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Treatygate meeting makes front page of Wanganui Chronicle

JA Wanganui 28-3-13 - They're using the Big Lie Principle

My Grey Power meeting in the River City made the front page of Saturday’s Wanganui Chronicle. I appreciate the largely favourable coverage, but not all of it was accurate.

Political activist John Ansell railed against Treaty of Waitangi settlements when his caravan swung through Wanganui yesterday.

He was guest speaker at a meeting organised by Grey Power Wanganui and for the best part of two hours he held an audience of about 150 in his thrall as he criticised Treaty of Waitangi settlements, the racial divide, elitism that promoted it and the settlement gravy train that continued to roll on.

Not a biggie, but the venue’s count was 170-180.

At the nub of his debate was whether or not New Zealanders should have rights decided on race or colour.

“I’m not anti-Maori, and I can say that until  I’m blue in the face but you’ll never read about that in the newspaper,” he said.

Well that worked! — a cheeky dare in the grand tradition of Monty Python’s “I Bet You They Won’t Play This Song On the Radio”.

He is soon to constitute a party called Together NZ which will have as its mantra “one land, one law”.

Er, no. I said the organisation could become a party.

Together New Zealand

He told the audience about legal aid costs racked up by those acting for Treaty claimants, saying that since 2006 $79 million had been paid in legal aid.

“Those claimants have won $1.6 billion in the courts but haven’t been required to repay a bit of that legal aid,” he said.

I also told them that, according to a friend who used to work at the Legal Services Board, there are only three classes of legal aid applicant who don’t have to repay one cent of their aid…

Legal Aid - Who Don't Have To Repay

Now I don’t have any issue with victims of domestic violence not having to repay their legal aid — though I’m not sure why that doesn’t extend to victims of all violence.

I’m less sure about accused criminals, though I suppose if they’re found guilty they get punished in other ways.

But do we really think it’s fair that Treaty claimants — who have collectively become billionaires thanks to court judgements in only seven years (if you can call the Waitangi Tribunal a court) — don’t even have to refund us taxpayers as little as five percent of their winnings?

Legal Aid - Treaty Claimant Zero Repayment

Of all the injustices connected with the Treaty gravy train, this legal aid rort is surely one of the most sickening.

Mr Ansell said Maori willingly sold land to Pakeha and that most claims had been settled by 1947.

Yet several tribes continued to have settlements “finalised”. He said Ngai Tahu had had five “final” settlements, Tainui four and Taranaki five.

Not correct about Taranaki. What I said was that the British paid for the province five times, because different chiefs tricked them into believing that they owned the land when they didn’t.

Thus the British bent over backwards to do the right thing, even when the Maori were hell-bent on deceiving them.

He said those claims had been settled around the wrong Treaty because the final document was one that was inclusive of all races.

That’s right. Both Hobson’s final English draft and the Maori Tiriti into which it was translated guaranteed private property rights to “the chiefs and tribes and all the people of New Zealand.”

Treaty - final draft - all the people of New Zealand

He also argued only a handful of chiefs signed the document…

Treaty - bogus version - only 39 out of 512 signed

…and that the signature of Governor Hobson appearing on the Treaty was a forgery.

No, I was talking here about the Treaty display at Te Papa.

I said it’s bad enough that our national museum pretends, like the rest of the Treatygaters, that the pompous Freeman ‘Royal Style’ document is the ‘official Treaty in English’.

But what’s worse, they’ve even doctored the signature on their display to make it look as though Hobson was in full control of his faculties when he was induced by his incompetent secretary to sign that false (now ‘official’) document.

The signature on the Te Papa display below is not the real one. (You can see that a bit further down.)

This signature you’re about to see was lifted by Te Papa from the only document that Hobson said was the legitimate Treaty — the Maori Tiriti o Waitangi, signed at Waitangi on 6 February 1840.

 Te Papa - False Hobson signature on false Treaty

That’s a pretty robust signature, I’m sure you’ll agree. The only trouble is, it never appeared with those words. It’s a Te Papaganda fake.

