Hamilton ad for next Thursday

Press ad draft layout - Hamilton meeting - 16-5-13

My Maori colleague Tim Wikiriwhi is doing a great job beating the drum for next Thursday’s Hamilton meeting.

I’ve designed the above ad, which he has placed in today’s Hamilton News and on page 2 of next Wednesday’s Waikato Times.

Thanks to those who have responded to Tim’s appeal to help him pay for it. We’re still short of the required amount, so if you can pop something in the pot,  please email and he’ll give you his bank account number.

I know some people are coming down from Auckland and others from Tauranga and Te Kuiti, so I’ll be focusing between now and then on making the trip worth your while!


32 thoughts on “Hamilton ad for next Thursday

  1. Brilliant ad, John. I must get my husband onto transferring a donation into Tim’s account, as I promised him. I have no idea how to do it so will wait until he gets home. I was waiting to make sure it was all going to eventuate.

    I hope many will do the same so Tim is not out of pocket. Surely there are enough of us who have something to spare.

  2. Excellent initiative! I’m keen to drive down for the meeting (I live on North Shore) and would be keen to hear if others are keen to go down and make it a great night as well as a statement to those watching the movement and advise to attendees on how we must all work together to strengthen, share and fight in unity. This is not going to be easy and we must remember the old “strength in numbers’ truth. Anyone else looking to drive down from Hibiscus Coast or Nth Shore – we may be able to car pool or share costs? Keen to hear from anyone.

  3. You should try and get David Rankin up there with aswell John. I’m that would be a very newsworthy coup to get media attention.

  4. JA Where is the message from Tim re donations? We hv contacted him and just sent him some dollars but would also like to read his message. Guess any cash over the advertising cost will go into yr ‘fighting fund’?

    (I hope donations go over what’s needed that is . . . )

  5. I think your adds would be much better hanging from public building, landmarks, prominent places for maximum publicity. Maybe illegaly if need be to get the media interest and on our TV news to force debate.
    Play the treatyists at their own game and start being noisy with protest banners put there in the dead of night. Just a thought!

    1. What a brilliant idea, Marvin. We certainly need to do something spectacular whichever way it goes, just to jolt them so they start taking notice of us.

      I’m still reminded of the Icelandic man, Hardur Torfasen, who picketed their Parliament buildings every day and eventually banged pots to make a noise, until they started listening. We may yet have to resort to these tactics??!!

      1. Debate needs to be forced if the politicians, maori separatists and media won’t give it to us.
        Again, I was at work yesterday and the conversation got round to the treaty issue. And again it was eschewed by the white Kiwis who simply don’t want to talk about it.
        I think they actually believe it’s racist to even talk about it. They stick it to Chinese, to Asians, muslims, Americans, Jews; but when it comes to maori they clam up and put their blinkers on. It’s almost like watching them putting their hands over their ears and shouting out load “it’s not happening, I’m not hearing this, I’m not racist, talk about something else”!!
        Where I work, one of our catchphrases and on company posters says: If we are succeed overall we must first succeed for maori”.

      2. Maybe It’s just a collective fear of putting our jobs at risk if we are to talk of maori in a negative light. I keep (and I know that one day I will get in trouble for it) saying it’s not racist to disagree with separatist maori radicals, it’s actually them that are racist and greedy and ripping this country apart. I may as well have two heads with the looks I get from white Kiwis who simply don’t get it.

      3. I really sympathise with you, Marvin, and do apologise for these all too many very naive people, even though I can’t do anything about them. I have come across the very same reactions but I have also come across people who openly agree with me and this is very encouraging.

        It never ceases to amaze me though how the ‘subject’ keeps on cropping up – and I don’t bring it up either, but have to admit that I seize any change to give my tuppence worth when it does come up. I really don’t care any more whether I ruffle any feathers, and just tell it how I see it.

        I feel that it must be discussed with anyone who will listen, if only to wake the idiots up!! That’s the only way to describe them.

      4. To my mind by far the greatest obstacle we face is the apathy of the majority. As we know, the majority (the >80%) do not approve of Maori privilege – but they only indicate that when it is “safe” to do so – anonymous surveys, chats with like minded people etc. But they will NOT take it any further than that, due to a lingering sense of artificial guilt, laziness, cowardice, desire for a quiet life and so on. They make me almost as angry as the grievers do, because they have forgotten the two adages: that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance” and “the only thing required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing”. I now mostly conceal that anger and am reluctant to be the one to bring the subject up among friends, because to do so seems to be counter-productive. They just want polite, bland conversation – not controversy, and resent anyone who dares disturb that. That attitude is our biggest enemy. The sleeping majority need to be woken up.

      5. I know exactly where you are coming from John P and I totally agree with you. I have the same problem/anger/reluctance to bring the subject up. However, if it does come up, as it often seems to, I don’t hesitate to give my views.

  6. What a pleasant surprise to see this add in the Hamilton news this morning, I also printed a whole bunch of fliers out and delivered in my neighborhood, to see it in print really makes me feel like we’re getting some real traction.

    1. Well done to Tim Wikiriwhi who is responsible for putting the ad in the paper. Let’s hope many will support him with donations as I think it unfair that he has to fund it himself out of his own pocket.

  7. I notice that your “maori colleague Tim Wikiriwhi”, is today proclaiming on his website that the …

    … “day of reckoning is here”.

    Hope we all get to make it to Thursday then. And that if we do that Tim doesn’t frighten away all your hard-fought-for visitors before you get to do your own speech.

    Good luck with the night. Good luck with the unpredictable Tim.

    1. Hi Peter C
      I can’t get the link to work but there is also an article on stuff.
      I think the issue of list MPs and their selection and retention is a curly one. Some have their names on the list but seem to be able to opt out of completing their term because of an alternative job opportunity eg as occurred with Jackie Blue.

      1. So the National Party criteria for selection of their prospective party list mps is?

      1. Sorry Irene upon re-reading my post I see my comment could be taken in a way not intended at all, please don’t take it the wrong way.

        Much respect . . . Ironsides.

  8. I’ll be there no doubt , and if Tim needs a punters assistance , a koha jar should be presented for us to show that we aknowledge his contribution to the common cause.Freedom for all , seperatism for no one!

    1. Good idea, Jim, but please don’t call it a ‘koha jar’. Just a donations jar or something. I’m weary of everything and anything maori.

      1. I hope that I have solved the problem-it seemed that everytime I wanted to comment I got told that my Facebook authorisation had expired. I can’t see how this could be so and I am more than a little suspicious that if the site could be interferred with then it would be. Here’s hoping it works out.

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