up to give super payouts as protection money.
    Pro rata this country is the most expensive country to live in in the western world, and it’s all because we’re paying out billions for nothing to people who will never get off their collective arses to do anything themselves.
    One girl on that show wants to study to be a lawyer to come back and help her people. She knows that there’s BIG money to be made out of keeping your people down in the gutter.

    1. Hello Marvin, unless you know something I don,t there is no evidence that the monies paid out in treaty settlements gets buried or shipped of shore, my point being the money goes around and we all click the ticket as it goes by. You know the story Marvin a fool and his money are soon parted. you really only lend the money. Eh.

      1. So with that logic we should give them trillions then, just because they’ll mess it up anyway. I hope never become prime minister, we would be done for.

  9. Yes Marvin, I saw the last ten minutes of this ‘entertainment’. Espiner was in awe of this fat Tuhoe parasite. Tuhoe want a 40 year plan to get Tuhoe youth off the dole. 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess who will be funding this “plan”?!! Yep, the taxpayer! Maybe I could ask Hone Key for …say $20 million a year to keep the kids in my street off the dole? Tuhoe do not want to fund this programme initially but may help out near the end of the 40 years!!!!! Ha, if it takes 40 years, the youth can go straight on the pension, missing out the dole altogether!! They also want co-governance of “their land”. There is also their $170 million claim ….even though they never even signed the Treaty. Hard to believe that Hone Key is allegedly a national Party PM. He seems more like a piece of useless jelly floating in the harbour with no trace of a spine. Ha, Winston just called him the Prime minister of overseas holidays. Whatever you call him, there can be no denying he is a traitor to NZ.

    1. You wonder at the motivation of John key and Findlayson? Read up on the Zionist Conspiracy. It is textbook perfect.

  10. hi John A. You know John the Europeans who colonized N.Z. Did in fact steal from the Maori in that he stole 10’000 years of evolution from them. A people who had yet to discover the wheel or gone through a bronze age or establish a written languish and on and on. So John what price would you put on 10000 years of evolution? And why is it that you find it so hard to understand that we can,t be the same Eurpeans have evolved at a different rate than say peoples of the Pacific, be patient John 10’000
    Years is long time to catch up.

      1. You don’t understand Jonathan ! Not sure how that makes me a weirdo. Do yourself a favor think before you type.

      1. Exactly John, Jonathan, the message is not always in what is said but what is not said.

      2. J.A. Why did you use the term evil Europeans ? I thought you might be just a tad above sarcasm . Disappointed John. Leaving the word evil out gave you a bob each way.

    1. Hi Derejk,read between the lines, just a couple of hundred years ago a very primitive people were draged through thousands of years of natural evolution by other people who had been there and done that, saving them an awful lot of trial and error.Every thing the Maori enjoys today has been without any real Maori invovolment . I am referring now to the lifestyle Maori expects from the taxpayer in payment for a troubled history a hundred years ago. I for one accept history as the past, not much I can do about it. But if you won’t help me reap the wheat, if you won’t help me grind the wheat, if you won’t help me bake the bread, you don’t get any bread. Perhaps Jonathan is right.

  11. Hi Bill
    Historically, all peoples have had to overcome problems and adjust to change regardless of race, ethnicity or their knowledge of technology.
    Are you saying that you personally believe Maori today are owed their livelihoods because of what ever difficulties they experienced in the past?

    1. Morning Irene, nothing could be further from the truth. Having said that, J.A.s dream of throwing a blanket over N.Z. and proclaiming us to be one people is just that, a dream. If we still want to live in a country who looks after those who are less fortunite nothing will change . The same twenty per cent will still slowly bleed the country to death. J.A.s right no special laws or entitlements on the grounds of race colour or creed. Then open yet another dept. that those who feel the need to support Maori or any other ethnic group can give what they deem nessasary to rid them of the sins of their fathers. Win win.

  12. I saw traitor Finlayson ( rat wearing glasses ) on the TV news last night rubbing noses with all his Tuhoe chums. To think our taxes are given away by this maori father xmas without so much as a “can you actually prove that ?” is amongst the most scandalous acts in our entire history, Tuhoe never signed “the treaty”. Can anyone enlighten me on the so called “brutal acts on the Tuhoe people” that was mentioned? Is this true …or just another make-it-up-as-you-go and exaggerate it by the Waitangi Liarbunal? When Finlayson is in the firing squad for traitorous acts against the people he is supposedly representing, I will be the one who has already pulled the trigger before the “aim” part of the “ready…..aim….fire” command !

    1. Derejk, don’t know if you do J.A.s cause any good with this childish rubbish. Surely you can express your differences without threatening people. But don’t get me wrong I too squirm when Mr.Finlayson enters my space through the tv. I know someone has to do it in the present regime but he seems to revel in it.

    2. Then while he’s going down I’ll get him before the “fire”! There should be a bounty on his head – and on key’s.

      1. Barry your comment is a sad reflection on your thinking. I do not support this posting and I ask you to stop.

    3. Derejk. As far as I am concerned the latter part of your post crosses the line. You may feel angry about things that are difficult to change but l do not condone such sentiments. Try engaging reason.

  13. I make no apology for what I said. I mean every word. My mother died on a hospital waiting list…a list that may never have been but for over $30 billion of public money/assets given away with no mandate. Finlayson is the smiling face of appeasement and he seems quite proud of his dis-service to the NZ public. Hell, he actually enjoys it !! Tuhoe never signed a treaty yet are given money this country can not afford, for …what??? I have not threatened anyone; because as we all know, Finlayson will end up with some kind of medal for Services to Mafia, rather than face a firing squad. A country this size can not give mega $billions away and expect to stay a first world country. The days of being nice and expecting change are long gone.

    1. Hi Derejk, sorry to hear about your mum. My point is, extreme redneck comments undermine the facts and figures that J. A. and his colleagues are trying to bring to the general public. They will be tared by association with extreme comments and quite likely to be written off before a strong movement can get underway.

  14. Ok Bill, I see what you say, but my disgust has nothing to do with race. It is actually on the basis of lies, deceit, corruption, appeasement and grievance and that includes people from more than one race. In truth it’s probably more towards the non-maoris like Finlayson & Key than the (part) maoris themselves! By loathing my own ‘fellow’ non-maori….can that make me a redneck? Anyway, I’ve had enough for today. Sitting here with a broken leg is exposing me too much to the computer and the sickening stories that make the headlines.

    1. Hi Derejk,din,t mean to offend put your feet up and keep your finger typing. You sound like you have a lot of negs going on but you sound like a good kiwi to me. Sorry bro.

    2. Derejk, I know what you mean – the white (and other) politicians such as key and finlayson and heatley who give our country away in gifts to the lying part-maoris who ask for them are even more to blame than the part-maoris themselves (in a way)! Because the POLITICIANS are the ones who can knock the whole dishonest farce on the head! But don’t!

      1. Barry , so have you sent your message to your M. P.? Or are you waiting on the fence ?

  15. Derejk – I see no need to apologise for what you have said. I too am livid at what these people are doing to our country, our assets and resources. It is an appalling situation that has no hope of being resolved without massive upheaval and decades or longer of serious strife. All our fellow countrymen and ancestors of all races worked fought and died for has been torn apart in a couple of short decades and in such a way that frankly I cannot see how it can possibly be put back together. If that is not enough to make a person spit tacks then they may as well already be dead.

    1. Mike, of course it can be put back together . Be positive, one law for every one, no perks, no special deals for ethnic or religious groups , we produce together ,if you are capable of producing and chose not to ,don’t expect the majority to support you, simple basic life skills for 70 per cent of the people of the planet.

