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Judge fines chopper pilot $3750 for gravely offending Mt Cook

Helicopter hovering over Mt Cook

Helicopter gravely offending Mt Cook — according to racist judge Joanna Maze.

Add the name of Judge Joanna Maze to New Zealand’s lengthening list of racist jurists.

Judge Maze actually thought she was being generous in fining a chopper pilot only $3750 for gravely offending Ngai Tahu’s ‘ancestor’ Aoraki (AKA Mt Cook) by hovering over it.

(Sorry, him.)

Maze thought this totally victimless crime so appalling that her “starting point for sentencing had to be the maximum penalty available, a fine of $5000.”

(She eventually let him off with $3750 in recognition of his early guilty plea.)

In passing sentence, Judge Joanna Maze said the offence was “seen as one of sacrilege to those to whom Aoraki/Mt Cook is of central cultural importance”.

“The fact that you did it in the interests of trade … is a double offence,” she said.

Tut-tut, you evil money-grubbing capitalist pilot pig. Don’t you know that only Maori are allowed to profit from showing our visitors the wondrous views of our highest mountain?

You will be unsurprised to learn that your Department of Conservation has been complicit in the judicial indulgence of the now-official Maori state religion.

In the summary of facts read to the court, the Department of Conservation (DOC) said the 3754-metre peak represented, to Ngai Tahu, “the most sacred of ancestors, from whom Ngai Tahu descend and who provide the iwi with its sense of communal identity, solidarity and purpose”.

It may be a fact that the more deranged Maori think they’re descended from a mountain. But that’s no reason for state officials to indulge their fantasy and pretend they’re correct. (Or even sane.)

And yet DOC’s website, without any hint of irony, presents such childish superstition as the God-honest truth.

In the increasingly-irrelevant world of the 21st century grown-up, the only people who descend from mountains do so on foot.

And since — correct me if I’m wrong — Maori had yet to invent the shoe by 1840, I doubt whether their ancestors did a lot of ascending or descending above the snowline, let alone to and from the pinnacle of our pre-eminent peak.

Their inability to get anywhere near the summit of Mt Cook may explain why they held it in such high esteem.

(Though what possessed them to imagine the frozen mass to be a blood relative is unclear. Perhaps the old fern root has more hallucinogenic properties than I thought.)

Just because the white man is able to float above their make-believe ancestor in a one-winged steel bird, doesn’t mean these primitive party-poopers should be able to deprive others of the chance to get up close and personal with it.

(Sorry, him.)

49 thoughts on “Judge fines chopper pilot $3750 for gravely offending Mt Cook

  1. Joanna Maze is obviously insane and should be locked up for the public good. Oh dear, the govt. has closed all the loony bins… Ah well, there’s always jail.

    1. Where was this idiotic pc brainwashed judge when the Virgin in a Condom was upsetting christians? I can’t claim to be very religious but to a large percentage of NZ that was a real and genuine “sacrilege”.

      1. I know the judge is very pc and well out of line with her comments. The main point though is that she was enforcing a bylaw that has been passed by the political class. There was no law preventing the Virgin in a Condom display. Nor should there be. In a secular society religion or Maori superstition have no place in the statutes.

    2. ‘… Ah well, there’s always jail.’

      Well until the penalty for Treason is re-instated I would think and then her claims/beliefs/wants fully investigated and bought to the light of day along with all other corrupt tribalists actions and speeches of division.

      Until then I remember something called the stocks, could this also be an applicable option in a true Democracy.

      Accountability (or should I say “lack of”) in this land is an affront to Democracy and all deemed fair and just in a truly corruption free New Zealand society.

      Time to “sort it” once and for all.

      “Judge not lest ye be Judged” I along with the majority of Kiwis were raised with this and other sayings of merit the elite seem to believe don’t apply to them.

      Together New Zealand it’s time to find your voices. stand, unite and be counted in order to sort the rorts once and for all.

      Godspeed to all, lets sort it now.

