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81% say don’t rename North and South Islands

North and South Island name change - stuff survey
Not content with ignoring 80% of the residents of Wanganui, the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa is now planning to ignore over 80% of all New Zealanders and rename the North and South Islands.

Feel free to vote on the stuff poll attached to the story, which a few minutes ago was predictably running 81-19 against the proposal.

This time the racist bureaucracy is using as its excuse the ‘shock discovery that “the English names for both islands had never been formalised”‘.

What bollocks. How many centuries of maps constitute ‘official’?

NZGBNPToA chairman Don Grant says:

“The board will open the decision to the public on whether the English name or the Maori name, or both names together should be used as official names.”

Sure they will.

And when the public tells the Board by a margin of four to one that they want to keep things the same — just as they did over the Whanganui ‘h’ — the Board will close the discussion to the public.

And then the Board will arrogantly declare that the North Island is henceforth to be referred to as Te Ika a Maui and the South Island as Te Waipounamu.

And the Treatifarian minority will cheer. And the vast majority will howl.

And John Key will toss the linguistic grenade to a minister he doesn’t like.

And that limp-wristed minister will pretend to agonise over the dilemma (which should be no dilemma at all) for months.

And then he will announce the inevitable predetermined compromise.

(A compromise between democracy and dictatorship. A compromise, like most National Party compromises, between right and wrong. Why do you National Party supporters tolerate continual compromises between right and wrong?)

Thus, in a few months, our two main islands will be known as North Island/Te Ika a Maui and South Island/Te Waipounamu.

After that totalitarian triumph, the NZGBNPToA’s will feel emboldened to mount its inevitable assault on the linguistic summit — the great socialist goal of the Helen Clarxists now set to be realised under John Key: the renaming of our country as Aotearoa New Zealand.

And the minute they try that, I confidently predict, the whole racial tinderbox will explode.

Polls' Familiar Pattern

The current stuff poll is just the latest in a string of polls (formal and informal) that support my view that 80% of New Zealanders would vote Yes to the following proposition:


I am in the process of planning a professional poll on the above question — and on whether those who answer Yes would vote for a single issue party dedicated to achieving a racially unbiased state.


21 thoughts on “81% say don’t rename North and South Islands

  1. Yes, we definitely need to poll the public, John, and the sooner the better. What part of ‘NO’ don’t they understand on these issues.

    Actually we need to claim our democracy back and tell politicians that this is our country and they are just there to do our bidding – not to follow some agenda from wherever. We need the Swiss method here – 100 Days before new legislation is confirmed, and also binding referenda. The Swiss have the only true democracy in the world and it’s a great success. It has been for over 140 years.

    No matter what, the North and South Islands will forever be called that by me. It’s quite a cunning trick they now have. They put the Maori name first and then gradually they drop the English names and something is just called by the Maori one. What a mouthful the new names are and it will be hard enough for people inside the country to pronounce and spell them but even harder for visitors. North and South Islands it is as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Well John how are we going to get around this. It seems it didn’t matter what polls say, changes and payouts when it comes to Maori is rife. Your foes Willy and JT are pushing their barrel on it today. where’s the peoples rights ALL people. I wouldn’t mind changes but not when its not by choice but enforced on the people of the country. I find the whole thing disgusting and wrong. Where now????

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a radio show where you could peddle your philosophy like Willy and JT. 5Days a week 12months of the year. And being a debating radio talkback show when you challange their philosophy the cut you off, how is that a debate? Does the Radio live format get monies from the tax payer then use a moari quota system to help fund the station? I thought it was a media works or canam (canadian) owned. Their doesn’t seem to be a balance. Slipping in the name changes is just the beginning, notice how all news stations open up? Tv as well kia ora, its the norm now.

  4. More bad news to come I’m afraid. Midday radio news tells us the Waipa River has today been somehow “returned” to the local mafia ( iwi ), by more than one Council ( spineless PC oxygen thieves) and they will co-manage it with these Councils. Also they will be hear all RSA applications and have a place on that committee as well.
    Was listening to Willie for a few minutes today. He was talking about the pre European Utopia here before and how maori have been shafted ever since. Also some fiction about some fantastic maori navigator who I suspect is being reinvented as I type this! I phoned up and gave the producer a blast but just could not listen to his lies & BS any more. He also claimed that renaming the N & S Islands will do wonders for our tourism industry, but forgot to mention how several tourists were beaten and robbed by 5 maori men last night ( i think ), which I suspect will not be so good for our tourism. He seemed quite chuffed that he was on TV and could tell all those lies on “Seven Blunt” with no opposition last night. Every day a part of NZ is lost to these liars.