  16. Key is certainly speeding this up this mass land, plus Billions, plus anything else they want giveaway to appease the radicals. And to see this human Rat Finlayson on our TV screens makes me sick to my stomach. He just oozes sleaze, lies and mistrust. How can anyone trust this disgusting man?
    I agree with Derejk that he should be put up against a wall and let the proverbial happen, along with Key and all the rest of the appeasers and apologists.
    It is certainly getting much worse in these past few years since Key came on to power; and he’s a conservative, I just don’t understand it!
    Is it protection money? Are they really afraid of a few nutters with guns who shoot our nation’s flag and stick their tongues out? Is it all worth the hundreds even billions of dollars to keep them happy? Why aren’t we the majority getting a say in all this?
    I now believe that if maori asked Key for the keys to Christchurch, Wellington
    and Auckland and every other town and village in this country, plus a annual waitangi treaty tax levy from every household in the country, I really do believe the media would back it, and I also believe that the NZ public would still do nothing. NZ is the most spineless nation in the world. Sorry if i’m offending anyone, but you surely must agree?
    We are shit scared of maori and their PC apologists calling us racist. In fact we would rather live in the most expensive country in the world and pay fake natives to live the high life all for the fear of upsetting these part maori parasites.
    Not us on this site but the country as a whole is as weak as piss.

  17. To Derejk, Marvin,Jonathon & Barry

    Bill is right in asking you to tone down your commentary. Lets try and be constructive, we do not want to start attracting extremists (White power for example), or frighten away people who could add to the cause. I too understand the anger as I feel it myself , but I believe that the types of comments made recently will turn out to be counter productive. Vent in private and post here in a calm and reasoned manner please.

    1. Fair enough. It just makes me so angry to see what’s happening to this country, and no one, ie media will ask the real questions and do some real investigative journalism unbiasly.
      I appologise for my outburst and my tone.

      1. Hi Marvin. I think some very good investigative journalism is being done, unfortunately a scarcity in the mainstream media.
        People should take a look at Mike Butlers, Breaking Views to get some real cutting edge journalism.

  18. I don’t mind Derejk, Marvin etc. letting off a bit of steam – I see them as passionate and frustrated rather than vicious racists. None of us here are vicious racists as far as I can see, and if we attract any I will ban them.

    Bill: I do not wish to throw a blanket (presumably you mean a white blanket) over all New Zealanders. I want a vibrant multicultural society where all members have equal rights.

    But I do believe that multicultural nation must be run according to the principles of democracy.

    Thus we will inevitably be accused of favouring ‘the tyranny of the majority’, but given the alternative tyranny of the minority, what is a democratic country to do?

    We have a lot of people, like Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Chris Finlayson, who by their actions clearly don’t believe in democracy, and we need to expose them for that.

    If they – and all the other Treatygaters, let’s face it – don’t believe in acting according to the will of the people, they should be honest enough to say so.

    We should hound them on this issue.

    1. Morning John, I believe your right re the over enthusiastic disciples . John no one can argue your policy agenda but we have a problem, being, the government of the day need all the votes they can muster to put through a major policy change. Now take the Maori vote then add the wannabe Maori and the guilt ridden mix in the intellectuals and liberals the labour party the greens etc. etc. and that leaves you me and the desciples. The first step would be to get rid of M.M.P. and keep up with your eduction program, as you say the facts which are often hidden to us need to be made public.

    2. Hi John i live in NSW and have Herald as my home page i also read sunlive and nzcpr as do all my kiwi friends, just read paul Moons mush, the past must be remembered, on Tuhoe, no wonder every one thinks the way they do, love to see Mike Butler write a rebuff and see if it got printed, cheers keep up the good work lots of people watching this now.

  19. I agree with those who are disgusted by the apparent acceleration in the process of appeasing and paying off the greasy Maori scammers who by utterly bogus means are guzzling from the trough of public funds without our approval. And I am angry with those who are stealing from us to feed their greed. Finlayson in particular; clearly with Key’s approval, and clearly with the silent assent of their parliamentary cohorts. We are entitled to be angry, and we should stay angry until this ongoing wrongdoing is stopped. Unless we stay angry, we are just another ineffectual group bleating from the sidelines and changing nothing.

    1. John it is your blog and you are entitled to run it as you see fit. Personally I think comments suggesting people being shot etc are counterproductive. Anti feminist,anti gay, anti leftist comments have the potential to drive away a potential support base.
      As I said before I am ok with anger but in my opinion it needs to be tempered with common sense.

      1. I take the view that “so and so should be shot” is a pretty tame insult these days, and not meant literally.

        I accept that the victims of gun violence may not agree.

        You won’t find me condoning homophobic comments here, and I regret that some such comments appear to have snuck under my radar and driven away one good commenter, Kasbar.

        (Thus I would condemn Chris Finlayson for being anti-democratic, but not for being gay.)

        If people want to make political comments connected to Treaty issues, they’re free to do so.

        It’s a fact that the political correctness most of us despise was invented by German communists in 1923, and that socialism’s “long march through the culture” was the philosophy of Italian communist Anton Gramsci.

        It’s a fact that the Left first fostered the racial favouritism we object to, although the Right has clearly embraced it in New Zealand.

        Such are the facts of political life.

        There are good and bad aspects of both Left and Right, but to hide the Left’s bad side in order to curry favour with lefty supporters strikes me as dishonest, and I won’t do it.

        I welcome lefties into our discussion on our one issue: race relations. Our differences on other issues we can leave at the door.

        I think we can be a broad church. Chris Trotter agrees with our aims, and so does John Robinson, though neither would probably agree with me on much else!

        If a person is so offended by another’s view on another issue that he or she wishes to leave a discussion on this issue, then I’m sorry.

        I wish they’d reconsider.

      2. I don’t think we should tread too carefully on the eggshells of other people’s delicate feelings. By all means stick as much as possible to the core message, but not to the extent of stroking the egos and tissue paper sensibilities of those who are too ready to see offence if they think someone has slighted their particular hobby horse.

        Kasbar for example has made many serious and intelligent contributions to this blog, but then takes offence where none was intended and which to me was rather hard to detect. That reaction is unfortunate, and it would be good if he could see that and return. But I tell you what – if I was of a mind to take offence at every silly comment made which appears to disparage my own beliefs and preferences, I would be long gone. I am sure others must feel the same. To so easily take offence weakens and limits us as a group, and puts us in the same category as the PC Maori revisionists whose views we are so opposed to. They so easily call us “racist” & “redneck” etc. because that is the limit of their perception. Let us not oppose that crap while becoming oh so careful not to be called a “homophobe” or “misogynist” or “elitist” or whatever label someone can come up with. You can’t have it both ways.

        We have to harden up – at least a little – and stop being quite so careful, and stop apologising when there is no need to. I know it can be a fine line, but a little flexibility would not go amiss. I happen to know that behind the scenes some of us, especially JA, have had to rise above much worse personal attacks than anyone should be expected to endure, but we have, and we must. There will be some who feel compelled to leave, or drift away, because their personal axe is not being ground, or because they see some slight in what someone else says, who by the way otherwise shares the same objectives. To that I am inclined to say: so be it – in the end, that is their choice.

  20. I see Susan Devoy is already getting a lot of flak for being chosen as a race relation officer, from the Greens, Mana , and Moaning party ( err sorry I mean Maori Party..) That must mean she is probably good for the role…I hope Judith Collins stands her ground.
    Still don’t see why we would need a ” race relations officer” though.
    Do they have any power at all ?

  21. The power the RRC has is not much more than making public pronouncements on anything to do with race. That doesn’t sound like much, but for many years we have had an incumbent who is completely biased and has helped feed the pro-Maori anti-Caucasian fire we are now being burnt by. Plus he sucked up to the increasingly ridiculous UN and encouraged them to interfere repeatedly with New Zealand’s affairs. I am not sure if the post carries any other powers, but these are more than enough, and it is to be hoped that Dame Susan will be able to undo some of the damage already done. But I suspect she will mainly play it safe and non-controversial.