Below is what their display should look like.

Te Papa - correct Hobson signature on false Treaty

This is my version, where I’ve changed Te Papa’s doctored version back to what it should have been.

Yes, this wonky, cack-handed, childlike scrawl was how our governor signed what the Treatygaters say was the ‘official Treaty in English’.

And why was his handwriting so spidery?

Because he’d just suffered a stroke.

Hobson had been induced to sign this flowery document in his sickbed by his pompous secretary James Freeman — the document’s author.

Why? Because Freeman was trying to make a name for himself by getting his own composition accepted as the real Treaty.

And he had a little luck. The version he sent to Rev Maunsell at the Church Mission Society station at Kawhia got used as overflow paper when the Maori Tiriti didn’t arrive for a major signing at Waikato Heads.

Treaty - bogus version - used only once

That accident of fate is what enables the Treatygaters to point to an English document containing Maori signatures and say: “Aha! The official English Treaty!”

(Even though Hobson had made it clear that there was no official English Treaty — only the Maori one.)

That is why this bogus document is now enshrined in the Treaty of Waitangi Act, and why the Waitangi Tribunal can make all sorts of absurd claims about its false contents.

But of course this false Freeman document bears little resemblance to the Maori Tiriti from which the Treatygaters say it was translated.

This anomaly puzzled genuine historians for 149 years — until Hobson’s missing final English draft was discovered by the descendants of Treaty-era lawyer Henry Littlewood in 1989. Then the pieces fell into place.

That Littlewood draft was a perfect match for the Maori Tiriti.

It had been written before it — on 4 February, 1840 — the day when everyone agrees the final draft was written.

It was written in the hand of James Busby, the man everyone agrees had penned the final draft for Hobson.

In other words, the Maori Tiriti was a translation of the final draft. (And the Freeman document was just another of many rejected drafts.)

The only thing the Treatygaters like Dame Claudia Orange have ever been able to do to discredit this draft was claim that Busby — a seasoned British administrator — must have got the date wrong!

But back to Te Papa’s forged display of Freeman’s so-called ‘official Treaty in English’.

Naturally, that bastion of historical revisionism, disgracefully masquerading as ‘Our Place’, doesn’t want us to know that Hobson signed Dame Claudia’s favourite document under duress.

So they doctored their depiction of it.

If that’s not corrupt, I don’t know what is.

56 thoughts on “Treatygate meeting makes front page of Wanganui Chronicle

  1. John, if it wasn’t for you I would have left NZ with my family last year. I am not a quitter but this fight just seemed too big. Thank you!!

  2. I can’t believe the extent of the corruption! It just never stops . . . same story though, how do we get this out there to the masses. . . ???

    Any big earners out there to fund flyers to be delivered to letter boxes even if not nation wide to make the cost more manageable?????????

    Amazing research JA (and any others involved.)
    How’s the Grey Power speaker you mentioned a while back going with his talks to groups?

    Derejk: We would be leaving if not for the fact that given our health and little income or savings another country would not accept us as NZ’s future looks to be one of self destruction at the moment.
    However, we haven’t given up the fight just yet . . . there’s still ‘fire in our belly’ and we do what we can
    Depends what happens after next elections what our kids will do.

  3. I heard from a friend in nz that there was a twisting the treaty brochure drop in Tauranga and he had gone in to a book shop to see about buying book, they didnt have it in there but said he was about the 20th person to ask he, also said everyone at the pub was talking about it, great work.

  4. Yes, Crazyhorse there is indeed a Twisting the Treaty brochure drop in Mt Maunganui/tauranga. How do I know? I am helping !!! There are two pamphlets delivered together…one is regarding the book ‘TtT’, the other is a Declaration of Equality from the NZCPR. Do you want the details to order a copy? Go to for details. If I could afford to, I’d send a copy to Willie Jackson…but it would be a big asumption that he could read and comprehend when proof and facts go against his fictional beliefs.

