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Meetings update – Waikanae Monday, Whangarei and Hamilton delayed, Hastings 7 June

Waikanae meeting directions 22-4-13


My next meeting is this coming Monday 22 April at Parklands Social Centre, Parkwood Retirement Village, Waikanae.

(Not Parkwood Lodge, as I mistakenly told you before — that’s the hospital!)

Coming in the Sylvan Avenue entrance, the Social Centre is in front of you on the right.

On this occasion, I’ve been asked to address the Kapiti U3A (University of the 3rd Age), a group I’ve entertained twice before with my Dances With Words talk about the crazy English language.

This time they’re welcoming me in my new more serious incarnation, and the public are welcome.

I’m the second speaker of the morning. The first finishes at 10.30am, then they break for a cuppa, then it’s me from 11.00 — 12.00.


My Whangarei and Hamilton meetings will NOT now be on the 1st and 2nd of May as I previously advertised. My brave Maori colleague-in-arms Tim Wikiriwhi is putting his all into arranging the Hamilton meeting, but the Hamilton City Council are dragging the chain confirming his preferred venue.

So we may hold it on the 9th or later. Stay tuned.


Meanwhile Hastings and District Grey Power have invited me to talk about constitutional matters on Friday 7 June at 2pm at the Hastings Baptist Church.

You and your friends are welcome.

By then I will have attended all five of the New Zealand Centre for Public Law’s Constitutional Debates, so should be reasonably clued-up.

(At the first two of these, I got to ask the first question, and the first of these questions made the only radio broadcast so far. I will soon post my detailed account of the first ‘debate’.)

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