  22. From what I hear on Radio Pathetic (re Garner and Jackson), read in Truth and see on Marea (Baseball bat Miriana), John, our ‘detractors’ seem to attack our views on a number of fronts and are reoccurring.
    1) “Are you saying Maori are a privileged race in NZ.” Their condescending, scoffing and arrogant manner in which they ask the question is obviously a ploy to once again belittle the cause as a fringe redneck racist bunch of idle, middle aged and older white male and discredited tiny minority. I would suggest that we stick to attacking the GREVIERS – those, as you say, the minority of a minority, who are extracting huge sums from NZ tax payers under false pretences to feather their own individual nests. The vast majority of part Maori should not be included in our attack.
    2) “So, all accepted academics, both major parties etc are wrong and YOU, John are right.” As you doing a wonderful job for attempted re re education (not a spelling mistake by the way) of the masses, this is a massive task where a discussion on ‘education’ and history can easily side-track the important thrust of the cause thus the cause is lost in a discussion of ‘opinion’ – their definition, not ours. Spending so much time fighting this battle with, what appears to be with little credibility, is a huge ask and needs many main stream press releases to gain any traction. The main thrust should be the rout the Greivers are performing not just on NZers but a total subset of NZers – all Maori. Attack the Grievers. Make them uncomfortable. Get the interviewer/churnolist, to justify the blatant ripoff.
    3) ‘So Maori (note the inclusive nature of the word vis a vie no2), you say, are receiving 1.5 billion in settlements every year but Maori pay taxes too and no, they didn’t receive that money.” Agree, the inclusive Maori have NOT received 1.5 billion, only the ELITE GREVIER Maori do.
    4) “You’re a racist”. You handle this comment really well. We’re not the ones who receive race based handouts. No other culture receives such huge tax payer handouts.
    John, (to sound encouraging, not condescending) your interviews are improving with every turn. Go Johnny, Go.
    Just saying.
    Big Bad Hone.

    PS Did anyone see in the census forms the use of the phrase “Did you yourself blah blah blah?”
    You Yourself?????. Cultural creep in government official documents, ce n’est pas?

    1. Thanks. In future I must make the distinction between being offered privileges and making the most of them.

      What we have now is the state bending over backwards to offer Maori special privileges, but Maori failing to take advantage of them – then saying they don’t get any!

    2. Yes I agree John is becoming more instinctively responsive with his answers – great to listen to. This natural fluidity is what was missing. What is also required urgently is a team of talkback soldiers supporting him in opposition to Jackson and the born again treatygaters like Coddington because three or four callers ringing to say JA is right “because” gets attention.

      The problem is that John is as yet unable to get a meaningful soapbox platform to awaken the sleeping voter. It is a sad endictment against us as a nation that the media can be allowed to present someone like Chris Finlayson as the good guy and John Ansell the bad guy. Its a disgrace.

      This is how massive the task ahead will be and it will require a political party with serious influence to stop the appeasement and restore democracy for the future. I do not see a party or leader that has the backbone required.

  23. Yes, that was one of many grammatical absurdities recently contained in Government forms and other printed matter. If they can’t even speak or write properly, you have to wonder about the reliability of their thought processes. It is axiomatic that if one is flawed, both will be.

    I agree that JA is becoming more relaxed, more immune to the assertions of idiots and is therefore better communicating the core message; often “under fire”. Very encouraging.

  24. Where is all this madness going to end? Bill indicated in an earlier post that ‘a fool and his money are easily parted’. To me that indicated that it doesn’t matter the government is giving millions and billions plus vast tracts of land to these part maori because they’ll waste it anyway.
    My God what kind of logic is it when someone comes up with something like that? I wish the government would give me hundreds of millions thinking I’ll spend it anyway so what’s the issue?
    Some people truly are barking!

    1. Marvin, a truly flipped remark with tounge in cheek, for which I apologies for. Please can anyone see a resolve to this bleeding of tax payers hard erned money ? J. A. Do you have one??

  25. Why is oit that the odious toad Findlayson has all these millions to give away to satisfy fraudulent treaty claims, when there is not enough money in the kitty to pay DOC workers, who are for the most part doing good work??

  26. Looking at Finlaysons profile on wikipedia, it says he is a gay catholic and celibate. Of course I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that….I’m just stating what it says and pass no judgement whatsoever on those facts. I had no idea. It also says in June 2010 he was found by the registrar of pecuniary interests to have broken the rules in not declaring a directorship in his annual pecuniary interest return.
    Brain fade and forgetfulness seem common amongst politicians…even the ones like him who have never ever been elected but snuck in under the radar as a list MP. I’m sure Key is either “comfortable” or “relaxed” about Finlayson, as he seems to be with almost anything that should bother him.

    Just thinking….anyone got any ideas for creative catchy adverts aimed at the uncaring apathetic, that could get up the Waitangi Liarbunals noses? Make them angry. Stimulate debate. Provoke them to showing their real bully colours. Just a thought. We could come up with something to rattle their cage…and eventually be proved right…ahh, too much spare time with a broken leg!

  27. I am a little surprised that John Ansell is so flippant about threats of violence, but that is up to him.

    Would he be so flippant if someone like Tame Iti made such a threat towards him or his supporters?

    For the record, if I am involved in any discussion where John Ansell or any of his supporters are threatened with violence I will condemn the person making the threats. I do think violence has a place in society (boxing rings), but in my opinion a civilised political discussion is not the place. MTC (my two cents).

    1. Glenn, I think there’s a world of difference between someone sounding off with the cliché, “So and so should be shot” and Tame Iti and Kemara holding training camps with guns with the expressed intention of shooting people.

      One threat is hollow bluster that people make thousands of times a day, the other was a real plot to kill people.

      Like Trina, I too have read the police affidavit. When those guys say “So and so should be shot”, they mean it.

      Please understand the difference – it’s not a small difference.

      1. I should not have used Tame Iti as an example, that was a poor choice in this situation. I have not read the affadavit mentioned, so I do not have an opinion on that at this stage.

        What if that hollow threat is directed at you or your supporters by Joe Bloggs. You cannot know if it is hollow threat or not. My point is, that even if it is a hollow threat (Derejk has now stated that it was a throwaway remark & that is good enough for me), I don’t see how it is helpful or constructive & I don’t think we should be so flippant about such threats. Again, I may be just a little sensitive. In my opinion we have become very casual about such violence & violent rhetoric in our society & I think it is a problem.

        I understand the difference you are pointing out to me. I just did not do a very good job of making my point.

      2. No Glenn, I thought you inadvertently made the point brilliantly.

        If someone says, “I think John Ansell should be shot”, I personally would disregard it as harmless bravado.

        If I discovered evidence of Tame Iti and co. planning my assassination, that would be very different.

  28. Hang on a minute Glenn!!! I said I would be happy to be the first to pull a trigger in a firing squad against someone found guilty of being a traitor. I did not say I would stalk or attack anyone. get tis into perspective. Please do not let this get out of hand. It was a throwaway remark. Sadly, I think I will not visit this site anymore. Goodbye and good luck everyone.

    1. Derejk, that was not my intention. I was merely offering my opinion. I hope you will continue to contribute. You are clearly a passionate New Zealander with a strong opinion & I like that! I feel I can learn more from you than I can from someone who shares my own views. I don’t often agree with what you say, but I still try to learn from your input.

      I definitely did not intend to upset you & I am sorry if I have. I was also sorry to hear about your Mother & I hope your leg is healing well. Be well Derejk.

  29. My God some people are much too sensitive to off the cuff remarks. I agree with you Derejk. In an ideal world I would be very supportive of disposing of traitors to this country. I’m even suppotive of capital punishment for our worst criminals. PC has indeed made us weak. I’d hate to fight a war alongside people who are so offended by anything. I say harden up and man up, and stop being so pansy about silly things.
    I know I’m going to get shot down by the people who are ‘offended’ (hate that PC word), but come on, regardless of what someone says when they’re angry; we are all thinking along the same lines in regards to this multi billion dollar treaty rort by elitist maori and perfidious politicians.
    So stay on board and stay together for our one common goal of stopping this.