    1. Great work Derejk, good to see you getting out there, and good that NZCPR brochure went out as well many people still have not heard of there site, i hear theres a new political party starting, Focus NZ,that have a one law for all policy, i wonder if theres any chance John Ansell will talk to them, good luck.

      1. It seems to be a low priority issue for them. They seem to be a farmers’ party concerned mainly with tax on livestock. Not the right focus for 5%, I wouldn’t have thought. They do seem well organised.

    2. Great one, Derejk!

      Feels really good when you are able to do something to help fight.

      New Zealand is a small country – word WILL get around soon enough.

      As for Willie. J. I would not bother sending that pillock a copy of the fine research pulled together by all the authors.

      He can go and get stuffed!

      Give the public a chance to read and digest the information before he starts on his radio soap box trying to debunk it.

  5. It’s one hell of a fight alright. Maoridom have everything sewn up in NZ. And that’s thanks to the huge multi billion dollar payments from the tax payer via limp wristed governments. Control the media and you’ve got the country. The radicals Willie and JT have their tails up and laughing all the way to the Swiss bank.
    I said only the other day to my wife that we should go to Australia as this country is going down fast. The country is being maorified with no mandate from the general public; even worse they (the gutless John Key and Co) are doing it even though 80% plus of the population are against it.
    And this from a National government defies belief to me. I honestly believe labour and Greens would speed the country’s giveaway even more so.
    I said the other day to a very dear work colleague of mine and a very savvy man, that John Key and his shyster are gearing up to open the door for maori to (non democratically) Co govern this country with whomever wins power. I reminded him of the New Treaty and the now accepted version of partnership with the old Crown rather than maori have the rights and privileges of British citizens. He recoiled in the shock of what I’d just said.
    I pointed out what Willie had said in the Truth just two weeks or so ago.
    Willie went on to say that words and language change over the years and come to mean something else.
    So when it said in the false treaty that maori have rights and privileges of British citizens in the maori language. It has come come to mean maori are to be partners with the crown.
    And all the maori academics, politicians, lefties and near all media have fell for it hook, line and sinker. And what we have now is the result.
    My mate said Australia’s looking good, and I agreed.

    1. The multi-cult is hammering Australia. There are places/areas not just in cities, but country towns, where it is not safe for white people after dark(s).
      Quite saddening. That is first-hand from residents. If you go to Oz- take enough money to set-up in a lilly-white suburb.

      1. Even if I did go I’d feel like a rat deserting a sinking ship. The corruption is omnipresent in New Zealand and so hard to tackle when no one of any worth will jump on board with our cause.
        We need money, numbers, media attention and maybe some celebrity support. When our adversaries, and that includes all the media and polticians shut us down as closet racists, we really are up against it.

    2. My wife and I currently living/working in WA (the best way to get ahead in NZ is to work for better $ in Oz) and so far we have found it to be pretty laid-back. Yes, you get your drunken brawls and you get your murders but without actually checking the figures we haven’t noticed it being any worse than (say) Auckland or Christchurch. We were living in Nelson before we came here and downtown Nelson isn’t safe for anyone late on a Friday or Saturday night, regardless of your skin colour.

      Some things are different/better here but so far, one year into it, there’s not eough to make us stay forever. We have a plan and that includes a return to NZ, which is why we take a keen interest in the goings-on over there. Family and friends are missed and we enjoy being able to throw a snowball in the morning and watch the sun go down on the beach in the afternoon. You’re never far from where you want to be in NZ, whereas in WA the best vehicle to travel in from A to B is a Boeing.

      We love NZ and as I said, we’ll be back. (Unless something comes along that makes a return seem like lunacy.) Unfortunately there’s not much we can do from here except to offer our support to John and the crew and pass on as much information about the Treaty frauds as we possibly can to fellow caring kiwis.

      Don’t give up on NZ, it’s a beautiful place.

