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90+% of Wanganui audience would vote for racial equality party

JA Wanganui meeting 28-3-13
Over 90% of the Wanganui audience tell me they’d vote for a single issue party

Despite a double clash with the Wanganui races and an international rugby match at Spriggens Park, yesterday’s Grey Power-organised meeting drew 175 people to the Wanganui War Memorial Hall Concert Chamber.

As in Nelson, over 90% of those present said they’d vote for a single-issue party dedicated to removing New Zealand’s racial roadblock.

I should add that I really pleaded with them not to indulge me with a Yes vote unless they really meant it.

I said I quite understood if, despite the importance of this issue, they saw the National Party’s economic policy or the Labour Party’s social policy as a higher priority.

Yet despite my plea, only 5 said they would vote for one of the established parties.

A pattern is emerging.

The animated opening titles were appreciated

Next stop Havelock North on April 9, then Waikanae on April 22.

Also Tim Wikiriwhi is arranging a Hamilton meeting (date to be advised), and I’ve accepted an invitation from Grey Power Hastings to discuss the constitutional review on July 7.


63 thoughts on “90+% of Wanganui audience would vote for racial equality party

  1. It would appear the time is getting close to getting the 5 hundred financial members of this party together so it can be registered ASAP.

    1. Getting 500 paid up members wouldn’t be a problem, Owen.

      The big question in my mind is would enough people be prepared to stand as candidates, to fundraise, and to organise on this difficult issue.

      While the best way to maximise the all-important party vote would be to stand no electorate candidates, each electorate candidate qualifies for $20,000 in advertising funding, which can’t be sneezed at.

      Thanks to the immoral rewriting of the rules in the 90s designed to freeze out NZ First and ACT, a new party receives zero public advertising allocation.

      A more recent change following Labour’s shameful election rort in 2005 means we would not even be able to spend our own money on advertising within three months of the election.

      I would consider breaking the law to highlight the unfairness of this disgraceful rule.

  2. Great to see the interest in the constitutional review seems to be growing as the obvious biases of the members are beginning to seep out.

  3. yes yes yes some good news to help us sleep tonight.we cant wait to b paid up members of the togeather party.

    thanks heaps john for your stand we are with u

    also there b plenty of people looking for a party with common sences &honesty

  4. Well done, John. The way I see things with regards another political party though is if there are too many minor parties with similar views and different focuses all that does it diminish the votes each party will get at election time. For example, NZCPR seem to be putting out feelers whether they should form a political party to challenge the next election. Then we have the recently formed rural party and the Conservative Party. Each may get some votes but none will get enough to have any sway in Parliament let alone get into Parliament in the first place.
    Perhaps the focus might be better aiming to amalgamate or support another already existing party. I know Muriel Newman rejected your advances last time. Why I have no idea because to me the two would be a wonderful fit with possibly the Conservatives as well.
    Food for thought. Maybe a meeting could be arranged at some stage to see if there is the possibility of joining forces and figuring out the differences and similarities of views.
    Just remember. United we stand. Divided we fall. If we were to fall the larger parties would be rapt. Both National and Labor.

  5. I completely agree, Pix – those are my concerns too. If only the various egos involved could be put aside in favour of some sort of amalgamation under the banner of the common cause. On the other hand, I guess it sends out a strong message that there is now widespread and growing resistance to the Treaty rorts that there is an obvious backlash, and the rorters can’t as easily silence many groups like they might be able to if there were only one.

    I am no political strategist, but what is needed is a very good one who is able to design a strategy that will succeed overwhelmingly in overturning the PC, pro-Maori applecart once and for all. .

  6. Agreed it is a very awkward position for a new party to be in.
    Perhaps if it could be organised that each party goes all out in its local area for the party vote ie NZCPR organises Northland, One NZ goes all out for the lower North Island party vote, If the numbers are not forthcoming then the party leaders could advise their members to support a like minded party, such as NZ First for example, for all party votes to go to, to ensure there is enough momentum to get enough seats in the house to overturn the treaty rorts.

