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A father’s plea for social justice

Mike Kuipers von Lande is one of our regular commenters. This story may explain why.

Mike KvL - Why is there no money for my son

Thanks for sharing, Mike. All the best to you and your wife and son.


33 thoughts on “A father’s plea for social justice

  1. What an excellent but heart-rending post, Mike. I really feel for you and thank you for sharing your story with us. You have confirmed my worst fears. There are millions of dollars for the grievers and others continually holding their hands out, when they could get off their backsides and earn for themselves, but when it comes to real need, there is nothing. I’m disgusted to put it mildly!!

    This is what we are fighting for – racial equality under the law and special funding and treatment given to those in need and not based on race. Your son is definitely one of those in need. Actually I’m amazed he doesn’t get more help. I was under the mistaken impression that children who couldn’t cope on their own for various reasons or had difficulty coping, had a person sit with them in school. Obviously this is not the case.

    I’ll tell you one thing though. I bet if he had an ounce of ‘Maori’ blood, he would get all the help he needed!! Heavens I know of someone who trained with a person of Maori descent. The latter got funding for all her courses, tuition, equipment needed and uniforms whereas the other one who didn’t have any ‘Maori’ blood at all, had to pay for all her own things and she had little money. This goes on all the time and must stop.

    All the best to you Mike and I hope we can initiate change through our efforts and hopefully your son will get the help he so obviously needs. Let’s also hope it is sooner rather than later so he can benefit now. All the best to you.

  2. Every government minister should be made to read this.

    Hopefully, it might stir one or two of them into remembering where they buried their conscience the day after they were elected. Could it be the same place that they “mislaid” their pre-election promises?

    Good luck to you and yours, Mike!

  3. I totally agree with you Mike.
    Hoping soon we can have some change in govt. I am also sick at the sight of these lying scum that masquerade as politicians, and the no-hopers, that steal our taxation fraudulently because they can’t be ‘arsed’ doing anything for themselves except bleat.
    Good luck to you & family.

  4. Its completely immoral isnt it…..I applaud you Mike both for your dedication and writing this article.

    But sadly here’s the bottom line….
    The only way this crap will stop it is if we NZers grow sharp teeth and frighten some politicians.
    We are way to quiet and reserved… can see where it got us.

    We have the numbers but we need to get angry….remember the diesel protests where truckies blocked the streets?…the govt turned around in a heartbeat when they saw how determined we were.

    We could do it for the price of diesel…. but not for all these vial lies and deceptions?…bizzare.

  5. I am very sorry for you, your wife, your family and especially your son Mike.
    I really am.

    That said, while there is alot you have written here I can agree with you on, the sentiments of this, I do not like sorry and want no part of a party that portrays itself in this manner.

    I have paid taxes, at times considerable taxes for some 30-35yrs of my life.
    I paid into a Government Superfund that we were all told would be there when we retire at 60. Now it is 65 and sounds like soon it will be 67.
    And there is nothing there.

    My parents, who hardly paid a cent into it, and others their age, have used it all up. Do I be moan it and chastise them for it? No, not at all.

    In all those years of paying Tax, I was largely self employed and never once considered I might need a benefit. I was happy to pay for those who needed it and in the slim chance I may one day need it, it would be there.

    I am currently on a sickness benefit. I am a Transsexual. Why do I need it when I have a brain and am reasonably fit you ask. Being transsexual isnt a disease. I need it because Society has a disease called biggotry and discrimination. In the last year or so, you likely wont believe me but I have applied for 1000+ jobs. I have had 4 replies telling me ‘Thank you for your application but we are sorry to tell you that you were unsuccessful at this time.’ No interviews and no other correspondence. I certainly dont thing being TS is to blame in all applications. But some jobs I knew I was well suited to yet still didnt even get a phone call.

    Some people need a benefit and arent bludgers. Many people are desperately seeking a job and want to work. This morning I heard a person claim they feed a family of 4 on a grocery bill of $60.

