Together New Zealand, Treatygate

90%+ of Havelock North audience would vote for a single-issue party

Havelock North meeting - Bring Back Buck

At the Havelock North Community Centre, suggesting that Maori
are overdue for a leader with the unifying message of Sir Peter Buck.

About 90 hardy Havelock Northerners braved an unusually wet Hawkes Bay night to hear about Treatygate and Together New Zealand on Tuesday.

Once again, over 90% said they’d vote for a single-issue party dedicated to excising the cancer of racial separatism. Only 3 people said they’d vote for their normal party.

Thanks to Tom Johnson and his enthusiastic team. I’ll be back in Hawkes Bay to talk about the Constitutional Review to Hastings Grey Power on June 7. By then I’ll have attended five meetings dedicated to the subject at Victoria University.

I went to the first of those meetings on Monday, and will blog on it soon. Suffice it to say I took up my customary position in the front row, opposite Dame Claudia Orange, Dr Matthew Palmer and the supposedly Maori Dr Carwyn Jones, and asked the first question.

I hope they broadcast it. 🙂

13 thoughts on “90%+ of Havelock North audience would vote for a single-issue party

  1. Well this is good news well done to all the people involved with the meeting and also the Public of Havelock North and surrounding areas that attended in less than ideal weather by all accounts.

    Well done yet again Mr Ansell and stop for nothing good Sir.

  2. Am I correct in my thought that maori are not a separate race? They are an offshoot of the Polynesian race. I mean can it be that a separate race was created just to be in New Zealand? If my understanding of race is correct, then how can our Electoral Act have a statement such as this

    “The Electoral Act defines Māori as “a person of the Māori race of New Zealand; and includes any descendant of such a person”. This includes Chatham Island Māori.”

    Surely the wording should be something like ” Those of the Polynesian race that call themselves New Zealand Maori” or some such wording that would in fact be more accurate as to race.

  3. I understand that when the maori were doing some DNA checks to try to confirm their fairy stories, they were surprised that there was no match in the Pacific Islands. Still, not having located the mystical Hawaiki, they moved further out in ever widening circles. Their DNA got a match with the natives or as they are known locally the “mountain people” from Taiwan. Over twenty years ago I had said that the mountain people in Taiwan looked similar to maori but never imagined that about ten years later it would be proved scientifically! Naturally maori dismiss this link because it does not tie in with their fairy tales about paddling from the paradise islands in Oceania. DNA can send someone to prison for life, but a maori denial seems enough to discredit it!!! So their great history and all those myths and legends have been debunked by DNA. But as we all know, maori legend and myth has far more credibility than science, especially after the modern maori academics/experts have put their name to it!

    1. My understanding is that Maori came from the Eastern Pacific – the Cook Island/Tahitian area. When Cook first visited NZ he brought with him a Tahitian chief he had picked up when visiting Tahiti and it turned out he could understand the Maori language perfectly as it was so similar to his own. Other Islands like Fiji for example have a very different language. On Rarotonga in the Cook Islands there is a site that is supposed to be the departure point of 3 canoes that came to NZ, though how much of this is contemporary day myth is hard to know. However going back further I believe DNA has shown that the Pacific Polynesian people first originated from the Taiwan area.

  4. .Science and history can provide us with the facts. But our electoral act can disregard such minor points, and we do according to this act have a maori race of New Zealand.
    Surely even their own historians have accepted the known fact that the word maori only came in to being as a word to describe themselves as normal as against other people, such as white skin peoples. Their alliances in the time that the treaty was signed was only tribal, not to the maori race of New Zealand.

  5. I see that Muriel Newman from the NZCPR also wants to start a party:
    the “No Confidence Party”
    Is there really no way John A and the NZCPR can work together ?
    This way our votes will even be more watered down.
    Seems such a waste…

    1. I agree with HW. There are at least 2 more groups also – the Conservative Party and the “100 Days” campaign. I suspect there are others – all pushing in the same direction, but doing it in isolated groups with limited resources. There needs to be a series of strategy meetings with senior members of all such groups present. Objective: to establish common ground, and if at all possible to develop a strategy for either outright amalgamation or at least cooperation and coordination of effort. I believe that is essential, and time is running out.

      1. If I can add my tuppence worth too. I agree with the above comments. It’s a no-brainer having all these different factions when surely they could all work together for a common goal.

        However, I understand John is willing but Muriel and Amy Brooke want to be separate. Not sure about the Conservative Party.

        There has to be a way otherwise it will be self-defeating.

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