    1. There will not be any answers. The weasels to whom these very appropriate questions are addressed are adept at ignoring anything that is so inconvenient and challenging to their agenda. Which is to ram a “constitution” into existence which enshrines all of their own desires and prejudices, to the utter detriment of us all. Aided & abetted by totally spineless but powerful politicians.

      1. As John Philips says – there will be no answers. All members of the Constitutional Advisory Panel have been deliberately chosen precisely because they have a definite interest in promoting a constitution that sets maori interests in concrete. I had a minor stoush with Rangi Walker in 1966. He has actively been promoting such a situation since the sixties at the same time that Donna Awatere was demonstrating loudly for setting the Treaty into law. ALL the other members have selfish interests in doing the same. The only way to stop it, is to actively counter their every move at every opportunity.

  7. Unfortunately, we have been left with so many self-serving sycophants in Parliament. No one in any party has the guts to tell their leaders that they have got it wrong. Those will intelligence, foresight and courage such as Muriel Newman and Steven Franks, have left.

    The only way forward is to get behind John Ansell and form a new party now.

    1. I don’t want to be a ‘Jonah’ here, Peter, but I really wonder if we could realistically have a Party up and running in time for the 2014 election and if not, after that would be too late. It will take a tremendous amount of work and most of all money, to get it underway.

      Getting the 500 members required to form the Party would be the least of our problems. When push comes to shove, getting New Zealanders to vote for a single issue Party will be very hard. They might say they will, and genuinely want to, but when they are at the ballot box, what’s the bet they will, in the main, stick with the main rotten Parties.

      However, if it is possible then I’m all for it but I have my reservations. Sorry. I will be very happy for anyone to prove me wrong.

  8. There must be a lot of disillusioned voters out there. Last time I voted, I was sad to see that ‘McGuillyguddy Serious’ were not on the ballot paper. I think they quit a few elections too early. The other best option, that was not an option, was ‘None Of The Above’. Nearly everyone I spoke to said they ended up voting for the party they disliked the least. Doesn’t say much for the kiwi version of democracy does it?! So many people I speak to say that the racist maori issue is their number one concern for them and their children/grandchildren. Of course health, unemployment, education etc are issues, but sort out the grievance industry and a lot of these other problems will likely improve by themselves. To date, I have never walked out a polling booth happy that the idiot I voted for will do the job I expect him/her to do.

    1. Derejk did you realise mitiria turei was in the McGullicudy serious party as one of the high-ups? She is now leader of the Green party and is very much in favour of maoris having independence and many rights the rest of us wouldn’t. The Greens believe in the theory of evil colonialists/ism i believe.

  9. Your last two sentences say it all Derekj. I firmly believe that once we are all racially equal, many of the other important issues will be relatively easy to sort out. Imagine the amount of money that could be poured into them if nothing else!!?? Yes, racial issues are the number one priority and it’s up to us to sort it out for our children and grandchildren and future generations.

    As for your last sentence – that’s me to a ‘T’. Politicians are the lowest of the low as far as I’m concerned. Watching The Nation and Q+A this morning showing the antics in the House at Question Time and how one person said that John Key just treats it as a joke (and he certainly seems to), just makes me cringe that we have elected these imbeciles to be in charge of our country. Lunatics in charge of the asylum doesn’t even come into it.

    I would say the reason John Key treats it as a joke is because that’s the way he treats reasonable very necessary questions. He doesn’t have to give a serious answer in his view which must leave the other Parties in despair.

    I don’t normally agree with Trevor Mallard but he was right about the Speaker never remonstrating with John Key in the same way he does with the other political parties. But then he (the Speaker) didn’t want the job in the first place. He was only put there to make room for someone else to come in from what I understand.

    Amy Brooke’s 100 Days Claiming back our Country looks like the best prospect yet. Everyone must read it – it also devotes half the book to dealing with what’s wrong with our education system and makes one’s hair stand on end to learn of the shoddy half-baked education our children are getting. I always knew something was badly amiss but not to the degree it really is. But that’s another story – we need racial equality before anything else.

