Single-issue party imminent

Apologies for my silence in recent days. I’ve been preoccupied with making arrangements for a sick mother, attending her sister’s funeral and other housekeeping matters.

Despite Tim Wikiriwhi’s best efforts, the turnout to the Hamilton meeting was disappointing — 50 by my count.

Perhaps my ad, which Tim placed prominently, would have produced a better result if I’d stuck with the usual headline ‘Racial Equality Meeting’ rather than ‘Stop the Surrender of New Zealand to Tribal Tricksters’. I just wanted to see how many Hamiltonians felt passionately enough about stopping the surrender to come along in person.

The answer was not many.

I also wanted to use the occasion to plead with the organisers of the 1LAW4ALL party not to render their name in textspeak. To me, it’s madness to use the language of the Treaty-brainwashed under 30s when the party’s core target market is the literate over 60s.

This is another attempt to persuade them to reconsider.

I was not one of the 16 invitees to the setup meeting for this party (my reputation for forthrightness — or as I would put it, quality before compromise — having preceded me!).

But they did ask me to do their advertising.

On the evidence of that first important creative decision, I declined.

If you’ve followed my career, you’ll note that I don’t hang around long when I don’t trust the client’s judgment. (On the other hand, when the client trusts me to do my job, the result is usually pretty good.)

I hope they change their mind and show more respect for the English language. After all, isn’t that one of the glories of the West we’re supposed to be defending?

It’s fair to say I’m questioning my own value to this cause given these developments. I am an instinctive and rather too emotional creature. I’m hoping my instincts about the rendering of this party’s name are wrong, and that they enjoy every success.

In any case, I plan to keep posting my thoughts here and hope you’ll keep contributing yours.


502 thoughts on “Single-issue party imminent

  1. Radio NZ have advised:

    “The Constitutional Roadmaps: Possible Futures for the Constitution Conversation’ which took place at Te Papa on 1st August 2013 will be broadcast on Radio New Zealand on Sunday 25 August 2013 and repeated at 9.00pm on Tuesday 27 August 2013.”

    I’m not clear as to why this event was held after submissions to “the Panel’ closed on 31st July, but anyone for anyone who feels inclined to listen, John Robinson spoke.

    Also, Muriel’s NZCPR Independent Constitutional Review is still open until the end of August.

  2. (NB: I also put this message on the onelaw4all blog but it’s too important not to repeat it here)

    Recently NZCPR had a posting on Institutional Racism:

    If you take a look at that, about three quarters of the way down you can click onto Pharmac’s page re their criteria for funding medicines to New Zealanders.

    Pharmac is currently consulting with the public as to its’ Operating Policies & Priorities (Put simply: What’s considered fair and What’s not) This is a follow-up opportunity for submissions following an earlier opportunity last year.

    What’s worrying is that Pharmac’s current decision-criteria (of which there are nine) include some that are race based; these are the criteria that Pharmac consider when making its decision re availability of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

    First criteria: The health needs of all eligible people within New Zealand

    Second Criteria: The particular health needs of Maori and Pacific Peoples

    I would have thought the first criteria included the second but apparently not!!!

    It’s also been suggested that giving extra consideration to Māori and Pacific people’s health, as part of PHARMAC’s decision making is necessary because they are “particularly vulnerable to early impacts of climate change due to their lower average socio-economic status, and poorer health outcomes” .

    What about the rest of NZers on a low income with substandard accommodation?
    Can’t we have favoured consideration as well despite having no Maori or Pacific ancestry as our needs are similar?
    Why are Maori always portrayed as low income families with few resources as there’s a huge range of circumstances between Maori; some are huge earners in fact.

    What climate change? This is now known as an UN Agenda 21 ploy for Global Government and fuelled by false research findings. There has been no global warming.

    Three public interest/consumer groups stated the importance of keeping, “and perhaps strengthening the
    commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi”!