  30. Derejk, like hell are you gonna runaway away from us sunshine!

    Your contributions have been too valuable, and I for one do not want you to leave.

    Dearest Glenn, the difference between Derejk’s comment and a similar one made by Tama Iti, is that Tama Iti would most likely have meant it!

    Have you read the Police Affidavit on that case? Because I have, and I have no doubt in my mind that that man and his band of merry men and woman were organising themselves into something that was to be a serious threat to our country.

    The Police had EVERY right to step in the way they did, and I am one NZ’er who is ever so greatful for their intervention.

    1. Hi Trina, I don’t know Tame Iti or Derejk, so I cannot judge if a comment made by either of them online is deadly serious or not. I think uncontrolled violence is a serious problem in this country & I don’t think flippant comments made about shooting people are helpful or pleasant. I was also surprised John Ansell appeared to accept that a suggestion someone should be shot was tame. I didn’t see it that way. I am a sensitive soul.

      I have not read the police affadavit you mentioned, I would like to. But it is not anywhere near the top of my current reading to do list. I will get back to you with my opinion if I get a chance to read that.

      Anyway, I hope you are having a nice day & I see below that Derejk has decided to continue contributing. Good news?

  31. Apologies to everyone. I should take my own advice and never type a reply when angry. To go from the computer to reading “Twisting The Treaty” was not the ideal scenario to walk away from my like minded friends here!! Lets forget about this and move forward together. We are all here for the same reason. Anyway, no harm done…just me looking a bit stupid. Tally-ho !!

    1. Hi Derejk, I don’t want to annoy you any more than I already have, but I just wanted to clarify that I am not here for the same reason as you & most of the other contributors here. I am not a supporter of John Ansell or his views. I use this blog & the associated comments to try & learn more about New Zealand, New Zealand history & politics. We have different views, but I hope we are cool.

      1. Glenn, if you are not here as a supporter of John and you have almost caused the loss of one of the best contributors then your motives for being here are indeed suspect at best. We need contributors here that encourage John’s viewpoints in a positive manner and if we offend a few Politically Correct, Marxist, Lefty, Progressives on the way well that is minimal collateral damage as far as I am concerned. Being “offended” is a PC marxist method of making a political point and steering debate, akin to calling someone a racist or homophobic or a misogynist. Being “offended” does not actually mean anything and actually undermines the “freedom” of speech i am sure most kiwi’s strive for. The PC left and that that group entails be it social justice for minority race based groups, women over men (feminism which is the gender form of racism), homosexual rights before the rights of heterosexuals etc etc, constantly work to introduce new laws that little by little year after year erode that freedom and take away our rights and with it our freedom. I wrote a post that was not homophobic (J.A.) a while ago and Kasbar was “offended” i.e. he used the Homosexual power-play
        in the same way a griever would use the comment racist, and a feminist would use the comment misogynist etc. (I did of course apologise for causing “offense” but to the PC accepting an apology is not allowed, they must hold the grudge for political gain – that is what being “offended” is all about). In the same way it is apparent that Derejk is not one of the PC. In my opinion people that use the Marxist PC methods of argument are akin to the grievers and are not the type of people John wants to deal with as they are going to eventually complicate the message and of course have their own very special agendas if/when the get a political opportunity. As it is the nature of the griever to do this so it is the nature of the Politically Correct to do the same. If you are not here in support i suggest you get gone.

      2. I add my voice to Trina’s in applauding Jonathan’s post about political correctness and the easily offended. Jonathan has identified a fact that I have noticed over many years. That the techniques, the language, and in a great many cases, the individuals – are the same across all these “liberal” causes that are destroying the stability of our society in the name of “equality” and “fairness”. They don’t care what damage they do to while achieving their obsessive and selfish ends, or what new inequalities are introduced in the process. Intelligent and well educated politicians once were able to see these causes for what they are and ignore or block them, but that is a breed of politician which is now in very short supply. The most sinister of the universal techniques of the social engineers is to infiltrate as many organisations as possible with like-minded individuals until their aims and beliefs become seen as the desirable norm, and any resistance is easily destroyed. That objective – coupled with indoctrination of the young – is now pretty well advanced, and that is what we are now up against. Reversing the tide is a very difficult struggle indeed, but achievable nonetheless with stamina & determination.

      3. IMHO If you are not here as a supporter or constructive contributor you probably should go to Kiwiblog or Whaleoil.

    2. You are not looking stupid, Derejk.

      The intense frustration you feel will come about with the learning you are doing.

      Like every other New Zealander who has lived in awareness of the Treaty rort, you have just been made more fully aware of how deeply entrenched it is.

      I am trying to be a ‘Mentalist’ here – you’re probably feeling spurred into action but are stuck at home with a broken leg and no idea on what to do to help fight it?

    3. Fair enough Jonathan, no one wants to be where they are not welcome. I know as a sensitive, PC, lefty I was always going to be a bit out in the cold here.

      For what it is worth, I have learnt a lot from this blog & the commentors here. I have also enjoyed the few minor interactions I have had with other contributrors. John Ansell himself has been very accomodating towards me & I thank him for that. I will continue to read the blog if that is ok with John & the rest of you.

      Good luck to you all & I wish you all the best.

      1. Speaking for myself Glenn, its quite OK with me. Only saboteurs are unwelcome, and you are not one of that group. We do however all get a bit over-prickly at times but that passes 🙂

      2. I have enjoyed having you here Glenn, and do not insist that this blog be an echo chamber of like minds. I hope you will stay, as from what I have seen your comments have not been offensive – indeed many of them are commendably humble.

        As I write this, I’m not seeing the thread that concerns Jonathan, so will look at it in context later.

        Jonathan, I do understand your point about people who take offence expecting an apology when they may simply be being too precious. You are right that they often use their preciousness as a tactic, and in such cases we need to learn to say ‘get stuffed’ instead of ‘sorry’.

  32. Glad you are back, Derejk. As I said elsewhere on these increasing hard to follow threads, we cannot let over-delicate sensitivities stifle debate, and our central purpose – which is to effectively oppose Treatyists and the damage they are doing to NZ. I recommend that everyone should read this article about the Race Relations Commissioner, and also David Round’s related article about the push for a Treaty-based “Constitution”. Useful to note that his article was rejected by the NZ for publication, whereas they were happy to publish Cullen’s biased views; that is a demonstration of what we are up against.

    1. Cheers for the ‘heads up’, John.

      I have been popping over to NZCPR frequently over this week to see if there had been any update’s, especially since the Tuhoe blurb on ‘3rd Degree’.

      NOW! What the hell is THIS Im reading from Muriel!?-

      “And what about private assets? As more public assets are given to tribal corporate interests, attention is turning to private property. Just last week a group of tribal leaders put forward the proposal that the Crown should buy private property to give to tribes as part of their Treaty settlements. Is this where the claims process is heading – towards the seizure of not only public assets, but private assets as well?”

      “What we can say without a shadow of a doubt is that if the Maori Party succeeds in gaining a new Treaty-based constitution for New Zealand, then the answer to all of these questions will be an unqualified ‘Yes’.”

  33. Very dare I say inspirational headway over this latest upset and handled appropriately well by all affected as I can see.

    TOGETHER NEW ZEALAND 🙂 its all worthwhile and very relevant to the bigger picture.

    Peace, out.

  34. This on an email sig Dept of Internal Affairs received today;

    Client Information Officer – Kaipûrongo Kiritaki
    Passport Office – Uruwhenua
    Department of Internal Affairs – Te Tari Taiwhenua

    what a joke.

    Notice how many charity outfits have non-English sub-titles ?
    They go into the bin. If they can afford the printing and whatever
    else it costs…they don’t need my donation..