  6. Any lawyers out there? I ask as having a bogus signature displayed at the Revisionist Center/Museum on a document that has cost hundreds of thousands of people millions of dollars sounds like a case of FRAUD~

    1. I hear you dondiego, I would LOVE for a real Pitbull Lawyer to get on board and help us fight this.

      I know we cannot expect them to do it for free – but for the sake of our country’s future which includes lawyers futures, you would think atleast one of them are out there watching this and prepared to thump into the Government and its Iwi mates pro bono.

      Or, does this require an outsider’s help, for example another country to step in and conduct an inquest into NZ Government’s going’s on?

      1. The pro bono might work(?). I met an Australian on a domestic flight into Wellington who helped alleviate small business owners of their suffering re:ACC.
        He took, from memory 20%. But it was all saved cash- his cut still meant 100% savings to the owner.

        Trouble with these matters, or so I’m lead to believe, is precedents.

  7. Had my say on Radical Radiolive an hour or so ago. Willie let me have my say, but as usual didn’t get to say all I wanted.
    I said JK is going to go down as the most gutless Prime Minister in NZ history. And went on to say he doesn’t believe in democracy as he ignores 85% of the population in favour of maori radicals. And I said the both of them were mouth pieces for radical maori promoting the propaganda to suck vast fortunes from the New Zealand tax payers.
    I was appreciative of Willie to give me my say without cutting me dead. I must have caught him on a good day.
    I said my peace though and did my bit for the cuase.

  8. Good on you Marvin. I will try to phone one day but listening to their drivel is not good for my health. I listened for a few minutes this pm and they were mocking their good friend with the poor memory, Hone Key. I don’t get it why they ridicule him considering how he has given them NZ on a platter. I would have thought they would praise him and try to build up some Key credibility. I once worked in a rough Public Bar as a bar tender, and their verbals remind me of all the drunken drivel I heard. Maybe Radiolive should surprise them with a Drug/alcohol test one day!

    1. You have to do it Derejk. I think it pays to vent your spleen and it makes you feel better. We all need that catharsis now and again.
      I simply like the thought of being heard by thousands regardless of how I sound. I make my point and have that ‘how ever many minutes it takes to say it’.
      We have to let them know there’s a growing nemesis to their money hungry agenda.
      Make the call and make your views known in a very mild mannered way. That way there’s less chance they’ll cut you off at the pass.
      And when one isn’t ranting like a raving lunatic the listeners will listen and hear your every words.

      1. Hi Marvin
        I think you are right about the approach on the radio.
        When doing some research, I listened to some 2005 and 2006 broadcasts (R. Walker and D.Williams) and was struck by the very deliberate, slow and unemotive style they use to transmit their message (sounded like a BBC style). Definitively a technique so the audience is not alarmed by the message – whatever it may be.
        Incidently, I think Prof Williams has had a lot to do with the push for the entrenchment of the Treaty in the Constitution and an increase in the Maori role. – i.e with altering demographics and more Asians in NZ, there will be less support for special privileges for one sector of the population.
        What on earth does pulchritudinous mean, or shouldn’t I ask?

    2. I’d be as happy as Robbie Williams with a nose full of cocaine and the most pulchritudinous women on the planet wanting to bed me if I had the millions of tax payers money rolling in for me and my mates like them pair of charlatans!

    3. I would say, Derejk, that they mock Hone Key because they don’t respect him for giving them what they want especially as they know they are not entitled to it. It’s rather like spoilt children – they just take and take and have no respect for the giver.

      They know they have Shonkey in their big pockets so feel quite secure to do and say whatever they like but overriding everything is the obvious disrespect they feel for him.

  9. Once again, an excellent post, John.

    With regard to Willie Jackson and his cohort JT, I actually believe they know full well the true history of this country but it is not in their interests to disclose it because the Treaty Gravytrain would dry up, come to a screeching halt, and that just wouldn’t do. They would find their cosy little lives coming to a full stop and, heaven forbid, they just might have to repay some of the goodies they received from the rest of us – fraudulently.

    It just doesn’t fit that they wouldn’t know it. I’m also very convinced that many of the other grieving Treatyists also know full well the true facts. What galls me greatly is that I’m equally convinced that they view us with derision for the fools we must appear to be for allowing it to happen. I also regard the politicians who are allowing this to happen with extreme derision.

