Akonga post updated

Sorry folks, I see that somehow my post about the NZ Teachers Council renaming ‘learners’ ‘akonga’ got posted deep in the blog where only subscribers would have seen it.

I’ve now moved it to just below the post about Oamaru North School. I think the ‘akonga’ renaming crosses a line. Have a read and see if you agree.


One thought on “Akonga post updated

  1. My God, John Key, Chris Finlayson and the maori mafia are really speeding things up for the takeover. This comes about via the maori party and its elite controlers have made a deal with the government to put their people in the very top positions in all departments across the board.
    Our children and children’s children will never ever get a top job in NZ if they don’t take the oath of allegiance to Teo Reo maori and the revised (Fake)Waitangi Treaty. This is the power they have over us now.
    There’ll be no media coverage of this story as the rich and very powerful maori propaganda machine has bought and stifled them with the money given them by the governments we have elected in.
    This country is in a state of change of ownership and still the masses have no idea it’s even going on.
    The treacherous Chris Finlayson and his lap dog John Key have sold us out; and probably making hundreds of millions of under the table, black money in the process.
    The NZ media is so light weight and bought it’s like watching the TV version of Women’s own. This country is surely the most corrupt country in the western hemishere, and yet the average Kiwi thinks we’re the most uncorrupt in the world.
    Unless JA and his like minded academic friends and supporters ‘like us’ anounce their intention to set up a political party then our protest will remain on these boards until the fateful day when it is closed down as a white supremacist website inciting racial hatred.
    The pathetic story of Aaron Gilmore and his stupid statement in a bar in Hanmer Springs has been dragging on for a week because the media won’t touch anything maori. I don’t like the aforemention idiot, but this is mega overkill of the lowest degree from a bias ‘silently owned’ maori media machine.
    The stupidity and apathy of the average New Zealander coupled with the Machiavellian game plan of the present government and their maori masters is going to send us into unstoppable downward spiral into a new land called Newzinbabwe of the south pacific.

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