  35. Good for you, Paul. We need to stand up against these creeping assaults on our country and our language.

  36. The thing that makes me laugh (or cry about the level of ignorance it highlights) is how so many organisations use the term ‘Aotearoa’ in their titles.
    Aotearoa is a Maori name for the North Island. There is an alternative name for the North Island – Te Ika a Maui – The fish of Maui. The South Island has a separate name Te Waipounamu – the Greenstone Isle or alternatively Te Waka a Maui – The canoe of Maui.
    So to add ‘Aotearoa’ to everything is to add “North Island” to everything. A popular fad is to name the organisation and add ‘Aotearoa New Zealand’ after it. Thus these organisations are actually saying “North Island New Zealand”. They are declaring their organisation as only existing or being relevant in the North Island. Some leave out the New Zealand altogether and just say ‘Aotearoa’. Not only are they also defining themselves as exclusively North Island, if they are an international organisation they are neglecting to define what country they are from.
    I’m not sure what the South Island inhabitants think about this. And this is before we even start thinking about Stewart Island and the Chathams. There is only one name that encompasses the entire country and that is the name that was given when the country as a nation was formed and defined – New Zealand

    1. The silliest use of Aotearoa in a title may be the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

      They seem to think Aotearoa and New Zealand are different countries.

      New Zealand is supposed to be God’s Own Country, so what’s Aotearoa – the Devil’s? 🙂

  37. Mike

    Surely you have learnt by now, that with maori, their language can mean what they like, according to Sharples, because it is their language

    1. The “Aotearoans” simply show how deeply ignorant they are. They trip over each other in their rush to make some PC – friendly point, which is based on nothing more intelligent than “monkey see, monkey do”. Rather like the feminist insistence on the ugly and invalid “Ms” which became widespread by exactly the same process.

      1. p.s. – same applies to the insidiously creeping use of the “Maori flag”. In all cases, our politicians are too weak and /or apathetic to take a stand against these trends.

  38. And John Key is the most gutless of all. A smiling buffoon who is giving this country away to radical maori elitists whom no one knows. What’s it all about? Is he really that fearful that they will form some kind of IRA like rebellion? Installing a right of centre Race Relations Conciliator is him throwing a carrot at the more conservative voters who are very confused by what he’s doing. The more stupid will sigh with relief at this act, even when his right hand man Ratty Finlayson is giving billions away and setting up the country to be 50/50 governed by maori and non maori.
    I’ve been saying for a few years now that maori will lay claim to private estates and property of everyone in NZ. I was told even by Michael Laws live on radio that I was being ridiculous and it will never and couldn’t happen. Well maori are now making noises in that direction, and it will happen. And even then the vast majority of NZ will say and do nothing and pretend it’s not happening.
    I object to paying more for my milk, food, fuel, taxes, gst, everything we pay for so as Key can pay billions of dollars to keep happy parasitic, cancerous, money grabbing, opportunist maori elitists in a billion dollar lifestyle.
    I’m disgusted at the quisling nature of NZ politicians, and the media who not only ignore the vast majority, but portray them as racist and small minority, when in fact our numbers are 80% plus.
    This only shows in TV polls that the media now refuse to have because they know the result.
    With maoridom’s worth at a staggering $37 billion they have an exclusive stranglehold of the media and government and academics. They are pro rata more powerful in NZ than the mafia ever were in the USA.
    I wish I could say this in the New Zealand parliament live for all to see.

    1. Hans Christian Andersen: The Emperor’s New Suit comes to mind. Obviously it’s not right but everyone is too scared to speak up.
      This probably sounds pathetic but in my own little way I protest with my shopping! I won’t buy Sealord or, as far as possible, any product that profits Maori, I won’t shop in Christchurch’s Tower Junction as being on Ngai Tahu land they get a cut. Going to change my cell phone as Maori have shares in 2degree.
      To think there was a time when I was sympathetic to the Maori cause but over the years I’ve had so much of it forced down my throat I’m over it.
      I despair for New Zealand, and dream of the day when Key, Finlayson, Peter….oops….Pita Sharples etc are in the dock facing charges of treason and iwi are forced to pay back what they fraudulently conned from the taxpayer.

  39. The New Zealand Human Rights Commission want to know my dream for Aotearoa, New Zealand.

    This is what I told them:

    My dream for NEW ZEALAND is for those not of Maori descent to be also valued for the contributions they make as citizens of this country and for them to be proud of their heritage and the skills that they bring. My dream for NEW ZEALAND is that it will: be a strongly democratic country, contributing and united in purpose; it will have one set of laws for all irrespective of ethnicity; it will be forward looking; it will have an education system which acts equally and positively towards both sexes and all participants; it will have a health system which delivers services fairly and compassionately; it will be economically vibrant; it will be unspoilt by pollution and it will be socially cohesive, its people friendly and welcoming.

    And what is stopping that from happening:

    Quite a few things and here are some of them:
    Lack of a truly participative democracy and underestimating the value of collective intelligence
    And, sadly MMP and the power of minority parties in coalition to advance their agendas.
    People who take the liberty of imposing change without actually listening and taking on board differing views. Since when was New Zealand renamed “Aotearoa” and when was I asked whether I thought it a good idea?
    Imposed bi-culturism and the creation of “nations” within a nation eg Urewera
    Arrogance on the part of those in government who scoff at people they consider unable to challenge them. Too much power centered on a few individuals.
    A Constitutional Review Panel that is apparently biased and with a preconceived agenda.
    A focus on the past “injustices” of the early government which fails to take into account the much good that occurred as a result of settlement. Biased revisionist historians, the Waitangi Tribunal and the accompanying grievance claimants which have a vested interested in a past focus and perpetuating a lop sided account of history.
    Please let me know if you need any more information.

    And for any misogynists out there, like it or not, that is from a person who uses the prefix Ms.

    Anyone who wishes to can also email their ideas to the Human Rights Commission

    1. Excellent effort, Irene, well done!

      I challenge all other readers to match Irene’s ‘dream’.

      (Even one 10 percent as comprehensive would still send a strong message.)

    2. Good on you Irene. I have taken a different route and laid a complaint with the HRC. We have had a few e.mails back and forth where they now want specifics ( maybe they have had their eyes closed for the last 40 years??!) but now I have a reference number. I wonder what odds the TAB are going to give for this being declared invalid within the week! Its a bit long but better to give too much than not enough. Funnily enough, my last point about european families denied compensation for the butchering of their ancestors was already done before JAs latest blog yesterday regarding the Wanganui familys history. I’ll keep you all informed of their reply and how nothing will happen! Copied and pasted below.

      Hello XXXXXXXXX, 28-3-12
      Thanks for your reply.
      I am from the majority of New Zealanders…ie non-maori. But the more I look, the more I see I am discriminated against. It is rife in NZ despite the HRC!!
      I have decided not to fill out your attached form but just use a normal e.mail. The specifics are here.

      There is a Maori Party in parliament ( See ) whose main concern is distributing tax payer money to fund maori iniatives. A few years ago, they insisted that in return for assisting the National Party in a vote, 3000 maori homes were to get free insulation. All non-maori homes were excluded on the basis of race from this free insulation. Surely the criteria should be based on need, not race.

      Unelected (and therefore by definition, undemocratic) Maori seats on council. Tauranga City Council ( tel; 07 5777000) has a ‘Waste Water Management Review Committee’ that meets every 3-4 months and it is compiled of 4 elected councillors and 4 unelected iwi. I am unable to get on the committee unless I become an elected councillor. The maori also have that option, as well as the race based option that is not available to me.

      Maori get un-elected co-management positions of rivers, lakes, parks etc purely based on race. Because of that, I and 85% of other NZers are excluded from these financially lucrative positions. However, I do get the bill as a taxpayer. I am just as caring of our environment as the next person. Please see the website It is mindboggling how maori are pandered to because of their race and us non-maori are largely ignored because of our race. It is insulting.