    Yes, there are bludgers on the benefit. Of that there is no doubt.
    Are all beneficiaries benefit bludgers? No.
    Are all Muslims terrorists? No.
    Are all Maori on the dole or on drugs? No.
    Are all black Americans gangsters and rapist? No

    Sorry Mike but while I really do sympathise with your situation and feel for you, this comment offends me greatly. There is already a party out there for you if you really believe in benefit bashing. Its called the National Party. I suggest you go join it.

    It is not the type of party we here need.
    We need a party that works for one people to be treated equally and fairly.
    Thats Maori and non Maori. There are Maori out there who agree it has to end. Yes, for sure the TOW stuff needs to be stopped but trying to form a party along your aims will never work as you are seeking to isolate.

    I would strongly suggest to JA he consider seriously, if he should leave this comment up where it can be seen by all. I believe it will limit supporters and add ammunition to those who oppose us.

    One thing being TS has taught me is to never hold anger, to lose it. I suggest you need to as it will consume you.

    Again am sorry for your situation.


    1. Racheal, I believe you’re being too sensitive here. Mike is not attacking all beneficiaries.

      He clearly identifies girls deliberately breeding for the DPB, people who refuse to work, and the Maori Grievance Industry. Would you disagree with that? I don’t.

      I imagine he would sympathise with your predicament, as I do.

      I urge you to read the post again in that light. I’m standing by it.

      1. I’ve re read it and acknowledge Mike is not necessarily attacking all beneficiaries however its a bit like when we want to discuss the Treaty, we are all labelled as racist. All muslims are Terrorist, All black American are racist.
        My heart very much goes out to Mike and his situation. It isnt right what he and his family have gone through.
        If you think I jumped at Mike blaming all beneficiaries (I didnt) thing how others will see this post and comment and the impacts it may have.

        My sympathy is with Mike but I also stand by my comments.

    2. “There is already a party out there for you if you really believe in benefit bashing. Its called the National Party.”….. Really?
      Sorry i cant agree at all….

      Even you wouldn’t deny that the welfare/ benefit system has gone mad, and is being abused left, right and centre.

      Where there is a genuine needy case like Mikes son ,OK, he should get support, but guess what?…theres no money left for genuine cases like him because too much of it goes to people who just cant be bothered or choose it as a lifestyle.

      I know of people who are dope smoking alcoholics, who are capable of working if they were clear in the head long enough and yet we pay for their dope, alcohol & cigarettes, and therefore perpetrate their demise….We also pay for their dentistry, car repairs, appliances etc etc … Its just wrong.

      So just because the Nats are clamping down on it doesnt make them ‘benefit bashers’. They would be remiss if they didnt.
      Im not happy with the Nats either, due to their support of aparthied, which most of the country doesnt want.

      There are many NZers who work their asses off and struggle against the odds daily, getting poor wages and are taxed to hell and back.
      Its not easy out there and the average Jack and Jill are very tired of all this entitlement / victim BS.

      1. Bruce, how old are you and are you on a benefit?

        I worked and paid taxes for some 35 yrs+ and am on a sickness benefit.

        Yes, the benefit system has gone mad. A big part of that is the extra cost (time and $$) incurred by GPs who have to now do extra work. Policing the bashing. The extra cost incurred by WINZ who will have to emply more people to police it all. The extra security Staff in each branch. The extra medical cost beneficiaries will be claiming due to the extra stress. A deterioration or mental health. What about the suicides?

        Its MSD who have gone mad on a witch hunt because Nat supporters see all beneficiaries as bludgers. As you appear to. So guess you see all Muslims as terrorists, All Black Americans as rapist and all Maori as treaty ripoff artist.

        Sorry JA but think Bruce just proved my point of how others will see us with this thread.

        Bruce, SOME beneficiaries are bludgers; Some Politicians abuse perks; Some woman are sluts; Some men are chauvanistic pigs. Some CEO’s smoke ‘P’.

        Do not judge all by a few.

