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Always good to see the ad in print

Press ad in Hamilton News

I’m about to drive to Hamilton for tomorrow night’s meeting.

Today an ad should have appeared on page 2 of the Waikato Times. This one was in the Hamilton News. Good to know that at least one person saw it.

Thanks to Tim Wikiriwhi for organising everything. See you tonight for dinner, Tim.

Looking forward to catching up with you other Waikato readers tomorrow at 7pm at the Celebrating Age Centre, 30 Victoria Street.

4 thoughts on “Always good to see the ad in print

  1. The best of luck, John. I’m looking forward very much to hearing how it all went. I hope the hall is filled to bursting point and especially hope that the media are there and will report it ‘properly’ and factually.

  2. Good luck with this, it will be interesting to see how the ad works, hopefully you’ll get a huge crowd.

  3. Yes, Good luck from the silent majority of Christchurch and the rest of the country whom are marginalised, voiceless and unrepresented. The tables need to turn, the pendulum needs to swing in our favour, and our wheels will start to roll bigger and faster for our cause is great.

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