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That number again: 80% of Hauraki District Council voters reject Maori wards

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Hauraki District Council voters are just the latest to reject former Rac(ist) Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres’s arrogant edict that local councils create race-based seats for part members of one race only.

Results for the Hauraki District Council Maori Representation Poll that closed on Wednesday May 1, 2013, clearly indicated the majority of those who voted do not support separate Maori seats.

Of the 5284 (39.12%) electors who voted, 4249 were against the idea, while 1015 were for it.

That’s an 80.4% ‘No’ vote — utterly consistent with other polls on Maori seats, and other issues of Maori privilege from whether to fund Maori-only housing to whether to revert to Maori names.

“It’s a good turnout as far as the election is concerned,” said Deputy Mayor Bruce Gordon, “The number of people who responded has given us a clear mandate with regard to the issue of Maori Wards, but obviously Maori can still stand as individuals for the upcoming Local Government election like anyone else.”

Quite so.

Of course, there’s a big difference between the referenda held by the councils of Hauraki District, Waikato District and Nelson City and those held by the government…

Local referenda are binding.

Because of that — and only because of that — racially biased councillors are being consistently overruled for arrogantly deviating from the wishes of the people they’re paid to represent.

It’s time national referenda gave all voters the same power.

51 thoughts on “That number again: 80% of Hauraki District Council voters reject Maori wards

  1. I totally agree with John and Peter C. National BINDING referenda are essential and we must agitate for them post haste. Too much harm is being done to this country because the people don’t have a voice or a veto.

    One only has to look at local referenda which are binding to know that what is happening nationwide is totally against what the majority wish.

    Personally I want to see not only BINDING referenda but also the Swiss 100 Days concept whereby we have 100 days to veto any unwanted legislation. It has worked in Switzerland for over 140 years and they would be about the only true democracy in the World. We should look at what they do and how successful it is and do the same here.

  2. I remember a few years ago when John Key was being interviewed by Michael laws in regards to the ‘H’ in Wanganui. John Key said he would go with what the people of the town of Wanganui voted for. 81% voted to keep it as it is…Wanganui not Whanganui. John Key then did a 180 and went with what maori (or should I say maori party) wanted.
    I’m not sure about local referenda being binding as Wanganui is a case in point.
    As with repealing the forshore and seabed. Submissions were 95% against it; and what do you know, John Key and the duplicitous Chris Finlayson went down the maori road and against 95% of this country who said a very conclusive ‘NO’.

  3. And he ordered that all government departments are to change their wording of Wanganui to the now Whanganui. Gutless, perfidious, treacherous, cowardly dog of a man he is.

    1. You are right Marvin and Paul. Key is just so duplicitous that I don’t know how he can keep a straight face or face himself in the mirror without cringing.

      I see TV One still records Wanganui without the ‘h’ on the weather map but TV3 have succumbed.

      The wishes of the majority who live in Wanganui should be what matters, not some other wimps from outside the town trying to impose their beliefs on them.

  4. I see deaf New Zealand is now Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand and I was horrified to hear a Fed Farmers woman talking about suicide and a related organisation dealing with this as ‘aotearoa’.New Zealand.
    Can someone explain who is dictating these changes???

    1. Yes, I too would like to know this. It’s creeping in rapidly everywhere I turn now. It’s really telling that everyone seems to be joining in with this deceitful way of trying to change our country’s name. What’s wrong with people? Can’t they see what’s happening. Do the masses actually want our country to be called ‘Aotearoa’.

      Whoever is organising it is very cunning. People will become so used to it by the time we get a referendum on it – if we ever do, that they will think it is our normal name, if we don’t keep on pointing out the error of their ways.

    2. The other day I ordered a tool for my lathe from a company in the UK.
      Wanted to pay by credit card , filled in my adress, and looked at the drop down menu for ” country”
      Couldn’t find New Zealand
      Looked again : Netherlands, New Caledonia etc…still no New Zealand
      Nearly gave up, but decided to scan from the top.
      And there it was :
      Aotearoa ( New Zealand) …NZ was between brackets….

      Maybe I should tell them ?

      1. That’s appalling and needs to be rectified. New Zealand’s name is simply New Zealand, nothing else. Yes, tell them, please.