        Yes, I smoke. Have done for 40 yrs and I am penalised for it. Its my only luxury. I no longer have a wine. I never go out to a bar unless someone is paying. I dont go to friends places as I feel terrible at their generosity to me. I eat mince or sausages for meat only, but not nitely. I havent been to a McD’s, KFC or the likes in years. A gift is a sausage roll from hollywood bakery at most, once a month.
        I havent bought any new clothes, knickers included in 3 years. My flatmate pays the internet connection, I couldnt afford it. We dont have Sky. I bought a $20 pr of sneakers last July and they will have to see me through this winter. Oh and a $5pr of jandels.
        Im bald and wear wigs. All my wigs are tatty and a mess and I am ashamed to go out. Last winter we used a heater 3 times, mainly to dry clothes on the rack when it rained for a week. Otherwise we huddled in blankets.

        Im proud and stand up and out. Ill back down from no one unless I am wrong. Like Mike I dont want anyones sympathy, but get off your high horse and stop judging all by a few.
        I’d love a job.
        Not all beneficiaries are bludgers and if we are all to be for one then we all have to learn to stop knocking others.

        Sorry but where I was a strong supporter, I am now starting to be very weary of the directions we seem to be going. Is it all for one people? All equal? Its why I dont comment alot as Im watching.

      2. Rachael, I don’t know all the beneficiaries in NZ, not even half… not even 1%. But all the ones I do know are not worthy of tax payer aid. So in a broad generalisation, I do believe we are far too generous to these lazy unambitious oxygen thieves ( BTW, I rate politicians as ‘beneficiaries’ because they also suck from the taxpayer). Every case is different, and you appear very genuine, but in my humble opinion you are in the minority. How many times do we read about a “sickness beneficiary” caught doing something illegal? Too sick to work, but able to break into a house. Doesn’t make sense! There is no doubt in my mind we are too soft and while we may perceive weakness as humane, they laugh at us and take that as opportunity to get away with more. Give them an inch and they will steal your ruler! Our politicians are weak, soft and pathetic. I recently saw in Auckland, they have a sort of mobile hospital to deal with vomiting out of control drunks. How about an $800 instant fine for being drunk & disorderly in public instead? Stay in the cells till its paid. No exceptions. That will soon stop this behaviour. Hell, these cretins wear their stupidity, laziness, and ignorance as a badge of honour, instead of feeling shame. Wonder how many work considering they are legless at 0500.
        I do think you are in the minority. But the others have ruined it for everyone. As I said, I am not questioning your desire to work, and I do hope you get something soon. But from my own very limited experience, I do believe we are paying people to too easily and the genuine needy are suffering. That’s my humble opinion from being in NZ with my eyes and ears open.

      3. No probs re name but thanks.

        Ah Grasshopper, you have much to learn. Open your eyes.

        The press only report what makes a good story and benefit bashing has been a good one for years. We only hear of the bad in people and never the good, which far out weighs the bad usually. But its boring. When a waiter does great service, no one notices or comments but if he spills a glass of wine on you, you tell 10 people who each tell 10 people and so 100 people hear how bad he was and the restaurant is.

        The criminals who are beneficiaries are reported because it makes news but someone who commits the same crime and is a waiter is not reported. So he’s a waiter, so what.Yes, the CEO’s are reported but not because they are CEO’s but because they stole $1000 from 1000. CEO’s aren’t all judged bad because of a few. Waiters aren’t all judged bad because of a few but beneficiaries are all bad because of a few.

        Go on and tell me that isnt benefit bashing? Generalising about a sector is a dangerous game. So you believe, (im generalising) all terrorists are muslims, all black Americans are rapists, all Maori are rip off merchants, all Asians are cunning shits. If that is what this group is like, I want no part of it as it is a biggoted group and believes in discrimination.

        Thats not something I thought the likes of John Ansell, David Round, Muriel Newman etc were about or believed in or promoting. I thought this group was about all being equal and one people.

        And btw, I seriously doubt that all the drunks on the streets of Auckland at 0500 are all beneficiaries. But you seem to believe they all are.

        Generalisation and biggotry is a dangerous game.

        So to all in here, why are you here? Because you want to see New Zealand pull together as one people, equal and fair, working towards a better NZ?
        Because you hate the Maori and beneficiaries and want to attack them?
        That would be racist and biggoted IMHO.

        Dont get me wrong, I so am sick of the TOW settlements. Some of it is fair and right but much of it is wrong. I also realise there are beneficiaries who rip off the system but I wont blame them all or the majority of them by the few.

