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It’s not OK – Danish MP

Welcome. Ja right

How dare visiting Danish MP Marie Krarup have the temerity to be upset by being greeted at Devonport Naval Base by a “half-naked man… shouting and screaming in Maori, and poking his tongue out” at her.

Doesn’t she realise, as “Maori culture expert” Dr Ranginui Walker reminds us in the Herald, that such boorish behaviour is the pinnacle of Maori culture?

Did no one tell her that only Maori are allowed to take cultural offence in New Zealand?

(Which begs the question: what do they do when they don’t like you?)Danish politician Marie Krarup was upset by the traditional Maori welcome she received when she visited New Zealand.Photo / Supplied

Marie Krarup, Danish People’s Party MP

Ranginui Walker says Maori customs obviously had not been explained to Ms Krarup before her visit.

Actually they were explained very well — by the Danish ambassador, no less. (He even helpfully warned the MPs not to laugh at the powhiri.)

She just found the customs offensive, that’s all. As is her right.

“Very often politicians are not as well educated as they ought to be, perhaps haven’t studied history.”

Or perhaps they have. Perhaps the Danish visitors were very well educated in the violent ways of our pre-colonial stone age cannibals.

It’s just that, unlike Ranginui Walker, most educated people are repelled by violence.

More significant than the MP’s comments themselves were the high number of net positive comments supporting Marie Krarup on the stuff website.

Here’s a selection:

Danish MP upset by Maori welcome - comments

I left the following comment on the Copenhagen Post site congratulating Krarup on behalf of the 80% of New Zealanders who agree with her.

Dr Ranginui Walker is a Maori radical, beloved of our Marxist academic elite. If he believes that the petulant powhiri and cannibal-inspired haka are the pinnacle of Maori culture, then the sooner that culture addresses its obsession with violence, the better.

While other New Zealanders have led the world down into the smallest thing (Ernest Rutherford – the atom) and up into the biggest thing (William Pickering – space), conquered the world’s highest mountain (Hillary) and generally punched above their weight in many fields of human endeavour, Maori achievements remain linked to violence, from pioneering guerrilla warfare to excelling at rugby (a Danish word, I believe!).

All tribal peoples, including we former British and you former Vikings, have had violent pasts. The problem in New Zealand is that too many Maori remain tribal and disproportionately violent.

Aided by cringing white appeasers, they are in the habit of blaming the Pakeha (Europeans) for all their ills, when in fact no native race has come so far so fast as the Maori after British colonisation.

But be assured that most Maori, and New Zealanders in general, are a lot more welcoming than Marie Krarup’s experience would suggest.

Well done to Marie for saying what 80% of Kiwis think, but are too timid to say.

Just as the raping and pillaging Vikings evolved into today’s Danes, and the bloodthirsty Anglo-Saxons mellowed into the powder-puff Poms, so too can Maori choose to set aside their obsession with violence and join the modern world.

In the 21st century, greeting visitors by threatening to kill and eat them is not OK.

107 thoughts on “It’s not OK – Danish MP

  1. Good idea John, I just posted this comment in the Copenhagen Post:

    What Marie Krarup has written is no less than what 80% of NZ’ers think everyday. Everyday in our country we are subjected to the next declaration of a cultural minority telling us how we now must live. Our children from the age of 3 at kindergarten are indoctrinated with all things maori, to the point where they do not recognise their own british etc culture anymore. My own daughter came home at age 3 and exclaimed that she was a maori, this made me furious and i decided to fight this separatism. I have since discovered that most, i would say over 80% of NZ’ers do not want any of this maori culture forced upon us. However our political system is rigged in a way which gives people with maori blood 2 votes and therefore they often hold the balance of power in our MMP system where political parties must form a coalition to govern (a stupid system). Also in NZ there is allowed to be political parties such as the Maori Party which exists in parliament only to gain benefits and entitlements for maori blood people only. It sounds ridiculous i know but this is how NZ is going, we are heading for apartheid with a cultural minority being the privileged group and every other ethnic group as second class citizens. It already exists: special scholarships for maori, maori only hospital wards, rewriting of history to make the maori the innocent victims of the evil colonists, special separate health services for maori only, maori only schools funded by the taxpayer, funding from the government for maori family reunions etc etc. NZ’ers have had enough but we cannot seem to make our voice heard politically as the media have been hijacked by the socialist PC left and all we get are one-sided stories which twist the truth in favour of their political agenda. We have socialist workers unions who rule the schools and tell the teachers who in turn try to tell the parents and kids what to think or say in order to use them as political pawns. Now our country is reviewing is constitution and the review panel is stacked with Maori academics who want to enshrine the treaty of waitangi, an old document that gave maoris the protection of a powerful sovereign queen victoria. However this document has been mistranslated by political interest groups and activist judges over the years so that to enshrine such a document that at present is not itself part of NZ law would send us down the path of becoming another zimbabwe or at least south africa. Nz is not the country it once was, if you plan to visit do not do so to see the maori culture it is a politically forced social experiment in bi-culturalism gone very wrong. Please help us!