      Maori also, on a race based programme on many councils, get consultation rights under the Resource Management Act (RMA). There is no place on such a board for race based rights to non-maori. the ministry for environment website confirms this.

      Maori have their own “Maori wards” in hospitals. I have yet to see any “non-maori wards”. I can not get into those wards. Therefore maori have two options…the normal open-to-everyone wards, and their race based wards. Why do maori get special treatment in our hospitals? Copied and pasted from BOP District Health Board website;
      Inpatient Ward Services Medical Ward 2A

      This service consists of;- A Clinical Nurse Manager

      – Māori Nurses

      They assist Māori patients and Whānau who present to the medical wards.

      This team provides a multidimensional focus utilising the model of Whānau centered care.

      Maori get scholarships that only maori/pacific islanders are elligible for. This is not an even playing field. There are no scholarships that disallow maori applying on the grounds of race, but there are numerous scholarships only for maori or maori/pacific islanders. Arguably, NZ is a Pacific island, but still non maori of European/Asia/Indian/ descent are excluded. Below is a copy & paste from the Otago University website .
      “Established by the University of Otago in 2005 to celebrate academic excellence and cultural diversity, these scholarships are intended to encourage the progression of Māori and Pacific Islands students into tertiary study.

      Applicants must:

      be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Māori and/or Pacific Island descent” or the following copied & pasted..
      “The University of Otago Māori Master’s Scholarship provides funding to support Māori Master’s students studying at the University of Otago.

      Applicants must be:

      of Māori descent ” also they have a Maori Centre (copied & pasted from their website) “The Māori Centre is a support service for all students of iwi descent. The Centre aims to encourage Iwi Māori to participate and succeed in tertiary education. The Centre offers support for academic, cultural and social needs from pre-enrolment through to graduation and operates from a kaupapa Māori base (Māori philosophy) and provides services such as…” NOTE; There is no equivalent for non maori students!

      On many University courses, there are reserved places for maori. It is therefore possible for well qualified non-maori to miss out on places in these courses at the expense of a maori who is far less qualified. This is race based, not academic based. Everybody should have an equal opportunity to get these sought after places and race should play no part in it. I hope Airlines do not employ pilots on a race based quota where piloting skills is secondary to race!!

      Maori have the right to write out “customary permits” which gives the holder a right to unlimited seafood with no restriction on size. From the website “Today, a range of laws exists to help protect Maori fishing rights and customs.” There is no laws to give such rights to non-maori. also …” To use the customary fishing regulations, iwi and hapü groups must decide who has tangata whenua status over a fishery. This can be shared by a number of groups. Groups choose people to act as guardians for the area (Tangata Kaitiaki in the North and Chatham Islands, Tangata Tiaki in the South and Stewart Islands). The guardians are then appointed by the Minister of Fisheries.” Thus all non-maori are excluded because of race and so only a maori can become a “guardian” with the right to write “customary permits”.

      Tauranga City Council ( tel; 5777000) allow a local iwi member onto the vetting panel for senior management jobs. The panel consists of the CEO, deputy CEO, several HR personnel, and a local iwi rep. All but one of those positions has nothing to do with race. Why are iwi on that panel only because of race?

      The Waitangi Tribunal, despite conclusive evidence, do not reccommend compensation to the families of early European settlers who were killed by maori, but instead only reccommend generous “compensation” to maori tribes, often on the grounds of flawed/controversial “research”. Why are non-maori being denied the same financial compensation that it seems only maori are entitled to? This is without doubt a racist arrangement and insulting to the families alive today.

      By now, you can see some discrimination that hurts all non-maori in NZ. This gives me stress every day, not just for myself but for all the other victims as well as the worry about the discrimination to be endured by following generations. You will have no trouble seeing the obvious examples I have mentioned. Unfortunately, there are more, a lot more.
      The solution as I see it, is one law for all, one rule for all. Everyone to be treated equally. Handouts to be based on need, not race.
      So the ‘culprits’ are councils, government laws, universities, schools, hospitals, fisheries, parliament, prisons, the Waitangi Tribunal and just about every part of NZ life. I look forward to receiving your assistance and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information, although to be fair, I think I have given you more than enough to investigate. Please do not fob this off under “special measures” because there are plenty of needy non-maori who are denied ( on the grounds of race) the same rights as maori. Handouts should be based on needs, not race.
      Thank you for your time.


      1. Wooohoooo a reply from HRC !!!

        “Thank you for your email.
        We will now consider your concerns and aim to contact you within 15 working days.
        If you need to contact us, telephone 0800 496 877 or email . We are able to provide confidential services for interpreting in 42 languages, and NZ Relay Service for those with speech or hearing impairments.
        I wish you a happy holiday break.
        Yours sincerely”

        Watching the squirm out of admitting there is HR violations going on in NZ should be fun!

      2. Unsure if my complaint to HRC, copied & pasted above, 28 March 0929 is visible to anyone else. It says it is awaiting moderation by JA.

      3. Just wondering if I should alert the police to lots of missing persons?? Where is everyone??? If you’re tied up or kidnapped or about to be eaten by the treatyists, try to get a message out !!

        I have just read about an organisation called “The Maori Internet Society” who have put their case for a mere $30 million Government handout for the use of their electromegnetic spectrum being used for broadband. Apparently, it is very clear in the treaty that they are entitled to compensation!!! No, it is not an April Fools joke !! They have over 2000 active members and are “the only authoritative and grass roots level Maori ICT group and the only group with a well proven track record and experts”. So, if you haven’t been eaten, take a look at the racist garbage on this website. Wishing you all can escape and have a nice easter break.

  40. Irene, dislike of the ugly American-invented term “Ms” has absolutely nothing to do with misogyny – no more than wanting an end to the Maori grievance industry makes one a racist. I do like your submission to the Human Rights Commission though – I too made one that was briefer but along similar lines. I urge others on this blog to do likewise.

  41. In the Tainui Settlement 1996 our head of state (Queen Elizabeth II) apologized for the historical injustices of the past effectively confessing guilt followed by and prior to lower crown (government) officials repeating the apologies over time. The Treaty represented a signed agreement between two nations, the British Empire and Maori. It’s important to note the ‘Crowns subjects’ are subordinates (second class citizens) in this official arrangement and includes all NZ’s including Maori due to their dual nation status meaning they are in a position to move between ‘subject, second class citizen status’ to the equivalent of Queen Elizabeth’s II status-agreement between two nations. If the Treaty is to become non void, our Head of State and/or Maori collectively are the only one’s in a legal capacity able to remove the Treaty from any constitutional framework that we currently have. ‘Subjects’ (second class citizen) lack the hierarchical high ground to create the type of change in question and seems a no brainer to affect this line of thought given the circumstances at most leading into racism territory, dividing the nations subjects, racism being the catalyst for the meltdown.

    John Ansell all Crown subjects need to accept what our Monarch had genuinly expressed and reinforce in everyday NZ society. You appear disgruntled and twisted distancing yourself from what your leader is instructing you to be. It’s a shame moreso for the fact that you intentionally divide naieve NZ’s at the the expense of blaming Maori for your personal woes. Undermining the queens apology is treason in the eyes of loyalist observers.

    1. Andrew, do you think Her Majesty has read up on New Zealand history? (Both sides, I mean.)

      The Queen is a mouthpiece of the government. She does what the government tells her.

      The apology she was reading was Jim Bolger’s (or more correctly the part-Maori Doug Graham’s).

      1. John you have reduced Her Majesty’s intelligence to a level where commoners (her subjects) openly disrespect her.

    2. Andrew Lange, I could not disagree more with almost all of your assertions. You have bought into the “Treaty was a partnership” myth. May I recommend you read “Twisting the Treaty” for a very good record of the true facts.