        Again JA, sorry but I dont like what this thread is presenting to the public and there is no way I would support this. If we want numbers and to build, we need to change how we are presenting and being seen.

        Being fair tho, the comments of the few outspoken dont necessarily represent all here but then maybe some others need to step up and show racism and biggotry isnt what this group is about.

      4. Sorry Racheal, I mistakenly spelled your name wrong in my post a minute ago. Sorry.

      5. Hi again Racheal.

        As a beneficiary I realise that you are naturally ‘touchy’ about criticism of beneficiaries. There is some truth in what you say.

        But there is also much truth in the assertion that many people in our country are beneficiaries because they choose to be or made a decision at some stage in their life (eg to have a child out of wedlock) that deliberately placed them into the position of becoming one.

        I don’t have a problem with the government demanding certain standards of behaviour and actions from people as a requirement of paying them money every week. If I should ever require an unemployment benefit for example I would be quite prepared to have to spend a commiserate number of hours working for the government as a requirement of this. I don’t care if it meant picking up rubbish.

        I don’t know what the future holds for my son. I ache for him as there are so many experiences he will never get to have due to his disability. Perhaps he will need beneficiary assistance throughout his life. But although he has good grounds for requiring this, probably better than most, I will be extremely upset if he ends up taking advantage of it and lying around all day playing video games. I have done my best and will continue as long as I have breath in my body over the coming years and decades to ensure he engages in some kind of productive endeavour to the best of his ability and makes every effort to live as a useful member of society. If he failed to do this and the government started required certain appropriate conditions from him on condition of a benefit I would like to think I would support this.

        I recall a year or so ago the hue and cry when the government first put some conditions on beneficiaries. On TV they interviewed 3 solo mothers outside a WINZ office. Two were leaning against a pillar, smoking like chimneys and whining about how unfair it was that they were going to be made to do some work. “Eits not goud for ow keeds eh?” they moaned, blowing smoke into their toddlers faces. “Wee not gonna to have enouf for the keeds. Pass me anudder smoke Shaz”.
        Honestly it was so bad I wondered if it had been set up as a joke.
        The third mother was almost apoplectic with rage. “Yous people think all we do is open our legs to anyone all the time and keep popping out kids” she ranted. “But I planned my keeds. D’ya hear me, I planned them!”
        What she was saying was that she deliberately got pregnant several times to a person or people she was not married to so that she could become a DPB dependant single mother. To her this was an entirely appropriate lifestyle choice, it gave her assistance AS OF RIGHT and it was entirely inappropriate for anyone to suggest that this was wrong, that she was deliberately grafting off the taxpayer and her lifestyle choices should now come with some conditions.

        It is these people – and they are a large number of them – who need to be targeted. It’s too late for them. But we need to ensure that their kids and their kids kids do not see it as a legitimate life choice. There is no magic bullet but it has to start somewhere.

      6. Racheal, we will have to agree to disagree. I have had my eyes and ears open long enough to see that there are too many beneficiaries abusing the system. In my opinion the majority, or at least 50/50, but you are welcome to your opinion.

      7. Racheal, you’re a valued contributor here, but I just don’t see the bigotry in the comments you criticise. They all seem to be appropriately qualified and not generalisations.

        If I’ve missed something, feel free to quote the sections that offend you and remind me.

        I don’t think we should moderate our comments for fear of upsetting someone. I gave up that attitude long ago!

        I’m supremely unconcerned that some people will misrepresent me/us as racist, bigoted, beneficiary-bashing, Maori-bashing (take your pick).

        What I’ve learned on this campaign is that some people are completely incapable of, or deliberately unwilling to engage in, rational thought.

        They are solely governed by their emotions and their own selfish desires.

        The truth, to them, is whatever they want it to be, and facts are inconvenient impediments that they are happy to mock or deny.

        I am not going to pander such people, who most certainly include Griever Maori. If such people don’t get what I’m saying, fine.

        To be despised by that section of society is, it seems, necessary to be regarded as strong by the rest.