  2. I think we should thank Marie Krarup for bringing this up because it’s long stuck in my craw that we have to constantly endure ‘Maori’ culture as it seems to have overtaken every little niche in our lives. We must seize the opportunity now to have a full debate on it all.

    I have also long been embarrassed for visiting foreign dignitaries having to put up with (often lengthy) Maori welcomes etc and I think we wouldn’t be at all surprised how many privately find it very distasteful.

    It annoys me intensely when we have to have powhiris, karakias or whatever before meetings etc start. It is intensely rude in my view to speak in a language that many don’t understand. We ALL speak English so that should be all that’s necessary.

    Thank you Colin Craig for suggesting it should be optional. If it was, we could vote it down at every function and ceremony apart from on a Marae where they can do what they like with their culture.

    It has now crept into every aspect of our lives – even (almost) when opening a packet of potato chips. I’m utterly sick of the Haka which bursts out everywhere. We must let ‘them’ know that we don’t want it or any of their ‘ceremonies’, unless they are specifically requested.

  3. Ohhhh yeah! She is fighting back baby! 😀

    Dane fires back at critics

    Marie Krarup has told her critics – including other Danish politicians – that they can “forget about” her standing down from her position on the country’s Armed Forces Committee or apologising for her comments.

    The Danish Folkeparti MP has come under fire in her country for her comments about a Maori powhiri while visiting a naval base in New Zealand under her capacity on the committee.

    Late last night (New Zealand time) she took to Facebook to defend her comments and political standing.

    “My humorous blog post about my impressions from a trip with [the] Defence Committee to New Zealand leads now that someone calls on me to leave the Armed Forces Committee. Others want [me to] apologise for what I wrote,” the post, pre-translated to English, said.

    “You can forget about [it]. I stand by what I wrote, and it would in my opinion be both ludicrous and wrong that I should … simply because I have passed my travel impression to the public.”

    She said she had received support from New Zealanders thanking her for “breaking a taboo” and encouraged critics to “meet me with arguments instead of demanding apologies and demands for resignation”.

    – Morgan Tait

    1. Hey Trina, do you know how that guy that was to speak to Grey Power meetings re Treatygate is going?
      Did it happen? Anyone else doing this now apart from JA? Am worried about John getting burnout as the fight must be consuming his life with so much happening in a wide variety of places let alone also thinking about the future . . .

  4. Good on her for fighting back. I absolute agree with her comments and it’s time New Zealand had an open debate on all the ‘Maori’ everything we have to put up with in every niche of our lives. It’s just never-ending with something new creeping in every day and I find it nauseating in the extreme.

    I have sent Marie a message of support and I hope others will also do so.

    1. Done also. I feel we need to put some kindling on this tiny ember of hope she has given us. Maybe it can turn into the fiery debate NZ needs. She has truly given us an opportunity not to wasted.

    1. That is a brilliant article and makes perfect sense. We are too weak to protect our own culture. Instead we promote minority (maori) culture to the extreme. How stupid are we?

      1. Hey Marvin, what do you think would be the reaction if someone such as Turiana Hollycost Turia visited Denmark and was greeted by big hairy men wearing furs and copper helmets chanting rape, plunder and pillage and waving swords around?
        Most cultures around the world have moved on from their violent origins, while maori want to drag us back to caveman days and push their aparteid agenda.
        Maybe, just maybe, when rank and file maori realise they’re not getting a bite of the apple the whole con will implode.

  5. I agree, John. When you see it all in context, it is much different from how it has all been protrayed. She makes so much sense and I can see exactly where she is coming from. She should make many sit up and take notice instead of condemning her comments.

  6. Yes, I feel ashamed of the mindless parochialism that always kicks in whenever anyone dares to be critical of anything about NZ. It reeks of a belligerent insecurity and national immaturity that does us no credit at all in the eyes of the world.

    1. I once asked a young Englishwoman what she thought of ‘New Zealand English’ (esp ending every second sentence with “eh[?]”.
      Her reply was your second sentence.

      1. Yes, cringe-worthy. We do have a lot to be genuinely proud of, but they are achievements that get no exposure whatsoever these days. Its all rugby, Maoris & Shortland Street. All lowest common denominator stuff. And the LCD are the fastest growing sector of our society.

  7. I think that there is no such thing as “maori culture”: no art, no dance, no literature, no music – ie, no culture.

    There IS cannibalism, infanticide, murder, slavery, ugliness, and violence – but no culture.

    1. shut up you arrogant piece of shit, that’s your view so you just go back swinning like the ape man your people believed you came from and go eat your banana.s. atleast my people can go right back in our geneology you probably don’t even know where you come from …. lost bitter little man my people were here befor your big boat sailed to our shores uggerly smelly white men they were

    2. Excuse me sir…but are you maori? Do you have a clue of what the maori culture holds? Obviously not.

      Ugliness? Well..those are very kind words my friend. Calling a persons culture ugly is quite the compliment.

      Murder? Perhaps, but you cannot stereotype a race for someone else’s doing. A maori man murders another man. The whole maori race is stereotyped as violent and futile.

      Slavery? My god you have no idea what my people went through. Are you that pig headed? Why is there this dislike for the people who were already there before British colonised us? Think before you write such ugly comments.