    Some argued that not just those in immediate need should be considered but also those who have experienced long-term disadvantage of disability prior to treatment giving the examples of Maori and Pacific Peoples and children with cystic fibrosis.

    This snapshot of criteria Pharmac are listening to is rather disjointed but the message is coming over loud and clear; Maori and Pacific People aren’t part of NZ’s people but are a group whose health needs are prioritised over others of different genetic heritage.

    I would like to see where in Te Tiriti it states the above, and by inference, where Pacific Peoples are mentioned as covered by Treaty?
    Geoffrey Palmers lawyer invented Treaty Principles have snuck into previous legislation under various Governments and the trend is continuing here.

    Who would have ever thought that in NZ it’s your Race that matters not NEED. Two kids from neighbouring families with similar health conditions and similar socio-economic circumstances will be treated differently if one can claim to be part-Maori.

    This is a long message but it’s important and is totally against One Law For All.

    Please read the links above and make a submission – the important thing is to get enough of us saying ‘STOP THAT’S NOT FAIR OR EQUITABLE’ so don’t allow the excuse you can’t spell etc stop you making a submission to:

    or via Email Nikki Shute at by 5pm Friday, 30 August 2013

  3. I don’t get it. Everybody seems to be more worried about catching fish then about the constitutional review. I would have thought that the latter would be more important. Maybe I’m the one who’s got his priorities wrong…(Wouldn’t be the first time 🙂 )

    1. Moot point. The CAP will report what they planned to report – all along. Everyone knows that, even if a few wont admit it. The racial bias for fishing quota, size, species maintenance will likely get worse if the fraudulent Treaty of Wellington / Waikato Heads is enshrined in constitutional legislation. So – damned you be – which ever way you turn.

    2. Hi there again HW.
      I’m concerned about the constitutional review and have made my comments to both via NZCPR and to the government selected panel (and I’m sceptical that the former will be receptive to a number of remarks that I made). So I’ll be doing a bit more locally in a more practical way in the months to come.
      But I also think that the recreational fishing issue is important. It was mentioned on Seven Sharp tonight – apparently because of the public response via LEGASEA, Nathan Guy has made some soothing noises about the proposed reduction to three snapper being on the extreme end. Any guesses as to what the end result will be and whether anything is done about commercial overfishing and wastage?

      1. Ops, Sorry – it’s been a long day – my post should read (and I’m sceptical that the latter will be receptive to a number of remarks that I made).

  4. Sorry, Irene, but I just wanted to pop in here and say that 1Law4All had a lovely quarter page advert in the freebie Farming newspaper we received this week. It looked great and I hope many read it.

    1. Hi Helen
      Thanks keeping us in the loop and letting us know that there’s 1Law4All activity in your local area (or is it a nationwide newspaper?) Encouraging to know the word is getting out.

  5. I would say it is nationwide, Irene. It is put out for the rural sector and is a freebie each week. Let’s hope we have some proactive farmers out there and who will also inform their mates in town.


    Why oh why did no-one mention, or if it was it wasn’t reported, the ONE issue that’s more important than anything else in NZ.

    The massive Treatygate Scam our politicians have bought into where they can’t shove assets, rights and money fast enough to Corporate Part-Maori activists whilst rewriting history to show Maori culture as something to aspire to when they were a stone age cannibalistic warring groups of people where the axe ruled.

    Like, were people there aware that many councils have UNELECTED part-Maori Councillors drawing salary giving their self-claimed affinity with the environment as reason why they have to comment on and impose criteria on decisions council makes. NO experience, training, or thinking of the country as a whole is required . .. just a trace of Maori….!!!!

    (and as the snail fiasco in Tauranga showed, some are not adverse to lining their pockets further for dubious reasons at best)

    Or know that Pharmac now considers part-Maori and Pacific Islanders have priority over other cultures in NZ? Decision based on race not need.