    1. Well said Derejk the Scotsman dave gave them a blast but all jt could do was shift the debate to what to what was happining in Scotland. These guys are very good at shifting their debate when it suits them. As for the 5 moari thieves at large its an everyday event, so if these 2 radio announcers whopeddle their proprrgander concentrated on the facts of now then I wouldn’t have a problem. But its the o wow me. Look at the past, and if you concentrate on the past you cannot go foward

  5. Great, John! Looking forward to that poll. Will be interesting to see our cretinous news readers getting their tongues around these new words. You are absolutely correct in saying that after 170 years of common usage and map making that North and South Islands are not official.

  6. Just had my 4 minutes with Willie and JT radical maori show. I was Dave the Scotsman although I’m not Scottish. Anyone listen?

    Even with 98% against renaming the south and north Islands, John Key and his band of craven traitors will capitulate to the minority of a minority of Super elitist first class citiizens.
    I think JA should announce his intention to start a political party henceforth.
    Watching Seven sharp last night reminded me of how weak our journalists and media are in NZ.
    Willie Jackson gets all the media attention he wants to propagate his propaganda whole 85% sit watching and rolling our collective eyes with the severe lack of democracy in this country.
    Willie even stated that the majority isn’t always right. He’s right but at least the people get their say; and if it all goes tits up then they can blame themselves. Willie Jackson is a communist and is the most dangerous of radicals because he has the media in his hands and is backed by very powerful people who are promoting their ‘money hungry’ self interests.
    If this speeded up onslaught and eroding of our democratic right to have our say continues then this country is finished.
    John Key and his shyster Finlayson are gearing up to make maori radicals un-elected Co governers of this country, much like most councils of towns and cities in this once great country.
    The opposition to this is systematically being stifled, quelled, muffled and branded racist by the tax payer funded powerful maori oligarchy whom Finlayson represents.
    I did have a small say on the radiolive today before being cut off. Although small in contribution I know thousands of people would have listened to what I had to say. If I convinced even one person and shook him or her out of the ubiquitous New Zealand disease called ‘apathy’.
    The greatest gift to perfidious, quisling politicians and greedy, lying, money grabbing, parasitic elitist maori radicals and their mouthpieces, Willie, JT, Hone, Turia and Sharples is Apathy of non maori.

    1. Good on you, Marvin/Dave. I challenge other readers to ring up and expose them as well.

      Willie is sounding more and more like Mugabe, telling farmers to walk off their lands.

      His recipe for New Zealand is to make us the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

  7. I implore all who go on this site and other like minded people to call the radical Willie and JT show and stick it to them. Be calm and collective and they’ll keep you on a little longer.

  8. Wonderful , where do I sign? I have said it before, no one who thinks democracy is the way to go, could disagree with your poll, BUT theres a lot of people who have an invested intrest in keeping the status quo. And it’s got more to do with greed than right or wrong, and their not all Brown. There’s a huge spectrum of grey between white and black we seem to be up to our knees in brown mud.

  9. Helen said: “Actually we need to claim our democracy back and tell politicians that this is our country and they are just there to do our bidding – not to follow some agenda from wherever.”

    Caaawww! I like the way you put that, Helen.

    Infact, it spawned some abstract thinking from me!

    If we could evaluate how much blood, sweat, tears and MONEY, we as citizens have pumped into this land and Government for the past 173 years, we would get a better sense of how much we have invested into it and therefore collectively own it.

    Without us our Government could not exist, and Neo-tribal Corporate greedy Iwi would not be able to recieve the phenominal payouts.

    Now, I need to ask . . . who really has the power?

  10. You are so right, Trina. what a great idea.

    The more I think about it we must follow the Swiss system which they have proved works because they’ve had it for over 140 years. Their politicians work at other jobs and are not full time so this must attract people who really want to make a difference to the country and not just to set themselves up with massive salaries and perks forever after they have left Parliament.

    We desperately need a democracy in this country and we certainly don’t have one at the moment.

  11. Hi Everyone

    Be aware that there are now two Maori Affairs nominated Geographic Board members but


    Current Place Name Proposals

    There are currently four place name proposals open for public consultation, beginning 4 April 2013 and concluding the 5 July 2013.

    These proposals were gazetted on 4 April 2013.

    To make a submission, go to the relevant proposal page below and complete the online form. Submissions can also be sent in writing to:

    The Secretary of the New Zealand Geographic Board
    c/o Land Information New Zealand
    PO Box 5501
    Wellington 6145

    Facsmile: (04) 472 2244


    Proposed Place Name Geographic
    Feature Type Proposal Type Submission
    North Island Island Proposal to assign alternative official geographic names for the two main islands of New Zealand. 5 July 2013
    Te Ika-a-Māui Island Proposal to assign alternative official geographic names for the two main islands of New Zealand. 5 July 2013
    South Island Island Proposal to assign alternative official geographic names for the two main islands of New Zealand. 5 July 2013
    Te Waipounamu Island Proposal to assign alternative official geographic names for the two main islands of New Zealand. 5 July 2013

  12. I have just left my submission. STOP MEDDLING to appease a minority who really dont give a #$%& unless theirs a dollar note attatched

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