      You must be blind. No art? Can you not see wooden carvings depicting our ancestors and gods. No dance? Can you not see the women and men singing and dancing the songs of our history. No literature? We spoke maori…not English….maori, I think you are being a tad racist. No music? You must be deaf too.

  8. wow keep going …you have no idea how ugly this looks – you must all be getting free KKK membership with the comments coming out on this one

      1. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Wtach this space. Just imagine if all the violent crimes were treated equally, what would the prison stat’s look like then? Already 14% of NZ’s population (Maori) represent 51% of the prison population. It would be much worse if violent Maoris weren’t pandered to by limp-wristed judges.

      2. The Harawiras are a clan of retarded, violent scum. This was a nasty home invasion with violence and robbery against a child. Hopefully they will get prison sentences, but we won’t be surprised if they don’t.

      3. Probably home detention. Has anyone else noticed how judges often give a sentence of home detention to beneficiaries ….who spend most of their time at home anyway?! They may as well just sentence them to “carry on as normal”!!!

    1. I just saw that and nearly threw up. What damage did hovering that chooper do and since when did Maori have any respect for anyone else’s ‘cultural importance’? If I’m right there’s a ChCh woman still trying to get her partners body back from a NI tribe after they STOLE it from a funeral director. The authorities don’t seem to stand up when stuff like that happens but hover a chopper over a big hill and look out! What utter nonsense.

      1. You are right. The case was James Takamore. It went all the way to the Supreme Court taking 5 years in total. His partner finally won remarkably even with Sian Elias on the bench.

      2. Update. Not actually sure that the body has yet been returned despite the legal victory. Anyone know?

  9. What a load of gobbledegook!! I’ve never heard such nonsense in all my life. What are we coming to? ‘Maori’ probably wouldn’t have even seen Mt Cook until long after the settlers came. There were only about 2000 of them scattered around coastal areas and there were no walking tracks inland for a very long time.

    That’s one reason why the Ngai Tahu settlement is such a huge big fraud. I really feel for that helicopter pilot. He’s the victim of fraudulent goings on – but what can we do??

  10. What is a sacrilege is the stupid idiot of a judge prostituting her position of being a person charged with upholding personal rights and justice, by being part of such a scandalous, sanctimonious nonsense. She has utterly FAILED in her duty and should be sacked.

    1. Just emailed my MP again. Looks like he is going to have to get used to corresponding on these kinds of issues.

  11. FYI-I enjoyed some of these responses, you will note I did some advertising for you.

    John Ansell undergroundman14 • 19 hours ago
    Undergroundman14 is correct.

    The New Zealand government appeases Maori endlessly because a) they want the Maori Party’s votes, and b) they’re scared of what a violent minority of them might do.

    But in every poll conducted, 80% of the public oppose this indulgence.

    Dr Ranginui Walker is a Maori radical, beloved of our Marxist academic elite.If he believes that the petulant powhiri and cannibal-inspired haka are the pinnacle of Maori culture, then the sooner that culture addresses its obsession with violence, the better.

    While other New Zealanders have led the world down into the smallest thing (Ernest Rutherford – the atom) and up into the biggest thing (William Pickering – space), conquered the world’s highest mountain (Hillary) and generally punched above their weight in many fields of human endeavour, Maori achievements remain linked to violence, from pioneering guerrilla warfare to excelling at rugby (a Danish word, I believe!).

    All tribal peoples, including we former British and you former Vikings, have had violent pasts. The problem in New Zealand is that too many Maori remain tribal and disproportionately violent.

    Aided by cringing white appeasers, they are in the habit of blaming the Pakeha (Europeans) for all their ills, when in fact no native race has come so far so fast as the Maori after British colonisation.

    But be assured that most Maori, and New Zealanders in general, are a lot more welcoming than Marie Krarup’s experience would suggest.

    Well done to Marie for saying what 80% of Kiwis think, but are too timid to say.
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    Sara-Marie Nielsen John Ansell • 15 hours ago

    Where did you get that figure from?
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    loroferoz Sara-Marie Nielsen • 8 hours ago
    His own backend, likely
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    Neil Cameron Sara-Marie Nielsen • 3 hours ago
    By the look of it it comes from an xtra poll, and the questions on the poll explain the results!
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    notDk’sbiggestfan John Ansell • 16 hours ago
    So rugby players are expousing violence……and because the townland of Rugby gave it’s name to the school which started the game somehow that ties in with your idea that us Danes should support your dislike of the Maori (who were living in NZ long before the europeans even new were NZ was)….I can tell you are a man of simple associations. Rutherfords parents were from Essex, UK. Pickerings father was from Bethnal Green in London and Hilary’s grandparents were from Surrey………so what exactly is this rich NZ culture you claim that is so distinct from the Maori. Taming the local savages perchance?
    It’s just the same stuff from you as is common in so many returning descendants of colonies…..not quite British and not too fond of the blacks. London is full of guys like you brother.
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    native notDk’sbiggestfan • 2 hours ago −
    That is absolutely brilliant! I could not have put it better myself. You are probably unaware of this but John Ansell was employed by two conservative parties here in New Zealand as their advertising guru, then they sacked him because even they could not stomach his race politics. Check out his site ‘treatygate’.
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    mythirdotheralias John Ansell • 13 hours ago
    Rugby, a Danish word? A town in England with a famous school. If you mean the place name originated from some Viking plunderers, perhaps. But on that basis you can lay claim to about half of the English language.