  10. I see the party as being a very *positive* thing.
    It is not about “putting anyone down”.
    It is about *telling the plain TRUTH* about our history – not the PC-infested version taught in schools. There is *NOTHING* wrong with telling the plain truth about history, and that INCLUDES telling about the many atrocities carried out by Maori. That is not “racist” – it is the TRUTH.

    It is about acknowledging that *NO country* has done more per-capita than New Zealand as far as compensation is concerned.
    It is about Maori admitting that they have done some rorting of the compensation process, coming back for more even after “full and final” settlements have been declared.

  11. IMO you are onto a winner getting the party going by next election.

    Wasn’t the last alleged exercise in democracy the lowest turn-out wise since the 1800s?

    New Zealanders are an apathetic bunch. They’ve been so obviously ripped-off for so long it just aint worth getting out of bed to participate…

    Until now.

    Seriously- if this nonsense got sorted once and for all, and I didn’t have to hear of ‘the fifth Full’n’Final millions’ right after ‘the Ambo’s need to raise $400 000 through cake-stalls’ on te raadio news, then I’d likely come back.

    Again, Good Luck & Godspeed~

    1. I agree, Owen. I see that also believe in one law for all. If only we could all unite and act together. All these different factions are just going to split the vote with none of them getting enough votes to make a difference.

      1. You are right, Helen – that is the danger. And we will only really get one chance, short of actual revolution.

  12. Just heard on the midday news that the NZ Geographic Board has begun the task of renaming NZ’s North & South islands to some mishmash maori words, no doubt recently made up by these idiots who have little else to worry about than wasting public money in an undemocratic way.

    1. Derejk
      The NZGB will heed the direction of the Maori Language Commissioner, Erima Henare and call the Sth Island Te Wai Pounamu. Captain Cook marked the name on his chart as Tavai Ponammu. I wouldn’t have a problem with the new name change, provided that the ‘v’ was left in the spelling of it to indicate that that was how 1769 inhabitants pronounced it.

    2. That is the sort of crap that defies belief, but of course is another big step in the rush towards the complete maorification of everything about New Zealand. Just watch the government /Whinlayson ram this absurd and ugly re-naming through, regardless of what the majority actually want.

  13. Did anyone else watch ‘7 sharp’ tonight?

    A community near Te Awamutu called Pukeatea has had their cemetary handed over to Iwi in a Treaty settlement.

    They are, as you would expect, unhappy that this went ahead without any consultation, and were suprised that a cemetary could be used for a Treaty settlement.

    The idiots at Seven Sharp go and get Willie Jackson on the show

    Willie does his usual performance saying how the Crown took their cemetaries, and he preached on about how much land the Crown took versus the amount they are getting back, and then went on to say that we should be grateful that they are not been given more land.

    He went on that we need to understand the history because there is alot of ignorance about how Maori have been treated.

    He said farmers should be walking off their land and giving it back to Maori.

    1. I saw it Trina and was livid. I’ve sent a blast off to 7 Sharp programme telling them how foolish they were to have Willie Jackson on the programme because he doesn’t even know his own history. I cited how he hasn’t yet answered John Ansell’s questions re their Truth debate over 4 weeks and that there is still no answer this week.

      I said a few other things too and it will be interesting to see if I get a reply. If they are going to talk about race they could at least have some balance and they won’t get it with Willie Jackson.

      I feel for the poor people at Pukeatua and will be totally surprised if a ‘charge’ to them for burials doesn’t creep in somewhere at some stage. If only more people like them would take a stance.

  14. Yes, saw it. So who do those plonkers get ? The ignorant lying Willie Jackson ( a so-called ‘maori commentator’ ) and traitor-to-all-kiwis Finlayson. I have just sent Seven Sharp an e.mail telling them that I have watched my last episode due to their ignorance. All Willie’s and Finlayson’s lies went unchallenged by the ignorant TV ‘crew’ of Seven Sharp. More like ‘Seven Blunt’.

  15. Good on you Derejk. I’m glad you wrote in too because I also did and the more who do so the better and the more likely they will get the message. Finlayson was quite beyond belief as expected. He comes across as a sleezy little man.