    The Community Services card (which is NEEDS BASED isn’t enough; race is what’s important and no Maori ancestry sees you down the priority for affordable and / or limited medical services and equipment.
    (submissions to oppose this close Aug 30th – details about this on 1law4all and this blog but plse get back if you can’t find it)

    Did they know that a false treaty draft is being used to justify Treatygate atrocities and the unequal divisive country they are striding for . . . and WE LET THEM!!!

    There is no issue in present NZ more vital to stop than this one. Write to the Nelson Mail re the above in Letters to the Editor whilst peoples’ blood is still boiling!!!
    I still can’t believe that ‘spying’ is considered more important that losing our democracy!!!

    Were you at this protest; if so, comments?

    PS: Both of us here are contributing more to 1law4all now it’s obvious JA has other commitments and unlikely to have a political role in the ‘fight’ given his recent comments.
    Sad because he has skills & knowledge but we need to support action to bring about change and it’s not happening here or at NZCPR. Harsh comments I know and I’m not intending to ‘dis’ either people but we need to face facts as to where best to put energy to bring about the change needed as the next election is our ONLY chance.

    ‘Someone’ has to organise ‘action’ as ‘truth does indeed matter’ and 1law4all is our only hope now and we need to get behind them.

    But yes . . . I’m posting this here as well as we know there are many here with our views who aren’t commenting on 1law4all.

    1. Carol, I live in Nelson and the protests on Saturday are news to me. I had no idea there would be any. I’m about to go down and get our paper and will see if there is anything reported in it about the protests. I didn’t see the news on Saturday night on TV so don’t know if it was mentioned there.

      Yes, why on earth didn’t someone protest while they had the chance about the biggest problem in this country – favouritism based on race. They mentioned us losing our democracy but didn’t include the Treatygaters.

      And yes again, it is very sad that JA doesn’t seem to be joining in with 1Law4All as we certainly could do with his profound knowledge and expertise and especially his new-found skill in dealing with the media.

      1. I really cannot understand why there has been so little prominence given to this part-Maori racism, and the attempt to get the non-existent Principles of the Treaty incorporated in a national constitution. When the populace finally wakes up and finds what is being done by Key etc – selling out for a handful of votes – I suspect that eventually there will be riots in the streets. Of course, our compliant media are greatly to blame, just as they are for refusing to publish anything against the lies of the global warming shysters. If it does not suit the ruling politicians, it won’t be published. Where are the investigative journalists who could do a truthful job on these two subjects and make a name for themselves. I hope 1LAW4ALL can get somewhere with it, but doubt it will be seen by enough voters to make a difference. My own hope is the Conservative party, who have precisely the anti part-Maori racism antipathy included in their policy statement, and could make significant progress if they can get enough support to hold the balance of power in the next government. Some folk are worried, hence the anti-Conservative letter in today’s Herald.

      2. Very good points both Carol and Helen.

        In reply I would like to relay that it is my belief that (for lack of better words) “every dog has his day”
        and also that it appeared to me at least that John presented himself very well on the debate with his opponent the johnny come lately “I know better than every one else here in this country Canadians opinionated contribution to the debate” and would not be at all surprised to see John appear very refreshed after his hiatus with his friends and be a force to be reckoned with whichever way he decides fit to appear again to the masses but good on you all and keep up the great work everyone it has been a great read whenever I have breezed in for a catch up on events.

      3. Good one Ironside. You can do a ‘random related’ message if you go to From the Blog link lol. We like the randomness you bring with you that’s always making a point.
        We gotta go where we hope to accomplish our aims…. it’s now or never – at the next election.

    2. Crikey the calls for unity are everywhere one looks nowadays other than at the U.N. were everything seems stitched (whoops) I mean sewn up in their favour for world domination.

      Do you know if 1Law4All has a practical implementable policy to deal with any perceived/alleged ties between the U.N. and their socialist One World Government and any percieved ties to the “Treatygaters” and their agendas/demands? I mention this because in the words of the sitcom “Married with Children” it seems . . . you cant have one without the other.