  12. Heard a woman on the radio last night saying how maori culture is so beautiful and she loves it. She said it was the most beautiful of all cultures ( I presume she has never been overseas??). If genocide, cannibalism, warring, slavery, rape not to mention no written language and never coming close to discovering the wheel. then I wonder what she would think of Asians, Europeans, South Americans and Middle Eastern cultures so far advanced then, that they should make maori feel embarrassed.

  13. It seems the 80% figure is alive and well. Yahoo online poll with a significant number of votes. Go to to vote.

    “what do you think

    Did you think Maria Krarup’s comments about Maori welcomes were offensive?
    Yes, she was out of line
    No, Maori culture may be surprising to foreigners
    She is entitled to her own opinion
    I don’t know 1% (94)”

    1. But Graeme, notice how the four options were carefully worded so as not to cause offence to maori. I was looking for the crude stoneaged embarrassing option which was not there!

      1. Notice how they carefully worded the four options to not be racist? You my friend have this passion of disliking Maori people. Nice one, do one for the team and rebel against equality in New Zealand by continuing to be racist 🙂 me and my work colleagues are all here looking at this page and love commenting on these type of comments 🙂

  14. WTF ??? Culturally insensitive to hover a helicopter over a mountain that pre 1840 probably only a handful of maori had seen? When these maori went up the mountain, I wonder where they took a dump? On the mountain itself??? So that’s OK then?? Unbelievable.

    1. I love it when Iwi stomp their feet over things as rediculous as this Derejk . . . it all works in our favour by validating our claims of how rediculous they have become.

      1. You people know nothing. You do not realise how utterly offensive you people are being. Perhaps learn the culture? Become familiar with it? Then you will see how culture is very important to maori people.

      2. Maori are the ones giving offence – haven’t you read the post? I have no wish to learn or encounter a culture of violence, and neither should any civilised person in the 21st century.

        If Maori wish to be respected by their fellow countrymen, they need to change their culture (ie habits) like other previously violent peoples (including the British and Danes) have changed theirs.

      1. sigh . . . please excuse my second comment above.

        For some reason when I went to send the first comment a different page came up telling me that my server was doing some maintenance and that I should wait a few minutes before hitting the refreash button.

        I did that, hit the refreash button, but my comment had not been sent – so – I did another message and upon that being posted my first message appeared . . . modern technology! I tell ya!

    2. I hereby call on all NZ’s chopper pilots to hover over Mt Cook for a few seconds, call sign “nyah nyah”. That judge is an idiot.

      1. I here hereby call you another pakeha who has taken a tantrum because Maori are treated “better”. Please grow up and get some history into you’re brain.

      2. You are welcome to call me what you like. I am simply pointing out facts. If the facts offend you, change the facts (ie the culture, ie habits) and get with civilisation.

  15. It is interesting that the pilot seems to have pleaded guilty and not submitted any defence or objection. It appears the pilot and helicopter work for a SI (sorry Te Wai Pounamu) tourism company. With Ngai Tahu calling the shots and controlling the industry there it appears that they simply decided to prostitute themselves to the tribe.

  16. No surprise, iwi want de facto ownership of airspace, this BS about
    mana crap is an easy backdoor. Idiot judge.

  17. Graeme
    I have no idea. Just a shame that being the long-serving and much-admired Member for Eketahuna North is a persona and not the real deal.

  18. I wonder what would happen if climbers had to be rescued from Mt Cook? Obviously helicopters are out of the question as they would have to hover, and all the sensitivities would be hurt beyond repair and we couldn’t have that now, could we!!!.

    Where do these people come from – I ask you? I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life. If it hadn’t cost someone an awful lot of money it would be laughable.

    1. In many respects it is laughable. Taniwhas at the bottom of the garden stuff in fact. But it is not so amusing when people can be prosecuted and fined for these imaginary “offences” against some bogus Maori fantasy.

      1. “Bogus” You people are throwing a tantrum because New Zealand is too “Maori”, well of course it would be. Seeing comments like these with people not knowing a single thing about the maori culture makes me laugh. I show these to all my work colleagues and they are surprised that people still have these point of views. Please find the nearest history book about New Zealand and hopefully you will gain some insight in what you are really dissing.

  19. I remember a few years ago some students carried a sofa up Mt Egmont for some prank and got told off by the tribe there because putting/carrying a sofa on their mountain was also disrespectful of their culture! Up until yesterday I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!

  20. Hey, have just typed out the back page of Twisting the Treaty below and sent to all on our Email address book.

    If we all did this, think of how many people could be reading this important book that ‘tells it as it is’. . . a catalyst for change maybe?

    ALL New Zealanders need to read this book before it’s too late and ‘we’
    lose democracy and equality in NZ and become a race based, divided country where the needs and views of 85% of the population don’t count.