      8. John,
        I could go through a quote several quotes but that just takes up space and time in reading.

        I totally admitt it that it is me who takes this thread as an attack on ALL beneficiaries and Maori, when it has not necessarily been stated as so by the writer. I further admit that I am sensitive to this. Not surpisingly as today it would seem I am about to have to jump through more hoops to satisfy WINZ and their need to be sure Im not benefit bludging, although I feel it is more just Bennett cost cutting.

        However I stand by the fact that the over all impression given to joe public out there by this thread will be exactly as the impression I have taken from the contributors here.That the main thrust is all Maori are bludging either off the benefit or by way of Treaty Settlements and this needs to be just stopped. It may well not have been contributors intentions but it is easily how many others looking in will see this thread. IMHO.

        OUR cause is a good one. All New Zealanders together as one people.
        Thats what the cause is that I support here. Yes, there are wrongs in the Treaty Settlement process and these need to be addressed as part of promoting a party focused on bringing us all together. Yes there are people who bludge off the benefit and these also need to be addressed as part of us forming this party for all.

        But we need to be focusing on bringing all together, that includes Maori, who need to be recognised for who/what they are so we can all be one people. When we issolate a sector by generalising and implying all Maori are benefit and Treaty bludgers, or thats what people in this party feel, we lose.

        We need to focus on what is important, without ostracing individual groups or people. We need numbers and does it matter where they come from as long as they agree in wanting all to be treated equally as New Zealanders. Scathing attacks on certain sectors will detract from the goal.

        Use me as the example. Totally support and agree with the ideals of this group in seeking all to be equal in NZ, yet due to comments in this thread attacking what I felt was ALL beneficiaries, due to the way comments were posted, worded, I now am questioning if this party can be fair to all and all can be equal under it.

        I think I have said my peace for now. Realise some wont agree, some wont see what I am getting at alas, but that is life. My continuing on posting is just going to make this issue more of an issue. I just think some need to be a bit more cautious of what they say in public and how its worded.

        One of my worst faults John, (that Im oft told and agree with) is that I am no diplomat. I stand up and say it as I see it.
        Too often is does me damage and goes against me but it never stops me.

        Respectfully John, you are worse than me. Perhaps you need a bit more diplomacy for the path you are taking.

        “I’m supremely unconcerned that some people will misrepresent me/us as racist, bigoted, beneficiary-bashing, Maori-bashing (take your pick).”

        Politely, for the position you hold and are taking us all, (we follow whether you like it or not.) maybe you should be more concerned?

        We want you to succeed.

        Thanks all for the considerations but Ill stop commenting in this thread now.

    3. Hi Racheal….sorry I didnt reply earlier…was busy…
      You wrote….
      “Are all beneficiaries benefit bludgers? No.
      Are all Muslims terrorists? No.
      Are all Maori on the dole or on drugs? No.
      Are all black Americans gangsters and rapist? No”

      I agree with you totally…..

      “SOME beneficiaries are bludgers; Some Politicians abuse perks; Some woman are sluts; Some men are chauvanistic pigs. Some CEO’s smoke ‘P’.

      Do not judge all by a few.”
      Again Racheal, good words and I agree totally, but honestly, I did not state or imply otherwise.

      We must be very careful not to put all Maoris in the “griever” category because many dont belong there. I know Maoris who can see where all this is heading and they dont want a bar of it.
      Many many Maoris are good people. Its their choice.
      And not all beneficiaries are “dole bludgers” but as I stated earlier (and you agreed) the welfare system has gone mad and it needs fixing pronto, as it is being abused so badly by so many, it beggars belief.

      Where there are genuine cases I really have no issue….zero!
      In fact if the bludgers were made to get off it and work, the country could provide better services for the genuine cases.

      Racheal, I think if you were to meet the people who write in these columns you would find very little bigotry or prejudice. In fact just the opposite, because all that twisted mind-pollution, is what we are fighting.
      Most of JA’s contributors can see through the toxic anti-logic spewed out by the media, judiciary, politicians and grievance industry proponents.
      NZ has become a re-education camp with a very sick ethos.
      If you want to see hate, prejudice and bigotry read this Tim Wikiriwhi column.