  10. I can just see the tourism advertisement now: New Zealand – before colonisation it was just like AVATAR, but with maoris. YEAH RIGHT! Revisionists have wrecked this country, i am sure most of them are oblivious to the real damage they do however. They themselves are the product of indoctrination as a result of the very successful “march through the institutions” aka marxist style, which the educated Iwi leaders began in the late 70’s and i believe completed in the late 90’s (tipene o’regan and co.). I believe we are almost beyond the point of no return in NZ and we are certainly heading down the road of another Zimbabwe at worst and Quebec at best. I fail to see how we can get enough momentum to stop this when most of the population in NZ seem to have been lulled into apathy over the years thinking we live in some kind of paradise. Well, it could be a paradise – just image what it could have been…I am starting to believe it really is too late sadly, no-one is listening, or actually the media (PC, socialists themselves) won’t listen to what is essentially a conservative right wing argument.

    1. We mustn’t give up, Spollyike. There is still hope and I feel sure there is going to be a massive turnaround sooner rather than later. I’m just looking forward to asking for all the fraudulent takings to be paid back – with interest if possible!! Dream on you are probably saying but I firmly believe there is hope for this country.

      So, please don’t give up. There are also a good number of books out there now with all the information after meticulous research and those have to be brought to the attention of the Sheeple.

      1. Helen be realistic we are never going to get anything paid back unfortunately. The best we can hope for is racial equality throughout all government legislation and possibly the removal of existing cases of racial favouritism. The problem, the biggest problem however is that even if it is possible to reach the older people it is these people who do not need “converting” the were born and raised with racial equality and therefor to them it is the right way to be. The problem i refer to is the constant indoctrination of the young, at school, in non-science based degrees at university, reading gen-Y type news articles and political commentary – these people are the future and we cannot reach them, the message they are receiving is too strong and protected too well. Relying on their grandparents to tell them what life was like in NZ when they were young is not enough by a long shot. A lot of the younger generation are involved in the media in journalism, tv and print, making programs and writing articles for their generation from the perspective of the revisionist material they have been taught, they know no different and their audience know no different so the script is essentially already written. If there is to be a long term chance to reverse this process in our country something must be done to prevent the indoctrination of our young as i’m not convinced preaching to the generation in that is on the way out so to speak is going to work. I sadly don’t have a solution however.

  11. My word, Spollyike, put like that you certainly do have a point about everything, especially the indoctrination of our younger people. I know it is a long shot to expect all the fraud to be repaid and it probably won’t happen but it is a nice thought.

    However, I refuse to give up until I draw my last breath. If you are right, then there is no hope for this country and we have squandered what we used to have. Sadly, your comments have rung bells. I will keep positive though and trust that right will shine through.

  12. I listened to Paul Moon with Willie and John on radio live, running John Ansell and his treaty gate campaign down, seemed rapt in treaty pay outs apparently great for the economy, very few facts on nz history thou, made me sick to listen, 3 yes men all bum kissing.

  13. JA and everybody:
    Over the next 5 nights, I’ll be emailing everyone in my address book the following websites, – one each night.






    If everybody did the same, we would certainly spread the message.
    A lot of people are just not aware of whats going on in our beloved country.

    1. Hi Harry and good on you for being proactive. Hope your mates also forward the links.
      This afternoon, I phoned up the Min of Education to ask why they were using the term Aotearoa New Zealand. Also why it had been adopted by the Min of Ed without the prior input of all the people of NZ, especially given the mantra of the 3 p’s, one of which is participation.
      A (pleasant) gentleman gave me his take on the origins of the name Aotearoa, touched on what he perceived could be a problem with minority participation and democracy, and said that he thought all the government ministries started using the words Aotearoa New Zealand about a year ago due to Treaty of Waitangi responsibilities.
      I insisted that for participation to take place all the people of New Zealand should have been asked if they wanted the name changed (or not) before it was used by the ministry.