    Twi$ting the Treaty – A tribal Grab for Wealth and Power

    This is probably the most important book published in recent times as it shows how in 27 years the Treaty of Waitangi has been reinterpreted, the “partnership” myth created, tribal corporations set up, public assets transferred to those corporations which are now on the brink of securing a special place in a new, treaty based, written constitution.

    The Treaty was Britain’s reluctant response to pleas from Maori chiefs to rescue the tribes from a culture of cannibalism, slavery and inter-tribal warfare that had wiped out about a third of their race by 1840.

    The Treaty was a simple and straightforward agreement by which the chiefs agreed to pass the sovereignty of NZ to Queen Victoria in return for protection and rights as British subjects as well as being guaranteed possession of whatever lands they were currently holding by long use, conquest or otherwise.
    By the treaty every Maori, including the slaves, gained a prize unheard of for native people at the time: full and equal citizenship of the world’s largest and most benign empire.

    In recent years a cadre of self-interested politicians, bureaucrats, judges, lawyers, academics, journalists and tribal leaders have been feeding the public a fake history (“wicked colonialists and noble chiefs”), including a false version of the treaty, so as to feed the ever growing grievance industry and line the pockets of corporate iwi, which has amassed $36.9 BILLION of assets while paying less tax than others, or, more often, NO tax at all.

    Claims to culture, radio waves, petroleum and the like, let alone “partnership” with the crown and even sovereignty itself, are modern creations and not mentioned in the treaty.

    This book, written by six concerned and well qualified New Zealanders, exposes the extent of the Treaty fraud and warns of the National – Maori Party coalition’s plan to hijack our constitution so as to turn all non-Maoris into second class citizens in the land that our forebears built by their sweat and toil.

    Available from:

    Cost $40 (includes P & P)

    Payment via internet or credit card – details sent after your Email to Tross Publishing (see above address).

    Also available from some Whitcoulls outlets

  21. I have been delivering the ‘Twisting The Treaty’ flyers into letterboxes today for several hours. I know it’s a good cause. Continued apathy is just what the griever maori are hoping and depending on.

    1. Awesome Derejk, we need more proactive people like you. Thank you on behalf of our descendants yet to be born.

      Did you make up your own flyers? Available to others?

      We encourage people to Email the above posting with the TtT blurb to your address book as well. Just gotta get the message out there in the open….

  22. No Carol, I asked the publishing people, whem I ordered a copy for myself, if they needed any free help and they asked me to deliver flyers. I was happy to do it for free. I have a broken leg in a cast so I have free time. Not very fast of course, but that won’t stop me!! I’m sure everyone here would do the same.

  23. Avatar

    native > Carol • 2 hours ago −

    Carol, most intelligent people who have even the most rudimentary knowledge of colonial history know that what you, spollyike, and JA spout is absolute rubbish.

    The above is a comment posted on the cph blog (address below). Keep the comments flowing there to educate – our ‘smiling Key’ may be asked some curly questions in time as a consequence . . .

  24. I see that this moronic MP’s party has resiled itself from her comments – to absurd even for neo-Nazis like them. Will they now force her to resign, on order to salvage a glimmer of political respectability?

    1. She doesn’t appear to be half as moronic as the Sheeple here (like yourself apparently?) who wander on with blank eyes as they are herded ever closer to oblivion.

    2. MP Harawira called us white mother f—–s, which to me is a tad insensitive. Maria Krarup says the maori greeting is pathetic (which it indeed is). Harawira never apologised, refused to, yet his griever handout-addicted friends expect Maria to crumple in a heap and beg for forgiveness !!! There’s that mentality again of forever expecting an apology. Get over yourselves and smell the coffee. NZ is not the centre of the universe and maori “culture” is as pathetic and embarrassing and cringeworthy as it gets. If that’s the best maori have to offer, if that’s the cream of the maori culture experience, then you are living on planet Ignorant. Has the naked Emperor got that message yet?!

  25. Perhaps it is now timely to question publicly the way ‘Maori culture’ is overdone in this country. We don’t see Julia Gillard and Australia expecting Aborigine culture at everything that opens and shuts and the same goes for Obama and America with the Indians (or First Nation as they prefer to be called – goodness knows what’s wrong with ‘Indian’!!) and other countries with natives.

    It’s time we grew up and put ‘Maori culture’ where it belongs and that is on the Marae only. I’ve long cringed about what dignitaries have had to go through and have long wondered whether they’ve felt the same. Marie has summed it up perfectlyo.

    1. You are one racist and narrow minded person Helen. If anything you even asked why the native people of America dislike being called Indians. Perhaps it’s not what they are called and is somewhat offensive to them?

      Judging by you’re points of view and comments, I would say you are kiwi? White? Non-Maori? Anti-Maori perhaps? See how I am stereotyping you?

      It’s time you opened you’re very racist mind and not care about the maori culture. It is time YOU grew up Helen. Leave the maori people alone and carry on with you’re judgemental life as a Anti-Maori preacher.

      1. I for one would be very happy to leave the Maori people alone, if they would do the same and stop parading their primitivism where it is not wanted.