      Willy Jackson, Atareta Pononga and their like, scream “Racists” and other names (rednecks is an evergreen) at us when we want one law for all, a colourblind system and equality.
      They want race based favouritism and we are the racists??
      They cant win the argument so they resort to name calling…quite low really. They use those names to conjour up an emotional reaction to us because logic wont work.

      I believe there are only 2 races of people….those with good ethics and principles and those with less than good ethics and principles….We are fighting the second group.
      To which group you belong is a choice.

      So I have zero time for prejudice or bigotry, and likewise I have no time for people who abuse other NZers by abusing the welfare system. Those in genuine need due to circumstances they did not create are not abusing the system.
      I certainly have no time for people who want to twist the TOW for their own ends, keeping in mind that many of them are non maori driving it along for their own gain.
      I believe it will be the ruin of NZ.

    4. Sorry the above blog I tried to post a link to Tim Wikiriwhi’s site which didnt work…is it not possible to do that?

  6. I have read a little about you’r son on treaty gate and cant even begin to understand how you and your family cope, i live in NSW and have a friend with an autistic son, at school he is mainstreamed with his own helper in class and is coming along slowly, the school is great and she is very happy with the care and genuine concern for him,as well as that only last nite the government said they are going to
    put up the medicare levy to boost help for disabled kids.
    It makes you sick to think about the money being stolen from children like Mikes, but until someone does something about the treaty troffers this will carry on, the people i hate worst are the Palmers and Chens who are all misty eyed in interviews but pour fuel on any fantasy the (half) maori grievers can think up.
    Good luck with your family, and a special thanks for the hard yards done on the blogs we all fight this bullshit on, i don’t know where you get the time but your very much appreciated cheers.

  7. I would like to add some comments to the article.

    It is basically a re-word of a post I put on here several weeks ago. JA asked if he could put it up as a specific post – so I rewrote it slightly and there it is.

    While I thank and appreciate those who write that they sympathise, I am not looking for pity. Pity is a useless emotion that helps neither pitier nor recipient.
    As I stated, there are also many people in a far more difficult situation than my family. Perhaps Gavin for example?? Through being born to good parents on both sides, good fortune through our lives – or perhaps that should be a lack of serious bad fortune in our lives so far – apart from the condition afflicting my son – and a sh!t load of long hard work, we are better off than many others. So no pity please.

    What I am hoping for though is to make people angry. Angry at the waste. Angry at the bureaucrats who feather their nests and pander to the wasters even though they know it is wrong. Angry on behalf of all of those who HAVE been visited by misfortune, sometimes over and over again but labour away without complaint and eventually die unnoticed and unheralded, without handouts, much if any benefits and NO treaty settlements to soak up and wallow in. Instead it is the hard work of these unheralded heroes that allows the wasters to wallow, patting each other on the back and telling themselves they deserve it.

    Please note I count not only the Treatyists in this groups of grafters but all who prey on the goodwill of society, the Watsons and Hotchins and seemingly every politician from the last 30 years included.

    So instead of looking out for and honouring the decent people we watch largely uncritical as the grafters not only sponge up our resources but honour themselves in the process – Knighthoods to the Tipene O Regan’s, the Jim Bolger’s, the Doug Graham’s. All sorts of sportspeople who have done little except kick or hit a ball and get well paid for it. I guarantee that there would have been at least several dozen people who died over the last week that were each worth 100 times the value of Parekura Horomia – but where is their media and public adulation?

    Racheal – I have little knowledge of your position, so I do not try to pretend I understand it. I am however not ‘beneficiary bashing’ for the sake of it. After all my son is likely to be a beneficiary of some kind through his life – as long as benefits for disabilities continue. The bare facts are that I HAVE personally come across a number of people using the welfare system in a deliberate manner when they actually possessed the ability to leave it and even deliberately changing their independent and capable situation so as to be able to wallow in it – because going out to work was just a bit too hard.

    So get angry people. And then support those who possess the ability and courage to tackle the problem people without fear or favour. Please.