  2. The whole ridiculous nonsense beggars belief. I would have thought a Judge would have more common sense. Judge Maze is obviously in awe of things Maori and obviously is quite ignorant about them. She makes a laughing stock of the Judiciary with her stupid Judgment and certainly goes down in my estimation. She used to be a respected solicitor in my neck of the woods which makes it even worse.

    1. Helen,
      She had a reputation for being a bit of a loose cannon while on the bench up this way (not that I appeared before her)

  3. So what’s next . You can’t fly over the mountain or forest or lake ?
    I have said for some time that bored Judges don’t give a dam about what’s right or wrong they simply award the verdict to the solicitor who gives the best amateur theater performance to brighten up the day. This is absolute bullshit.

  4. The irony here is that Ngai Tahu only arrived in the South Island around 1730 and were predominantly located around the coastal areas. The actual legend concerning Mount Cook was Waitaha, a tribe conquered and “assimilated” by Ngai Tahu. So Ngai Tahu also “assimilated” the legend. As I understand it the remnants of Waitaha claim to be one of the original peoples of NZ and here long before other Maori tribes. I am also led to believe that they did not support the Ngai Tahu settlement in 1996.

  5. Once on a flight to New Plymouth the pilot or hostess babbled on for ten minutes on maori myth and legend as if it was fact. Went on and on about how Mt. Egmont used to live with his relatives further to the east, but after a quarrel, he ( Mt Egmont) upped and left to the isolated spot he now resides in. Then followed the usual drivel of how “culturally significant” Taranaki and Mt Egmont is to maori. In the taxi, the first car we passed, a maori threw her cigarette packet out the window, and a few minutes later we saw a maori throw his pie packet and plastic coke bottle out the window. I remember thinking what would Mt Egmont have to say about that?!
    As I said before, in the 1800s when on the extremely rare occasions maori walked on their highly sacred and culturally exquisite ancestor,Mt Cook, and they needed to “use the bathroom”, I wonder where they did it? Wrapped it in a flax leaf like a vomit bag and carried it off the mountain? Yeah, sure they did!
    Judge Maze deserves a public flogging. I wonder how sensitive she is to non-maori culture when a maori thief is before her for stealing a non-maoris property? Home detention I’m guessing.

  6. Well this really pisses me off.
    Freedom of religion is one thing. Surreptitiously imposing superstition as a bylaw, manifested out of a Waitangi settlement process, and then enforcing it as legal doctrine is something else entirely.
    As I had the opportunity to do so, one member of the (official) Constitutional Review Panel (aka NZ Flat Earth Society) has been told to his face what I think of this particular travesty.

  7. To add insult to injury, the pilot did not even hover over the summit. He was travelling past Mt. Cook in company with another helicopter when they thought it would be a laugh to make a picture where he appeared to be perched on the summit. So he hovered several hundred metres away from the mountain while the pilot of the other chopper got into a position looking straight across at him so that the photo would appear to show the helicopter with it’s skid on the summit.

      1. Thanks.

        According to the original report on the case I read when this topic was first posted on here a week or so ago, the photo was ‘posed’ for in this manner. The judge stated that as the helicopter was in the vicinity of the summit, had hovered there and that the photo was intended to suggest a summit landing, this constituted a grave offence against Ngai Tahu and their ancestor.

      2. I reckon (being the suspicious minded little wahine that I am), Ngai Tahu are working the system, and this was done to set a precedence.

        Oh yeah, I can hear the ‘KA CHING’ and the lawyers sharpening their pencils and rubbing of hands going on around all the Corporate tribes now man!

        AAhhhhhh . . . yes, as the mad Irishmen said on Braveheart

        “The good Lord says he can get me outta this . . . but he’s pretty sure your ****!”

  8. The stories are coming in thick and fast today. This from stuff.

    “Fishing crews chase $17m in unpaid wages”

    Here is what I have posted, currently awaiting moderation.