        In my experience, Maori people are as capable as anyone else of being civilised, law-abiding, hardworking, successful citizens, and I applaud those who head in that direction.

        I have no time for those who perpetually celebrate the old cannibal warrior ways as though that was anything but a shameful period in their history. The equivalent to the powhiri and the haka would be if the British conducted ceremonial witch-burnings or hanging, drawings and quarterings for old times’ sake. You’re better than that. Time to move on.

  26. european named them indian, helen you moron, they are first nation, fuck you are stupid bigoted racist and completely moronic. and for all the stupid fuckhead ansellites, its not even the fact she says these comments about maori, its about her being so far up her own arse that she had to say anything at all. What a fucktard. You dont go to any country, receive an official welcome, as a visiting politician and then make fun of it. its called being polite, whether its maori or not! and thats how stupid you fuckers are – you dont quite get it. And all you do is show what a bunch of racists you are. and thats why you will never be more than you are now. a wee white power site with some of the more stupid people in our country commenting on your blogs, displaying your stupidity to everyone. Which is also why Willie doesnt reply, you are stupid, inane and boring.

      1. Seriously mate you need to be educated. This is my first time coming on this page and I seriously don’t see the point of it, I am one of the colleagues that you didn’t believe existed. Just to let you know, this page has been shown all over my workplace and every single person working here is disgusted, even the non-Maori. You know nothing about the Maori greeting, you know nothing, absolutely nothing. You judge on how “primitive” you think it is. You can say whatever you like, but you are achieving nothing. Just something to boost your spirits and smartness comments “You have no power”

      2. If the haka and powhiri are not primitive, violent and meant to be intimidating, what are they? I don’t need the back story, just two eyes and two ears.

        For too long, New Zealanders have put up with this childish thuggery. It’s time for some pushback from the many thousands of Kiwis who agree with our Danish visitor that this sort of crude posturing is a ludicrous and disgraceful way for grown men to behave in the 21st century, and the very worst way to welcome guests to an otherwise friendly country.

        You regard the haka and powhiri as a challenge – well, I’m challenging you back. I challenge Maori to reform their culture – as many other peoples have reformed theirs. If the Catholics can do it, so can you!

        If you don’t, you’ll remain down there at the bottom of the barrel as the most violent culture in the world next to Islam. Why would any New Zealanders want to be down there?

  27. It is about time maori grew up, advanced to the 21St century.Their primitive culture should remain behind closed doors.

  28. Manea, no-one has anything against Maori pursuing their own culture in their own time and on Marae’s etc but what we do object to is it being thrust upon the rest of us who actually have our own culture. We don’t force our culture upon others and a backlash has arisen because certain people are trying to maorify the whole country when in fact people with many cultures actually live here. It is wrong for one culture to try to dominate us all. I actually enjoy Maori singing very much but I abhor the haka which is a violent visually unattractive performance and has been so done to death at everything that opens and shuts that I now cringe every time I hear stomping and chanting and switch right off.

    By the way Maori did not used to sing – they chanted. It was the colonists who taught them how to sing.

    It seems to be a fact that anyone who opposes Maori culture is immediately labelled a racist when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. I know and like many people of Maori descent and even have a half-caste brother-in-law who is a very much loved part of my family. It is the rabid people of Maori descent who seem to think that they are somehow ‘special’ and deserving of privileged treatment who annoy me intensely. Most just get on with their lives like everyone else, work hard and are responsible for themselves and all without privileged treatment.

    1. Look. We don’t enforce anything. If anything, we are trying to make the Maori culture live in the people who are Maori. I look around at my family and none of my cousins who were born into this generation can’t speak their own language or know any hating about the Maori culture. You don’t realise that we had our culture taken from us. We had our culture changed when we didn’t want it to be changed. We fought for US. OUR CULTURE, OUR PEOPLE. And still, you don’t want it “enforced” on you. I understand, but this is New Zealand. The Maori culture will not go away, it won’t change, it won’t change for anyone or anything. It’s staying where it belongs and you can’t do anything about it.

      1. Yes Ashleigh, this is New Zealand – which is an 85% non-Maori country.

        All New Zealanders are free to engage in any cultural practices they wish, so long as they do not upset anyone else.

        The violent aspects of Maori culture often upset others, such as Marie Krarup. How do Maori justify this in an age when they are being encouraged to regard violence as “not OK”?

        Maori culture does not represent the vast majority of New Zealanders, and it’s time to stop pretending that it does.

        None of this would be a problem if Maori culture was represented by the graceful and melodious action songs, but all too often this positive aspect is overwhelmed by the violent posturing.

        Rather than your tiresome stock insults, I would be pleased to hear why you think such rudeness and barbarity is justified in the name of culture.

    2. I have already made many comments but I can’t let these comments go unheard of,e specially from john. 85% non- Maori country. Even I have taken offence to that. John, New Zealand is not your country. You don’t govern it, you don’t have control over it. You have your say yes, but what you say can affect others and that is where you specialise in. I am a non-Maori so what are you going to say to me? Your comments make me feel ashamed that people actually feel that way. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the way a culture works. I would like to see you convince one person in the street to side with you.