      1. John both versions of the Treaty express a bilateral agreement between two soverign state actors, the British Empire and The Maaori Nation. Therefore a level of partnership is ‘inferred’ for both sides to sign the final documents. First the Maaori version where close to 4 times as many chiefs signed compared to the latter English version that we know now is responsible for the historical injustices that besieges all NZ’s in the modern era. John historians, authors will always be the targets for criticism and like political commentators heavily slanted to suade a government agenda at the time, collecting the economic benefits that come with a populous view point. May I recommend an exercise for you, John Ansell and others to generate a chronological statistical analysis that focusses on land confiscation layered by Maaori mortality rates, Maaori poverty rates, Maaori crime rates, Maaori education in fact the full spectrum of the political, economical, environmental and social strands that affect everyday society as it was then to what it is now and you will see a ’cause and effect’ motivated campaign leading to an eventual confession by our most highest of all NZ authorities, our Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II, in her apology to the Tainui people back in 1996, monarch to monarch. It’s this forensic statistical analyzes that apprehended the Crown to take ownership for seriously neglecting it’s people (Maaori) engaging in ethnic cleansing practices to enforce its will over it’s then Treaty Partner inferred to Treaty victim, one sovereign actor state to another sovereign actor state come victim stripped entirely of statehood capacity. This John we know and well documented with a high level of truth nullifying any reason for doubt. This is what our government officials are aware of including our Head of State (who incidentally is also the patron/matron to the United Nations) and the international community at large It’s this force that John Ansell single handily is prepared to stand up and say ‘No you all are wrong!’ One could speculate that the hidden agenda underlying this balcious campaign may in fact be one of eventual secession who knows? It’s clear though John that Ansell undermines the Queens intelligence to make an informed decision reducing her to subject status where every one is treated equal I guess is Ansell’s reasoning. I’m perplexed to think of what may come of this Maaori bashing campaign inviting the response ‘as if Maaori already haven’t been through enough heartache!’ Defying the Queens apology to Maaori doesn’t sit well with me as I’ve pointed out. Perpetualizing continual abuse upon Maaori doesn’t sit well with me, statistical data informs me and moral judgements informs me. Purporting racially motivated challenges with the above known doesn’t sit well with me as it strongly appears as a final act of arrogance, a parting shot so to speak or is it the prelude to future sequels of more undignified moments in NZ’s history the likes of civil unrest. I, like the majority of white NZers detest the National Front’s antics, including the recent hate speech of Act Party’s member Rodney Hide. John Keys dinner comment about the Tuhoe people, Brash’s Orewa speech, Brownlees qualifying statement to be appointed as Maaori Affairs Minister all of which is designed to separate NZers from one and other, more accurately Maaori NZers. it’s like it’s written in our DNA code to act that way toward Maaori. With that said, one can conclude though like the Treaty ‘inferring’ partnership the decades long political banter as racially divisive as it is recognizes more prominently nowadays a separate political status for Maaori to that of the remaining majority of NZ citizenship ‘inferring’ Maaori nationhood/statehood is now politically accepted in all matters of interest at an executive level. This I understand to be a positive move toward resolving the wrongs executed by our people those many years ago.

      2. Andrew, I presume from your spelling and grammar that you are not a native English speaker, but I’ll do my best to understand and answer your comments:

        ANDREW: “John both versions of the Treaty express a bilateral agreement between two soverign state actors, the British Empire and The Maaori Nation. Therefore a level of partnership is ‘inferred’ for both sides to sign the final documents.”

        JOHN: The British Colonial Office did recognise Maori sovereignty. But it was a heavily qualified form of sovereignty that they recognised – not that of a nation with a government, but of several dozen disunited, warring tribes.

        The Treaty was not with ‘the Maaori Nation’, but with each of those tribes.

        And the real Treaty – the Maori one, consistent with Hobson’s final English draft from which it was translated, discovered in 1989 and covered up by tame government historians like Dame Claudia Orange – was with ‘all the people of New Zealand’ (Maori and Pakeha).

        Treaties have parties, not partners. Any inferred ‘partnership’ was made up in the 1980s by an activist judge and an incompetent prime minister, Geoffrey Palmer.

        And even if the Treaty was officially a partnership (which it wasn’t), that doesn’t automatically mean it was an equal partnership. Clearly it wasn’t.

        The Maori chiefs ceded sovereignty to the Queen, and each Maori person became an equal subject of the Queen, along with every other individual in the British Empire.

        They were equal with everyone else – white and brown – but a level down from the Queen (ie the Government).

        ANDREW: “First the Maaori version where close to 4 times as many chiefs signed compared to the latter English version that we know now is responsible for the historical injustices that besieges all NZ’s in the modern era.”

        JOHN: Actually it’s more like 12 times more – about 478 v 32. The English version that you refer to is indeed responsible for a lot of injustices. It talks about the Treaty being with Maori only, and about Maori owning forests and fisheries – which neither the Maori Tiriti nor the aforementioned Hobson’s final English draft mention.

        That false English version was signed by only 32 or so chiefs at one place only (Kawhia), and only as an emergency measure after the proper Tiriti had not arrived and the stand-in printed Maori version had become full of signatures. Thus it was the stand-in for the stand-in – and should never have been used.

        But because it suited the griever Maori and appeaser Pakeha agenda, this false document was seized upon and enshrined in the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 as the ‘official Treaty in English’.

        They got a tame translator, Sir Hugh Kawharu, to exaggerate the meaning of key words like ‘taonga’, which ever since has allowed the even tamer Waitangi Tribunal to justify any national resource their claimant-clients take a shine to.

        ANDREW: “John historians, authors will always be the targets for criticism and like political commentators heavily slanted to suade a government agenda at the time, collecting the economic benefits that come with a populous view point.”

        JOHN: I agree that the recent crop of revisionist historians are heavily slanted towards the government’s agenda, and are no doubt collecting the economic benefits from doing its bidding.

        ANDREW: “May I recommend an exercise for you, John Ansell and others to generate a chronological statistical analysis that focusses on land confiscation layered by Maaori mortality rates, Maaori poverty rates, Maaori crime rates, Maaori education in fact the full spectrum of the political, economical, environmental and social strands that affect everyday society as it was then to what it is now and you will see a ’cause and effect’ motivated campaign leading to an eventual confession by our most highest of all NZ authorities, our Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II, in her apology to the Tainui people back in 1996, monarch to monarch.”

        JOHN: Dr John Robinson has done much of this for us, Andrew.

        His book The Corruption of New Zealand Democracy – A Treaty Overview proves that there is no causal link between Maori land loss and Maori depopulation in the late 1800s.

        The cause of said depopulation, this MIT PhD asserts, was the massive loss of breeding stock resulting from the intertribal Musket Wars of the 1820s and 30s, and the rampant practice of killing baby girls at birth.

        While the report upon which this book is based was written for a university – the Treaty of Waitangi Research Unit at Victoria – I don’t imagine you’ll find it in the library of Vic or any other New Zealand place of so-called higher learning.

        You see, not only did the supposedly reliably left-wing Dr Robinson not come up with the findings that his pro-Maori, politically correct masters wanted, but he was told he would not be paid for his work until he changed those findings. And to his shame, he did change them. He lied to order that the cause of Maori depopulation was land loss.

        And then, once he was retired, he blew the whistle on the scam.

        I suggest you read that book, Andrew.

        ANDREW: “It’s this forensic statistical analyzes that apprehended the Crown to take ownership for seriously neglecting it’s people (Maaori) engaging in ethnic cleansing practices to enforce its will over it’s then Treaty Partner inferred to Treaty victim, one sovereign actor state to another sovereign actor state come victim stripped entirely of statehood capacity.”

        JOHN: Your foreign grammar is very hard for an English speaker like me to understand.

        But I agree that Maori were engaging in ethnic cleansing practices. It was only the Treaty that stopped them doing it. With the Treaty, the British abolished slavery in New Zealand, along with cannibalism and not-stop war.