  16. seven sharp? or several ( one eyed ) prix? excuse me just quitely but isnt mainstream media supposed to apply “investigative journalism” over a crunchabunts jism whoops did I really say that? time for another Tui.

  17. Off topic, but…..I see the names of the North and South Islands were never “official” and that public consultation will take place to determine the outcome of a possible re-naming. Tui ad anyone? I see one online poll has over 11,000 votes to 2,000-odd in favour of the status quo but hell, why let public opinion get in the way of a good hijacking? Watch this space. Or should that be “whatch this space”?

  18. Twitlayson has gone and privatised a cemetary that was owned by the community, and now that Iwi have been given it – what the hell are they meant to do with it?

    What benefits could the Iwi get from a cemetary?

    1. Actually – grave plots are considered privately owned are’nt they?

      The council owns the Cemetary, but each plot is brought by the people or their families from the council for a place of burial.

      Is that how it works?

      1. Hi Trina
        About the Pukeatau Cemetary and School handover (included in a 20 property, some110 hectares) to Ngati Koroki Kahukura

        I just watched a video clip of the locals at Pukeatau and an interview with Finlayson (WJ is not in this clip).

        But the call was for prior discussion not the imposition of TOW Settlements and one New Zealand.

        Pukeatau residents say they will take their concerns to Parliament.

      2. Thank you ever so much for providing a link to that video clip, Irene.

        I thought the local guy put forward good points and this case just promotes our cause more and more!

        Maybe, J.A should get in touch with the locals.

        We could provide information to help them fight the issue and give the people concerned support.

      3. Hi again Trina
        Re JA contact and info to assist. My thoughts too, if JA’s is ok with the idea I think contact could be productive

  19. Thanks guys had missed 7 sharp. Will watch it and send the appropriate message to TVNZ. This is how this site and the cause can move ahead and make a difference.

  20. From Kiwi Blog Some more “debates” coming up. Don’t see David Round or Elizabeth Rata at any of these events. Wonder what conclusions they will reach.

    April 2nd, 2013 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar
    The NZ Centre for Public Law at Vic Uni has a series of debates on constitutional issues. They run for the next five Mondays at 6.30 pm. The details are:

    8 April, Hunter Council Chamber – “What’s the problem?”. Professor Bruce Harris, Moana Jackson, Dame Claudia Orange, Dr Matthew Palmer – about the Constitutional Review, its process, its political genesis.
    15 April, Hunter Council Chamber – “Reforming our democratic institutions”. Dr Maria Bargh, Colin James, Professor Elizabeth McLeay, Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC – term and size of Parliament, size and number of electorates, Maori electoral representation.
    22 April, Te Herenga Waka Marae – “Maori aspirations for constitutional change”. Tai Ahu, Dr Rawinia Higgins, Veronica Tawhai, Valmaine Toki – status of the Treaty, alternative models of Māori-Crown relationships, development of a kaupapa Māori or tikanga-based constitution.
    29 April, Hunter Council Chamber – “Human rights in the constitution”. Professor Andrew Geddis, Jack Hodder QC, Stephen Whittington, Professor Margaret Wilson – Should the Bill of Rights be supreme law in a written constitution? If so, what rights should be included or excluded?
    6 May, Hunter Council Chamber – “Time to be a Republic?. Jim Bolger, Professor Janet McLean, Michael Mabbitt. Is it time to become a republic? If not, will it ever be? What would that involve, and what will be the major issues confronting us if and when we do so?
    I plan to attend at least three of the debates. I assume they will allow interactions from the floor? They will be broadcast of Radio NZ also.

    1. For clarification much as I would love to attend these “debates” the comments at the bottom are David Farrar’s not mine.

    2. See, now I read the questions leading the ‘debates’ and the people who are meant to be ‘debating’, and all I see is a total railroading coming our way thick and fast!

      Like you have rightly pointed out, Graeme, I do not see, Muriel Newman, Martin Devlin, Elizabeth Rata, Steven Franks, David Round, John Ansell . . . it is all a pack of Maori mouthpieces who are there to ‘debate’ what should be put in the consititution – like it is already a given.