      1. Eden, besides being the only rude Swede I have ever encountered, you also seem to have a low regard for the truth.

        In stating that New Zealand is an 85% non-Maori country, I was simply stating the truth. 15% of New Zealanders are part-Maori. Approximately 0% are full Maori.

        Why do you have such a problem with the truth?

        You are quite wrong when you say that New Zealand is not my country. I was born here. So were both my parents, all my grandparents, most of my great-grandparents and at least one of my great-great grandparents.

        My great-great-great grandfather arrived in Auckland in 1842 with my great-great-great grandmother, who in 1844 gave birth to my great-great grandmother, who died in 1946, only twelve years before I was born.

        Many who claim to be Maori have much less full New Zealand ancestry than I do. Tariana Turia’s father, for example, was American, Ranginui Walker’s was Lebanese, Steven O’Regan (who made up the name Tipene so he could seem more Maori) is an Irish New Zealander who is only 1/16th Maori. And so on.

        Maori these days are less a race than a religion. I do not say that to be unkind, simply to state a fact. Everyone is entitled to practise a religion if they want to. Having said that, my personal view is that all religions are an affront to man’s intelligence.

        However, before you condemn me as a Maori-hater, you may be surprised to learn that I think more highly of some aspects of Maori society than certain rituals of Europeans.

        I have no time for mind control of any kind, be it based on make-believe gods or taniwha, but I much prefer the relaxed atmosphere on a marae to the stifling rigidity and hypocrisy of a Christian church (though I do give credit to the Anglican missionaries of the early 19th century who talked Maori out of cannibalism and in a very real sense saved them from extinction at their own hands).

        I also enjoy listening to Maori music more than, say, opera or going to the ballet.

        I find the Maori language more beautiful to listen to than all European languages, except French.

        I like most, if not all Maori people I meet, who are generally warm and gracious – even to me! – and have an excellent sense of humour.

        But I draw the line at violence, no matter who is doing it.

        It is undeniable that too much of the Maori culture is based on violence, and I wish to draw people’s attention to that, as your fellow Scandinavian Marie Krarup very helpfully did also.

        To do that – if I want to help bring about change – I need to speak bluntly. And truthfully.

        I do not expect to be liked by liberals, who are generally as dishonest as they are smarmy, and have a long and shameful history of cuddling up to violence wherever it rears its head.

        I dare say you feel great sympathy for the Medieval monsters of Islam too, do you?

        It is people like you who Lenin used to call ‘useful idiots’. That was about the only sensible thing Lenin ever said.

        So I am not the least bit concerned that you find me offensive. Indeed, I am delighted to offend you, and hope to continue doing so.

        Unless, of course, you are prepared to open your mind and consider the validity of what I’m saying, as many Maori have.

        You take issue with my 80% claim. That has been the number of New Zealanders, give or take 1%, who have opposed racial favouritism in twelve separate polls of which I am aware.

        The 80% number is consistent, whether the poll is a spot TV poll or a newspaper poll or a full local body referendum.

        Twelve is a lot of polls to find the same result, wouldn’t you say? So I am very far from a lone voice.

        You are also quite wrong about cultures not being able to change. All cultures change all the time. Aloysius has pointed out how much the Swedish culture has changed for the worse thanks to appeasers of violence like you.

        I am simply doing what I can to ensure New Zealand’s changes for the better, not worse.

  29. Why does this page even exist. It is doing nothing but insulting Maori. I thought you people knew better than to diss the Maori culture, calling it primitive and all these stereotypes. You people are well educated people but obviously not educated in seeing how pathetic you all look. Before you go insulting someones culture, make sure you put it where no one can find it so Maori can’t find it yeah? Racist bastards.

    1. You don’t seem to mind insulting me, Shavone. No doubt that’s because I offend you. Well, the Maori obsession with inflicting their primitive culture of violence on their peace-loving fellow citizens and visitors greatly offends me.

      If you don’t like me telling my truth – which thousands of people agree with – get off my blog.

      1. John Ansell. Hey there! I don’t agree with anything this blog is about or why this even exists but I am telling you from a kiwi persons point of view. For years I have been living in New Zealand and traveling around, and not once have I ever encountered such confused people. You say you want nothing to do with the Maori culture, that is fine. But calling it “primitive”? “Grow up”? “Advance into the 21st century”? I think this is where you people are confused. You are trying to win a battles you can’t win unfortunately. I am defending shavone and I have no idea who she is. I’m guessing she is a beautiful girl with Maori heritage. So you should excuse her for taking offence when this whole blog is nothing but pure ignorance. Also, I have heard about your blog, it has been circulating around my workplace, I’m guessing this is where Mia has sent me. Believe it or not but there are people who are against this blog. Before trouble starts, I would suggest seriously thinking about the content of this blog and what damage you are doing also.

        That’s all. But remember, you especially, have no right to feel insulted, because you and all these other people have these points of views that would obviously offend any Maori person. Think before you act.