        If you are saying that the British stripped the Maori of statehood capacity, I should remind you of the Declaration of Independence in 1835, where James Busby tried to establish a Maori state, but the chiefs preferred to go on fighting each other than hold even one follow-up meeting. The Maori ‘state’ was a state of perpetual chaos.

        ANDREW: “This John we know and well documented with a high level of truth nullifying any reason for doubt.”

        JOHN: I agree that the documentary evidence proves what I am saying is true.

        ANDREW: “This is what our government officials are aware of including our Head of State (who incidentally is also the patron/matron to the United Nations) and the international community at large. It’s this force that John Ansell single handily is prepared to stand up and say ‘No you all are wrong!'”

        JOHN: I certainly did not realise that Her Majesty was a New Zealand government official, let alone the matron of the United Nations.

        ANDREW: “One could speculate that the hidden agenda underlying this balcious campaign may in fact be one of eventual secession who knows?”

        JOHN: I have looked up the word ‘balcious’ without success. Are you suggesting that my agenda is a breakaway non-Maori state? I hadn’t thought of that.

        ANDREW: “It’s clear though John that Ansell undermines the Queens intelligence to make an informed decision reducing her to subject status where every one is treated equal I guess is Ansell’s reasoning.”

        JOHN: I am Ansell, Andrew.

        ANDREW: “I’m perplexed to think of what may come of this Maaori bashing campaign inviting the response ‘as if Maaori already haven’t been through enough heartache!'”

        JOHN: A small minority of Maori families related to those who rebelled against the government in the 1860s are causing a lot of heartache for the rest of us. That’s what I’m trying to stop.

        ANDREW: “Defying the Queens apology to Maaori doesn’t sit well with me as I’ve pointed out.”

        JOHN: I get that. That’s because you believe the Queen was speaking for herself. I do not. I believe she was speaking as the mouthpiece for a racially biased politician.

        ANDREW: “Perpetualizing continual abuse upon Maaori doesn’t sit well with me, statistical data informs me and moral judgements informs me.”

        JOHN: Then look at the actual statistics, like John Robinson’s.

        Then ask yourself this moral question: “What would you say to me if I told you that I could not make money because my great-granddad lost his land 140 years ago?”

        I think you’d say, “Stop making such pathetic excuses – get a job.”

        I think you’d say, “There are other ways to make a living besides sitting on your backside smoking dope and collecting rent on inherited land.”

        For the record, I don’t own any land. Do you?

        Then look at Chinese New Zealanders, who were on the receiving end of appalling Pakeha racism. Look at how their statistics. Notice how they’ve somehow managed to put past injustices behind them and do extremely well for themselves.

        Then look at all the privileges offered to Maori – the bending over backwards by the state to help lift them out of ‘poverty’.

        But the stats remain the same, despite $1.5 billion a year of special Maori allowances of one sort or another.

        The poverty stats don’t change because most of the poverty is moral poverty. As real leaders like Ngata and Buck knew, only Maori can fix that.

        ANDREW: “Purporting racially motivated challenges with the above known doesn’t sit well with me as it strongly appears as a final act of arrogance, a parting shot so to speak or is it the prelude to future sequels of more undignified moments in NZ’s history the likes of civil unrest.”

        JOHN: It would be a shame if a call for racial equality were to result in civil unrest. But if New Zealanders are not prepared to defend their country, they deserve to lose it. Griever Maori know this, and believe we lack the collective guts to stand up to their bullying. They may be right.

        ANDREW: “I, like the majority of white NZers detest the National Front’s antics, including the recent hate speech of Act Party’s member Rodney Hide. John Keys dinner comment about the Tuhoe people, Brash’s Orewa speech, Brownlees qualifying statement to be appointed as Maaori Affairs Minister all of which is designed to separate NZers from one and other, more accurately Maaori NZers. it’s like it’s written in our DNA code to act that way toward Maaori.”

        JOHN: I did not realise Rodney Hide, John Key, Don Brash and Gerry Brownlee had joined the National Front.
        And by the way, have you noticed what certain Maori have been saying about Pakeha? Or is that different somehow?

        ANDREW: “With that said, one can conclude though like the Treaty ‘inferring’ partnership the decades long political banter as racially divisive as it is recognizes more prominently nowadays a separate political status for Maaori to that of the remaining majority of NZ citizenship ‘inferring’ Maaori nationhood/statehood is now politically accepted in all matters of interest at an executive level.”

        JOHN: I presume you are using one of those dodgy language translator programs, which don’t quite work in English.

        I think you may be trying to say that our politicians accept the Maorification of New Zealand. And they do.

        But 80% of the people who elect them don’t.

        ANDREW: “This I understand to be a positive move toward resolving the wrongs executed by our people those many years ago.”

        JOHN: Read both sides of the story, then tell me who you think was wrong. You can order Twisting the Treaty by emailing

        I wish you well in your English language studies.

      3. Andrew, since when has the word ‘maori’ been spelt ‘maaori’ ?? More MIUAYG BS?!

      4. Andrew, suggest you have a read of real history…quotes from 1800s, not quotes from 2010. Log books and journals and letters from 1800, not 2000s. Transcripts from 1800s, not blogs from 2000s. To judge something from 1800s using todays standards is an example of how you have no sense of reality…. or even common sense. I know Brash is losing his hair, but I don’t think he’s a national front member. And you can think a partnership was inferred all you want, but it was not. That is just another example of the great rewriting of our history by people who think they know what other people, now long since dead, meant and thought. Just stick to the facts Andrew and never mind those grievance based interpretations.

      5. Does this guy really actually believe this stuff or is he trying to wind us up? Or does he make his living from the gravy train?

      6. Maaori is the alternative spelling to Maori with a macron (hyphen) over the ‘a’.

        The macronned ‘a’ means ‘aa’.

        It’s the preferred form in the Waikato.

  42. Just wondering if I should alert the police to lots of missing persons?? Where is everyone??? If you’re tied up or kidnapped or about to be eaten by the treatyists, try to get a message out !!

  43. Can anybody tell me how the Wanganui meeting with Grey Power went, i cant wait to find out how many turned up, and how it went down with people.

    1. Crazyhorse NSW: by now you’ve probably seen my separate post. 175 came, and judging by the comments I received afterwards most seemed grateful for the information and to know that the pushback has begun.

      Of course the 2pm start time did not allow the working people of Wanganui to attend, so perhaps I can go back some time for an evening meeting.

      The Hawkes Bay meeting will be early evening, like the full-house Tauranga meeting.

      1. Thanks for that and good luck for the future, i have been in touch with all my kiwi friends here, all are interested and are following whats going on, people seem to be more aware of whats happening now and not afraid to speak out, i have been putting comments in herald and sunlive as well as some blogs i v found, some of the things iv been reading from so called experts on our history and treaty matters cannot be allowed to go unanswered.
        Thanks for putting your self out there, cheers.

  44. Have you ever read such incoherent nonsense as that from “Andrew Lange” above ? Life is too short to respond to all of it, but I will say this: Firstly – He says ” … John Ansell single handily is prepared to stand up and say ‘No you all are wrong!’ ” Andrew, there is nothing single handed about JA’s statements. He is simply stating publicly what a great and increasing number of NZers already know, including everyone on this blog site with the exception of yourself.

    Secondly – Andrew, what on earth do you imagine the Maoris of the time brought to the table that could be called a contribution to a “partnership” ?? You mention Maori mortality rates as if they are somehow the fault of colonisation. Surely you must be aware that the greatest contributor to Maori mortality was other Maoris; they were killing, eating and enslaving each other at an appalling and unsupportable rate before the Treaty – and for a short time afterwards. Maoris of that time literally pleaded for an end to their murderous lifestyle in exchange for the huge benefits of civilisation. They got that by signing the Treaty. To assert otherwise is utter nonsense.

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