      On a lighter note re unity, no disrespect intended at all Carol (but I do have to keep myself entertained in these times of great uncertainty and growing turmoil Globally and mr John Clarke sums it all up pretty eloquently in his own dry tongue in cheek manner.

      1. The 1law4all brochure says they’ll pull out of the UN Rights of indigenous people’s thing that shonkey subversively sent prettie sharpie off to sign.

      2. Although many of the issues and messages Clarke pokes the borax at are see across the political spectrum, he is particularly aiming his barbs at Abbott, who, in my opinion, actually offers much more to Australia than the desperate Labour Party, with Rudd & Co.

      3. Thanks for your comments guys I am now a subscriber to 1Law4All and soon to be a paid up member as well. . . Have a great day, mine has just got a heck of a lot better cheers 😉

  7. Is it possible to provide a link to the anti-Conservative Party letter in today’s Herald, Mike?

    I’ve now read our local paper and for a minute didn’t think they had reported on the demonstration outside the National Party Conference. Big pro-National headlines on the first page. Another pro-National article on page 3 and tucked within the same story at the end were a few paragraphs on the demonstration. Apparently they demonstrated on just about everything EXCEPT the Treatygate issue. What is wrong with these people? This is the most important issue ever!! I didn’t even know there was going to be a demo, so not sure who organised it and how they got the numbers (about 300).

    1. What a great response from Mr. Matene. Can we not find at least a few honest part-Maori here, to put these grasping thieves where they belong? Or should we just presume that their silence means they are willing to take anything that comes their way as a result of such lies being supported by corrupt dishonest politicians?
      At least the Aussies aren’t likely to put up with this nonsense.

      1. The sad fact is that there are very few part-Maoris who are prepared to forgo the possible benefits they hope for and tell the truth, There are some, but not many. That is their disgrace.

      2. Yes, what a great response from Reuben. We could do with more honest people like him over here.

        She deserves the snub she is obviously getting from the Council.

  8. Hi, was incensed to read Sharples statement below. How do we stop the train . . .

    Maori Party calls for New Zealanders to Honour Te Tiriti O Waitangi

    Oh yes Peter Sharples, if only part-Maori racial separatists like yourself could actually understand Te Tiriti you would realise the above press release for the dribbling tripe that it is.
    Even if you understood at least the true meaning of Maori words in 1840 which are nothing like the revisionist definitions of today. The treaty gives Maori no rights above any other New Zealander.

    Maori ownership of forests, of fisheries, and of the seabed and foreshore are NOT in Te Tiriti but are in an earlier draft Freeman wrote that’s been totally discounted. Geoffrey Palmer was ignorant enough to put the false Treaty draft written by Freeman into law.

    The Littlewood treaty draft virtually matches Te Tiriti word for word and word definitions are quite clear. The treaty includes settlers as well as Maori which was further emphasised by Hobson saying when the Treaty was signed “together we are now one people”.

    It is sad that you don’t have the guts to mention this. Before you rant and rave with more deceit over the Littlewood final draft, its’ pedigree is irrefutable thanks to Martin Doutre. The Maori party can only discredit Doutre personally as they can’t refute his evidence.

    He went as far as finding THREE COPIES of the Littlewood draft in American Maritime Museums and further copies in Captains Logs because the Littlewood draft was the FINAL English draft to be translated into Maori, Te Tiriti O Waitangi, and was regarded as an extremely important legal document to the Leaders of 1840.

    This is something Claudia Orange to this day fails to acknowledge and it displays shameful incompetence for a professional historian; made worse by the true treaty draft being reluctantly displayed at Te Papa with the date and other important information deliberately folded underneath and obscured from public view under her watch.

    Part Maori statistics are pathetic (EG: low income, poor housing, career beneficiaries, single young parents, child abuse, prison inhabitants, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, poor education, high unemployment etc) despite the part-Maori Corporate high achievers with lucrative salaries and the hard worker mainstream part-Maori who regard themselves as kiwis and cringe at the BS coming from activists and appeasers.