      And what the hell is this talk about the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, and whether we should become a republic?

      1. Unless we and many others can find a way of making a major fuss about this sham VERY soon, get ready for a thorough shafting, as democracy gets trampled in the obscene rush to embed forever all things Maori into all statutes, procedures and processes … When that happens, the rest of us – aka the non-Maori majority – are done for.

    1. From what I can glean from the web it appears that Chris Webster is actually Tainui and the Waikatopolitx blog may have more to do with their own internal infighting.

      1. Hahaaaa, I have just been flicking through that site myself, Graeme and yes, it turn’s out Chris Webster is or was the spokesperson for Tania Martin, who was a chair for “Waikato-Tainui parliament”.

        Definately about their in-fighting, and she is correctly accusing them of corruption and double dipping etc.

        She is providing alot of inside information on her blog so it is very good to read.

        She is quite vehement towards the Tuku Morgan and co isn’t she!

  21. Just watched Willie Jackson on Seven Sharp. Why do they give this obvious radical who hates democratic process the oxygen of publicity?
    Always Willie Jackson or some other radical or leftie to espout the views of the percieved majority. I find Willie Jackson and his ilk repugnant to the extreme. If only they could interview JA, David Round, Muriel Newman for a more ballanced view and more representative of the population, and certainly more democratic.
    I couldn’t believe it when Jackson said farmers should walk off their land and give it back to maori. If he means that then he’d mean every private house and land owner in NZ should happily give up all they’ve worked for and give it back to these most disgusting money grabbing parasites.
    I expect now Willie has said it, then someone like Finlayson will negotiate a surreptitious deal with JK to give them something…..more billions for nothing.
    I once called Willie a very dangerous radical on his show. Now I mean it more than ever as he’s getting more and more young maori males angry and radicalised leading to violence, leading to prison. Then he and his cohorts can blame racism of the pakeha laws and ask for more billions to fix the problem of maori they never have any intention of fixing.
    A Mega Money Merry-Go-Round that our pusillanimous politicians refuse to see.
    We are indeed led by cowards.

    1. “Take the Treaty of Waitangi reparations. They are viewed grudgingly in many quarters, without any widespread interest in knowing the offences that occurred. A healthy community would try to repair the damage in the spirit of the Treaty, whose extraordinary potential was destroyed by deceit and greed.”

      Trouble is he does not state from which side the deceit and greed are coming from.
      (Should have been part of my last post)

  22. They are taught all of this rubbish via the education system, Owen, and have done so for the past 50 years. This journalist will have come up through this system and he’s never used his skills to find out the true history of our country. One would have thought he would have had all the tools at his disposal.

    Yes, it’s going to be hard to get rid of this type of thinking especially in the media. Journalists today just take the easy route all too often and regurgitate what they hear around them.

    We will have to become even more vocal.

    1. Yeah, what happened to it? Has the NZ Geographic Board told you that you are in breach of the Treaty by encouraging democracy?

  23. Cambell live tonight, did a test to see if a pleasent Maori chaps complaint that Petrol stations are racist is true.

    You see, this poor guy was not allowed to fill his car without pre-paying, yet other customers of other ethnicity were able to.

    The reporter (a pakeha) dressed himself in this Maori guy’s clothes and drove the guys car to all the Petrol stations they previously showed had declined him filling up without pre-paying – and ‘wella’! they took the pumps off pre-pay for the ‘pakeha’ so he could fill his car.

    John Cambell gave the Petrol stations a thumb down for racially profiling potential petrol pump runner’s.

    I feel very sorry for the Maori chap who was complaining about this racial profiling affecting him.

    His character appeared pleasent enough and he most certainly struck me as a genuine guy just trying to get on in this world like the rest of us.

    I feel equally sorry for the Petrol Stations who will now be targeted and antagonised with accusations of racism by maori radical thugs.

    It is a great shame that John Cambell did not investigate this further to inquire ‘why’ this racial profilling has come about.

    1. That is exactly what my partner asked while the show was on!

      Graeme they did not show the attendents – so we do not know.

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