    1. Mike, now this is way better. ‘bureaucrats’ are not beneficiaries but I didnt note you mention much of this second post in the first post. I actually do agree with you, just feel your first post came across as benficiary bashing and bashing the Treatists.
      Yes I admit as a beneficiary, Im defensive but so would you be of your son’s situation. I dont blame you and agree with you.

      As to pity, I so understand you there also as having done what I have, there is no way I want someones pity. You wont get that from me but I can still feel sympathy for your sons situation, for what you and your family are doing, for the wrongs that shouldnt be.

      Lastly, you encourage all to ‘get angry’. Sorry dont agree again. When years ago as a small we boy going off to boys boarding school as scared as of bullying, I asked my father what to do if it happened and I got in a fight. His answer was making them angry. When people get angry, they loose arguements and fights.

      So dont get angry but (sorry this may seem racist to some) get like the Maori and get cunning. Be calculating and devious. Lern how to play the game as others play it and use it to our advantage.

      I agree with you Mike just not what to me you imply in your first post, that all beneficiaries are bludgers. I acknowledge you have stated otherwise but it is what comes through sorry

  8. When maori were jumping up and down about wanting a big chunk of 4G spectrum, John Key’s reply was here’s $30 million in a blink of an eye.
    There’s no money in the pot for the likes of Mike’s child and others in a similar situation, but there’s hundreds of millions waiting to pay out for the most spurious and duplicitous of claims. If Mike was part maori he’d have whanau ora to fall back on, and I’d have no doubt they’d be helping out in a much more caring and better way. But why is there a seperate system for anyone who’s part maori with millions in the coffers, why do we allow it?
    The perpetuity of the maori treaty gravy train is going to strangle New Zealand’s growth, turn it into an apathied state, and make all who have no maori blood running through their viens second class citizens and be subservient to part maori.
    I’m half way through reading ‘Twisting the Treaty’ and it’s making more angry as I read more. My God what on earth were these polticians thinking to enable maori to rip this country apart and paying out billions of tax payers dollars plus land that was sold or conviscated legitimately by the Crown?

  9. Absolutely spot on again, Marvin. There is no problem at all to find $30 million in bribes which must have been sloshing around in some bottomless fund they must have for these things, but when it comes to helping those who need it, there’s nothing.

    What a disgrace our Prime Minister is. All the millions wasted on bogus Treaty settlements could also go towards providing jobs for many and getting them off Benefits because it’s obvious many like Racheal would give anything to be able to do an honest day’s work instead of being on a Benefit. Assisting people like Mike’s son and other disabled people should also be a priority.

    One thing I thought of though, Racheal. When you apply for a job, do you mention anywhere that you are on a Sickness Benefit? If you do, this might be hindering you in getting a job. Somehow the word ‘sickness’ could imply you might not be able to work all the time and prospective employers would then shy away.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but how do you get onto a Sickness Benefit when you are able bodied and able to work? I would have thought you would be on an Unemployment Benefit. However, I don’t know how these things work. I do believe a Sickness Benefit pays more but I may be wrong there. I firmly believe the latter could be a hindrance when it comes to trying to get a job though.

    1. I could start with ‘its none of your dam business’.
      Its a long story and as with anything with WINZ, complicated.
      Its not something easily explained on a blog like here.

      The reason I am on a sickness benefit is because of medically diagnosed conditions by my Doctors. Not just Gender Dysphoria, but more.

      I started explaining but deleted it as I could go on for hours and that isnt what this thread is about. But believe me, If you knew what WINZ have put me through in the last few years, you would have a better understanding of how it is not easy to be a benefit bludger these days. Sure, there are some but the majority are people in need who are struggling and too often consummed with battling WINZ to prove everything, against a system that is totally there to deny as many as possible. Also consumed with the shame from a society who judges everyone who is on a benefit as being a bludger. (See any similarities here?)

      Guess what, Im discriminated against because of age (yes its illegal, so what it happens) Im discriminated against because of gender (Yes its illegal, so what it happens) Im judged because I’ve been an escort, have no formal qualifications and on a benefit and smoke. (The only luxury I have)
      Like Mike, I want no ones sympathy, its life and I love my life.