      2. What is the companys name? I buy alot of machine tools,I will tell them they can kiss my arse.

      3. I would have, HW. In fact I would have crossed out the ‘Aotearoa’ and highlighted New Zealand and then asked them what they were thinking of. Had our country’s name changed without your knowledge or input?!!

        Looking at your post again I think perhaps you were paying on-line so you wouldn’t have been able to do that.

      4. Thank goodness for that HW. We must be very vigilant and protest very loudly every time ‘Aotearoa’ appears anywhere, especially if it is in front of New Zealand.

        I’m disgusted that my Passport has it on the cover. I would like to cover it up but it might cause problems for me when I’m passing through Customs so will just have to protest to – who? I suppose it could be the Minister for Internal Affairs whoever that might be. Will have to find out.

    3. AA are at it as well, header from an email they sent me:
      “WIN a romantic winter escape to Aoraki Mount Cook!”
      It’s bad enough government departments doing it but when it comes to the private sector it’s just sickening.

      1. It also has ‘tear’ in the middle of it which I think is rather apt.

  5. Just watched a Pak N Save add on TV one. It’s advertising Kiwi ‘kai’ week throughout NZ. Another marginalisation of the majority and enforcing of Te Reo on the masses once via stealth, but now up front and blatantly in your face.
    I always point out the TV One weather still uses Wanganui while TV 3 capitulated to the separatists 2 years or so ago.

    1. And I noted that the same ad also stated that Kumara was a ‘Maori Potato’. Foodstuffs showing off their ignorance – it’s actually from South America.

      1. Boy oh boy, am I getting heartily sick of that word – ‘Maori’!!! It’s overtaking our lives.

      2. even more stupid Pak-N-Save; the maori potato is not kumara.
        maori potato was introduced from europeans in the early 1800’s. grown originally in northland if I recall correctly.


  6. Did anyone catch Willie Jacksons comment re the most likely next list MP for the national party?

    I just caught him saying she ticks all the boxes, the only ones I heard were the fact she is maori and gay. Those surely are the qualifications Don Key and his party really need to improve their poll ratings.

      1. We’re certainly going to wreck a few keyboards or damage our heads, aren’t we Peter C!!??

        This country is going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Recently it seemed never a day went by when I was sighing and groaning and wanting to smash keyboards and now it seems to be several times a day!!

        We’re not going to live to see reality and common sense hit this country the way we are going. In fact we are going to need special funding for our health!!

  7. I am quite certain that John Key and the Maori Party are working on getting the Treaty written into a new constitution well before the next election.
    National, Labour and the Greens will pass a motion in parliament and combine to implement a constitution, complete with Treaty and false English version, and the public will have no say in the matter.
    Those three parties will claim that they are representing their voters and use that to justify their actions.
    We must not allow that to happen.
    Get out your pen and paper (or emails) and write to every newspaper, scandal rag, Member of Parliament or whatever.
    We won’t get a second chance.

    1. You’re probably right, Mitch, word needs to get out, and fast. It’s all very well making comments on this site but it’s preaching to the converted, isn’t it? MSM need to be hounded into bringing the issue to the public’s attention and questions need to be asked in Parliament.

    1. Yes.

      I don’t care what he looks like, does he live from the foundation that all are equal and we must all pull together with the same rights and responsibilities?

      We don’t all need to sing the same octave and some can sing harmony if they like but we all need to sing from the same song sheet if we are in the same choir (country).

      Was on a building site yesterday where a radio was on Mai FM with a Tainui Maori program on it. The female DJ was having a go at Aaron Gilmore. Fair enough as he is a prat, but she was inaccurate with her comments (she kept saying he had got a waiter fired when what he did was threaten to try to have a waiter fired) but the part that really got me was she was going on and on about how she hated bullies. I think perhaps she needs to take a look at everyone in her Tainui tribal family and her fellow tribal Maori further afield before she starts on about anyone else bullying!

      Pot calling kettle.

      1. Yes Ok overruled my instinct to not waste my time on this persona. Sorry I did. I stopped after 4 minutes but I really life is too short to give even 4 minutes to such pond scum.

    2. Sounds one angry and deluded young person – imo probably the result of lack of an appropriate role model and years of anti crown propaganda.