    Until Maori take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming everyone else, nothing will change.
    Leaders such as you are part of the problem as you wallow in a pretend Maori nirvana that never was before colonists arrived, preach false revisionist history to create anti-European hatred so you have someone else to blame rather than yourselves – how many times do we have to hear “it’s not the Maori way” when opportunities for a ‘better’ life aren’t taken; instead you encourage career bludgers and divisions based on race.

    I hope you find this ‘Aotearoa’ you describe elsewhere and take the bludgers with you so the hard working majority of ALL races can get on with creating a united democratic New Zealand.

    These are people who want to be New Zealanders first and be proud of their country; it’s sadly lacking today as your scamming greed and warped sense of self-interest divides our country.

    Your claim to be indigenous is ridiculous as you well and truly know from tribal oral history and relics of previous occupation – just one more claim Maori have made based on deceit.
    My message to all New Zealanders is to learn the true history of NZ (not revisionist history) so that scammers such as the Maori and Mana Parties, Sharples, Keys, Finlayson, Geoffrey Palmer and son, Doug Graham and their ilk are thwarted in their grab for resources and power.

    1. Hear Hear.

      Unfortunately though, these people HAVE managed to take power.

      I shake my head when people say …’if something doesn’t happen soon we will be on the road to apartheid’….

      Actually we reached the town of apartheid several decades ago. We are just moving ever deeper into it’s ghettos.

      The reality is that it’s going to be a long hard slog to get back from here and places like Egypt and Syria are examples of what the country may well have to endure when these racists and their sycophants dig their heels in and try to hold onto their ill gotten gains.

      1. I shake my head when people say …’if something doesn’t happen soon we will be on the road to apartheid’….me too!

        “something doesnt happen soon” implies a passive attitude and that most “Kiwis” seem to think its someone elses problem and they have no part in it and so can stay aloof.

        Sadly “Kiwis” have little volition….they burry their heads in the sand and turn to their religion of rugby or a similar passive escape where they are spectators…..while just outside their chosen focus their country goes down the gurgler….but they dont want to know because they may have to act….truely a mindless herd.

        The saddest part of all this to me, is not the cunning of radical maori but the spineless and mindless attitude and lack of protest from most sad sack “Kiwis”.

        Sound harsh?….well sorry but its true.

        Its a pity we didnt choose the NZ Falcon as our national emblem.

      1. Yes, we did as well as other ring leader politicians in the scam.

        Put it onto a few other blogs too but the moderator blocked it a couple of times. Will keep it up though but maybe shorter & covering just a couple of main points . . .

        Really great if others do this too as well as it gets read by a wider audience than here where people are already ‘converted’.

        Anyone know the names of the two Labour backbenches who opposed the Maori welcome Sharples mentioned? Will drop them a line then . . .

  9. And on a different topic, but one that further illustrates how corrupt and bogus our ‘news’ media are, is anyone aware that during this latest violence in Egypt, dozens of Coptic Christian churches have been attacked by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and burned to the ground over the last couple of days?

    Christians in Egypt have come under attacks unprecedented in Modern times since Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood took power. Many have been jailed for blasphemy and attacks on Christians and killings have become common.

    However the latest round of violence since the Brotherhood staged the sit ins in Cairo and the army evicted them has seen massive destruction with mobs descending on Churches and burning dozens to the ground.

    Yet there is not a word of this in Western Media. Only Conservative American media are carrying these stories while our media, government along with Obama’s administration and the rest of the UN sponsored western administrations focus on condemning the Egyptian army and ignore what the mobs are doing.

    1. Yes Bruce, it’s a problem that has confounded me for 30+ years. My mother has a phrase from the land of her birth, ‘strain at gnats and swallow camels’ which describes figuratively if not literally this weird and highly destructive New Zealand trait – that of focusing and expending vast energies on relatively trivial and unimportant matters while ignoring vastly more relevant and concerning issues.

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