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Freedom with Vinny

Vinny Eastwood & JA - 10-5-13

My two hours with the sympathetic Vinny Eastwood on American Freedom Radio allowed me more freedom to spell out my views than I’ve ever had before.

There were technical issues with the link from Texas, but I think it played OK. Over the phone I couldn’t hear too well, so missed some cues to ‘wrap it up’ before going into breaks.

You’ll find me here, just after Vinny’s interview with John Minto!


11 thoughts on “Freedom with Vinny

  1. Just been listening to the broadcast, John. How brilliant was that! Your thoughts flowed beautifully – you made a clear definition between neo-tribal/Iwi elitists and ‘Maori’ and your rational and points made logical sense.

    Vinny is a good broadcaster/interviewer and the points he put across prompted your train of thought very well.

    Fantastic stuff, John and thank you Vinny Eastwood for giving John this air time to present the ‘Treatygate argument without disruption!

    1. Yes I agree about Vinny – his comments were most perceptive and he made it easy for me to give my best effort in response.

      I thought it was the best I’ve done so far.

      1. I reckon John no distractions are definitely a big bonus in delivering the message in a much more clear manner and well top credits all round for Vinny also, he runs a tidy operation that just flows naturally and it is actually a pleasure to listen to the interaction.

        What is it like being a part of the new face of the future Main Stream Media?

      2. I hope it is, Ironsides, because Vinny covers things you just wouldn’t hear about on the current mainstream stations.

        Some of these things are very disturbing, and I hope they’re the products of overactive imaginations or we’re all doomed!

        But I’m all for airing everything and allowing the friction of debate to reveal the truth.

  2. Just finished listening to the show. Enjoyed all the points John inc the Moari apessment tax that we at the moment pay into. And what a brilliant acalade Vinny gave you in the end, its a pity a few people out their do not see you like that. Well done, and well spoken. And as i cannot be in the Tron tomorrow, look forward to the blogs. Keep up the good work. Just as a sideline with the Nats not taking up the recommendations/changes of MMP on what the people wanted, this i think will work in your favour 🙂 Was just a thought. Maybe their is someone above looking after you lol

    1. Thanks Ron. Hardly surprising that Key kicked out the MMP recommendation. Let’s hope he does the same with any Constitutional Advisory Panel recommendation on entrenching the Treaty.

      Personally, despite it benefitting a party I supported, I don’t believe it was ever fair that a party winning an electorate did not have to reach the 5% threshold to bring in extra MPs. So I think that should go on the grounds of basic fairness.

      But I also think the threshold should drop to 3%, not 4%. 3% would allow some serious players (like, say, the Conservatives) into Parliament in small numbers without disrupting the system, and without opening the floodgates to a raft of tiny parties.

  3. Well done John, and thanks for putting up the downloads. I’m going to be very interested to listen to this when I get the chance.

    Just in case anyone is interested,….when I saw news of this broadcast first go up here last week I was just off out the door and was going to be on the road for a few days as I attended to some business and then traveled on up to the far north to surprise my mother with a visit for mothers day. Because I was so keen to not miss out on hearing Johns interview looked up the American Freedom radios website and phoned one of the NZ stations listed on their site (Rush FM in Hamilton). I was hoping to get info on how I could catch the broadcast while on the road. They informed me that normally they would be playing it in about 2 weeks time and said that if I phoned back after the weekend they would be able to give a specific time and day. Well I did that a couple of times with no luck but got thru to the guy just now and he informed me they will broadcast it tonight at 9pm.

    Of course now I check in here and see we can download the interview in segments at our leisure (which is great) so the information will no doubt have little value to most. But I just mention it in case anyone in the Ham area would like to catch it via the radio.

    As a side note, while at my mothers up in the Hokianaga area, she mentioned that the whole reverse racism thing seems to be growing at an ever increasing rate up there. She showed me a couple of regular columns that features in the local rag, One is written by one of the female maori activists up there, and it is pure poison. One rant was calling all pakeha uneducated and ignorant of the constitution conversation. Whereas Maori she said, were up and down the country being responsible and attending meetings and hui etc about these issues.
    Of course she seemed to totally miss that most of the “ignorance and uneducation on behalf of pakeha” is due to the whole constitutional conversation process having been designed to keep non Maori in the dark as much as possible in the first place. While meanwhile “maori” are encouraged as much as possible to use the process as a means of pushing their own selfish and racist agendas.

    My Mother also mentioned she had contacted the local cemetery to make it known that she wished to be buried there. She was surprised to be told that she couldn’t, because she was pakeha and the cemetery was only for Maoris.

    Imagine the public indignation and cries of racism if that scenario had been played out in reverse.

    1. Thanks for making such a big effort to listen, Gavin.

      I’d like to know more about the cemetery that excludes people on racial grounds. Is it clearly branded a Maori cemetery? Sounds not, or Mum wouldn’t have got such a surprise.

      Of course, there are Jewish cemeteries, and plots in public cemeteries reserved for Catholics, returned servicemen, etc. People seem to like to be buried next to people they can relate to! So I wouldn’t want to proclaim this racist without a clearer understanding of the facts.

      1. I didn’t question her about it specifically so I will have to ask her for a bit more detail. To be honest I did assume that it may have been a “maori cemetery” based on her general location and because Maori and Maori things are such a major componant of things in the general area.

        But that aside, and even understanding what you have pointed out about Jewish cemeteries etc, I still can’t imagine that it would go down very well if Maori folk were told they couldn’t be buried in a particular cemetery because they were Maori, and the cemetery was for people of european desent only.

    2. Hello Gavin
      I’ve been reading your posts (though I nearly missed them) and great that you have been able to visit your mum.
      Hope you are ok with me asking, but up where your mum lives, has there been anything at all provided “constitution conversation” wise, that she would feel comfortable attending or using as a way to become informed or to provide input?

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