    Would this be the Sealord owned 50% by Maori interests, who rather than employing their own people charter Korean vessels with appalling working conditions. The conditions have been described by some commentators as “slave” labour. Now they aren’t even paying them?
    The Maori shareholders have however managed to demand another $300 million for the Government having the cheek to stop these charters from 2016. Apparently their profitability will be affected. I wonder how Talleys manage to employ Kiwis and make a profit. Scandalous.


    1. The Sealord ads running on TV really get up my nose. Sealord was given to Maori fishing interests as part of the theft of fisheries resources from universal ownership.
      The ad shows Maori people laughing about ‘their’ company’ and ‘their’ resource and adds insult to the injury of my loss.

      I refuse to eat anything that I know has come from Sealord and I refuse to buy or partake of anything where I am aware that it has been produced by tribal Maori. As far as I am concerned it has been tainted by theft from the citizens of this country.

      In a similar manner I would not buy an item that I know has been stolen or where there is a good chance it may have been stolen.

      I believe that as part of the fightback we need to expose all businesses and shareholdings run by tribal Maori or those with a significant shareholding and put them on a list so that people have this knowledge and can choose whether to purchase from them or not.

      For example I am not a 2 degrees network client but according to a report I heard this company is underwritten by tribal Maori. Does anyone know if this is so? If true then there is no way I would ever become a client of them or support them in any way. To do so is to support the very thing we are trying to fight.

  9. I told my mother about this last weekend who was over from Australia for a funeral, she thought i was joking until i showed her the article in the paper, she said if it wasn’t so serious you would have thought it was a Ricky Gervais comedic skit. She couldn’t wait to get back home and tell everyone the next pathetic story about this sick country which is considered a laughing stock for being so piss weak and giving everything away to a minority, reckons we will soon be like Fiji, i corrected her, more like Zimbabwe.I am embarrassed to be called a New Zealander.

    1. Here’s the difference between us and the Aussies. Ayers Rock (Uluru) has been sacred to the aborigines probably for thousands of years. The National Park is jointly run by Parks Australia and the Aboriginal owners. Here is what the park guide says:

      “Please don’t climb Uluru

      Cultural reasons
      What visitors call ‘the climb’ is of great spiritual
      significance to us. As a guest on Anangu land, we hope
      that you will choose to respect our law and culture by not
      climbing. When you visit the Cultural Centre you will learn
      more about the significance of Uluru to us.

      Safety reasons
      Traditionally we have a responsibility to teach and
      safeguard visitors to our land. The climb can be dangerous
      and over 35 people have died while attempting to climb
      Uluru – many others have been injured. We feel great
      sadness when a person dies or is hurt on our land. Please
      read the safety information on the back of this guide
      before you decide whether or not to climb.

      Environmental reasons
      There are a number of significant environmental impacts. If you have a close look you can see the path is smooth from thousands of footsteps since the 1950s. This erosion is changing the face of Uluru. Pollution, rubbish and waste is dropped or left behind by people who climb. When it rains, everything is washed off
      the rock and into the waterholes where native reptiles, birds, animals and frogs live and depend on that water. Water quality tests have found significantly higher bacterial levels in the waterholes fed by runoff from the climb site compared to waterholes further away.”

      No sign of any bylaws prohibiting the climb, they don’t even stop people climbing it, they just ask nicely.

  10. Can you believe this BS.?….welcome to NZ = New Zimbabwe.
    This what we’ve let happen by being complacent…Im now ashamed to be a NZer.
    That judge should loose her job.

    Maybe they should fine NASA also, as a “gravely offensive” satellite is sure to have passed over it sometime, and Air NZ as well for insensitive jet trails above.

    Be assured though, that his will all continue and get worse until we get angry and scream….

      1. All yours John….and thankyou for having the grit to fight this campaign. If we dont haul it up very soon I really believe NZ is doomed.

  11. I’m slightly confused.

    I can understand ancient mythological beliefs, but these are usually accepted as myth by later generations… especially if they have turned to and accepted a religion, such as Islam or Christianity.