      What is on my CV…… Would you promote that I should lie? Decieve propective employers? I havent had a ‘clean’ job in 5yrs+.
      Wasn’t on benefit all that time either. Ive been an escort for many years. Should I hide that as well? Be ashamed of it? Im not but people need to give the time to listen, to understand but they dont.

      So when an employer sees a gapping hole of some 5years, should I lie to explain it? Believe it or not, I see considerable good advantages as to employing an ex escort such as myself. Being an escort has taught me some incredible attributes but who would ever consider.

      So should I lie on a cv and when some employer googles my name he will see I am a liar? Or am I better to front up and point out the benefits they may not see?

      All is not as it seems and there are huge differances between all.
      Generalising is a very dangerous thing to do.

      1. Thanks for that, Racheal. I really didn’t want to pry into your whole life. I just thought I was being helpful and that ‘Sickness Beneficiary’ may be inhibiting your chances. Obviously you can’t lie and mustn’t but I wouldn’t volunteer it unless asked. Getting an initial interview may lead to a job regardless of what they find out later.

        I can’t see how ‘escort’ would go against you in many jobs and to my mind, age should be a plus, not a minus. Experience should trump over inexperience every time but I know it doesn’t – unfortunately. The employer’s loss.

        All the best to you anyway and thanks again.

  10. Hi Mike,

    I liked your post, especially in the context of your follow up comments.

    Being in a similar situation myself I can relate to pretty much all that you have written, and can also possibly read a bit more “between the lines” of what you have written than others might.

    It CAN be incredibly frustrating to be in genuine need of assistance when all the “support networks” seem to be structured toward actually avoiding giving you assistance as much as possible. And then being self-employed tends to add insult to injury as the system seems hell bent on milking you for everything you have got while at the same time it throwing millions of dollars at people that have done nothing more to earn it than simply create a grievance.

    Obviously it should go without saying that being in those exact circumstances myself I don’t disagree with anything you have written and think can understand the context quite well.

    I would like to acknowledge what Racheal has written also though. She does raise a valuable point – we all need to be careful that we are not seen as bashing all Maori/beneficiaries/etc in general.

    While I myself don’t actually see any of that in anything Mike has written I do know that it is a trap that is very easy to fall into and that I myself have done this on several occasions.
    Some times when dealing with things written by radical grievance ingrained “maori” (or non maori) they are so obviously racist and unreasonable it becomes very hard for me not to push back in a way that could possibly have me being seen as a racist myself.
    When you are constantly being confronted with people who are racist and unreasonable it can be a bit of a fine line at times between setting things straight and wanting to deliberately be offensive to them! (grin)
    And as Racheal has very wisely pointed out its important to be mindful of how others looking in on such things will perceive us and the things we have written. Personally I don’t think we will never gain any momentum if we are perceived as racists ourselves.

    I’m pretty sure that most of us here would have a pretty good understanding of what I’m on about, but I did want to thank Racheal for bringing it up.

    All the best Mike and Racheal with your own particular circumstances. Keep your chins up!

    1. I agree, Gavin. All too often we are just referring to a particular section of a group when we denigrate them and if we don’t make it clear that our comments don’t apply to everyone under that heading, then it is assumed that we are lumping them all into the same barrel, so to speak.

      Racheal certainly brought up a valid point and we must be clear about who exactly we are referring to and not appear to be generalising about everyone in that section, because I doubt that’s ever the case. We just assume that people know what we mean, but they don’t always.

  11. Racheal, I have read over and over that nobody here suggests all maori are treatyists, nobody suggests all muslims are terrorists, nobody suggests all beneficiaries are ripping us off etc,etc so why do you keep suggesting the opposite? Seems you are very intolerant of people who have differing views to you. I will not name names, but as I said before I know/have known too many people ripping off the system. That is my opinion. I am repulsed that my tax dollars are not reaching the people I always was led to believe would benefit the most.( ie the ones most in need). So please stop suggesting we are all bigots and benefit bashers etc. It’s getting tiring.

    1. We disagree and are looking through different glasses.
      I wonder of those who may merely look in here, whose glasses they are using. Yours or mine?

      With two comments already to me from people who dislike this blog but watch it, I suspect more will be looking through mine.

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