    3. The man in the clip is absolutely crackers, and is a product of the maori separatists and the Willie Jackson propaganda machine, making these young impressionable men angry at anything white.
      Our prisons are full of these types fo young, part maori who’s outside supporters are radical separatists who think it’s not the white man’s place to lock up maori. This is the result of having Pita Sharples having too much say in how corrections is run.
      They are simply hateful part maori elitists who have no intention of maori getting on the right track in order to blame the white man and keep the money flowing in to fix a problem they have no intention of fixing.
      This man on the video making direct threats toward the Queen of England would have been hunted down, arrested and charged just a few years ago; in fact he still would be if he were white saying the exact same thing. Another maori privilege one may ask!
      In fact, I’d say this would have been on the NZ terrestrial news if he were white and branded for life.

  8. Most civilized countries would have him up for preaching sedition.

    Don Key would likely put him on the New Years Honours list

    1. Brilliant article! That all fits…the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. The lies festered upon NZ by the day is astonishing to say the least. And what’s more astonishing is the ‘very lightweight’ media machine blocking of all things that may portray maori in a negative light and ridiculing them who do as racists.
      The only thing that can change this is for the sleeping majority to become mobilised and start shouting out ‘democracy’ in a French Revolution fashion.
      To get the majority to listen to our cause and the truth of what’s happening in their country, we need the media, Who (although we have no evidence) are controled by very wealthy (via the NZ tax payer) maori elitists. With 40 Billion dollars in the bank one has to know that these very pale skin, super rich maori own everything and everybody of influence in NZ.
      I said the other day we need to hang banners of public buildings to get publicity, illegaly if need be. This has to happen!
      Direct action of a minority to awaken the duped and sleeping majority into action.

      1. Hello Marvin
        Thanks but I for one have no desire for a “French Revolution” in New Zealand. Positive change yes, equality for all citizens under one law, yes and well thought out strategy to achieve those objectives is what is needed.

      2. The angry rabid seperatists that are pulling the strings in parliament cannot be reasoned with, even when facts are staring them right in the face. Aided and abetted by Key, Finlayson, Sharples etc. the only chance for true democracy to be returned is looking more and more by force.

      3. Lucy
        Force of argument and reason and the concerted will for a positive outcome for all New Zealande citizens , irrespective of race, is what looks to me to be the best way forward.

      4. Irene is right …
        We wouldnt need a revolution because we have the numbers if we can wake the sleeping herd…..and theres the challenge in a nutshell, I think…

  9. Kumara is a very common food grown throughout Malaysia and Indonesia and called kumara in these places, and has been for hundreds, probably thousands, of years. Why maori think it is ‘theirs’ is anybody’s guess.

    1. Kumara is a very common food grown throughout Malaysia and Indonesia and called kumara in these places, and has been for hundreds, probably thousands, of years. Why maori think it is ‘theirs’ is anybody’s guess.

      Hi Peter another good point from you sir, Barry Brailsfords DVD “Who Was Here First” has clips of various well educated and suitably qualified people extolling all the different viewpoints that exist both for and against of where Maori originated and the reasons for their viewpoints leaving it up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions over this prickly / contentious issue that no one wishes to address, Linguistic experts deduced after much research that place to be Taiwan they then followed the many island groups and finally arrivied in New Zealand.

      This of course also ties in with Mr David Rankins recent statement of Maori arriving by tidal drift and arriving on Northlands West coast this of course blows away the mainstream Academics theories of the mythical
      “great migration”.

      As for the kumara well there is Maori oral history stating one particular Wahine was known for its cultivation in numbers around the Dargaville area back in the day.

      A quick communication with the correct well known and reliable non PC Historian/s in the Northern Wairoa area should yield much more information should you or any other wish the blanks in my text filled in for a more rounded and complete picture if interested.

      Hint; They are quite partial to good company and freshly baked cake if that’s any help.

      The truth is definitely there if anyone wishes to seek it.

  10. Thank you, Helen. Excellent article by Reuben Chapple. Thanks also to Duane – I checked out the uglyfacebook.

  11. An excellent article by Reuben.That poor silly fool from facebook has been watching to many Muslim Clerics.I read somewhere that Islam is growing rapidly in our jails.

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