    Are the people who are “offended” by pilot hovering over the mountain Islamists, Chistians, or some ancient and possibly barbaric religion?

    Where does the Treaty say that we will recognise ancient and mystical beliefs of people who have reached a so called advanced state of progress?

    Are these people denying that they hold their modern faith as a true faith, or that they believe they have the right to “swing” to and fro, depending on their chances of being more important and more commercial?

    I don’t think either of the religions of Islam or Christianity have specific arrangements for that.

    Judge Maze would be doing NZ more benefit if she decided to emigrate to Africa or some other undeveloped Nation.

    I have long said that to be a REAL New Zealander, you must embrace much of the Maori culture….to call yourself a Kiwi and yet not knowing a Haka or the words to our more famous Maori songs relegates you to being a possible Aussie!!

    I used to think that was bad….now I am starting to wonder!

    1. I believe that the thinking in our country has become so muddled that few people know what is what anymore.
      It used to be that ‘primitive ‘ beliefs, (like worshipping the sun and moon, believing that Mt. Cook is your ancestor) were superseded by a combination of science and religions like Christianity.
      With ‘cultural resurgence’ has come a demand that these traditional beliefs be re-elevated to a status similar to what is deemed to have existed (in NZ this = pre-European discovery.)

      It is now utterly unthinkable for a PC person to denigrate either intentionally or otherwise, the cultural beliefs of a people wanting to ‘reconnect’ with their primitive past. It does not matter how odd or bizarre these beliefs might be. Indeed as we now see, not only must a person not denigrate these practices, they are legally obliged to uphold them themselves, whether or not they wish to.

      Bizarrely though it is completely acceptable for the same people who would not dream of stepping on (Maori) toes, to denigrate and deride the beliefs of others (eg especially Christianity) and especially if these originated from European civilisation. In fact it has become almost a PC requirement to do so in as offensive a manner as possible and to express outrage at any who find fault with this. Witness the recent attacks and ridicule of critics of Homosexual marriage for example.

      There is an odd kind of disconnect and very screwed principles at work here.

  12. I hear there’s a site coming up to name and shame judges but Ferret Finlayson is trying stop it i can see why they will chase his chums like Elias and Maze, her name should be haze, (purple maybe).

  13. If cannibalism could be established as a taonga….. they could claim for the deep hurt caused by the evil white colonialists interfering and stopping them at it….a few hundred million should fix it.

  14. If eating Moa was considered a taonga, then I guess due to their poorly thought out culling of the Moa, there’s another claim right there?!

    1. Some scholars believe the ‘Moa Hunters’ were an earlier people that the maori ‘displaced’ (read ate).

      1. I totally agree with your statement above dondiego can I go further and extrapolate on your comment with information as passed down to me last century please.

        They (Moa hunters) were named many things by the Waitaha etc.

        Many cultures of the worlds population were represented here in modern day New Zealand due to the Peaceful way of life experienced in our fair land albeit in very small numbers other than the true Tangata Whenua not Tangata Maori of course.

        Early ships Captains Logs tell of many tales of their experiences in minute detail, of the many documented accounts I would like to share now that mention of “Giants” waving to the ships crews from the Mountain tops very much like the 9ft race mentioned living around the Whakatane area prior to settlement of the Colonists.

        Ngati Turehu / Patu~Paiarehei definitions can be explained better by viewing the NZ Documentary “Voices From The Forest” available on DVD at than I could possibly conjure up at this time however these people as you state above “were indeed the moa hunters”.

        In reference to the afore~mentioned Ships Logs re “Giants” to see is to believe I reckon so have a butchers at this and hopefully an even larger picture should start to form,

  15. That is unbelievably ridiculous – mystical voodooism – that a mountain is offended!!! That people are descended from a mountain???!!! That stupid judge should be rushed off to a mental institution. Alice in Wonderland stuff. Wizard of Oz crap.

    Should we all prepare for Mt. Cook to erupt? I can’t believe that this has happened.