  30. John is so right and if the likes of Shavone doesn’t like us pushing back from this violent culture which is in our face at every turn, then that is tough. I used to love Maori culture but the haka especially is done to death at everything that opens and shuts and I’m all haka’d out to put it very mildly. Also, we now have to put up with speeches in Maori at the beginning of meetings and this is particularly galling when one looks around can’t see a brown face anywhere. I have no problem with ‘things Maori’ being done on Marae’s and at Maori gatherings but totally object to having to put up with them elsewhere. It is not my culture and I don’t force my culture upon others.

    If Shavone and others don’t like this attitude then they should think twice about forcing their culture upon the rest of us when we don’t want it.

    1. In light of the cultural suicide that Sweden is presently living through, you really should know better than to assert that cultures can’t be changed. And if Maori culture really strikes you as the most beautiful you have ever seen, then you epitomise the philistine and masochistic mentality that made the capitulation of your homeland possible in the first place. I picture you as a typical European multiculturalist who, having learnt nothing from your failed social experiment at home, has sought greener pastures in ‘bicultural’ New Zealand where you can still cling to your mindless creed. If you cannot discern a parallel between the Islamification of Europe and the Maorification/primitivisation of New Zealand, then either you have not lived here long enough or you lack the intelligence to understand the dynamics of culture. Ignorance and cowardice, as Pat Condell rightly argues, has turned Sweden into a “ship of fools”; please take some time to educate yourself before you facilitate the transformation of this nation into a “waka of wackos.”

      Sweden – Ship of Fools:

  31. I see my comments are going unheard. Is it wrong for me to defend this girl for defending her culture? Is it wrong john? This has gone far enough and I am deciding whether you people actually have intelligence. I am tired of your arrogant comments and I am not playing nice anymore. I tried being polite and kindly give you my point of view but I have had enough. What gives you the right to think you have this superior role in telling people who are Maori to change their culture? Oh John, I think you are a very confused man. As for you Helen, I think you have nothing else to say but keep your head up johns arse. I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself, think of how much of a dumbass you are and come back to this comment and have your say. I’m waiting.

  32. I don’t spend all day on my computer, Eden, having better things to do so have only just read your comments and this is why I haven’t answered until now.

    Where have I said I oppose Maori culture as such? Of course I don’t – they can practice it amongst their own people whenever they want. I just don’t want it rammed down my throat wherever I go especially as my activities usually have nothing whatever to do with Maori culture. I am of Scottish descent and I love my culture but I certainly don’t expect it to be forced onto others. We have a lot of cultures in this country and it’s fine if we each practice our own whenever like people gather. What I totally object to is having to put up with a culture I no longer admire for the simple reason that it has, for example, been done unnecessarily to death at functions where there isn’t a brown face in sight. All too often it is totally irrelevant to the occasion and just seems to be done for no particular reason that I can see.

    This is not solely a ‘Maori’ country – it is country with a huge mix of different cultures. It was built on the backbone of my Scottish ancestors who were by far and away the largest block of colonists way back in the early 19th century. However, as said above, I wouldn’t dream of forcing my culture on anyone and certainly wouldn’t be offended if someone said they didn’t like it.

    My only connection with John Ansell is complete agreement with him on this subject but my views are totally my own without any input from anyone else.

  33. The Māori culture should not be pushed away behind closed doors. I’m a Pākehā (New Zealander of European descent), yet I strongly believe that the Māori culture is as much a part of our culture, New Zealand’s culture, as that of the British who settled here only 150 years ago.

    Under the treaty of Waitangi (the founding document of New Zealand), the Māori iwi (tribes) should rightfully have as much power as the English sovereign. The British did not honour that deal, and Māori iwi lost almost all of their land and influence, and here we are 150 years later debating whether we can even ‘endure’ a pōwhiri? Unfortunately, the way of the British has historically been to conquer and destroy everyone else’s culture and way of life (that doesn’t seem all that cultured to me!) This happened in North America, India, Australia, the Pacific, and New Zealand. This discussion shows that this is STILL happening in New Zealand.

    As a student of Te Reo Māori, I can say that pōwhiri, Māori speeches and karakia are a lot more enjoyable if you bother to learn the language!

    1. In dishonest New Zealand schools, our children learn that the British were absolute monsters.

      In Sir Apirana Ngata’s The Treaty of Waitangi – An Explanation (almost certainly banned from the Maorified New Zealand curriculum), I learned from the greatest of all Maori statesmen that Maori breached the Treaty by taking up arms against the Queen, and were duly punished by the confiscation of their land (as they were warned by Governor Grey they would be if they persisted, and as was also the Maori tradition when dealing with conquered foe – along with killing and eating them).

      Which account do you think I should believe?

    2. I do not mean by my last comment to suggest that all grievances are invalid, simply that clever claimants and appeaser politicians scared of Maori violence have greatly exaggerated them.

      I think if you read my comments, nowhere do I call for the suppression of beautiful, non-aggressive Maori cultural forms.

      It is the needless and endless glorification of intimidation and violence, and the forcing of others to endure it and participate in it, that I find unacceptable in a civilized country.

      Who else greets esteemed visitors in a way many find offensive when they could just as easily sing them a lovely song?

      Most Maori I know are warm, hospitable people. Why create the opposite impression?

      I know it’s custom. Custom is just another word for habit. And habits can be changed.

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