      1. Well said, Irene. If more people did that it might make them sit up and take notice. However, the word probably comes from above – and I don’t mean God, although I’m sure many of them think they are little Gods.

    2. I missed this post by you, Harry, but Irene’s reply has brought it to my attention. What a great idea. Must do the same and I hope it brings a chain reaction. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the net went viral with these references!!

  14. As some commenters have alluded to the young may well be beyond reach. “Education” is counterproductive/counter-intuitive. Kids are no longer taught or encouraged to think.

    Just look at how the (falsely named) Greens came back from the brink of irrelevancy.
    Those who deign to rule over you are quite happy with the inmates running the asylum. They (Govt) know they cant argue with adults.
    While many of the overlords – elites – maoristocracy etc are happy to keep skimming the cream, safe in their gated communities and country hide-outs*, their employers suburbs go down the toilet.
    They know it takes morons to feed the machine. They know the machine requires technicians- and now they are safe in the knowledge them techs are NOT competing from a public skool.

    In closing my sermon, I don’t know the numbers in the over 35s vs 18+, but that is who NEEDS to get on board if you think N.Zs retardation can be reversed (politically).

    *I have no idea where these pricks live, probably just as well too. My once safe-at-night Joe Whitebread suburb has fallen to the ferals- even white kids have reverted to a tribalism in response 😦

  15. Just sipping my coffee and listening to 0700 news. Nice and peaceful. Then…some brainwashed wide eyed loony masquerading as an “academic” comes on and the story goes;

    “A marketing academic believes there is a good chance te reo maori could become our main administrative language.
    It follows a move by the Geographic Board to validate maori names for the North and South islands.
    University of Auckland marketing lecturer Mike Lee says this would be a similar move to what happened in Barcelona, where Catalan has become the top language.
    It has meant those working in the public sector in the area have had to develop an understanding before they can take up top jobs there.
    Dr Lee says our laid back nature makes us perfect to have more of our native tongue installed into everyday activities.
    “We’re easy going enough that we would let movements like that happen without putting up too much of a fuss.”

    Being a marketing lecturer, one would think he understands things like the difference between 85% saying ‘NO’ to changing the N & S Islands names as opposed to 15% agreeing. Maybe not.

  16. Helen says:
    April 4, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    “With regard to Willie Jackson and his cohort JT, I actually believe they know full well the true history of this country but it is not in their interests to disclose it because the Treaty Gravytrain would dry up, come to a screeching halt, and that just wouldn’t do.”

    I fully agree with your assessment, Helen, though would like to also suggest another reason they do not want it disclosed.

    In Willies’ second response to J.A in the ‘Truth’, Willie said near the end:

    “I have responded to Ansell, despite friends and contemporaries advice to ignore him.”

    “I do so because he must be exposed as the racist he is and before he gets any traction.”

    Keep that last sentence in mind.

    Ross Baker from the ‘One New Zealand Foundation’, has been studying the Treaty issues in our country for many many years.

    He is a wealth of information and has written a book “New Zealand in Crises”, which can be brought by contacting the One New Zealand Foundation.

    In this book, I am told, there is a quote by Geoffrey Palmer who is or was the leading Consitutional Lawyer and the one responsible for the reforms.

    The quote is taken from Geoffrey Palmers book “New Zealand’s Constitution in Crisis” where he state’s : “It is true the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 and all the other statutes, which give explicit recognition to the Treaty are not entrenched. They can be swept away by a simple majority in Parliament”.

    Now, let us reflect on Willie Jackson’s last sentence again: “I do so because he must be exposed as the racist he is and before he gets any traction.”

    Willie Jackson and co know full well that if J.A gets traction their life of verbally bashing pakeha with impunity and getting paid for it is irrevocably stuffed!

    I think they are absolutely PACKING themselves!

    They know their empire is built on sand, which, I believe, is why the Maori Party is pushing for the Treaty to be written into the Constitution.