    1. This is what you get when treaty settlements include “cultural overlays” on what would otherwise be reasonable DOC by-laws. Combine this with the so-called ” partnership model” of current political ideology, add a just the right dash of “principles” and hey presto, a mountain that is “offended” and a fine to rectify the “insult” and she’ll be right in the corridors of parliament!

    1. Thanks for that ,sat down with a friend and listened to the whole debate, i can see why John Ansell is so confident in his team of historians, David Round was all over the Ahu and Cullen, great that he slipped in that Cullen was still taking a back hand from Maori for a claim in progress and sitting on the constitutional board.
      Pretty well sums up these scum.

  16. John, that post really put the debacle into perspective, it gave me quite a chuckle. When I first read the story I thought seriously about the brick wall outside and how I could attempt to knock it down with my head.
    Un f@#&ing believable! (Bastille Day, think about it folks…..)

  17. Just thinking about it; does this mean all Search And Rescue helicopter pilots will now be fined for hovering over ‘sacred’ peaks when undertaking rescue work?

    I hereby call on all NZ’s chopper pilots to hover over any and every peak every day for a month. Pass a hat round for the fuel…..

    1. It just goes to show how ridiculous the Judge’s judgment was doesn’t it, Peter. No rescues on mountain peaks now!!

      However I prefer your rebellious hovering over all the peaks every day for a month. That would show the Judge and bring it to the attention of everyone.

    2. Aircraft

      Mount Cook National Park Bylaws 1981
      (1) Except in an emergency or where authorised by a licence or permit issued under the Wild Animal Control Act 1977 or where the Commissioner considers it necessary for the proper and beneficial management, administration, and control of the park—

      (a) no person shall land an aircraft at or take off from any place within the park that is not an aerodrome:

      (b) no person shall hover an aircraft over any part of the park.

      (2) The pilot in command of an aircraft which flies in contravention of, or fails to comply with, subclause (1) commits an offence against these bylaws.

      (3) The Commissioner may, by official notice, prohibit persons from entering any part of the park that is likely to be affected by the landing or taking off of aircraft within the park for such a period of time as he considers necessary for the safety of the public.

      (4) Every person commits an offence against these bylaws who wilfully enters or wilfully remains on any part of the park at a time when entry to that part of the park is prohibited by an official notice under subclause (3).

      (5) Nothing in this bylaw shall apply to any person who is operating an aircraft in accordance with an express authorisation in any lease or licence granted under any of sections 49 to 51 of the Act or any easement granted under section 54 of the Act.

      1. That clarifies the legal issues, cheers, but the rest of the judge’s finding is poppycock.

      2. The Judge’s thinking is typical of the Progressive ideology that we are seeing so much of today.
        For a good insight into the worldview of the Progressive see

        Worth the watch.

  18. I think it was pretty harsh considering a pilot of a 737 was fined $5100 the week before for careless flying with passengers in Queenstown!!!!!

  19. Reminds me of the incident with Ngai Tahu and ‘their ‘ Whale watching business in Kaikoura many years ago.

    They had commissioned some large Naiad rigid inflatable boats that had been delivered many years previously and had been in use since. These boats use nylon inflatable pontoon tubes around a rigid hull bottom and superstructure. They require more regular inspection and care than more traditional boats. Miles out at sea one day one of the tubes tore and deflated which led to the boat capsizing.

    A Korean woman tourist was trapped and drowned.

    An investigation showed that Ngai Tahu had neglected proper maintenance on the boat for years and had allowed it to deteriorate. It was in poor condition and should not have been operating. Ngai Tahu countered that Naiad had not built the boat properly and it was their fault.

    I don’t know what the outcome was but Ngai Tahu are still happily running whale watching tours – protected by DOC who don’t allow anyone else into the industry there even though white people started the concept.

    If it had been a non-Maori company they would have been shut down by OSH and Maritime NZ for poor safety standards and prosecuted for manslaughter.

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