    We can take heart that John Ansell, NZCPR and others are shaking things in a way that can bring it all down.

    Spollyike, I hear your concerns about the indoctrination of the younger generation, but I do not believe our hope’s are dashed because of it.

    My optimism is drawn from the track record of Polls developing that shows 80% of New Zealand support equality – refer to Johns blog titled “81% say don’t rename North and South Islands”.

    It seems to me that New Zealanders are supporting us – it is the politicians and Government departments which are putting up the road blocks and perpetrating the propaganda and indoctrination of our young ones, therefore, to me it is the departments we need to get through too.

    This is going to be nigh impossible because there are too any Iwified Parties pushing the Treaty in Parliament.

    SO! what are we to do?!

    Somehow, get more Parties who have favourable policies on equality into Parliament?

    1. That word ‘traction’ also leapt out to me too at the time, Trina. It is a very significant word, coming from them and is what they are most concerned (terrified?!) about. They know it would spell the end of all the sweetness they have been living on at the expense of the rest of us and is what is driving their ‘racist’ comments.

      I also know of Geoffery Palmer’s comments about a sweeping everything away by a simple majority in Parliament. It’s not going to be hard to get rid of once they face up to the facts and decide to do it.

      I have just started corrresponding with a lady who attended the AGM I went to and where I tried to present a motion. She said with regard to the appeasement that is going on by National re them being a soft-touch – “They say it is because that if they aren’t, we will have real racist problems on our hands like some countries experience overseas! ???”

      What an excuse and what wimps they are if they just buckle down and give them what they want because they are frightened(?!!) of what they will do if they don’t!! We need proper men and women in Parliament, not the wimps they must be if this is true.

      1. Helen said: “They know it would spell the end of all the sweetness they have been living on at the expense of the rest of us and is what is driving their ‘racist’ comments.”

        You and I are definately on the same wave-length, Helen.

        From what I have heard from those who have been listening to Willie Jackson – I understand he is in full swing firing out the ‘racist’ word on his radio station.

        Although I have not listened myself, I imagine Willie is in overdrive since John Ansell et al have been raising up.


      2. Sorry, I became distracted and posted the above response prematurely.

        Further to your post, Helen, I think the rediculous reply you were given further validates everything everyone has been saying.

        1. Our Government officials really are wimpy, limp wristed idiots.

        2. Our Government officials really are wimpy, limp wristed idiots.

        Oops! I said that twice. . . . ahhh well

        3. That the answer to this vexing situation that they have created, which is causing such damage to their delicate skin with all the hand wringing they are doing, is to abolish identity politics and focus on policies that reinstate equality.

        4. They need to reinstate Democracy.

        5. We need a very strong leader to pull our country out of this situation before we are backed against a wall having to fight our way out.

        6. That the Iwi’s are getting away with it because our Government officials are wimpy, limp wristed idiots that can be pushed around.

  17. Cheers spollyike.

    Further to the above, I have found this following quote from an article titled Past the Last Post: Time, Causation and Treaty Claims History, by G. Byrnes (2003)

    “The Tribunal, while charged with remedying past injustices through making provisions for the future, also operates in a fickle political environment: it remains a creature of statute without full legal or constitutional protection.”

    “This means that future governments could potentially retract or severely curb the Tribunal’s limited powers and therefore further erode the momentum of the settlement process.” (Page 270)

  18. Has anyone already made a submission to the constitutional review panel ?
    Reading trough the guides supplied it states :

    “The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement made between the British Crown and Māori chiefs in 1840. It enabled the British to establish a government in New Zealand and confirmed to Māori the right to continue to exercise rangatiratanga.”

    ( no explanation what that word means, but I think it means self governance or something like that… correct me if I’m wrong)

    I thought that always was a very debatable issue : are we supposed to think that this is set in stone ?
    Would it not be misinformation to make it look as if it was set in stone ?

    Submissions need to be done before 1 July 2013

  19. Also, he mentioned ‘forests and fisheries’ being in the Treaty when it wasn’t in either the final English draft or the Maori version.

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